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Larry Merchant goes after Floyd Mayweather

Sep 19, 2011|

Meter covers the Red Sox loss, the Pats win and Larry Merchant going after Floyd Mayweather

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We would like to throw the ball to him every down -- current. Great job on them are actually in the game we -- we put dates. As Vincent Jackson's physician -- -- gates' position and that's why He got open because they continued to double dates. And -- gushing coverage -- -- kept in the ball and in the medal. Normal functioning browser -- -- -- stupid but -- -- what got thicker. That Monica there's lucrative yeah that's true. Who's by the way com somebody's brother. You know this meter. And their outlook brooks or milk brooks one of them is now. -- -- All the Egyptian on this and of your current. Trivia news a little upset with the finale and it sucked and He obviously deluxe. -- awful second the last -- and -- And. Doctor but are right charges not duties this is symbolic enormous still monies to -- of the term defect at the apartment since -- rules that you can't help that I aren't used observation -- -- you're ready. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- I don't know why the BC ticker must get a flu shot in his leg. -- -- A league and they'd trees out of Albert -- yeah. All did not know or passing over the duke. Much of the Lazio. Had a rough you know. Had a rough so what happens if you boost to UMass Meehan -- going on 4000. The ACC politely ask you leave -- -- -- -- -- this topic this is not much better than reductions story -- is Boston all beating -- -- three now losing to duke. It was to do. It's meant a great coach that play well this -- turned down for a the dance from Donna Donna Simpson asked them. Oregon State NBC have a common. -- they're both ones -- -- the -- that's the only other the security if it's wrong don't blame me -- according to explore curves organs stated -- only other. Would say yes and yes the poultry and them more a more night game but the argument was -- -- about it. 1 o'clock start right there early. Users use your support really tough mean and because I'm riding in the Rodman ride for kids this year. You are good yeah movement yet for use that was an early start for two months of the I don't know I -- starts but yet to seek a riot Maryland rod adjustment -- have to -- and a part is much easier to bite. True I wanna get to this it's not going to be a problem. -- had indicated. Into the 69 and no one died in the event you know what if I were a billionaire. I have more money and Carl Crawford. I'm not sure I would do is you feel like you even if you have that feeling inside you you've been ripped yeah Don King is -- little on whether -- Pacquiao I chilled out Bob Barrymore some. -- is taking your money do you feel that way yeah this this is -- Lanka. If I have to give a nickel him off you know it's you know Hughes told me OpenId. I can understand which is which is worse the the punk move that is. -- and what Mayweather wore the idiocy. Of Ortiz standing there and looking at the official while Mayweather beat his brains then I watched. -- twice I don't even understand I don't understand the -- it's like Brady drop and back. It's and look at the rough going hey he's offside don't -- -- John Phillips is at full and his team ready to kill him rice getting killed. From what did victor Ortiz expected. To have yet his head to turn towards Joseph Cortez will first all back up the He He had but it -- split the lip of a may when it so they commit on the stopping gives them the warning. And they touch gloves and while they touch gloves generally want to touch gloves and the and and the official or the Arab official reports show Cortez. Look at the time keeper and says time in right that so touching gloves and timing and means what. Fights back Austin fire and he's not immediate command web crossed and He. You can't trust that guy Floyd Mayweather so instead of looking at Mayweather right in front of -- he's looking at the official to his left Mayweather -- with a hook. And it's and it as bad as that one's. Ortiz does not change his direction of his head He continues to look at that that the official Cortez and say hey what's going ought to pop to the right and -- -- don't. There's a certain amount of Rocky Balboa Thomas turns and all these guys they think they can take upon yeah keep on. But they can mean their human in the all you can hit me and I'll be okay is He -- them a little bright bright little little Honda that He let him do it again they went down -- straight right hand just wash yet to -- and that's not Mayweather is fault that's boxing mean it's assistant. In -- tennis is not so supposed to be a lot of you know yeah -- of queens very rules so. So it was still a little jacked up after the fight. And during the post fight interview on HBO Floyd starts screaming and HBO's Larry merchant getting up the space and yelling. You were in charge of the fight you are aggressive. Trying and taking advantage of an -- Because you'll never get their basic you know that sort of wanted to talk to victor Ortiz all right -- -- -- was -- -- the beginning of the study doesn't that. Aren't you a fresh take. It. Always always fifty. Yeah Larry -- again I'll let them. -- -- He's the 80s80 looks good yeah. That's -- -- respond I wish there were fifty years younger particular I don't think He wound but now He can. For a threat it's -- This is Randy Moss in the parking like seven aggressive like that close yet He shouldn't that might remain -- doctor gates. Gonna be good for the show them meter -- thanks and is. Thanks Andy. And Randy says -- and when Brady throws for 400 dollars and everything's just click and -- am I don't need me. Where He once yeah right now -- -- -- stock market Mississippi or take a break marks in Mississippi. There are good morning -- -- Martin. I don't know why even watch anything other than heck you weight boxing because these lightweight and it melt the -- whatever. We don't watch basketball for people under six foot two so I don't understand why ridiculous people that would just get. I think I think the middle weights in the welter -- -- much -- and plotting heavyweights just lean on each others sweat. But -- but I think call up watching ten -- twelve San Diego on. Third down -- alarming yep -- if the Red Sox commit war errors in the game and internal couple key double plays and win. It still light orchestra conductor -- debate is located six. I don't care what Tom Brady doesn't it's going to be fatal flaw -- -- partner. 83%. Success rate on third downs for the chargers yesterday quicktime up patriot body continues quarterback our company -- Brady and Boomer Esiason.

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