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Tom Brady talks about the win vs. the Chargers, Ochocinco and the fans at Gillette

Sep 19, 2011|

Patriots QB Tom Brady, joins Dennis and Callahan to respond to the Ochocinco criticism and recap the win vs. the Chargers

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Sure -- continues the quarterback our Boomer Esiason first Tom Brady's second Tom joins us on the AT&T hotline find out -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible popular the quarterback is brought to you by Dunkin' Donuts America runs on Duncan and by northeast electrical distributors brightening your day with -- electrical solutions capabilities the constituents saving energy and reducing costs. Good morning mr. Brady how are you. It in my opinion in my humble opinion -- the most significant play yesterday is a play where nothing happened. The hip or knee early in the third quarter could have been devastating it was not what your recollection of that moment in the game. All in the Red Sox. Eric -- -- or or. I got -- good spot. I'm glad the neighbor but the process. Or well I. I think quiet quiet record that they'll why -- never or very quiet all right yeah. Why -- order bat. The upper left at -- here is -- respect. That we. We're able. Which they have both literally and figuratively certain that the proposed. That adult yet. They got wiped out all of and -- bases that was really. But very complementary and well thought that if we're. It that there that bigger is -- really -- -- black -- -- -- that's out there don't they get -- without it's not over about. Accurate that big ball it's great they are at the I'll play as well as they get the circuit but it was but I think they're sort of all the. It Tedy Bruschi is the most incisive beast of a piece of analysis that did not include Ochocinco recently Bruschi said he'd like to see the patriots winning game when you Tom Brady. Don't throw three or four touchdowns or three or 400 yards but on the backs of a dominating New England defense. Eight would you like to see that talk and would that ultimately be helpful to this team go forward. That they're gonna say it where where it got a court order. As it that's sort of got off as a third it would -- the offense or for a lot of or entity that. In the shadow of doubt. That -- football. You never know most games come out and last year. We always turnovers. Apart that's that would huge -- for a while we're successful -- this year. Or -- that that's gonna arteries or or as it's often were all -- yesterday. -- -- -- you can't. Setting that in fact that or start over this pretty good you definitely let. And that's that's a great for all the fight as they thought that you. Now back to back. We. Although I AM yeah. It's. This is that it doesn't it good shepherd as possible. But although ordered our -- our security are certainly not by yourself. But or get hurt it -- -- it was. That we didn't read -- you're literally gotta -- it is. And in the MIP the second best offense in the AFC finished yesterday but I wanna ask one more question about the hit on the need Tom did you get a explanation of why that's not a penalty why does that not. Violate the Brady rule. I think that there are -- probable that I got another one out. -- greater but there are about where it yeah. -- -- -- -- -- -- Effect so yeah. I think I quarterback silicon dot you have that you're ever. Obviously if -- -- it yourself what you you -- offensive player samples out of apple itself. I I I really felt like it is still there or you're gonna hit. That are left like what they're in the pocket. Earlier that as -- Hopefully. -- try to protect although they also said there's or they will vote for someone that -- -- -- She -- -- the broader -- quarterback. It's certainly that the arrest but they also. The the adult. They obviously your tight ends have been great so far and you desert clearly on the same page others wonder watching these two guys both. In their second year. All the young guys still learning how they always Wear this post to become a 100% of the time are they where they are supposed to be. They are. Everybody got better for. -- that let's look at what we all pay back the layers. I think wants all the great thing. They're they're they're very. -- If he's demonstrated they have. Was there for that accurate so apparently gotten the opportunity. About it they're primarily on the ill or. Almost all the -- But what they were at -- that would last. That order take it -- out there opportunity and and that it suggests that was assassinated their goal whether they're called are you. It's setting our what you -- -- do it well. There. Such as the players but they're dependable. And it is. I have always. Is that the or other. Particular. -- it will the cowboys offensive well -- and that we got your other. The opposite so. It it's complementary it if -- cover of the also. Sort it all there. That's a lot or rush absolutely -- As secure as possible. That they're not aware. -- out of all -- much of a metric guy and other all the really matters to your wins and losses but what -- when you look at the stats if you indeed look at the stats. Which one do you think are most accurately reflective of how a quarterback is played the most telling stat. I -- as a passer rating is its completion percentage some people say yards per attempt is the way to go what what. What rings your bell. They're I think that no really. I don't think it really -- -- I'll order that all of it. You're a developer that are are if you have as is Syria as some sort of all girls. -- a lot of things that. Quarterback position that. And news for help with the and -- -- so. Let's hear quarterback you take back our. