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Curt Schilling doesn't want the Red Sox to make the playoffs

Sep 20, 2011|

Curt Schilling joins D&C to discuss the Red Sox swoon and baseball players playing in pain.

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Welcome back our number three Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T -- -- -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. Curt Schilling is on the line mr. showing how are you a long time no talk. Well that team is circling the drain the natives are restless people are. Sick to their stomachs watching a 160 million dollar baseball team gets ass kicked by a forty million dollar baseball team overview thought -- guy a guy wearing number seven -- Who looks like he's twelve years old Justin Bieber on the -- it is starting a must win game what's your overview of what we're watching here in the month of September with this baseball -- And there's au prince coming crashing down around them. LV there's. Somebody else you look like about the make an announcement that you know. I do well -- You know I feel about solitary I don't want to make -- -- -- get a chance to -- where. I don't think -- I don't think -- physically contribute to compete com. From pitching perspective date you know you've got a senior guards -- them and they're gonna be perpetually and -- honestly could IP to trigger drug over you're gonna bring your number one back in April Greek irons in the fire and period and organized and could 300 certainly answer. Current election not not physically ready to do this do you believe that there may be some kind of philosophical divide in that clubhouse. Between the tough guys who were grinding it out every day even other injured the bear attacks on the Youkilis to look georgians who -- and the Curt Schilling back in the day. And guys who have stiff necks and ask out of a doubleheader because their shoulder is sore all up pitchers talk about position players. Our civic -- that always until Google which you hope is that your. -- being hurt and forgotten who will play -- usually pretty Bruschi. You hope that it will let people put people. Create and present -- are comparable not to be on the field. -- ruled out but you'll find a way it was just so charts I can remember at 1 o'clock game and I -- -- -- but I -- -- I couldn't turn right around my -- alike would argue that what you're. A couple. I showed up at the ballpark it's 6:8 am the work of the -- till about 11:30 in the morning just to get my head to turn. -- -- -- and restarting dilute. The big grip on. What what's wrong with you beat victor you off but -- want -- Africa. There. You know I mean it. It's a mindset and you can plug in this it there is no material only given. The mint color and I'm Carl Crawford who dispute whose business is not a soft Blair armed I don't know if you could be struggling and -- mentally and Armitage. This guy is a gamer he's a competitor in the winner. -- its its -- that you know the blog article the other day it was what was. You know it might it was quite a witness that they get them out of here He beat feel horrible for years ago -- And the striker treasury you know He feels that a bit. You know what things are here this -- into prison waiting period Whitman. And nothing else matters. Well what do you look I think He does now -- you think you do you expect Crawford in the next nine games may be in the playoffs. The change it's the minds of people around here to convince them that He is a gamer and tough guy. All cool bit here. I think JD Duca got it all and you know the EU -- this in this market you can change that opinion and as short period. All I just don't know that they're going to be position they're going to their policies and right now their way to play here and our imputed part of their struggle and and you've got got lucky guy I don't know you're seeing you again here I mean it's you know employers that -- one of those games last night. I wonder if there's any chance you're going to. Bill. I don't know -- local thing is rather surprising to me I -- album and that they would give the ball to chip the ball. Educate every -- but I'm -- start to the first bit right now. Down panel and our mayor there in no position right now would be a pregnancy Maria. What did you do when you play and we know you played in pain in around the -- And surprises nobody but. When other guys wouldn't do that when you knew you needed him. And they said sorry can't go -- stiff neck shoulder soreness. A -- middle finger. Did you say something to them did you confront them did you just roll your eyes and and and I. The couple -- right I mean there's there's a couple parties were were. Everybody -- questioning. You know what occurred the government between pain and injury. No you can -- in your interview airport. And told the couple Pargo -- -- questioned. Argued. It's it's it's the the same thing I was what does the same thing per -- medium prepared you can't question employers -- -- you have the you can't understand a harder to build and you -- I had discussions with a. Global players simulate certain. -- I'm not I'm not calling out