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Sep 14, 2011|

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And I've been at every wanted to welcomed at Fenway Park it's a little warm it's a little human it still feels like summer. As the Red Sox will wrap up their brief two game series against the Toronto Blue Jays and they will do so going for a two game sweep with John Lackey on the mound for Boston today opposite Ricky Romero is there Herb Chambers -- is pregame show. Coming up on the program we'll hear from manager Terry Francona WEEI dot com's Alex spear will stop by the clubhouse insider. We'll get to separate busy afternoon and evening on tap around Major League Baseball back. Games have already begun elsewhere on the diamond the -- also listen to Tim Wakefield who caught up with Joseph and Dave after his career win number 200 last night. A very emotional win for Wakefield and a very important win for the Boston Red Sox and as we Begin -- Joseph Castiglione and Dale Arnold. Let's Begin with -- wake it took a little while I think than most people a little bit -- while longer than most people would have expected but. How could anyone in their right mind not field just fabulous for Tim Wakefield. Last night I was granny was emotional which we expected dead he's worked very hard for this cement here's a guy did. Was a position player. Had to switch to pitching. Had a great year had a terrible year was farmed out all released by -- yet they went something like five in fifteen AAA the Red Sox item has a tremendous start pitches embedded division title of most. Important pitcher in the -- 95 season. And his being here are pretty steady ever since. And do it at 45. Is just miraculous whether you're knuckleballer guy that -- throws 98. I had a chance to talk to Tim after gut wrenching losses -- Aaron bleeping -- after World Series victory after He won the Roberto Clemente award last year. I've never heard more emotional than He was talking to it to you to Joseph and Dave last night that's the most emotional I've ever heard. And -- had to prove himself over and over again and hasn't been like everything has come easy to him there's been a lot of different people along the way to to doubt him whether it's because of age or just simply because of the -- throws the knuckleball he's been left off post season rosters he's been put into their roles on the team which. Maybe necessarily wouldn't have been in his first choice but if there was ever a model for perseverance He might be. Why I think that's a great pointy at the back operation. Night in his forties. The knuckleball courses and inconsistent catch but he's been consistent guy He and it sounds in congress but I think it's true. And He has. Endured a lot -- Aaron Boone home run He thought everybody would go -- movie being gold and the opposite happened. If you think about it too the only other guy who's had a similar kind of resonate here is neck. A guy who's been both the starting pitcher and and and has been a closer here as well I mean He and actor and I'm pretty. Exclusive territory there together that's a good point there is a good comparison even though there were nothing like his pitchers and style. And as heart warming is the victory was for Tim Wakefield personally in the milestone accomplishment. The win for the Red Sox was absolutely necessary in the offense scored. Eighteen runs but. They needed that more than anything they need to carry that now forward -- that's an easy thing to do or remember they want fourteen napping last Tuesday. In Toronto and then had -- Gut wrenching loss from the blew a big lead the next night and lost the following night so. And everything starts over today especially with a guy who like Ricky Romero the pitcher of the month in August He finally has learned how to beat the Red Sox as we saw last Thursday. -- listen if the top two guys in the batting order even approach what they did here last night they're fine and listening to Pedroia in the clubhouse earlier today. He is back to his wise cracking smart Alec he's self and that's a good thing for this team. And Jacoby Ellsbury made another statement at least in my opinion if I had to vote right now I would vote for Jacoby Ellsbury is the MVP of the American League. I would so. And of course there's -- -- there certainly some bias there yeah I think -- It may first Cy Young guy to win that have to be no other really really good candidate. And -- pitcher would have to be way above the -- is Pedro was Pedro really. Should have been the Cy Young award winner -- Pudge Rodriguez got -- are -- and He was decided He should have been the MVP there was one of the gradient does injustices we've ever seen. But I think in this case there's so many candidates out there for a ladies -- can have the Cy Young award. Yeah I I agree I'm not one of those that they -- pitcher can't win the award and I think Verlander had a fantastic year. I don't think there's quite enough separation between Verlander and some of the other features is the best. But there's no huge gap like there was with