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It doesn't reflect the action that. Yes but clearly it's terrible attack or an oval race. Although little say over the four days. -- It's got -- -- of the sale of the order is it that process. Because every every every player -- you're out of order you have not been that -- Asia Pacific -- they can't. But I don't want that they need another bit out of options on the flight that. You can -- a -- this is a little -- back pedal -- all over. But I thought out what it was noticeable watered -- well that's what does that matter. There are very. You are out of their quarterback rating it. But or else -- or so that's why the opposite of what sort of rhetoric at the quarterback you always are able. Is -- at every single batter out on the offensive or I protect it like it is yesterday. -- erotic art have also been hurt -- that -- -- like that that's all that great. So if all the credit police it is every single. That force so that will laugh at we're always -- if you are here. Tom based on your reluctance last Monday to discuss with -- that historical passing performance I know you're much rather prefer discussing things didn't go well for the team because you like to improve on them. So you don't wanna hear that your on pace for 56 touchdowns interceptions in 7520. Yards the last about a badly yesterday at at at at. Not to have done the math. -- fourth quarter. Four and four midfield incomplete to Welker after Philips -- it not what you had in mind on that play of assuming. -- -- There's certain or. And they advocate for his athletic. I actually intercept the ball last week that -- episode. The work at -- And -- in this. Person or sell it as early next. Help back -- obviously is a very. What why we who have -- the officials and click on that player after the play you're yapping at the -- a little bit. On the market you know I thought it was. I thought it was is legal concept without effect that they pass the ball. What about the -- well we we we made a list of you know mistakes that we could talk to about it if you're sick of talking about all these record you're sending. The -- -- in the end zone you weren't happy about that play on settling for a field goal either. What what happened on that was the India share the blame with -- is it was a miscommunication. Or what. -- you are helpless trying to work that -- they'll -- that would start almost. There are -- -- data between. What they've got bought out there itself. Or -- -- -- not a lot longer so that really what rush it would have been able to sort it out. With another aspect. Or if it and that sort of outside. We. And we had a pretty good -- -- -- there and as -- -- they have but think about that earlier this is as you know they said it was their offset. And what they let -- say oh that's so as you get the ball inside the -- You gotta it was. We Internet actor gets -- where you'll ultimately there as well as well. -- terrific for them but says -- all in -- so. Well we're satisfied. It would give away from that was with this field goal was it was a -- all of us. And certainly we want it reflects the all -- it what we have guys go the opposite outfit that is good at it before it. -- eight. I all that Margaret. -- got the ball as well. -- where UN Dion were on the same page was at the end of the first half after the the Vince interception. That's situational football and I think I understand how it works in practice it translated to the field. As it's -- sad is that a play called is it just looking each other tell us about that some particle between you India on the got the necessary yardage and by the way. Had him step out of bounds what a second before the clock expired. Yeah. If you are fairly well. So let's check everywhere got over that situation the -- Probably it was that it. -- And the advantage of the matter is it. -- All the receivers. Eric it was. -- orders but I do. At least the advantage of them. There. Are covered. It as. I don't know how many are -- -- ordered the it will start. Okay. It's seventeen yards as the bank today. It has significant. He's Paula Newton itself. That was bought it bought me clear up 77 the -- -- 47. Feel pretty good there with a lot of energy from our our team. Go -- outside because. You know we we think we're Alford or whatever -- they're -- in affiliate terrible offense like that how we'll play. And then we're able take advantage size. As anchor situation also all of that that's what is so much for itself as big as they can play offense Secretary Clinton is such an effect well that's. Top merge so all that foresight here every single settled they feel. Will probably what was really helpful is the chargers run aware of the Dion was ineligible receiver those last two place. But. You always point out how dumb you have to be played defense I think I think that charge Bruce major point for you there. Well I think I'm actually just sort of smarter until we play it. I have a water back -- that we that the battle was yes. They've got a great coaching great players. You know we get we get made some good play extra. They don't know their corporate and other -- it was only had all the things. A lot a lot of action outscored their perspective what they. What we say that they're just about what you can't cover everything else. We don't have to over the middle of the field though Tom when you don't have any timeouts do you. Now they -- and it never felt I thought forty yards in the middle of field for