your ability to play in pain I'm gonna play you this mr. Obama appealed today there's not an ideal that all calls. Or ostensibly to do anything you can possibly do to help work. Within. What do you -- -- that. Understandable you know horrible alternate or her to know. -- -- -- -- If you take what is what we did and never gave her heart and He got beat today because I feel watch. And are you democratic. Column -- unfortunately there's a lot of -- goal. -- involved and wearing a sports car and then go on a broken finger is a much bigger deal had been all but there's all you picked it up. There and you -- contract hardened in all you have to -- Europe grow and it could. I know its its just corporate and so that's where. A current and comparable commerce based blood have a couple arms in my career creek and you're up to do it. -- you have any theory on either of the two ineffective guides have been so disappointing this year either Carl Crawford or John Lackey. Well no audio and so -- I think I don't think John Lackey is just might by any stretch but I'm not sure that our lucky. The normal colleges is. As you bunch of preparing you've seen. -- -- This current RP RO Bakalar. Credit career numbers and an -- in the guy who -- -- lot of fuel -- -- a great. Can walk guys -- look at your unfortunately or virtually pretty -- and Katrina want to. Go to devastatingly offensive like BA elite -- there -- developers -- -- -- ordered that -- couldn't Ronald at a yankees murals. It's not a strike -- -- your numbers are born to be impractical. You know you can argue it's a bad luck here bear the others got the pitcher they paid for a -- into contact guy who are incurred. And the ball to score runs and you look great -- ninety words these. In peripheral numbers you can work -- -- -- into your I didn't. Every wasn't six and a half he's historically the -- Red Sox starter who led the league ERA in in almost seven current one and 99. Look at the numbers look at its static page look at the strikeout -- is over a picture or any guide very comfortably over the number. Going to take a lot of pictures -- your. All completely caught -- big -- -- here did you pitching Orleans. And the increased as a police straight people increased its commitment. Are you double dipping bigger and and your like your commitment and your regulars court with her a little bit. I don't think you can usually don't contribute and help anybody get I think the market stroked a great place to what is -- -- -- good car. -- was the best pitcher available and so that that vacuum that He filled Ghana. The led raise the price led the -- -- overpay but. He's got this going form Kurt he's he's in twelve starts in the post season He has a three point 12 ERA. Is there do you look at him do you look at the guy we saw last night and couldn't get through the fifth and get an easy W and that guy. Come out there and and and give you a quality start in the post season. Pitchers and that we used to using the new schedule absolute. Yoga I I I believe. It or -- gonna -- the October. Incident and very importantly very different game. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I don't look at it seems older and the tigers -- right now as audible team get stupid -- BBA all of the -- Are acting to -- The Red Sox are playing at right now -- trying to play and literally get away from being. I mean who thought they become a -- -- or go into effect is right -- it can be quite a while hard to believe at every game play out in right. -- focus and going to be a moderate approach will be ready. But it is very different physical and old mindset entering in October and that the other teams are not gonna happen to. -- would you agree with this some points of view this say based on what is essentially an unlimited paycheck -- unlimited. Checking account. Theo Epstein it allows him or. Maybe subconsciously allows him to be less effective than somebody that has like forty million dollar -- other words you can make some mistakes and we can hide them based on the money we have. Thus some of the decisions aren't as good as they would be if you only had eighty to spend. -- I didn't know pure I would say yes. I don't think for the most part I don't believe that the Carl Crawford bing is not entirely PO. I'm not sure a lot keeping an entirely feel as well it. I think she goes through local and as you can do with the money you can't repeat very conscious about how we spend their arm or try to -- I -- all -- -- -- and all our tool because you're out money. It would hold onto -- -- triple A there are good at it over your minor league system is different because you can allow players the right. And age. In ways. To what purpose does the Richard Jordan. What -- western or your whole lot skated out to be because the players appear to call for the biblical -- -- Know literally you all come here -- the other that they're aren't gonna run an -- Intrepid and that's not something to talk about the true. They can hold -- -- -- -- took it to the public sort but it can put. On August so I picked up nearly but to put our guys and -- -- are perfectly player. They can afford to Tibet the other