Pedro Martinez is my only disagreement there is I think there's a huge gap between Verlander in the other pictures. I don't think there's a huge gap between Verlander in the other MVP candidates like. Jacoby Ellsbury -- -- probably understand Joe's perspective and yours John as well. But Verlander would probably be my other top flight candidate right now along with Jacoby. And he's top three I think He should be hope He has and will vote on top of the way unfortunately cannot discount Robinson Cano enemies good years and am -- -- -- -- did what He said and unfortunately. That happened at -- -- so scared of Robinson cannot -- -- I think he's a great -- that. Alright guys thanks so much food bank is soon. Focused lately on and Dale Arnold burst that's coming your way Red Sox and blue jays one hour from now just a brief two game series the season series comes to a close this afternoon as well while as we mentioned last night it was a heartfelt night for Tim Wakefield a fabulous milestone achievement and a very important win for the Red Sox. Wakefield on the field as all the fans hung around a salute the 200 game winner -- drive into the game remember. Ballgame -- is just sixteen dollars at the Prudential Center garage is just ten minute walk the ballpark plus. The shops at Prudential -- more than 27 choices for a great pregame meal. Sixteen dollar ball game parking at the Prudential Center the raw Red Sox and blue edges on the way He would like remind you if you are listening in the Boston metropolitan area. And -- chance yet check us out on FM 937 as the way to go. Can't tell you how many people told me how good too caustic -- -- announced on him to be sure to check it out. For this afternoon's matinee affair Red Sox and blue jays on tap coming up next. EEye dot com's Alex spears sits down but the clubhouse insider except those. On the Herb Chambers Lexus pregame show but the WEEI Red Sox radio network. How about the way thousands of fans stayed -- just gave me huge ovation. You know duel only in Boston and I don't give unbiased a vendor. Along time now but those of the moment that happened at Fenway and in Boston to just don't see in other places -- me. -- the night we we clinched where you'll be yankees. In Baltimore and more have the bond you know you don't see that and other places and us against part of what makes Boston so special mean. I guess of getting off track with. You know when we play our games here you'll see the monster race -- group president from a around the field. You know baseball is good enough here in new England and I just I think that's so special -- I'm so glad that that's how we do it. -- -- someplace you've -- have to sell the game. But people love baseball here and and I think I I just love. I mean not that there's anything wrong with mustard or anything but it was kind of neat to see so many fans stick around last night instantly that returned from the clubhouse and salute the fans on the field after career win number 200 -- -- the Herb Chambers Lexus pregame show. The toll free telephone number even calling 8885250850. Calls you can also text -- questions comments concerns. Etc. at 850 need it right now is to 121000 Saturn for that we will -- W yet that comes. Alex here Alex good afternoon hello Jon -- it was a long time coming on longer than I think most people would have predicted expected and certainly a lot longer than Tim Wakefield expected but. Career win number 200 did comment I think it felt just as good as the that it come on the first try. It was pretty extraordinary. I do think that it was really cool that it came at home because I don't think that that kind of moment. Would have been possible for Wakefield has happened in say Chicago on this first crack back on July 20 ninth or whatever it was. It's it was it was a special moment and it really did. You Wakefield the full opportunity to be to be celebrated for what he's accomplished over his career and it was. It was fascinating because Curt Schilling one number 200 here but it was nothing like this -- mean Schilling did end up popping out of the dugout when He won his nineteenth 2006. But I doubt that this was something far far different if there's a connection between Wakefield in the Red Sox fans that has existed. For a long time there's certain degree of every man in him because yes He throws a pitch that sixty miles an hour and as is. As his primary as a signature offering so you can identify with a guy like that. Who's basically had this determination who was almost out of baseball. Back in 1989 in 1990 but who managed to persist because He loved the game in persist because we found a way to make him so valuable. And he's been here and in in a valuable part of the Red Sox never the headline guy. Always an important guy for seventeen seasons and so it really did make the whole event you know pretty extraordinary. In Wakefield really seem to be to be appreciative of the fact that He had that. Moment to -- the killing his -- was -- -- different teams a 186 of the 200 wins for Tim Wakefield have come while He has been in