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Vince Wilfork on the Patriots impressive offense and his interception

Sep 20, 2011|

Vince joins the Big Show and talks about the Patriots-Chargers game, what they did well on defense and offense, what they need to work on before they play the Buffalo Bills this weekend and his first career interception.

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Time for our weekly chat -- Vince Wilfork it's presented by ARS restoration specialists the disaster team the New -- property managers and insurance rose depend on. They are serve dot com on the Oprah lineup of -- Bogut tractor and zero turn mower dealers like North Fork Bauer. In rent them or west cut the suns in Gorham Maine. And by the Vince Wilfork foundation and the Jocelyn diabetes center high hopes -- visit Jocelyn. Dot org -- argued on this week. I'm going grow our shuttle -- Gale -- there's -- -- to explore. Our our. About it Girardi called may have ground that was the mentor Jim Brown it a little envelope this stuff a lot I thought you'd -- -- He would take it to the move to the house what happened. You know what. I'm present -- called off. I'll go look at look at bracket that the play pro wrestler is so -- -- -- beer you know seeing. Our -- covered them asylum -- can use. No comment in the yesterday. It was apparently what you mayors are clear and secure but also are sometimes you can -- -- like. We don't all of these but that means we can live without. What -- some of the comments that you heard your team felt that that really stood out to you are the major -- Where it. Remember that made me laugh because it was going to be you know. See it on the -- true these. A lot of pain to lose you're like me you wrote that. There's like their union was -- British that I've been no you can get up right there. You know it -- -- -- we always joke about who's a bit at least on the trio in all concede you know. They are beaches are they are. So we always have to base spec supports you know so I was just happy to -- regular playwright better. And showcase so that -- you so you wife pleaded that you were hung fu panda. -- yes you can. There -- cup but He bill. He would solo there. Mommy you know like console parent to run it down. Kind of got a -- -- -- are -- first. It was got to do a cover -- -- because uttered before. Is this defense through till I know it's only two games and -- talked about it after the game and said there's a lot of work to still be done. But to this point you're giving up some yardage you guys are making big plays big stops. Big interceptions big fumble recoveries. When you need to make him but do you guys have to now find a way of keeping the other offense in check. You know what are right now are. The best that we can do as a team and an expert -- could be -- the trend is play more consistent. Obviously you're -- you're bullets please give me an insult our ship but please bear bear that we give -- all. So we met with deputy epic. War conspiracies where interest rates are no. Starting golf. -- game where individuals who divisional rival would result. Every -- so we know born banner that read their -- and football are the walk away with a W. All of which He did -- did call right back right now. Wouldn't Albuquerque -- man you know -- -- so. It's not like we play in the reaching their artwork square on the we will share some sort of decent football teams. Armed and -- bowl -- all situation you know work -- richter came down to your world oil. Unless you write it down to it over the last couple news in the got -- so. The king showed a lot of you know which stopped -- -- -- you what -- -- right you when they've got Baltimore down. Hope we start together and that's one of the things they're deal you know wanna charm tourists. And and would -- in Europe but we -- serious mental toughness that's lesbianism situations where. And alters. Turn old down in the future we treat trio. We took assuming got the ball right -- -- sort situation the football would be and they were crucial -- clusters. I think we covered pretty -- -- All forward orbit finger food -- and also be more consistent so. About -- -- okay remotely keep you know keep wanting -- you know. The good things right and eliminate some of the bad bad stuff. Where the Joker. You know Vince's favorite we've come a long way since 2006 and you guys being the -- charges doctor in the in the divisional playoff game they with a number once the there's a lot of talk and Philip Rivers had some things to say LaDainian Tomlinson has some things to say. But it now I don't know what it was maybe it was beating them in the AFC championship game we've seen in Philip Rivers play hurt. There seems to be a great deal of mutual respect. Between those teams do you sense that between these teams do you sense that -- Absolutely you know works on every year Eric I was pretty dark. We know we wanna we wanna Trace of cultural awful football -- -- now. I'll bet he's got the European -- -- -- -- and -- a lot of altered. It may be aware balance of called ball all honestly be users prostitutes. There will put together shall -- and -- It's almost like a division gate as we please so normal cellular -- colts all. When you played out lacked the kind of expert you know you kind of know restrict our. And you know resist colts football -- of so called sports. Up until rules should agree you probably warmed up to quarterbacks