such doubt that you acknowledge that a little -- What -- we got that in fact. So wherever there that's what we're gonna article ball. I know you probably don't want a revisit the the Bruschi brouhaha. Bruce these comments on Chad Ochocinco but. Struck me Tom when I heard from all your former teammates it was Rodney Harrison Damien Woody. Troy Brown they all kind of backed up Bruschi just seems like. What -- the point I'm making is what Ochocinco did was violate a simple rule you guys have us. You not He can't be an all you can't be a spectator you can't be. You know blown away by anything you guys do it's just business you're just doing your job and and Belichick said the same thing. After the game is that just kind of a rule you have to live by if you gonna play for the patriots. We are you know we ought to start trying to ourselves and that's the thing about it as a quarterback that's. That's what itself but I think it. Says. Although I asked it was like or are the -- -- Or adult person I don't have -- -- running -- but it's got some slick or. And that's about trident. And I looked at about all those guys -- said He makes -- -- I'd look at it. What might or might very well at all -- -- I think. And those guys get any clue. What they're talking outside for outside. I thought so they don't know or try to accomplish. So there was also were sect that what they've accomplished as it. -- love about -- don't know self. But it really say it was a horrific as they what they want. Whether that's about the receiver quarterback. Coach coaching. But nobody knows -- people that it will -- -- -- is that there are a lot and we support each other. Because it will I think that we. And at every single that on that count it ought. So forth and it'll look like like it here that it'll shepherd -- ill afford yesterday. -- -- and let the court and so every single way if that ever met for the damage that it. Now that weren't the first set last week. You know but if you're completion that if -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If someone else hopefully they'll put -- whatever we. Whether I didn't write that you there were saying there are being sent back to fight Sergio -- that perception. For. All or. The you know that was that was stay off the current. And it here if -- -- -- -- in opposite that you know where it wouldn't be here and and that -- but you know you know you said that it was. And all the essence of it as yourself. And actually count -- that we are. And and the guys are who we believe that that's what we're trying to take the field everything try to get that regardless of what analysts will go. Are you ready for the dreaded hypothetical question -- -- we've done one of these yet this year Tom. Yeah. Yeah all right here it comes now is not talk Brady is just some quarterback in the national football leagues I know how you have to -- this to take your your guys. If -- some quarterback in the National Football League. Would you prefer to have measure wide receiver Jerry Rice and a bunch of jags just the other guy. Or the combination of branch and Welker and Hernandez and gronkowski you know too -- would headed and Green Ellis as your options across the field. The best in the world or this this assembled the patriots out. Well I think I think it's always. You know quantity over or you know one guy I have multiple guys have. -- -- -- -- But in basketball I mean you can try to stop Kobe Bryant. All all day long let's successful. Which is April followed you can really if you -- effective -- you can figure. And that's that's really about -- -- but at what extent. So you know if you have. Yeah you're right and let's -- -- -- Eric. There's no better your history that a so of course is written productivity. -- all -- incredible that. -- -- Tokyo lot of good players around you and that helps that He -- those other guys that are about art art scene at this. It's in fort itself. But better that was Welker. The better setup for idiotic chatter but I -- -- the -- -- the order but the receiver. And that perhaps it is the better looking for the right that the right as the federal election. -- Everything he's off one another -- It's great public attribute this is great everybody at fault that your little -- that everybody contributed. From the players the coaches. Or so that are in the world I think are all web site so status also what you did that we. Flip. -- it would look into giving up this week we're gonna have a look at that point or it. It was gonna flat out that will -- -- Packets at the headlines again Brady makes headlines again this is Jerry -- -- I wouldn't wanna help Clinton. -- Non non San Francisco. Boy like Q if you don't worry -- worry about overuse. All of you guys like like you got your guys particularly you're on ten and -- got guts and in the -- in the middle they take that it's. -- they they they fight for the ball they don't know how to avoid contact at least not yet. Can they do that can you allow that for sixteen games. I'd like that ever and there's certain guys that are out on -- subtle about. And different games different guys all have their off the -- who that are out there we have. After our -- perhaps that would make it if you're not and it -- out there. And let the other side and -- -- in Ottawa state the they're right rather such a big it looked at a lot of fight ahead in only that I and so that -- -- it does that's that's -- -- You get -- off because they built. But that site where we're like you well and the fact that it is the work that. -- because he's just so big and strong on the if he's -- -- take that concept