a Red Sox uniform and the game itself. It was it Tim Wakefield masterpiece. But He lost the lead a couple of times they gave him another one He got into trouble early in the fifth inning. Managed to survive and then came back out and gave them a nice 1236 thing. -- that was really important not in the context of 200 wins in the context of what they needed last night. Four victory yeah because they're coming up on a stretch of many games in many days they don't have enough that they've they do have an off day coming up but. -- to have that double header coming up next week and they have just a bunch of games so you know they need to keep their bullpen in line even though they have the extra arms up. Because that September and so was important for Wakefield to kind of rein it back in which is one of his signature attributes of course he's not been dominant this year -- -- Yes I think fourteen straight starts in which he's allowed to re earned run so this isn't the guy who's just. -- shutting down opposing teams. But he's managing the games I think in in most of those games he's he's given up basically between three and five runs in just about every outing so he's not giving the Red Sox a lock for victory but he's not getting them out of the games he's giving them a shot. On any given night when he's in the game and that's kind of important and that's that's really what he's done throughout his career in Boston. Extra arms give you some insurance so to speak but they're not necessarily at least all of the guys that you would go to. In every situation. The Red Sox have had to call at least some of those guys at situations that maybe they would not expected. Due to their injury situation -- -- will start tomorrow we learned that today Josh Beckett is slated to pitch against the rays on Friday near Fenway. I guess the decision for tomorrow's starter pretty much came down either while under Miller any idea why they went -- -- to supposed to -- well. Hey Terry Francona lose of the fact that He wanted to have a right hander on the mound rather than a lefthander against the rays and you know maybe maybe there's something to that but I think honestly you look at the way that violence has pitched in his few Major League starts. In what he's done is he's kind of found a way to rein in his outings even when you when he's kind of hitting trouble spots. He's found a way to keep the -- much like Wakefield -- the Red Sox in the game the games haven't spiraled out of control for him. -- today and so. He's given them a fighting chance He didn't even with just before inning outing intent in Tampa Bay He limited the damage to three runs He had a rough first inning but then found his you know kind of found his -- and though. I think that's that's important with the with the Miller you've had. You've had a few starts in which really the game has gotten away very quickly in the Red Sox have found themselves very quickly out of the game. They wanna have a fighting chance in you know with the you know the opportunity to have a pitcher. To have a greater likelihood to my mind at least of a guy who's going to give them a chance to stay in the game -- can kind of manage the situation a little bit. Into me while and does has done more consistent job that even though it's only been if you start Miller has shown the possibility of dazzling. But he's also found He sausage and the possibility of having kind of a disastrous start. John Lackey starts today based on performance alone you can make ago argument that He should not be in the rotation numbers of meaning options. Suggest otherwise for the Red Sox right now. And which leads us also to the question we were talking about weeks ago John Lackey or Erik Bedard. While there is no Erik Bedard right now and there's no clear timetable as to when we might even see you again. He did a little bit of light costing before yesterday's game He has worked his way up to a -- -- it's not that he's ever been a guy He throws a lot of bullpen sessions is Terry Francona pointed out so. We should necessarily -- that as an indicator. When -- when I talked to the guard yesterday He says there's still little -- tenderness. In so until there is not playing tenderness in the let the -- is the issue now not the knee then they can get him ready to -- pitch -- game and so. Terry Francona said before today's game that you know basically we we don't know exactly when Bedard is going to be throwing but it's clear that it's not that it's not imminent now I think that. Maybe they're still sliver of hope that He might be able to throw in one of those games that doubleheader on Monday but that sounds only like. Like a possibility rather than anything close to a certainty and they're still trying to feel their way with. With this guy who hasn't thrown since September 3 so. He is an important pitcher for them you know He He says he's among their they're starting options He has the better He has better stuff than anyone except for. Lester and Beckett in. They're just trying to get him back on the mound at this point. In the doubleheader