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Mistress Carrie joins D&C live from Afghanistan

Sep 8, 2011|

WAAF's Mistress Carrie joins Dennis and Callahan live from Afghanistan with a report on the troops.

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Jerry messed Mistress -- when she came in and visited last Friday on her way to Afghanistan. About the vice Kabul between the camouflage vest in the purple hair looked very good amateur how much older she's allowed to show over and Afghanistan and yet the question is I think mr. scary. It's already 448 this afternoon Thursday afternoon in Afghanistan good morning. Are you. Good afternoon. Or right. Absolutely -- half hour at different from lost and how was stripped. All. Flights were long commercial level legs and I don't think that Brett. Who flag my luggage because of the body aren't so fortunate to have NATO in Afghanistan was not limited to ration. But I got my luggage everything or and I can tell it from Larry right now is that. What I get home. At February like like call you right and -- not believe me when I tell you where I'm standing right now. Is it real is it scary or is it good or is it. How would you describe it. It a little bit of everything else having complete sensory overload right now and if you were told me while I was in the studio before we left. I would be where I am right now I would tell you know away. -- are you in more danger than perhaps you thought you would have been. Well I mean you know when your when your outside of the walls of the bases yeah. You know you really don't know what's gonna happen and you know we went flying in a black -- -- helicopter yesterday. And you know we're able to just fire on the mountains and fly over the city and and right now I can tell you is that. We're outside the base we've been saying. And you is something. Like I'd never seen before it. Armed firing. But you can't tell us where you are for security reasons -- -- -- -- absolutely not gonna as the effect and even on the unlucky with a big favor. Tell us. And Kerry when was the last time you went how many years ago. I lived in Iraq X five years ago this week for the after the anniversary of 9/11. So tell us what's the difference now does it feel different our guys. Attitudes different starting now. Yeah. It Mike and I you know I -- BI WEEI promotion director Mike they -- me. And who the first thing we noticed flying in. The sun came up on Sunday. And we were flying over Baghdad where I hit -- where I was five years prior. And it would like the most beautiful sunrise I ever seen and you know they have the GPS screen on the on the plane -- Tennessee -- He -- And I just couldn't help but you know just be amazed that the fact that five years. Prior you know the war was really going on in Iraq and five years later I was -- commercial jet flying over Baghdad at sunrise and it just. You know I couldn't believe it. You guys you've talked to. Talk about going home think they're going home soon feel like it's time to go home. The government from -- you know. Except Dell today we we've been on the road all day trying to you know go in and you guys and they overwhelmingly. Feel like. There's a lot of good here you know they've made -- a lot community outreach. They got a lot of care packages and if they get. You know that the kind of don't need any on the bigger bases they have access to a lot of modern conveniences. And their family and friends are still super supportive care packages and and anything that they don't eat nothing goes two ways. We've been saying can't be neck and they've adopted an orphanage and what they do is AM. -- backpacks that student. And and deliver them out for the kids to school out here. They have to -- the day. And you know school supplies are huge huge. Thing out here and I asked him the guy you know what people tell you from call then a lot of times they really don't need much. -- they say is you know the community outreach part of their mission is so important that they say and the matchbox cars and that. School supplies you know markers and pens and pencils and rulers because they take those out into the cities take into the schools and it and it helped. The relationship with the local -- that they you know that the Americans there are supporting the education of their care. We're talking with Mistress -- from WA AF she's sick in Afghanistan where it's already Thursday afternoon you sort of after this a little bit scary but but what is your specific mission statement over their physically. What are you doing are you observing and reporting are you recording interviews or get spit -- a few deepest what's what's your job. It well I think it's a twofold mission that that person to coherent and thank you guys. You know we communicate with them a lot between now like and the like care packages. They've done a lot of you know pictures of like the banner than AF stickers and that we send ovarian. So you know first and foremost you know somber anniversary like the tenth anniversary of at September 11 right. It can call me Carolina guys that you know everybody at home interview and we appreciate everything you're doing and we're thinking of you. And then the other part of the mission is to let them tell their own stories I think. How many times. You know the soldiers get spoken war. And you know made their -- get politicized especially with elections coming up and you know at all -- financial talk about the budget and the economy and you know in Atlanta come out here actually -- guys themselves what they think and they know that I'm not gonna put in words that mean that it's. It'll attract the very grateful for and something I've worked really hard to build up with these guys and you know the -- then photographing Alaska we've been recording a lot of interviews and filming some videos. I can tell you that you're going to drop kick Murphy shortsighted and -- you may -- pay attention to the Jumbotron that song gonna tell you and but we're having or having a lot of fun to hang out to -- them and you know they say just have a little piece of policy you know very rarely get. Visitors and so there's still kind of amazed at where you can hear. You know it sounds all well and good but two guys who sign up to serve in the military to go to war 'cause they knew most of them before the volunteer that we're at war. They feel like it's their job to be bring in school supplies to kids and hand than a matchbox cars I mean they know. I Sadat and still they're still get blown up by IED's over there that they feel like still it every day they wake up that's a worthwhile mission. Yet I think I think the matchbox cars is really important part of the mission because. It's been proven I mean up until very recently. You know August was the most deadly month hurt you know