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Danny Woodhead, Patriots RB

Sep 23, 2011|

Danny talked about if he was surprised that Bill Belichick dressed up as a pirate for a Halloween party a couple of years ago, his one year anniversary of joining the Patriots, his thoughts on the Buffalo Bills, if the offense is ahead of the defense and how his favorite television show is "The Office."

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Howard too much blue Sports Radio WEEI patriots Friday rolls all we will get right back here stacked up phone calls we try to figure out the hell's going on with this Red Sox team. Heading into a big weekend wit the Yankees joining us on the eighteenth -- hotline find out with possible. But the nation's fastest mobile broadband network eighteenth -- rethink possible patriot running back. Danny wood and Danny -- couple weeks three and man. Adam I've been getting ready for game and it just turned it. They -- week. We're doing good it's been a couple weeks in over those weeks there's been a little football show on the NFL network and evolves. Your coach Bill Belichick you catch any of Bill Belichick a football life. -- -- I haven't really been able to do so. But that's something that and my my -- you know check out. If you detect dead -- pretty said He checked out Saturday before the game slow relaxed and our that the -- coaching was in this thing a little bit. You can check it out. Yeah -- I have to. The effort get. This action they showed a Halloween party of Bill Belichick dressed up as a pirate I -- did you ever imagine Bill Belichick rollerblading around dressed up as a part. It knowing him now. Well I I guess so the first -- -- with that's. I do know that they had -- hello. I got to put just bought -- -- a crazy Halloween offered any thank you get anything at all for the. Oh not really not and you. I never really. There really stressed out that it's a -- the look into. Even as a kid there wasn't that one year we get a little crazy on how we got some candy -- neighborhood. I was I was always. In addition there -- no joke I was always dressed up as a football players this with our soldiers. With with the playbook in hand -- ready for the next week are quite that. When I was younger that but it did it. They decided you guys get the Buffalo Bills this week and another to an -- -- last time they beat you guys I think you might have been in kindergarten. So -- -- elicit that another UNL at a couple games to be Oakland Kansas City you can admit to Los and I know you probably will they suck right. Hey that's. Actually added. They think they're a great team that you -- now. -- in the city beat Oakland. You know they they lead to a lot of things really well. And that's something that we have to be ready foreign make sure that war preparation it is. You know really let him and we're ready for her what comes on Sunday. You talked about preparation and being ready Danny -- -- -- change Aaron Hernandez probably not gonna play this week getting got banged up last week. For you does that up the below do you think does that change your role to to be a bigger factor worth Hernandez out. Our and that's that's not something that I really think it I think about it. Doing doing my job whatever rate -- -- The still. Don't look at things like that that's. Collection pretty great here make the decision then which in -- be ready. To go whenever an AP call. Them but -- I have the -- better every week of before the game we always turn against the very first play you know He thinks it's going to be a handoff to -- -- that their goal of the guys go five wide thrown this thing deep. Any insight please give us anything is that generally my bet. Now I don't I don't -- can help on federal. I don't call later discredit -- on the -- and then there. Let's talk about a year ago because it's buffalo team doesn't bring up any memory of the first game you played with this team ID you're gonna cut that the jets cut him loose end up here with the patriots and you're. You get your first game against this buffalo team you're gonna CNN's a a year later could you imagine -- -- where this last year is gone for you in football game. Things or. Obviously a little bit crazy at that time and -- -- -- -- transition. You know it wasn't the first game I played you know and in the patriot uniform Alfred. I mean every every game different. You know I I really don't look in the past -- by -- restrained you know and the present you and your pictures this big game Sunday. Not that what that was cut brought pupils -- loop here really is. No offense we always -- precision timing maybe the lack of time. In a regular pre season game that might be off for a little bit instead it's been the complete opposite. And I start here defense is quote we need to get film on these other teams teams come on the show -- always new things offensively. Do you guys -- offensive unit I mean obviously the way the scoring isn't you guys have put up some tons of points at the offense is ahead of the defense right now. I don't know like I think. Really the look on the work carry daily we're we're looking better. We we were so important that that that doesn't mean anything for this week and what we have to you're better single -- You ready for this week and and I I don't think it's it's matter that I think you know 12 games in that most important thing and it. In -- want certainly in the next game. Our last -- -- meeting get a chance what's Belichick's stuff it is the week with a fall TV starts her TV addicts over here is there a TV show these they'll get locked and loaded for Danny is their fault TV show on new show start back up where you know a -- -- -- watch that thing. Or DVR to watch -- -- get some down time. On our. -- -- surely -- make sure the art the -- also live last outage DVR. At the it's a it's a good first episode I think you'll like the additional Robert Californians that can have regular semi regular season just ended -- entourage and it and now -- that was it -- me and begun to rush guy notes a Sunday for you but that's just that's just me on to rush that need to. -- -- The social media office manager that. I don't know I don't know mumbling and that I needed -- -- you have to act so. Yeah I don't ruin it formed yet and they name an office manager I -- -- for real people they do and it's it it's a good episode Danny votes or not you're gonna like it is best luck against the bills this week -- talk to you next week. Areas Danny -- had joining us here patriots Friday's.

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