against the Orioles to four game series in three days and then an off day Lackey -- -- -- regular rest. We would expect -- have to come up with somebody else or one of those double header days. Clay Buchholz. Probably we'll throw a football game either tomorrow or Friday one of those two days let's just say for the sake of argument that that goes well like the rest of his throwing sessions have gone well. We're two weeks away today from the into the regular season what could a potential progression -- for Buchholz. With the -- final couple of weeks here assuming there are no setbacks. This is just guesswork but I think that would probably be you know a couple bullpen sessions followed you know and again as you point out it's necessary forms avoiding setbacks. But a couple bullpen sessions men may -- a couple of simulated outings. And that would perhaps positioned him to be able to throw during that final series of the season it sounds like that's his target date. That would be the target of the goal of when they would like to see him pitching in games. Against Baltimore and it's pretty clear at this point that they won't be able to stretch him out enough to do anything more than. I've been throw and inning or two of relief at a time but even if they were able to get that back. I mean look the Red Sox bullpen hasn't exactly been lights out this month so they -- certainly welcome having a potentially impact arm to come in out of the bullpen. I mean it was before where you had two guys you can always count on Daniel Bard and Jonathan Papelbon and I don't necessarily mean it's just can't count and departed more. But He is gone through a rough patch. He's probably a guy that would like to see you know some opportunity here in the -- two weeks to make sure that He is the least is on track on target as He could be. Heading into the post season the Red Sox are up by four games and Henry is heading into play today. Because we've seen him struggle. -- monopoly called an extended period of time but longer than we're used to it. This has been a tough you know a tough start of the month for him I think that he's given up but you know he's given up runs in three of four outings which is very unusual forum to. To bunch those struggles together now He did struggle a bit like this. At the beginning of the season took some losses. And a bit of a cluster and then all of a sudden reeled off. It's a scoreless streak it was historic you know that was the longest Red Sox franchise history so He does have an ability to make adjustments he's very intelligent as the picture. And so He He does have a way of figuring things out but. His velocity has been down a little bit so probably also behooves him to get a little bit of rest at this time of year that's at all possible but yes you're right. He certainly would like to like to be able to carry success forward into the playoffs. David Ortiz out of a lineup today He was removed actually pinch hit or because He was already. In the starting line from the lineup cards were submitted last night's that was a very last minute thing on Tuesday. They game today lefty on the mound. Not a real surprise that He is not in the air. It doesn't sound at least one Terry Francona describes it is that something that they're too too concerned about moving forward long term the back spasms it. Does not sound like it's that significant issue in part because he's feeling better today even though -- still sore which means that he's out of the lineup but they basically want to get it you know resolved. They figured that with the day gain power following that make him when He experienced spasms didn't make sense. To try to get him into today's game nor are they likely to pinch hit him I -- he's feeling much better over the course of the day but. It sounds if they think that it's going to be a relatively. Relatively limited. A relatively limited time on the sidelines forum which is obviously significant because He can make a really good case that he's been their best hitter. Over the over the season and He He leads the team and -- yes. He's been incredibly consistent format that's at -- because been good against both lefties in Friday's. He hasn't really endured any prolonged slumps and so he's he's a real force in the middle of the lineup. I would agree I think He has been their best offensive player just looking at that aspect of the game all season long. Set aside American League MVP for the moment but just talk about team MVP is a Jacoby Ellsbury is there are significant argument. I think that it's unquestionably -- for me at this point because but he's been doing in every aspect of the game with with consistency you know on the bases. As a batter. As a defender and he's been a really really good center fielder this year. Means -- overall impact to the Red Sox been greater than anyone else I agree I think it's Ellsbury because of everything He does the entire package included the defensive aspect I could see Alex thanks so much thank you John. Alex -- just here on the clubhouse insider it is bright it is sunny