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Terry Francona calls out Lou and Merloni responds

Sep 22, 2011|

On Wednesday's Big Show, Red Sox manager Terry Francona called out various members of the media including Lou for some comments he had made about the team. Merloni responds to Tito's interview and M&M go on to discuss if the pressure is getting to Francona.

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No I I explain that. Pretty well -- call I was pretty pretty open about that. You know her lute talking about my explanation. They act of saying I don't know and He was turning it into negative on call. What do wasn't somebody asked me if called the players -- game I have handled well. So again I this think sometimes you guys probably need to be little more accountable also but it will do. Terry Francona yesterday the big show why was He talking about. Lou Amarillo. I was with the you know you Jersey -- for -- it figures are no white Lou what. And you what I asked at a few hours Ellison was the talk address both black belittling is that like a set you know them. Respectable eliciting first -- person that you should thank you for listening -- very nice emails were to go for visiting a Michigan ago geez he's right about the accountability stuff years SoundBite about him addressing Carl Crawford and opposed finished with an I don't know we talked about this. -- in negative to Karl. Well listen at the key is for low brush trees game obviously now as far as negative toward Karl. Of people left and right called -- that He should be play and and I talked about his neck. -- in atlas and this guy. It is what it is a stiff -- you can't lay -- -- -- -- -- three don't want that thing is is that it's just it's this time a year you know I've had conversations with Tito. This time a year in the past when it's similar things that we've discussed. It's a tense time I noticed for him right now what is team is -- There's a lot of this a lot of I mean. I don't wanna say panic but there's a lot of stress there's a lot of frustration -- -- what I -- and. Agenda is to make peaceful life light up our minds for us to win games. You're probably doing better than me right now. The games themselves a lighting up the line to really -- and where's the how but I threat out there is nothing in that we're we're we're saying here that's really lighting up the lines are already lit up -- anything here today. But that's the way it is and I'm listen that in -- he's going off and called upon the guys in. And they can mean it's a different interview that we've heard the past -- -- -- defensive interview very hence I loved -- a little bit different. Need any you know him going after it went a little bit I guess. Is they said that you guys went on cruise control a month ago trying to rest guys up. For the -- Did you do anything differently among the -- -- where I mean you're asking me I mean do you do you believe that. I don't necessarily want to finally rests. On just asking because while watching my question -- rest. I'm just telling you what callers should call and you it was nobody's rested. -- -- missed two games this year you can on the DL. He's played every game one. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- The callers are saying guy the caller got a one sitting elected to a new at the call I can't stand is the callers that made the callers. But this that is said isn't this I thought it was Tito built showing a little bit of that stress on but apparently. I don't know apparently the big vote in feel that it. You sound loose you sound like your you're in the season at the sound at all like any of the pressures get -- you -- -- -- pressure. Really doubt it's not go back PO. Guys pegs. The ball -- right now seemed -- should pay He admits He didn't do anything. Differently from what that doesn't mean you're asking me I mean view do you believe that I don't necessarily want to finally rest. Well what I'm just asking because awhile what you answer my question. Callers are saying that load the caller to the point is that didn't sound like a June interview didn't call you -- to you have heard and that was a low. -- does not Mohegan Sun another question flamed out in June and July was taken back a little bit of the fired up manager right there what are you seem. It seemed loose I was like what I've listened to. Tells you sound like your you're in mid season doesn't sound right at all like any of the pressures get you to. I don't know sounded to me like. And it wasn't until well that's why it lobbed a tough Francona was honest I thought Francona reacted the way you would expect the managed to react fourteen -- won the last night. Was what five and fifteen this month. And now five -- -- would you want him to react. That's what you want it to here -- a Red Sox fan I loved every second of that in response to an abrupt your name not my period. Okay but I loved it but yeah I I as the listener I'll drive around listening to the entire thing. I thought I heard a guy that was under the pressure end of this month of September and under the pressure and the weight of holy -- we are going to be money list of worst collapses in the history of baseball. That's what I heard I that's -- sought to the game impressed -- walked right and sat down. Despondent Terry Francona and guess what I would be despondent to what the cattle -- team sucks this month. They're -- what half games up -- eleven game lead six weeks. You know it is it is different now being on this side of -- and remember playing a lot in reading a lot of articles and -- listening to sports radio and thinking. While that completely got this one wrong like that that's not the way it happened that wasn't the told a lot can be changed in. In tone of an interview or discussion and put in in -- for whatever reason whether been a gender or whatever it is. So as a player and a club muscular and that's just not the case saw less -- understand what they're doing but now you on this side of and L in not in the club house it when you read an article. You know I don't I don't read articles now sickness and while. Maybe I don't believe what this guy's writing media don't believe that that's the way it went down you hear press conferences you hear you do read articles you read all the whatever it is on on the Internet. And you take NATO and article for what it is in its its its okay Courtney said this story about Carl Crawford. You know saying -- asked the captain. Do I know of its -- Do I know that maybe He doesn't like Gordon needs related issues at best no but you read the story may not have a whole story and you know what what happened sure tech addressed that yesterday Gloria epic yet a lot of fun with -- look like He was due -- at a at a that He had to address it went over talked Colin in the middle of bitten. Game back in the -- and hugs and drop to a few bombs I think during the interview and that's the thing you don't know tones you know He referenced the Gordon needs. Talking about how the music was off wealth. It was just the music up between -- -- said to talk to immediate. Or does that to me some -- double what you go to Gordon went on TV the other night and Oleg V for instance on ESPN. And talked about how the original music in the call. Win right okay well. The -- Larry we turned off when it became so guys that are sold to me that irritates me to answer. Ten more questions why the clubhouse this tight. Because a person immediately in year. I -- file this away real quick -- Terry Francona -- dozen times I don't want to listen anything. He just one and a up I Gordon needs thing on ESPN and mentioned you by name. In the morning show I think you might be in the morning show at the it's. I'd be watching and listening a little He has at least a little a little bit more than not paying attention anything new here on the back in every yesterday that. To meet humanize Terry Francona a little bit cutting to could be very bella checked unit. In some of the interviews that He does ball pre and post game and with the with Michael in England. I think there is a protection thing -- sometimes Terry Francona were He wants to say certain things like Belichick he's gonna act will be -- wanna give yet -- too much. I thought yesterday it was awesome in the -- You could tell that the pressured gotten him I didn't think He was calm it was -- was funny he's compatible with -- that was great. You could tell that it gotten to edit humanize Terry Francona for me yet. And they give you the Belichick in answers but I recognize the situation -- and I recognize that or on the verge of bad history the kind history who do not want to be involved with I loved it yesterday but I think He was common -- but. -- He knows what's going on and I think that that interview showed that yes we seem to me. -- is consistent -- way that he's he's been like this ethic. They won Olympic look at the cover of note there's a Terry for a regular season Terry Francona and as of September play and it breaks -- Francona. You know I mean it's always Ina big picture -- big picture we gotta get these guys rate to six month season that six month. Is what He gears up for -- expects from his players so He does to -- He does change it but it's consistent -- he's always like that any should change. You know what it's postseason time. You know we're talking about splitting Bart and Papelbon 789 of the day. That should've happened it didn't work out but that should have happened -- happened September the probably shouldn't happen in May. Any GO if you want them able to do in September. The people could come right back until a week earlier. You know Daniel Barney the -- obvious she didn't have anything. You wanna -- happened that Dexter ending you know inning at third wanna protect them back then you could use it then -- you know as a week later. Look at the big picture now I -- we couldn't. Maybe try to back then do it is. It's always that it's always him this time a year it's a tense time the entire team He builds up poll this month everything you do an April may and June. Is for the month of September down at a race in a month of October. So it is different right now. And I think He should manage different. Right now obviously got a two game -- Text -- says we got full that was the Terry Francona. Impersonator yesterday -- the wealth Michael Englund who's live down there He was fired up we're gonna get you guys are lined up 6177790850. Toll free 888525. Zero wait fifty Verizon cellphone pound WE yeah Ike it's free call for you can text us any time at 85850 do you feel better about this team. Picking up two games yesterday and that magic number get your phone calls next.

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