and that's what makes them -- because they're so that need to be very fickle thing. For him to get the ball. Because you're able to take the contact the sort that all are also. He'll look you don't wanna get hit a bailout that -- in the red earlier try to squeeze that all of the precise basis. Some they are gonna get it at that. Now he's he's really that -- credible job. -- -- also they have that you know on the field. -- huge contributor well. It's dumb I'm more what you thought of the Belichick documentary episode number one in the second part of that question just as anybody in the locker have the cash it a mock him for wearing jeans it's thank you to -- golf course. I. I watched it saw that Saturday at a -- actually really enjoyed it as it honestly it doesn't surprise going to be at the same guys in every day. But He. You know it it's also -- for. He's. But I think -- Are -- so whatever. It was also. -- support all but you are quite clear. That we can. That's driving focus deficit or. Option that they can't really into all. I bought some -- -- I don't know like I -- most watched program ever. That's -- network right Earl yes. These are pictures. I was the Gillette Stadium crowd hydrated enough for you Sunday. Yeah. I also I also think there was nobody goes. So there was nobody that was. -- -- Straighten your response -- I wish I had it does exist it's also said. Forgot that as an injury being it's a lot of attention. At. You know I hope that. I think that I I won't joke like that -- more that was the best way to say. Whatever it is. Where they loud enough for him. They're very you know it -- -- that great home crowd. They'll play it says there's no there's no better crowd in North America and they they're so -- -- -- another tough on opposing offenses. Okay and that's that's what that air disintegrated Ecuador and act when they are -- -- communicate. And we safe bet on the road to certain Barbara. You're the crowd -- thought -- -- huge advantage for yourself so we gotta keep that haven't. Giving -- reason to cheer every excited. At their computer part. The question of the week is brought to buy auto trader now compare brand spanking new cars and special -- side by side -- auto trader dot com was the pooch punt in the playbook and a possibility. On fourth and four at midfield Tom. Well you know it out -- tobacco are -- out circuit you know. Whatever they call that if there are a lot of different ways that we are all. Did you -- it. That and those reasons. So probably about I don't think about all. As for good reason they're. Like and it's meant that the Eiffel. -- why you didn't Wear a brace early in your career you do what to diminish her fourth three speed is what the problem was that brace lotion down. Or the -- -- why why did you keep a ball at the end the amazingly -- taken one home for itself. I want to get myself so it's a -- on the right. The equipment what was important. It's far better -- it. -- I did some I did some TV scouting on you Tom how much -- the surely to address this gold eagle gold eagle eagle the call in the first quarter and it went to BenJarvus Green Ellis is Green Ellis gold eagle. I'll admit to change that -- -- Have -- problem. It. They want elevator as opera opera effect communicate seven they're -- here yeah yeah it's actually in. It's definitely I -- that microphone about this is fortunate. We're quote tell us the latest -- that was a little. You always point Donna dumb the defenders yeah they won't figure it now. They're probably right response is yeah process. Good locked up against buffalo talking next Monday. Talk radio on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible -- nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible coffee with a quarterback brought you by Dunkin' Donuts. America runs on Duncan and northeast electrical distributors brightening your -- electrical solutions capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing costs pretty good gold eagle gold eagle. You think he's admitting that means yeah I'll -- we changed that you are now Green Ellis a gold eagle yeah you don't have to change it now He if you changed it to like. And on grave. I browser side. They did they still wouldn't figured out of and and split second you think yeah NFL defensive players are gonna figure though these -- -- who will be algae. Is -- thank -- -- -- -- -- Green Ellis in eggs and -- that's a great take that out how interesting that He kind of took. He He circled the wagons around Ochocinco. Against his former form -- that they don't have a clue what they're talking about. But I disagree that with the talking about is what He lives and breathes every week He says they don't have a clue and I'm gonna take com word over yours -- that they do have a clue. I just explain to do what He does every week is what Bruschi and Harrison those guys were talking about downplay. The success do not be in on what we accomplish here. One how can they not I and I -- that's what He lives in says every week. I think the bigger picture is where He is in this offense what is required what is asked of him at this point and that's what He said they don't know we're trying to accomplish -- Ochocinco. The stat of the week is brought to you by Gillette fusion pro -- patriots wide receiver Wes Welker. Extended a streak to 63 straight regular season games. The least one reception as a member of the -- buying tight end Ben Coates. The franchise record stat of the week brought to you by Gillette fusion pro glide. And the irritation defence line help. Defend your skin.

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