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What is wrong with Daniel Bard?

Sep 15, 2011|

Daniel Bard's disastrous month of September continued yesterday as the hard throwing righty got roughed up by the Blue Jays, blowing the lead en route to another Sox loss. Mut and Lou chat about what the heck has happened with the normally reliable Bard.

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Live from Chileans Mott and -- Sports Radio WEEI. On Europe Thursday as we get set for what it's gonna BA playoff. -- series this weekend at Fenway Park Red Sox and rays. It's pretty amazing Lou we'll look back even a month ago early part of August. What questions. That we have about this Boston Red Sox and legitimate questions we talked about on this show. I'm with the Red Sox fans who are passionate about this team it wanted to. Think about them getting to post you'll with a legitimate questions a month ago about the -- -- all you ever three who was who -- third Forestar what you water. We wanna play. Detroit Texas and -- conversation for -- so you wanna play at heartland of the dangers they'll be old drama of who -- a seventh inning -- -- -- We that was it that was tied to play -- to an extent wouldn't come back via the -- that we didn't know you know Bobby Jenks shut down a -- the going Bobby -- comeback. And help out this FaceBook questions now don't you. -- a few a few a few more questions I'd say if views I -- about it launch a laundry list. Good or grocery list BO bella and what what are the re going to hopefully. It's on Friday night right Josh Beckett starts and with Josh Beckett this team's chances of doing anything in October. It starts it -- them that's it I mean He needs to be Josh Beckett leakage is the name in the back of the Jersey expletive it's like so it starts with them. Now the other question marks stick with the rotation you Erik Bedard. You know what is gore know there -- does this. Nothing no report at all but please start throwing again -- don't know questioned the rotation. We'll start talking about this lineup when you David Ortiz and a back brace and to spasms right back brace. What where are we going there in -- -- so it's all gonna get pulled out of the game in the whole run trot. Is the -- tightens up Kevin Youkilis -- Obama got 80% 75% you're getting a 50% Kevin Youkilis -- -- -- little -- which you can get -- in the next two weeks come out of stuck with -- -- gotta start looking. Do -- whether it's my Kabila's or Jed Lowrie and let me just -- that. -- -- How do you just fix that well I do you fix it -- get. You close out of there are fighting for playoff spot right now oddly as the article you -- fight for us about your eleven games up on August night. You're eleven games ahead of the rays now they come and and if they sweet yeah. They walk out of here with a lead in the wild card will thank you Jeremy Guthrie and that's all you can really say you're there at the Boston Red Sox -- goes out last night beat the Tampa Bay Rays there's an opportunity that. You get this thing down to three. In the race come out against the Red Sox they get the pitching they get timely hitting and a -- two out of three of Baltimore. It's just you know it doesn't make sense we we've talked about it before you know it can come out and if they take three out of four you know that they've got those final ten games may be loose throughout the Yankees right afterwards but. You got a break last night if it's a three game lead. Walking and this weekend. You know to me if I just look at the -- a look at some matchups in the question marks which can get from Josh Beckett how does Joseph Lester rebound -- -- a tip ticket three out of four. If you can hold onto this thing if you can just bush give me to what to somehow get beat Joseph into any commodity up for what tend to go you feel real good about. Ottawa bury the lead here because on our new grocery list Terry Francona. Of the issues with this Red Sox team yeah. Is a big one and it's Daniel Bard and this is a guy that -- I think rightly so you'll included in the conversation of the only mark -- deputies that you can count on Beckett Lester Papelbon and finally Daniel -- their slammed the door duo. At the back your bullpen and this guy in the month this September has completely. Unraveled at the back and that's where it's a couple. He has been in. As bad as any eighth inning guy in baseball is any legitimate eighth inning guy that you would count on to get to a game and it's happened so quickly and night like last night. Where it is set up perfectly for you was a baseball team you were able to scramble through the fifth sixth and seventh. Give the ball the bar in the if you think you're home free with a leave home against the blue Jay you're gonna knock -- -- -- off that magic number would have it down to eleven and ten when the race lost. This guy could not throw strikes. Last night and He looks completely. Off killing the worst time a year. Yes they were set up again to talk about like a playoff atmosphere type of game as far as I used the bullpen Lackey goes out five in the third. It leaves the game Morales comes in the lefty does an amazing job -- out of that in a nice -- -- tackles on the ball. It only takes load off first base He does that job you we go seventh inning who's gonna be Alfredo was Davis comes in. No problems right clean it really walks a guy but still gets out of it now you go -- to get -- this is a playoff atmosphere game the way your bullpen is set up. In right now Daniel Bard just. He's not Daniel -- quite frankly I mean you know July 31 -- look at that first went three for four months of the season. It won 760 RE 51 games the gate 51 inning 229 hits. Since then he's -- 747. August 1 that a growing number -- it wasn't a month and a half. You're a month and a half in a month of September. 