in and the chance now. An -- route whereas in Turkey He figures which nowhere. Are -- -- -- not know able to eight year old copy years ago. I'm being regards believe we talked about how this year. You can look Erica also Atlantis and ordered -- as saying -- 13% or so. -- -- Clayton -- your vehicle is always there at that level of respect. We hate each other. -- it's that the level of respect these original work. We go any given moment you meet late you know we can go to digital -- start so our best where. -- -- think Philip Rivers does that's it's a little bit than usual is that his onslaught will drop. Depending on where He needs to -- the ball He put it on your under her arm. Of a nose tackle He has still and if -- I think it's difficult it's going to be for you guys. Defensively is just when you think you've done something against the guy He finds an opening eighties it was at the ball up to a receiver. You know and that's where maker Purdue quarterback -- -- victories -- so on Google solve quarterback can you know all. -- -- You starters and look at you like yours are out of school He species are strong -- I'll be here great receivers great. Pretty bad as it has also alarms. Big and strong. And you know -- and so here weapons around him you always. Which you see -- that you literally every -- -- Down to you know to vote of the full bracket there's bound to run so. Our best -- bit there yeah we player we know. We have the book of the -- six in the Kobe they're never out of all -- -- -- you know. What what the arms sales -- That's -- in their pick this -- -- would almost also weapons they have offered their computers -- -- in term reward so. We're playing we know we have to be extremely in the -- -- -- -- here and now momentous one quick. -- crazy this is crazy you've been in the league since 2004. And you've never lost to the Buffalo Bills novices. This this team is playing some pretty good offensive football here He gave up a lot of points yesterday but the score a lot of points. This might be a pretty good challenge for you guys what do you what have you seen from buffalo in his first again. An army of various spoke Alter certainly make a lot of plays in this a lot of -- that's what we've seen arm is not going to be. How easy or gore to. Bulk of the Olympic we just gonna walk -- -- regular pictures one walked away it would only in the war it would be to X amount -- -- You gotta -- today is our system -- from both mobile awful -- -- David army they better they work towards apparently declared their plan Harvey Gardner. They make you please big please. And you can have a -- so we -- we gonna we gonna happen gold airports and real good Opel because there's there's there's not. What mobiles are all people prepare spiritually. -- the Purdue football. I tell you what right Fitzpatrick finished the -- tough as you know Oakland raider front for very very difficult to put an awful lot of pressure on him. And yet He seemed to have a terrific day and more at all countered at the end He can't -- -- Yep -- -- America so like -- say it's it's. It's a different football it is separate this from Buffalo Bills football team alms and in the NBA player beer beer well on this early in the seat so. One of the wobble -- we have to -- started to try and go Cold War. -- -- -- Effort that we have their sweet it is very command because -- political. Are -- that the mobile produced so another probe requests. Integral role so we we we deputy ethical which some. From a book called in order to be successful and possible. And we were joking about it and obviously your wife Bianca was joking about it as well but there is no question you're a phenomenal athlete He thought about it if you -- A different body type you could be a corner you can deal wide -- you could be everywhere are all say -- you can be at quarterback Tim Nina could have been. Pretty much. What was it determined that. That was the position you're gonna like sure I've had this conversation before He -- virtually every position and every sport that you've played. I think figure was probably in -- no school. You know lost arguably bigger middle school there. Rugby my father was before as the arms shoulders you know always -- -- -- Swiss army and you know Bruce -- what mommy and brought out. On the air and always watched it speaking you don't -- it very. So what does total gas Merrill argues -- -- so what I wanna be -- -- they'll know. They're -- prisoners to serve our first our school. So are -- -- in order to art school you know on one of your future alarms so. 75 a freshman in high school. And articulate -- morning. -- -- -- Phillips who never took my last minor militant leader Mario -- -- that inspectors noted Bob don't want lunch when you're bitter. -- -- it yeah it's good to little Leo lauer careless about -- 2000 I don't wanna did you subscribe to the house -- have dinner I'll give Greg can. Regulations terrific game good black -- buffalo and now will visit would -- actually. I'd ever speculate joined Vince Wilfork and EMD Miller a port to help -- diabetes this season you can donate seven dollars. And fifty cents for every tackle the number 75 makes to the Vince Wilfork foundation. And the Jocelyn diabetes center high hopes one. For details please go to -- on dot org slash Wilfork AMD -- report is a division of mark GA. Of Germany. This well for regular --

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