US troops in Afghanistan but before that you know fatalities where were lower than they had then and you know they're a deterrent they're really starting to build trust -- The local and you know a lot of the locals you know they all of those big unit have interpret -- -- -- go out and the interpreter is where our local afghanis and they hear firsthand what the people have to say and there's a lot of track. They work hand in hand with the Afghan forces and you know they say the Afghan forces protect our -- -- and so there -- a lot of a lot of trust with the people and I think. You know they're very our soldiers are very well aware that. In order for our has finally leave this country for goods and need to leave any handover of a capable fighting force that can defend their country themselves. And Illinois are going to be able to do that if they train them correctly and at the Afghan trap them. And you know it. The opinion of Americans are forced -- very young agent by the children here and I was shocked to learn that. The mortality rate in Afghanistan is one child in every sport guys the 48 at high. And so you know to be able to provide basic medical care and to encourage not only the boys but the girl to be educated. Is only gonna help your relationship -- Afghanistan's long term with the United States and its. The only thing that's really gonna get here permanently and means you know we've been here multiple times and you know that there's a lot of history of war in this country you can see it just. Driving through and see ruined and and you know. Old Russian tanks on the side of the road that are still here and and so you know they they take a lot of pride in handing out -- matchbox cars because they know that. The more the communities around here. Like the Americans the more than back is being watched so they they take a lot of pride in that part of the mission and I think it it shows. The sensitivity and the training and and -- out special our soldiers really -- that. You know not only today you know superior marksman is very well trained and disciplined by. That they can you know sit down and play matchbox cars with kids and and you know what they know that that's -- that's important I just think it's amazing their remarkable human beings. Gary is a practical matter as it turns out was wearing that 85 pound flak jacket for a couple weeks a good thing it was it was an exercise serving you well. Idea. If you don't -- idea is like a hundred degrees. You know pavement is not always the luxury we have very rocky terrain here. Normally where about 4800 feet elevation and it is very -- it does not rain here very off and in the air quality is very war. And can't be over here trying to adjust to the way that armor we would be able to function. I'm so glad that we listen to them. Latitude near latitude delete or logic to Italy whichever it is where are you were like even with Florida are further south than that like the tropics. Afghanistan. I believe is. Out west of Iraq. I'll have a map and run anywhere else in there right now but. It's not as hot as say it Kuwait right when -- landed in -- five years ago and a 137 degrees. I don't think it's gotten over a hundred in Afghanistan with the terrain. A lot of Iraqi allot more mountainous. The other quality just as bad actions really dry and dusty I have been able to agree I can't I have had a sense of smell like Monday now. Sometimes that the good thing by the way. -- That this solo will wrap it up with a one -- six sports fans says since it's already almost 5 o'clock in the evening Thursday evening over their new call back after 8 o'clock and let them know -- Green Bay -- New Orleans glorious we can build on it. I'm not gonna -- with the powerball numbers still don't lacked. I can't tell you one thing. You know that -- -- we've been went. They'll have a lot accessed via the Internet is very spotty we've been struggling like that since we've been here to get more pictures -- revealing everything up. And they may not know the headlines they may not know the weather back at home in May not know much. But they know exactly how many games behind the Yankees we aren't they they live and -- -- here and it's lot of common languages and had a lot of smack talking and tomorrow night or actually hosting a party on campus -- We're calling it the WA out of Boston Beer party about organic viewing of the -- Stanley Cup dvd. And all of the other guys -- Massachusetts. Got all there on guard Howard in the past not the Canadian. And ask them to do it before we send out of art imitate. That tomorrow -- we're gonna be celebrating me if you cut dvd we brought a bunch of stuff. Quality. Red Sox broadcast -- guys Bernie. And all of those guys got a bunch of autographed red -- ball to the brunt of this stuff and we have to delay. And the Canadians just logical Stanley Cup team and that's my night. We're throwing huge bash and it I can't being in patriot square. On the -- time solving a great time get everybody that from our -- you give them our best for us if you would mr. scary good to talk to you safe travels will talk you down the road. I really appreciate it Mistress Carrie how how is that her phone. Sounds better than Tom -- did to Obama. I. And Steve from Fall -- moment. Good point -- LA -- -- you later this delay Gaza can't wait to find out where she is quantities yeah and -- Tell -- such you can find out off the air in them -- to caller ID you know. Let the cat out of the way not not I notes for security reasons spoke will be the worst case scenario she said I am in such and such a place that that that the -- -- you know this is it Taliban air strike planning a. Nicely because purple headed crazy -- they fit in nicely over there and they don't elegant way your location. So I know she's there to entertain the troops. And bring a little little home to these sick guys. So I'm not gonna debater but. Troops John was not the -- matchbox cars that we take this to win the hearts and minds now although not -- -- look -- turned over to them down jumps to win the war. I guarantee that most of them are feeling. Somewhat. -- Confused porn but torn -- mixed the most she doesn't -- thinks she thinks they re I don't care that she clearly can -- tell me the warriors who sign up to win wars. Feel like they should be over the and a pencil boxes and little cars to kids. You know whose parents probably won him Paloma or burn them alive I mean it's. It's. Gone on long enough on long enough in you know -- how long do you try to win some. Wherever. You log -- out of there and you turn it all over to their local forums -- that on 06177750850. Toll free 8885250850. Fault lines are open we'll talk review Rick Johnson NFL network joins -- during the 9 o'clock hour will be right back.

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