it's actually pretty warm and humid here at Fenway Park. Feels like mid summer Red Sox are trying to play like mid summer as well as they go for a brief two game sweep. Of the Toronto Blue Jays state -- when we come back we'll hear from manager Terry Francona. We'll hear from Tim Wakefield will take a trip around the major leagues at all at this of the Herb Chambers likes this game show. The WEEI Red Sox radio network. And welcome and once again -- they want the broadcast Booth here at Fenway Park as we get sent to bring your Red Sox baseball this afternoon Red Sox and blue jays conclude their season series this brief two game set at Fenway Park. Boston with a big win last night Tim Wakefield with career win number 200. An eighteen to six victory they will go for the two game sweep today it is there Herb Chambers Lexus pregame show don't miss your chance to enter. The Herb Chambers experience the difference giveaway visit. Herb Chambers giveaways dot com to register today coming up in just a few minutes we'll hear from manager Terry Francona also on tap -- trip around the major leagues and listening to Tim Wakefield. We caught up with Jim Joseph and Dave had a conversation after the victory last night. We'll listen to that conversation again institute as a very good. And very emotional moment for Tim Wakefield. Be sure not to miss that -- remove any further however let's pause ten seconds the station identification of the WEEI Red Sox radio network. John Lackey gets the ball for Boston this afternoon -- twelve and twelve with a new area north of six lefty Ricky Romero gets the ball war. The Toronto Blue Jays fourteen and -- the record this season 301. Overall it's a difficulty against the Red Sox however He pitched very well against Boston. Last week in Toronto right now we will have been once again dale -- of the call along with Josie coming up in just a little bit and dale. Actuate big win for the Red Sox last night ending loss by the rays widespread panic -- -- across New England at least for 24 hours there is at least until we figure out what the Red Sox do today with the -- And of doing tonight against the Orioles that's kind of how it is around here this time of the year isn't. Again especially -- considering the situation the Red Sox have unfortunately played themselves into here. Now when when things -- the way they were a month or so ago you're gonna kind of slide right into a playoff spot you could such a playoff rotations up. The Red Sox have unfortunately played themselves into a spot here where the last two and a half weeks of the regular season -- gonna matter and -- gonna matter a lot here. And it's going to matter not only with today's game and what they -- do elsewhere but the four game series begins between these two teams this weekend. You think back to what just happened to them over the weekend in Saint Petersburg against the rays. And I think because that's so fresh in everyone's buying some of the listeners mines. It gives you pause heading into this weekend because the race might not score a lot at least not all the time but boy they're starting pitching is really good. What they -- the heck out of baseball on thin and I mean realistically when the Red Sox bats are slumping and they've been slumping here until the explosion last night. You don't even have to have great pitching to knock them off. Tampa Bay does have great pitching at least great starting pitching. I'll I'll be curious to see how things go today against Ricky Romero and this is a guy who they have traditionally get around pretty well on the past. He kind of dazzled them last last week up in Toronto -- -- dazzle some again today than you could have issues if if they go out and out slug. The Toronto Blue Jays a little bit here maybe John Lackey can give them out enough innings and give them enough quality innings to pull lawful women. If these that's rolling going into the Tampa Bay weekend. All right bill thank you'll get a practice so thanks John there a lot of little of the colon with Josie about thirty minutes or so from now yeah Ricky Romero had been good against everybody but the Red Sox until his last start. Against Boston in Toronto last week right now it's time for our conversation with a manager. Terry Francona is brought to you by Harvard Pilgrim Health Care making health care work better as the man let's talk health care -- court. And by the goatee Terry Francona is guarantee of choice is statistically all. -- data certainly was a lot of fun to watch Tim Wakefield last night get the win and how about the way thousands of fans stayed. He just gave me huge ovation. It would go all in Boston and I don't and wives have been here. Along time now but told the moment that happened at Fenway in Boston pistols in other places. But tonight we replaced -- yankees. In Baltimore and more have a bond you know handles these please enough against -- what makes Boston hurtful and mean. Some off track with. When we play our games here Eagles monster race the president -- -- on the field. You know baseball is good enough -- in doing what