May 7, 2007|

Let's listen to Susan Waldman get giddy over the return of Roger Clemmens to the Yankees.

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And now one of the most unprofessional moments in broadcasting history he's still -- New York Yankees Susan Walton and screaming like -- Girl at a Justin Timberlake concert for their return of her Roger Clemens. My -- Nobody dramatic thing I've ever seen a lot of right it's writer's block I think he. -- never mind though those championship they won this is clearly one of the most dramatic things. And nobody dramatic things I've ever seen. Nothing like some over the top unprofessional. Judy excitement to bring up the street trash accent in -- right -- -- Well it's really not John you don't have don't worry about who's going to make them smile you know. That's right when you pay someone 28 million pro -- dollars there. Probably going to get despite your rotation -- Started really glad they flood picture up on the screen and nobody knows what he said I guess it's -- uncovered bad writing didn't include 50 yet as to who he said on the -- ground all the sudden picture appeared on the message board at this. -- well why don't. I know. So exciting -- picnic picnic but. Sounds like she must be feeling a little. Live shot of a sudden he appeared in George Steinbrenner is -- he's got us. Silken tie on -- wonder Hughes wearing briefs or boxers underneath that student tied it. Did you ever imagined the evil Brian gushing over someone like this and my. Come on Susan tell -- yourself

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