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Patriot Offensive Lineman Matt Light with the Big Show

Sep 9, 2011|

Matt Light made his weekly appearance on the Big Show and talked about the possibility of playing all game with Volmer out, plus how the rookie Nate Solder will fare if that's the case.

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How -- the big Cilic patriots. Monday. Let -- like Michael Holley. Every Friday our third man in is the dragon. On the Karen from Comcast fortunately mr. current. Man right on time 8 o'clock right on the button right on the button. There are therefore holly I'm gonna launch for the -- and nice -- staff and I mean a thing today zero not a thing in order a lot of stuff I had a I agree one coconut milk and -- one. Three complaints I just went over the top -- thank you. I appreciate what -- -- -- much -- and a unity little bit you know gonna be irritable or anything here along launched its really funny when because I rest. In good mood unhappy in once the blood sugar goes it goes bad every fight. I've ever had sober in my life. It happened in Hungary. Italy if you have a lot of flights until the last sober right now. Probably the fuel -- you know knows linebacker Monty Beisel. I you know I got my outlets I agree that's the last idea let's talk it down property -- -- it's -- It's it's a -- that's exactly that day on its patriots Friday and guess who's back the season -- like what's up big Fella. Well are you are a great guy great want to know football last night mad like great -- You know I would. Who is putting it into Canada. You watch. Yeah I did want a little bit yeah no doubt. -- -- excitement of the you know -- the opener of -- who fired up of course and you know there was there was. A good game I mean I what you would have the most ever want -- site. Lot of defense -- While the defense can. The only. And that number like. -- Negate who's usually I will stop the defense was ahead of the office and yet that didn't play out. Last night who is usually better early on in the season more prepared. Although I think that in camp. It is -- but He Europe think he's -- right term but in defense usually. Has the upper hand early and amp until you're timing and all the little things on offense you know. Maybe it doesn't seem that it should be that labor usually doesn't go that way the defense sure there are reacting to what they have them. It's not so much just get the same Paper we are all that trouble. I think could last night's game Matt might be the exception. To the norm coming up this weekend because you have to high powered teams with quarterbacks were experienced the same receivers. How much does the continuity in this compressed pre season from the previous year. In with coordinators factor into that do you think. -- of a lot OK thank you it would. But what. Make it seem you know like you're you're well based -- at a -- we have a lot of good time to work on things that I mean it was you know it look like. You know because of the offseason -- things weren't -- at all that it that it really effective with that much I mean you know look mostly guys understood and make them. -- in -- -- local reporter -- single bit more than what we compress them you know everybody want to -- and it worked out pretty well. No we're talking a bill earlier this week and of course He was very forthcoming was telling all the secrets. Of what's gonna happen against Miami. But when we were talking specifically about when you start game planning. That first opponent. And it is very early in the summer spring for the coaches about you you know you're facing. Some of these guys ago linebacker named Cameron Wake is pretty good about fourteen sacks last year and got some people on the defensive -- will start game planning. For the first upon. You know I mean it was the first game of -- -- I think it Bogut beforehand but you know what I'm not that much I mean. You know we've all got jobs do him any weakness it is so so different really -- and throughout the pre season and all that it was really got to get ready for you know whoever we had that week it. You know you're over the last. 78 days we've developed you know over open on these guys and they interrogated -- are particularly. -- others -- so much you can do. Physically. You know pretty good and healthy. The sentence -- -- that they have. You know goodwill is hurt these guys have -- the number that they've taken but you know what quarterback in there and look. -- A good camp and you know steady growth civilly. Pretty healthy -- for the most part. Not -- movie out of your job here okay trust me on this but. Who we talk about seven the flexibility that the patriots have an operative line got a few tackles they're yourself that is Ballmer there's older. Do you are you comfortable playing on the right side right tackle and -- you see yourself playing guard war. Are -- one of those guys you say hello left tackle probably left tackle. Hopefully wherever they felt that a player be -- what is that's. Than the comparable position. Obviously but you know look I mean we we've got a lot of guys do a lot of things over the years you know whether. Well on both sides of the ball we have played in all three -- pierce spot or a really would -- guys have been a little play. Any position -- but that that -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It to -- -- to -- literally they needed to do whatever makes most of. Looking at the depth chart this week if Ballmer can't play you've got two tackles. So my question is. How would you be ready to play every single down at left tackle. Me personally yet. Article so relevant if you you know -- go to mean you've never seen at all but the volatile on this system you've never seen one -- -- app or else. And that's not gonna happen. I mean will we start again were out there for the duration. You know. What could be liable ever patient gets -- on third down although it like that have that every now and then -- go rob -- field on third down. We're blocked the attack you know it's it's it's one of those things you know we're going there weren't there for the duration. Brian Waters has been here for a week if you work coming in. And -- only been here for seven days. Do you think you would be able to get up to speed with this system know everything you're supposed to go. As fairly complicated especially -- at right guard spot but be able to do everything. That you need to do in that first game seven days later. Why not -- -- -- going for -- O'Brien and obviously he's been in the league -- time and secondarily to that there's. You know the fact that. He's been in the talks and terminology that help all those things. Be a pretty similar you -- makes things a lot easier M you know whatever you start game plan and Britain -- authenticate your -- -- It's not as. Complicated I'll say you know as it is sometimes -- camp where He you know He basically install everything -- wants. And then you know you are audited from their so you know look I think he's. Obviously. -- agree politically prologue time you know he's. -- -- That. Place saying he's been in this offense to refer to Charlie Weis is background on it was background of Kansas City I'm guessing. Sure Erica. Just following along with that in South Florida in September cardiovascular. Roll the the war. How well a guy like Brian Waters I mean -- it puts the lie to pre season if a guy can -- -- when no training camp no pre season crews in -- -- rate cut. I am highly concerned. About his cardiovascular conditions. So you figured let them Logan must be you -- just an unbelievable. Is that some. You know I mean yeah last year you know -- seven. Did it go look at epic goes the port of if guys take care of themselves you know look in your professional you understand when you've been a system and you -- -- -- their expectations are. I'm not saying that you don't -- -- mean you know look at there's a reason why we -- a preceded there's a -- -- the other thing else. But you know not like diet can do it coming guys can do it I mean it's been proven we've seen it happen here. Don't worry about it 86 Monday in Miami that that's the that's the coolest thing that had like three weeks minus the temple. I've met. Her. It is it's going to be a lot of sway -- that you don't have sweat get the -- on -- typical bond rating. I wanna ask our shared much in defense of week. I think the Miami Dolphins are a little bit underrated Q talk about their front seven and specifically that rotation with week. With Jason Taylor being able to come in there. And -- -- Audrey which that we want to go that. You say not yet been ordered him and what He doesn't mean when you look at and that -- we got a lot -- talk about I mean he's. He's very shipped via parties you know he's got all the -- kind of guy. -- fit that system really well He He company rotate -- inside or outside it means either -- reversal player form and you obviously have you know. The guys -- you know walk around the net system. You know guys like Taylor -- C. Obviously you know -- is. Together had a heck of a career. If you look at last year and that what you they would do it for the number and He did so yeah and go out playmaker so the bigger the bigger guys on the interior. You know so I think all outlet that the bury it deep that it played very well together their system. You know it not by what we've seen here in the past you know they'll go in and out that -- orbit you know probably have to report based system is. You don't want that you know obviously for the -- problems. Are you guys named your captains you got six captains one of them is a guy you mention are ready Logan Mankins. What do you think of him as a captain what are you gonna do you know lobby him to get what you want with Bill Belichick. Argued though that we're -- -- well or were sort of Logan marrow match and each and every week off. No look -- you know I think when you think the captain's. You know -- in the -- it's the -- -- -- lot of respect -- -- goes -- You know those things the right way on off the field. But you know really importantly though that it together you know as Orson. You know look Logan's been here in the system prologue time is a great player he's great gotta have a -- -- -- -- -- that budget slocum but all those guys very deserving. You know obvious tomato trail is that you want and you're gonna have been -- professional. Guides like you know late in the rest of money that they're they're really good guys that that we have we have a great group -- -- -- -- guys. I'd like before -- let you go I've got to ask you about 9/11 the tenth anniversary coming up this weekend we're gonna spend an awful lot of fun. Time with football games. Looking back at what happened ten years ago and you're reflections of ten years ago because it played in big to that whole patriots season of course we were originally -- -- and his Brothers and -- the delay of the the Super Bowl and everything else -- as you look back -- ten years ago. You -- how how well do you remember. What happened. -- are you don't vividly. In the first memory that I have as being in Leo all Foxboro Stadium which we know was a real GM. -- you know and media in the cellar. Where were training room was located in you know I can remember what -- little tiny TV did -- At the time was getting treatment. You know -- -- at all they'd. And you see in the hole and informing it was. As well those moments were immediately wonder. You know. Go find your family. You know call call -- on -- people. Do you think might have been in the area some it was a real wake up -- and you know I think you know the other tiger it sticks in my mind is obviously yours I -- it was. You know for him it was a nightmare for for many people -- it was a nightmare but you know dispute at all important that this family. It just. I went they went there it was there it was corporate. Amazing ten years ago are coming up on on Sunday. Well we go -- Mentioned you've got the pictured up that's coming up your annual celebrity shoot out your seventh annual. Go to Matt Light foundation dot org it's always one of the the best events in the course it helps out the Mets foundation. Does so wonderful wonderful things over there -- any special coming up for this one on the twentieth. All manic that's going to be our biggest baddest of them. Of -- I felt great. You like you're -- you like. You know you were hopeful that He can make you know he's got his new show and he's he's undermine our so. You know we take great support from from guys like LaDainian. You know Hillman -- all night and then you know from result -- sponsors here. In the area it has been incredible and so you know were were fired up we've got a great event summit sort -- -- that developed so it's a beautiful environment. -- He comes out -- excited to compete the shooting. Outside of the men the word movie you know we have agreed -- capital -- which fired up with a lot auctions so -- -- -- -- Greater -- the negative which objective for the landlocked. I. Eight. What -- -- And look at what you pay like for it it was a really most vibrant for ready monsters leaves him with it. And and perfect. -- IP that our knowledge you know all the -- It's -- for the mayor should I've got have a good game this week double talk in actually. Feel. -- human which I've grant were rosters don't. It's probably. Always worried we're gonna come back you'll come back ups were brutally every every every replied yeah those rumors to confirm that it could happen. A stimulant that -- -- the value close to the house and Las Vegas and I think it's. Opt. I like it will sit down another dragon will join us and get right to the vocalist of the action patriots Friday.

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