I just I think that's so special counsel -- that's how we do it. Known someplace -- have to sell redeem. But people of baseball here and I think -- -- No question about it and that is teammates stayed too they came out they were so genuinely happy for. I think you could -- last night I mean it had been weighing in on everybody you'll have more problems we wanted to -- -- aware -- -- on I think the relievers news coming games at trial to our. Left my it was a good night we knew it was his team and and to have -- do personally probably a little bit to it because after the game will be more -- -- normal. We're all surprised in the first inning when Lowrie had a penchant for David Ortiz -- -- back spasms how's He doing. He's sore today school better -- so we told him yesterday. While open to what happened sometimes guys try to get back to quicken to prolong it Whipple approach it like you're not -- -- tomorrow. And and -- better and we were scrambled when when the -- -- before a court they would still -- to deploy. So He gave me a look down on the Pomeroy it -- -- go to one of cargo. As David starts winning it really tightened up on them so we knew we're gonna have to hit form and we were balloon for the game but we knew that anyway -- -- We know Kevin Youkilis is not a 100% -- to watch him dive for a ball says something about it many made the play you know I actually think when guys know what's going on they can handle the pain a little bit better. He's aware of what's going -- body now. It's certainly part of -- hole about her. But I think he's gonna build a deal with a better. And you're right you know He may you know build around like you -- like He did percent. But that doesn't mean can't hit for power you drive the runs and be productive hitter like you to view we -- -- like. Somehow you knew that when that -- getting going to be the laser showing that there's as big a laser shows we've ever seen. You know -- -- He continues to amaze me I just think. All the same reason you probably didn't get it this past week trying to -- He wills and thoughtful carriers between musical. Of all of -- right. But what pieces are. He that we've seen him -- you ought to year. When you want to guys doing like that that really helps the whole lineup when you when you've got guys that can run. There on base all game you know for bullies and hold on weapons hole but it it set the -- -- If we get to today you've come up with a pitching rotation now that that looks pretty solid Ford camp today I think we have. Or restore power while on the -- I think we -- with the idea of starting but I think we lose too much horrible and you know he's a good pitcher. But it -- that are available in theories -- as much as we are now while -- That packet blustery way and and we got both Monday and diplomat as we as we -- -- -- Bedard doing the did like ought to know it was it was playing catch so we take missiles Wall -- word -- But today it's John lacking Ricky Romero they also woke up on Thursday Rivera was very good even though you've hammered him in the past that. He was a different pitcher well he's been a good pitcher against the whole world part one team and human control. But. Polls this is right from the count. You'll need -- -- it's like if successful pitcher pitches and He won't rate rose yet predominately right handbag -- well we we -- don't we have. He sold off on righty with that change. We are going in there and here and immediately. Angels club but we tried you'll have multiple. Like today to -- let's go back. I Joseph thank you Terry Francona is brought to you by ET NT find out what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible. And by the goatee Terry Francona is Green tea of choice Red Sox and blue jays on top more Obama goes -- the Herb Chambers Lexus pregame show. And Italy the ER Red Sox radio network. -- in I think we. There was there this is not -- like this in you know we just need to give back to playing the game you know. Participants you know I think we got away from I think we kind of try to run do too much. So you know we're all of this the pistons turned out there and play the game right way and -- comes on -- Pitch to pitch for Jarrod Saltalamacchia in the Red Sox fifteen games remain in the regular season including the the Red Sox and blue jays at Fenway today it is the Herb Chambers Lexus pregame show stay tuned after the game the S Beilein. No nonsense post game show us -- affordable dependable like insurance made simple. -- also like to remind you some guests of Red Sox radio will receive a 100 dollar gift certificate to California Pizza Kitchen. Burnished by those shops at Prudential Center Tim Wakefield picked up career win number 200 on Tuesday night. After the game -- Joseph and Dave caught up with the -- on the field. Jim Hardy is congratulations. And how about the way these fans stayed free you. In a blowout game man the way your teammates. Okay. All. The emotions started me now guys that. It's been tremendous you know. Two be able to go -- first order to win a home. You're from overcrowded. And I have