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Tedy to Ochocinco: Get off Twitter and into a playbook

Sep 13, 2011|

After hearing Chad Ochocincos tweet about last nights Patriots game Tedy is in disbelief that Ocho is still acting like a spectator instead of a part of this Patriots offense and has some strong worded advice for number 85.

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Final hour of the big show and patriots money live from Gillette Stadium an -- that will include all of the coach Bill Belichick. He'll be joining us and about 52525. Tedy Bruschi are third man in on the house course -- or -- and Mikey Adams as well just looking Mike Greece's got all of the number of snaps played. By players' interest thing that I -- -- -- were gay does great work without -- Ras Ras I Dowling 66. Of 76. That's a -- and for for young guy like novels developmental snaps right there. He's worth 32 of 76 that's -- I -- -- play. It's a good amount of the morning nice what I thought well -- like about 22 low twenty more than 32 and thirty -- Sony's next. He thought He place. I thought it played less tonight to play it low twenties it was my gut feeling. It's got it was my feeling. You know watching again while. Who knows exactly -- that now play. Well -- time is trying to deal with -- priced at two it was just but you don't want I think you have to hold it guys. How how well. And He and it was the guy that you know he's he's supposed to he's one of the tough guy that He -- He has betrayed the program BO -- He does things like that just that's what He needs to do to get away with all of districts where where we're working class that is big He had his grant to hold on -- I guess -- -- philosophy mr. Call call holding on every way so He probably was holding them more investment. And -- got caught up in just call it two times last. Fourteen snaps. I caught that's holding that the climate is an art because it it does happen every single play right and you gotta have that clocking as an -- clock about our got him outside the -- -- for a little bit the -- give -- it is the rest of this let's go. They knew it goes by that time the can be gone. Good job of that last night so that's older -- on terrific. He right now right now in his development he's already figured that out I -- it takes a -- a long time sometimes for for rookies to figure out it's okay to hold in the NFL. And it's actually legal and -- and -- offensive linemen noticed they had to do with it get away with it. And if you watch and some of the plays where they replayed on ESPN about him and Cameron Wake he's actually got a handful that your people here on the other side. Right when when He gets borderline moment when you think it's gonna be -- -- holding He Mexico resets its. Gates has beaten him position and finishes the and at that time aspect of it. He has a knee that was clock what he's got to go do you think they taught him that here forty that. But He. Think you teach that. He -- it I think Dante Scarnecchia knows the tricks of the trade to mean you have to because. I mean if I'm working with a lot young linebacker when we knew coming here when I was adamantly latter part of my career teaching defense of -- and get away with it. What you can do that we get close to a body of literacy returns which you wait you grab it's wrist as He pushes you way use this moment and futures of closer to him. A subtle little arm around him. By not rotating his torso which is using it to tickets to gain momentum for yourself -- -- -- you get away with an -- call for defense holding the same thing happens on the let's go to who talked about it. Tell me how to do that that had to figure for myself. You know that that's tonight and have a correspondence course there for a -- about watching watching. You know. -- when I first came -- percent. Dropped to -- didn't -- -- that -- some progress to. To get those tricks of the trade. And you know and I got to the point where they teach me do that some of these guys common agreement entity on its older and yet if we -- bill. That question here in the shower I don't think he's gonna allow sold that that they did. And he's probably gonna find -- And we did some nice things and they -- a slightly younger brother but but I would say this -- not only the technique that you were talking about but the weather system first of all we know he's gigantic. But the athletic system because that's where you figure that Cameron Wake is going to do damage on him cutting to the outside spinning to the outside -- to the inside. Never had an opportunity to do much of that at all affect at times sold around that spin would -- -- -- outlook but -- and He couldn't get -- so. What really was impressed of the athlete as is and yes it. Coupled with aggressiveness. He wasn't asked to go import it. Gold for weak finish him grabbing and holding him He wasn't afraid to get called for a whole. That was a point where He did get -- call for holding one's. But that was a good decision because He had a decision to make right there if you hold this guy he's gonna strip strip sacked Tom Brady and that's what you make that decision there. He reminds me a little bit of D'Brickashaw Ferguson coming you know -- the tall lanky guy. And yet you think he's you think he's a big eskimo each bull rushed. That's what we thought about -- when He was early on played. For the New York Jets. Go right on the drawn back to the -- sold more aggressiveness along with. Athletic ability right now. And divert shoppers the mystic pretty -- -- out. There's Wi-Fi. Five and reports governor as career progressed He got that aggressiveness He. Little pleats in all of this excellent. How we talked about this earlier but I want to get your two cents on that Ochocinco has now we did here this is -- just waking up when. Things. After a late arrival I've never seen a machine operate like that in person to see video game numbers put up in person. Was while. He had one catch should have been a pass interference probably so they might have -- second catch in that game. But He had a really dumb penalty in which He lined up up on the line of a scrimmage over there on the on the strong side. Overall out of the -- now overall this kind of looked. Pretty much like what we saw the pre season wasn't a -- with the -- This guy here I'd never seen a machine operate. In person. Steve that you gain numbers. Drop the factor OK. Chad drop the all factors -- -- -- pain right. You're not someone who's on another team or watching TV you're not an analyst. Part of it. Action to be apart of so the program because obviously you're not getting it. And you -- because you're too we -- -- -- it was amazing to see it's amazing to see because you don't understand. You still don't understand it and it's amazing to you because you can't get. Stopped to Wheaton and get your playbook wake up if you're just wake up now. I don't know when this was six minutes ago or something like that get out your bed and get to the stadium and watch him or don't if you still think it's amazing. If you're an and you know what you