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Tom Brady passes for 517 yards and the Patriots offense looks unstoppable

Sep 13, 2011|

Mut and Lou discuss Tom Brady's historic performance on Monday Night Football against the Miami Dolphins. The guys also talk about the outstanding play of the Patriots tight ends and their thoughts on Chad Ochocinco's debut.

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-- I said it wants I said at a thousand times. Leading up to game one patriots and dolphins last night because of the short offseason. The offense was going to be behind the defects just can't get ready for a season -- only a couple weeks. You can't -- while they're put up -- number is offense precision right all the time in its timing -- -- -- practice repetition was no way to teams never throw 41933. -- a record 937. Yards the first game on Monday night that's ridiculous and I told that all Arnold allred and you didn't want to listen. Tom Brady 517. Yards passing last night franchise record Monday Night Football record -- is the most passing yards ever. In a game history the National Football League. With the game He played last night he's -- -- top fifteen NFL I'm completions number three NFL I'm completion percentage and number who. 80% with Michael Vick an analyst. Let me see in my Atlantic caller you know you -- The dorm that's like over a caller call in value they -- I tell you what you gotta be impressed -- that offense and a -- we we spent a lot of time you know last -- talking about the wide receivers are -- to get anything from these guys. You know a tight ends yet we've seen now was -- been okay about the brits does have a catch no catches -- catch a pre season well -- look. It -- target seven catches 93 yards. It Wes Welker and eaten 160 couple touchdowns we know. Of course that did the record breaking or tying record against 99 yard reception but. This offense I mean you when -- -- that no huddle that was it it was over He took a Miami August that you've been practicing in this humidity you figure more prepared than we are. We're going no -- It would not gonna give -- time goes like that Tampa Bay gave us wait for some quick about today. Isn't mister Brady to a police lineup completely pleased up personality or -- They just they marched right down the field the first couple drives and it looked like they're unstoppable I think the first time precluded a complete pass of the. The hell's going -- -- mid five minutes of the second quarter was He this local law along the sideline that was his first incomplete pass. There's a lot to talk about with the offense in the win last night for the patriots but that no huddle aspect of it. -- shocked to be a -- come out and I know you have Brady and you got 60% He offensive line back in -- a wide receivers who were hearing a tight ends who were here. It's a little time to get ready for the season and I joke about the offense be behind but. Did you expect them at one point last night they had at 36 plays offensively. Eighteen of them were no huddle eighteen half but your snaps last night in the no huddle where you've got to beat. Perfect you saw the play works in that no huddle you've got a good look at the defense broke but we talked offensive -- -- -- wide receivers. Brady's got no play He wants to Iran. The wide receivers have to know the play the running backs have to know they're blocking assignments the offensive lineman. Have to know what they're supposed to do what they might be asked to do as part of a play to be able to do that. It's just shaking my head at -- abolish it out of the gate of the goal at that no post Soviet teams that prepared some -- teams that have been together so it seems that was oil now what they want one area football teams this weekend. Nobody was that ought to say no -- and that's one of the reasons why. Yeah and -- Ochocinco all that much. And you -- all that first drive about no huddle you gonna have the guys you trust in branch in Welker out there in order to run these offenses it for Brady to handle that no -- most guys need to know this offense. And that's one reason why didn't CO2. And it -- up and also to a the first time He steps in the field gets that they'll penalize illegal formation. You know gruden -- about a seem to be kidding me now how did -- to not know that. You can Atlanta an alliance with a tidy than your side and it's it's it's still a college receive -- ice -- receivable note that. He got the lateral Lyle. I picketed more to do with the no -- and at this guy's not familiar with the office does have time to sit net huddle in gold and digest what they're about to do. He's not prepared for that which is just fine is difficult to wives you go Welker need to branch that's okay because really what you have -- -- Is Aaron Hernandez is an absolute freak we knew that we can see anything we didn't know but He eighty. Those two guys complete this offense like. I mean this is this is unbelievable interview and Miami. Defense how do you match up with these guys really -- do it. Let me play -- replacing it the only guys the rhetoric down your throat you put a lot of background these guys they run -- -- and is easy completion. Matchup problems everywhere that Miami defense that -- -- have pretty good it was staggering. How impressive the of the tight -- were not out to Iowa's most taken aback by the no -- the ability to come out of the gate without but the tight ends last night. Targeted fourteen times by Tom Brady gronkowski. Gordon guard gronkowski one gronkowski to Google brought one out Robert housing and and I Hernandez targeted fourteen times by Brady. Thirteen catches 189. Yards. And two touchdowns in those tight -- and the dolphins. One out and got Kevin Burnett as a freeagent. To help out and bought the dated solidified their ability to defend a tight end position but