my teammates doctor Watson has everything apple uses to. It's amazing. Still what was it like -- forward tonight knowing you're you're at home. And guys were ticked off after that road trip so you you might had a good feeling that the senate tonight was was gonna have who's going to be one of those magical night did you feel that now and again. I I did and then you know just. You know it I I had two bad innings -- too annoyed gave up two leads and you know as early this to myself look at that point. Was able to drive through that. Fifth and sixth inning and with the with a one -- one run lead in the in the offices exploded in cassette on the field it was it's much it made it much easier to watch. You know from the from the club office. What is celebrate. He did it TM in a very meaningful game that this team really needed as just about all your 186 Red Sox wins his Dan and you've always been in in the middle. A pennant race with a great teammate for almost every year you've been here. Yeah you know it's armed in it's one thing that's on the field Tuesday try to take yourself out of because when gets down to it. It is September we're trying to. You know get into the full season and in the last road trip wasn't too great for us as a team but. You know thankful that we got away and think -- it was a warning for tonight if you wanted to from a wrong crowd and and to. Gather some momentum going and so late September. -- now many -- done it in the in the long story of the three Major League Baseball do you do is the 108 pitcher. They go all the guys who had thrown a baseball and Major League games it has that -- yet. And it's it's unbelievable you know it's and I did some interviews -- -- -- Obama to go -- the you know for for me my 200 win. You know in in Major League baseball's like a 300 when considering the things that have gone through in my whole career persevere through being you know in the bullpen being a closer. I'm doing a number of different jobs my whole career and to some very proud of this moment. Tim I've been so privileges see every one of your 186 wins and -- actually and their shootout and -- -- they've been so enjoyable and so thrilling I think of how it started 141 and I -- you almost singlehandedly pitch there Red Sox -- division title. And here I'll watch the seventeen seasons later are you still. Doing it you you know I've never give up and always. Maintain the -- of the youth of you know. Perseverance and and never. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Gave up on myself -- you know it's -- number proud of this night and -- -- -- my 200 game winner in the -- Really close of one of the many reasons you so beloved here at Fenway Park -- Rogen let's go seller brilliant million fans will wanna talk to you -- we couldn't be happier thanks guys I appreciate it could easily as -- -- shanks. Red Sox and blue -- on the way Tim Wakefield after his win last night our league leaders feature looks at all BS which is on base percentage slugging percentage the Red Sox lead the American League team eleven. The Yankees second 795. League average is 728 bottom of the barrel Seattle at 640 individually. Jose Batista the only man -- over a thousand -- 1073. But by Miguel Cabrera David Ortiz Adrian Gonzales Curtis Granderson Paul Konerko Jacoby Ellsbury seventh at 922 these naturally talented players are brought to you by Poland spring -- 100% natural spring water. The official bottled water of the Boston Red Sox all of spring or better. Only from carefully selected natural springs please remember to recycle Red Sox will do is on the way -- trip around the major leagues is next to -- -- the Herb Chambers Lexus pregame show. Probably the year -- Red Sox radio network. It's their chambers Lexus pregame show Red Sox and blue jays on the way time for a trip around a Major League sponsored by sports authority tonight the -- Tampa Bay at Baltimore they. Trail the Red Sox by Ford do the -- Wade Davis opposite Jeremy Guthrie later tonight new York at Seattle yankees lead the Red Sox by four. But the -- noble on the mound Detroit goes for twelve little rodents and Brad Penny to the mound in Chicago. Days and days of a's and angels I should say the match up in Oakland this afternoon. Tonight Cleveland plays at Texas Rangers lead the angels by three Minnesota tries to avoid a fifth consecutive loss at Kansas City -- National League. Florida is that Atlanta with a one nothing -- that is in the top of the fifth Saint Louis and Pittsburgh tied up 11 bottom of the third there. Philadelphia goes next hour Houston with Roy Halladay on the hill San Diego at San Francisco Tim Lincecum pitches but the giants. Arizona leads San Francisco by eight -- play at Los Angeles Colorado is that Milwaukee tonight Chicago plays in Cincinnati nationals and -- the match up in New York. Our trip around a Major -- to sponsored by sports authority the official sporting goods retailer of the Boston Red Sox starting lineups and first pitch next it's the Herb Chambers Lexus pregame show. And -- -- -- Red Sox radio network. Good afternoon