don't want and you execute. It's amazing you know why because that's what -- supposed to do. All of a sudden it's second nature I'm off to do that yes I -- number 99 yards threw for 517 you know why. Because we're that good and that's what we're supposed to do and that's gonna do. You are still in law to be a member of the New England Patriots are joined the system but He. To what he'd be like we have -- -- the goings on. You don't want. Argue. Workers think He is acting like. And the tweeting and if -- analytic. OK well. As well as Zeller is -- right now operate if everything but it did okay and you don't care they -- they need him. They need him to -- Part of that that jaw dropping off -- all right if close your mouth to hand and He actually an enclosure job all right and that opened eyes and watch him fail. That's what you need to do -- -- in all it means you don't get it because you don't under stand. I just want the -- Americans should put an actor reportedly I may listen you've been there you know that'd. Well motivational guy here to pick up an offer him. That's incredible job what you don't want you you're you're so right he's treating this. Like key is that the -- him from the outside. I was at work you're disappointed witness is performance as -- -- you make that mistake how does somebody make a mistake without penalty. -- -- -- It's a mistake I mean I think we need to get off get off him for making a mistake like that and -- -- I mean that's something that's something all right it's fixable doesn't get into it properly you know at the line up properly that's something that's easily fixable. I -- I mean He can't passed last night or something like that He did not want I was probably should have been so it's it's about making progress all right you know you didn't get a lot of rhapsody and you -- -- a lot of balls -- -- -- -- as -- get better. And you start cooler in the system you do start getting more targets and get more opportunities but now. Will this mean it's like. Matters like He can't believe he's a part of -- and you believe it until you say yes I am part of it and it would be a big part. It's it's this. Video finally make a decision Euro on the receiving end of this quarterback that your raving about. You know it's from a far admiring -- part of you gotta you gotta you have in -- it. -- -- -- -- -- That's going on out there you know and it's not video game numbers it's just they do around. Here I mean they put points up on the board dateline at the scoreboard they move the ball. I mean they they go for 30400. Plus Tom got 517 He thinks He should 600. Ask him I mean I mean that's the way He feels about He has -- got 570 -- they -- it got more. West 99 yards or something like that -- I mean how will could have done more you know that's that's that's the attitude the -- still. Doing better eighteen plays very is that every eighteen cents on adjusting. I was eighteen -- eighteen of eighty -- them from the west and out -- for the first two series. Yeah it's it's one of those things where I can see. If He is on another thing you -- -- Tom Brady and -- -- like. Guys from other teams you are like these analysts like the fans Tom Brady. Out out after the polls is He the best ever is the best game we've ever seen on and on but. Via Pakistan if -- on the same team. 818 of the eighth and -- in gradient same team. When He passes for 517. Not that it's all about the numbers when He passes for 517. Got to contribute one -- Well I would say this Matthew Slater was out there for three of eighty placing contributed as much if not more than Ochocinco. Because He opened up the outcomes and delivers -- that's a guy that's that's that's that's turning out to be a guy that you can count when asked bill about that when He comes in here. Those guys they'll slow progression guys you know the Fletcher guys this later guys that they they come out of nowhere you know they're -- contributors on on special teams and and kick off teams and all that stuff but. But that that keeps them on the team while they develop into a receiver in to a linebacker and all of a sudden. There you'll you catch and you can borrow from gradient of the game why did you use later early in the game in that situation obviously opened something up that wasn't. In and did you have Slater because he's one of our better receivers seem receivers on the depth chart playing in the first two series the first catch of the game. He only has him in the game because He has faith in him that He knows who do the right thing He knows what to do. And if something happens out there has to be adjustment he'll pick it up. The only puts guys out there that He has faith in and that's that's Matthew Slater. What what what a surprise against because it was at least to me about how simple -- that route that He was right how simple is that route in and could have Chatman. You could of it could have been simple enough that you -- this is the play all right and -- Were lining up in the formation you gotta do is when that little posted in -- -- the all right and see now and -- it's later can't you see it now I mean. I know maybe that they kick off game is not as dramatic as we thought. When the rule first came out on their you know kick -- we've seen they're going to be to tick off and a lot of them will be returned for touchdowns so that's not dramatic. Now don't we understand why Brandon Tate is after one game. While Brandon Tate was expendable. In Slater was there that gives you hate can play some at receiver even though he's not doing all the things to argue. He He has been out there are stretched to feel what I hate that that's what a celebrity guest tonight. You're you're -- a special teams contributor you're down seven nothing early in the game Slater is out there and you're throwing the football too much I was sure that -- John. TV -- watch the quarterback and you watch -- the flight of the ball. Okay cool on the other end of that it's her drink right. Backers are gonna take a break and -- gonna just -- go back to what you meant about Jessica because it's -- it's an actual point is worship in the last couple weeks. Is -- nervous trying to mark does He not understand. Like -- you know we not understand what he's supposed to do as a -- more complicated system. Do you. That whole factor. It's almost like He doesn't feel he's worth. To be part of that it's just like He is a spectator looking from the outside. -- He doesn't think he's -- Could He wouldn't play a lot more than eighteen and over haven't ever get rid it got here is that this is Evan hasn't had -- doesn't believes that He deserves the I don't cloud the real quick you see that you see the numbers you see the offense you see the production it's either. You shake your head you just one now. Or you say to yourself man how can I get myself to doing. And be part apiece and I want peace and a -- hired. A Teddy Bruschi a third man and a Michael. -- am today -- you -- in the some extra medications. On college and all -- we're not giving you these days.

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