1736. Seventeen point 36 ERA in he's got three losses now in his last three appears to and it comes down to command now when you start to marketable concerns. This is it mechanical thing He talked about it before you could -- in yanking all the the other side the left side of that. The batter's box now I'm not pitching expert I don't know -- obviously McCain at least something is off here we see if fastball from 94 and 99 at times do. But he's healthy and you would assume he's healthy guy like Jon Lester goes on gives it up Sunday Tampa. But he's healthy -- He needs to straighten this out just like Jon Lester doesn't all of that this is even conversation as far as the -- -- but. The other guys contribute because they're not a 100% healthy and David. Is much as they want to as much as Kevin Youkilis who wants to go out there and deliver that big hit a lecture and here's what Steve wants to play what's -- -- As much as Beckett wants to beat Josh Beckett again. I'm not sure you're gonna see we don't know that the thing -- noticed what scares me the most these are the guys are healthy -- the figured out. But the guys healthy. Those -- the guys hurt me more wells Daniel Bard He said the unknown are you shore at this tenure his career when He has never encountered a blip like this on his. Major League radar loop that He still unknown do you call in the known in the He was dominant for four months and has been abysmal now for seven weeks now we're going on at the end of this week. Does He have a -- and is make up easy Papelbon type they can -- this stuff behind him have a short memory. And be okay if -- when they get to a post season this with this weekend feels like L baseball now Marty thinking about. Red Sox and rays tonight while and and and Alex and accurate Sox fan you have to be you if Daniel Bard asked to get some outs in the eighth inning tonight. Is He -- a bounce back in horse again -- a couple of days to mechanically. Work on some things with her. This is when you -- I'll get him back this is what you find obligate new blog that said as far as. We'll keep -- guide can be closer to basically you know how quick can you stop the bleeding. Even a guy like a apple bought nearly goes -- they're -- a couple of -- He still goes out there is the machine and He just right you only get that next today. You can data Bart stop the bleeding. And I think that's the biggest question mark because you'd need them. Yet He said last -- -- going to the post season. You played good teams whether it's Detroit Texas New York in whoever is in there if you all -- -- winning this game after 67 innings. It has to be a W is absolutely 100%. Has to be. And the teams that give up like games in the eighth and ninth inning of the teams that goal. The team that shot -- -- -- -- the teams -- win championships. You can't afford to have a game one in lose. You in the eighth and it in its five game series if you do that wants if He twice you go home theater that once you could very will be going home. No he's good enough no separate themselves and the sport. We -- that much better than team acts that we can actually low games to combat and when the next what you're not that good at that point. So -- question marks the seventh night a question marks in the eighth -- he's the biggest thing -- fast mechanically Neil this is too important. He can't afford to have a bad week like Dustin Pedroia did right 331 of those games if Bart does that -- games that should be one. You lose games you have the lead and have to be w.s they have to be is there. Any evidence in your mind -- this is. Any percentage mental. That it's it's not just a physical thing because that He goes a long wait today in Bradford peace in The Herald that or else. To make sure that we know it is more of a timing issue and -- more mechanical. But it is also speak to these -- have got tight here you know that Wakefield in the other night. When He sit there after -- that lead for Tim Wakefield. And he's staring out like you seen a ghost. At the ballpark. Eight is there any part of this. That we look at as a mental issue for Daniel -- and not just a timing issue and delivery issue the way He wants -- after that game last night. That that make up for him that when they games get tight. -- He might not be the guy the can go to when a big spot. It's I don't I don't I don't know I don't I don't believe that OK I don't think that the cement the -- you know the Vatican Hewlett. They want they need to shows that you can rebound quickly and stop the bleeding because. He comes in his job is coming in night out night in night out in high pressure situations. You know he's done it before in Yankee Stadium and he's gotten out of -- you he's he's done it. Is every game He comes -- to receive -- high pressure situation it's guys on bases. It's bases loaded nobody out new what is the difference between that that the game in Yankee Stadium July as right now. Or Tim Wakefield 200 win. You'll I don't -- mental I think that I can handle it but if you could be closer. You gotta have that one bad game recognize your mistakes in will want to correct it would be better the next night you can let it snowball for four weeks for five weeks for six weeks. You learn that in September of what is now pennant race that's my question I understand that as a make up their -- when Papelbon has it. Can -- have it at this point -- try to balance a couple of things He has to have your team within three games now the wild card the American League right now. Your team needing you and an eight inning no real seventh inning guy in skill. Yeah -- shows consistently or Buchholz comes back and then try to balance the mechanics of it. Wally you're trying to make sure your team qualifies for postseason spot that seems like a lot for guiding hand a guy who is -- Much. -- of adversity. Right long term adversity for him right now he's got to be able to find a way to can compartmentalize that put the rear view. And focus on. You're it's -- 43 game tonight in you've got a nice outing from Long Island Nvidia seven -- picked up for a couple -- -- -- got to run lead. You gotta be all the while their pitch and not worry about what happened the night before Papelbon hasn't. I think we thought Bard -- it but this the first adversity is guys really based network but it find out this weekend neat story that I can't shy away from my. Eighties right out -- economic talks about the timing of his delivery and and and He needs to work on some things mechanically because it doesn't feel right maybe that's the reason why and you heard -- telecast before speculated before we've talked about it before. -- that arm angle is that arm angle drop it the timing. Is He not allow himself to get on top of that baseball drive the ball on a downward plane is a big tall guy you don't. Easy it's easy 979899. Miles an hour but to me reset talking about Libby. In arm angle you just look at his breaking ball. You know I like the breaking ball that the at the that their -- -- be breaking ball the one that's at the guy recent -- -- -- mix and got to dive -- -- won't be solar when He starts getting on the side of it. It's that Yankee kind of slider. The end starts up off the middle to plate it's a way out of the strike zone is still wanna start at the guys actually freezes of his throws 9899. And it drops over mill plate that's restarts embarrassing hitters. We talked arm angle -- look at is breaking ball I think -- two different actions you'll -- depending on where it is it's very subtle peninsula the guys dropping down side out like Justin Masterson a three quarters like you re think it just subtle. And I can notice it more his breaking ball to Kevin his fastball because this -- different angle to.

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