everybody walked in the Fenway Park hot summer like afternoon with bright sunshine is the Red Sox try to sweep this two game series -- the Toronto Blue Jays are exactly the wild card now by four games. John Lackey takes the mound against Ricky Romero we just had some wonderful ceremonies honoring Tim Wakefield will bring you part of the -- in just a moment. Red Sox in the -- meet for the final time this year Dale Arnold joins us for the broadcast with Dave O'Brien. In Seattle for ESPN and -- will join us in just a moment on the -- WEEI Red Sox radio network. Back here at Fenway Park dale Arnold and for Dave O'Brien along with -- distinctly on and John rash moments ago. The Boston Red Sox held very special ceremonies honoring Tim Wakefield on the occasion of his 200 career win. Let's join Red Sox nest in TV voiced on ourself as Tim said last night is 200 when does not define him as a person. He is much more than the records He holes in the milestones that He reaches. The as the embodiment of a selfless player one who always puts his teammates before himself. Beyond the playing field Tim's contributions and community both here in New England in his hometown of Melbourne Florida are legendary. He was rightfully recognized for a lifetime of service to the community last year with Major League Baseball as prestigious Roberto Clemente award. And today we -- not only honoring you for yet another milestone in your career. We are honoring your seventeen years in a Red Sox uniform during which. You brought glory and pride to the history and traditions of the Boston Red Sox. You are loved. Respected and admired by -- all for your professionalism. You work ethic and your compassion. It commemorates -- remarkable achievements this season we have some -- storm on behalf of the Red Sox Nation. Here to present them with the frame ball from his 2000 career -- a personally engraved Fenway Park -- to -- -- here at Fenway. At a special 200 win watch a Red Sox chairman Tom Warner president CEO Larry Lucchino and manager Terry Francona. Ladies and gentlemen the newest member of Major League Baseball is 200 -- club Tim White -- -- congratulations on -- well deserved 200 when it thank you. For all the reasons you have given fans that -- throughout your career we're proud to share this moment we do. Tim Wakefield honored on field here at Fenway Park just a couple of moments ago. It's time now for today's sonoco text question of the game five cents off never felt so good which member of the Red Sox is key to their success down the homestretch and why. Text us your answer to 85850. Standard messaging data rates may apply the text question of the game is brought to you by Sunoco. The sonoco rewards credit card 65 cents on every gallon of Sunoco fuel. Saving on gas doesn't get simpler by today at your local sonoco station or sonoco rewards dot com. -- the starting lineup for this afternoon's game between the Red Sox and the Toronto Blue Jays. Pre game. Starting -- brought -- by the Angelo at the Angela when the Sox win you win. By any lobster sandwich today after a Sox win get a free small sandwich on your rewards card. Limited time only see participating stores or the Angelos dot com for details first the starting line up for the visiting Toronto Blue Jays. Mike McCoy leads things off and play shortstop played Satterfield against the Red Sox a week ago back shortstop again tonight. -- famous is the left fielder batting second followed by power hitting right fielder Jose Batista hit two home runs last night has 42 on the season he's batting third. Cleanup hitter his first baseman Adam -- Edwin Encarnacion as the DH batting fifth Kelly Johnson bat sixth and placed second base. Rev Lowery is the third baseman batting seventh followed by catcher JP -- CBO batting eighth and Adam Loewen and converted picture now center fielder bats ninth. They're facing John Lackey comes in with a record of twelve and twelve and a six point 30. ERA starting lineup for the Boston Red Sox Jacoby Ellsbury smack dab in the heart of the MVP battle. Is leading often playing Satterfield Marcos go to -- -- second. Plays -- shortstop Adrian Gonzales as the number three hitter playing first base Dustin Pedroia back into the cleanup spot. Office two home run performance here last night. Kevin Youkilis is the third baseman batting fifth Brian -- -- gets to DH this afternoon he's batting sixth David Ortiz. Back spasm so might make him available later in the game and pinch hitting role but not ready to take on full time DH duty today. Carl Crawford is the left fielder batting seventh. Jason Varitek that's eight and catches and Darnell McDonald bats ninth and plays right field. They face Ricky Romero a record of fourteen intent in a three point 01 ERA. Is copyrighted broadcast is presented by authority of the Boston Red Sox and may not be reproduced or re transmitted in any form. The accounts and descriptions of this game may not be disseminated without the express written consent of Major League Baseball and the Boston Red Sox.

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