called can I do not start because we're -- in the picture you prepare. -- the end result of what we're watching here this year with the acquisition of Crawford a Lackey before that not help Jacoby and Papelbon down the road I say that to say this. If if the Red Sox are willing to give all that money. To guys who you don't know whether they can flourish and exist in this white hot spotlight that is Fenway Park in Boston. Aren't they almost compelled to give the money to a Jacoby and a Papelbon who already proven that. I I welcome it department Jacoby got -- absolutely yeah welcome. It's got eight million dollar to know people we are spending it on from a medical perspective -- -- smart card -- -- market I've done everything about market. I'm all -- player. No but to people recent events may look. Oh atlas engine and it's in the enormous pessimistic view what you couldn't -- back. -- -- if you had to guess skirt David Ortiz and and Jonathan Papelbon are either of them back both of them back one of them back. About next year for these two guys. I think people out -- I'm not sure what you duke I think David do as good as -- so at least another year -- if you want a multiyear deal. And they can't come to some agreement I think it appears that we bought mature. I think from almost perspective I think from. They'll from a media perspective wedding favors to all the player -- -- before -- -- -- present a prevent -- They're all dressed pure packet they've absorbed the piano player -- to -- They -- charger that cultural. Gonna. Acre we we we wrap up this out Red Sox magic number is eight with eight games left to play they make it or not. I don't think you're gonna make if I don't think I don't I don't know that they have the worst may want to open to. But I argued I I think that there's a -- and -- momentum. And I IIIQB. Air a winner now and -- and -- -- and seems dark art unit and our art our our unit already getting ready for it. All I don't look to make I think we might be darker. -- the game go on when it was getting online. Seven. Reckoning watches in North America. You can check -- directly dot com. You still keep in lots of Rhode islanders employed. And we're hiring more than -- week. You're worried about 375. Employees. I'll see. You do voice your game tonight Billick the -- for the year ago like Chris Collins were there and. -- -- in Austria and gentlemen are proportional. This what is it all might -- what else. You have a little elves are in a while gargoyles. Slice -- Barry is. A a curtain good talk and you're good luck -- the game we'll talk did on the road. Curt Schilling Dennis Kelly enemy AT&T outlined by the what's possible -- nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible icebreaker ferry a. And I do that we got -- vote for the poll question yeah -- -- -- the ball produces blog -- yes you're going to weblog of produces blog and -- he'd be eroded. What would you rather have. What would you rather happen. He's rated -- what would you rather have to read this is a -- that's one sentence. That was already sent that we sent it via dot com whenever there idiots what would you rather have to show almost jokes about it. Crash and burn and not make the playoffs that's should be of a question mark candidate. Limp into the playoffs and lose in the first round Schilling votes for -- you're just look at this thing trying to make sense of it. When it's all said and done in the crash and in the next nine games comic Plavsic and bounced -- -- big difference round they came. What when you write the history of 2011. Is play -- called back the lead and what led to his demise is the best team yeah and it fell apart from. -- and but let's get that as they went four months -- the best but other than buck calls back what was the big disaster they ran into the inability of both Lackey and Crawford to even come close earning a tenth of what -- -- -- For money. For their inability to produce 810 of what you were expecting OK fine we still can't make sense of we have like the ultimate expert on. Pitching and all that and chilling. It's still -- make any sense John Lackey. Here's the here's the bottom line you'll notice Schilling did actually hit on and He was never that not good he's not he's a one time all stuff right they -- split one fuels like in the Scott cool -- and Brandon marry well and he's a one time all stuff. -- whip in Alex's there's -- guy. Active coaches this is a guy making eight million dollars he's 41. In whip career career career off. -- is is there's no number that jumps off the page except that 2007 year. When He won where you're in the nineteenth and led the league any irony. And became -- of the best pitcher available there best pitcher available. The coolest -- -- sign them and but you know on the spill. So arm on the radar. He -- two more years in. 112 the next year eleven the next year. Eighty million dollars He was never that good to Begin speaking of numbers that jump off the page Kerry -- cold hard football factual breakdown what the patriots have been able to do the first couple weeks of the season when we come back.

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