the they had that covered up than this one guy was gonna commit heavily in the cowboys' Kevin Burnett. And get a fix their issues covering tight end and they work exposed. -- a football field last night they tried safeties they tried linebackers they tried defensive back the time and time again. Brady in that no huddle in the regular tempo. Able to find wrong and Hernandez over the middle Hernandez on a beat up like a wide receiver Miami had no win us a thing you know tight ends. Hi this is the third wide receiver honesty. Yes. It's -- walker and Hernandez those that three wide receivers. Now old shows affect on this team I don't know I don't know what it's gonna happen you know maybe it take its gonna take a look at a time obviously but even without him. -- is your tight end. And Hernandez he's this is a wide receiver. -- are you cannot that you can't put -- linebacker on this guy he'll run right by -- big and strong. They have to put a safety on know that could change of formation -- -- -- down your throat is certain packages it's it's so difficult. You know to defend this team but when they were no huddle. Got to look unstoppable it makes you think that with how was it last year Texas -- is that no -- against the jets in the playoffs you know why why wouldn't you -- to -- to -- -- which then set up you know -- and I'll take -- -- the patriot right now. Last year was last year at the -- And we're sort out yeah -- of a matter what's on the scripts -- -- here -- -- -- here today but still a the -- I know that focus on next week and everything but that's no huddle offense I'm sorry if it. If you don't get anything going to go to that right away you've got the personnel you've got the guys that -- that familiar with the system you of one of the best quarterbacks in the league. Leading you in a no auto you'd you'd go to a because. It didn't have time to match up personalized and they can't. I think it off the field for match up forget the idea that you had. Figure out who you're exposed to defended a certain play whether it was an result it is my area it's man I have -- you have in communication. They could not get off the field last night on multiple occasions well -- in the field. Five yards up first in five now for the patriots. Multiple situations offside hard count part snapped by Tom Brady getting Miami jump outside multiple dolphin players. On the sideline cramping up Vontae Davis their best offensive player may be after Cameron Wake and can't play in the second half really because he's cramped up because they went so hard Shaun Smith. -- Shaun Smith -- could not stay with Aaron Hernandez. On that deep ball down the sideline that ended up the end I'm not a touchdown -- first and goal just outside the added two yard line. We're about sales and you know off an -- in a horse could say you are told Brady could see you know pick up that pick up the responsibility as the quarterback. It you pick something like that up and sit there look at that guy chemical is it on attacking even walk right nice -- and I'm gonna pick on him. And -- I couldn't run couldn't get the line He ran right by Yemeni. Grant dump -- nick -- -- said this was a team that looked like. They came from the cold weather and with thrown in Miami in the humidity of Miami are the guys around the guys talk about it today that all. It's brought -- get his team ready for the season they Wharton shape they're in shape it has -- They were prepared. For the speed the patriots wanted to play that football game and they should have been because in a pre season game. In a pre season game. You had an opposing player tell that the media after the game I boil a Corsican told mr. -- slapping down. And they were prepared for and help the it was say you are -- flaps didn't do up Springsteen get the right water. Didn't pick up Gatorade I distinctive physically. Mentally prepared for that they work and it felt like -- coaching but physically I added that it was a conditioning thing. -- -- -- -- -- as a president that there'll match stick admits to sets at the patron to thrown at them they got fired up early voting day in that fourth down that went orderly. Ronald pretty fired up they scored -- there is pretty fired up on watch Nikola. What is this Saturday com what are what are we doing here is called down don't throughout Europe seven enough and it yet that's I'm -- allotment went right down the field while Reggie Bush maybe is gonna be a factor. A male can't stay stand with him indicating on with with a Reggie Bush out of the backfield. Right down the field Chad Henne seven yard draw sneaky play this this game could get interesting yet Ronald jumping around Popeye arms. And an axial that was pretty much yet you know for them to the office and they scored a ton -- -- will get to the defensive side of the ball in a much shows oppressive as the offensive side of the ball but. The most probably be a got to wait for his job how excited He was drive warned. -- jump up and a silent little kid expect a repeat Carol this bearish -- expect interest gratuity and always emotional guy but now. I was -- people early it's more than that He no slew his job -- on line this year He knows that they try to go out to Jim Harbaugh and if if He would. Except that their deal and come to Miami -- going out to separate Cisco. It's -- out of a job He He knows He has that. Have a different feel to himself this year after the game -- a -- up Chad Henne for how well He played it well but him it was all positive it's all rainbows and it's all cupcakes -- Tony -- it's gotta stay positive there is jobs on the line and I -- led to some of those. Calm down moments early on that game where He was just a little bit too excited for the first of sixteen in the national football only a little bit from Tony Soprano.

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