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Mistress Carrie talks about her pending trip to Afghanistan

Sep 2, 2011|

WAAF's Mistress Carrie is heading to Afghanistan -- she joins Dino and Dale in studio to talk about it

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You may remember that back on the five year anniversary of 9/11 a B 2006. Our friend from down the hall Mistress Carrie afternoons on WA AF sucked it up and went over to Iraq. To be embedded guesses the Germans still used the term now's the ten year anniversary. Arrives she's planning to make the trip yet again this time to Afghanistan she joins us in the studio good morning how are you a morning I have I love your outfit you alike then yeah it looks very comfy all it's fantastic what to do and -- this around the building the last couple weeks. Yeah she felt the military told us that we needed to get used to wearing the body armor we're gonna have to Wear moreover there. Because there's enough to get used to once we arrive Antonin half hour time change in Afghanistan. The elevation is different the air quality is different. And then obviously the terrain and the schedules we're going to be keeping up went so they said you don't wanna get used to having to get where the body armor to. So start wearing it at home get used to make it used to the weight it's what I did five years ago. And I'll tell you you know. The first weaker it's horrible it's what 7580 pounds yet when you loaded up with with the gear I mean I have the same stuff that the soldiers -- -- military issue but I had to buy myself some delta pulled got to -- you'd you'd be fine I would really prefer to not test. Let anybody in my I don't know all the -- -- But it's I mean it's simply not as heavy as the soldiers because there are loaded up with -- issue Ryan. And all of their equipment I mean -- just carrying cameras and recording equipment will stuff the good news is that Campbell is in this -- yes isn't -- it's -- -- -- and the candidates -- -- because -- camera Red Sox players have these new camel T shirts with the big Red Sox would be on the front everywhere like batting practice and stuff so they're just following -- I got my Red -- -- had all packed up in my -- ready -- -- now logistically what are you gonna do there. I mean when you get there what you gonna do. I hooked it and yeah. The way the way. It works is you imply you apply to be an embedded reporter so whether you work for. You know the Associated Press or Reuters or. The Wall Street Journal (WSJ) you'll plight of the same program. And what they do is ask permission of the units that are going to be embedded wet and it's up to the units to say yes we can handle the responsibility in the at a risk or now protecting this -- yet because we're liability where where civilians are aware of fat and slow and I'm not. And luckily for us once again the units that are deployed from the mass army National Guard. Accepted us as embeds and so once I land in Afghanistan. And they take custody of me I go where they go so I have no idea what's ahead of me because I really don't know. Exactly what they're doing over -- you know what their mission is up to this point what they've been working on where they've been working. -- the two units that were gonna be with are gonna be with a 26 Madhya. Which I think does a lot more coordinating. And and I think the company's second infantry. Is doing security and help training security forces and maintaining. On security in the cities in in the streets and stuff and trying to help. You know the allied security force that chances are your -- to get involved in a firefight here. Hopefully well I don't know yeah I mean when I when I went to Iraq. I flew medevac missions. IE you know there's pictures of me carrying. On a stretcher with an article appeared in -- virgin right. I was on aircraft that got shot that I was on bases and we got -- -- I mean. The wherever the unit goes is where I'd go so I really can't say I'm not gonna be ending it is I just don't now. I've I've told people in the past my kids love the fact I have a friend of purple hair should have want to help and now my question is this is how you -- yet you have to do when you go there. -- win IA arrive as a civilian. I have to abide by local customs so I have to be covered up. Which includes my hair so my friend got me purple scarf just you know if you're gonna cover purple area Atlanta purple -- And I don't have any prom being respectful show notes another country and I'll follow -- posted do I believe once I'm with the US military. As long as -- with like the US soldiers like you pretty much you know literally like my hair down or whatever but if we're out on the road. And we're gonna be around tribal elders and people like that because. Part of the mission is winning over the hearts and minds of the people in Afghanistan -- And you can't win hearts and minds when you've got this crazy purple haired girl around and around I mean obviously I don't wanna do anything to jeopardize the mission so. If they ask me coverage and cover it absolutely. Will the fingernails being issued just figured it out helicopters and humvees I I carry stretchers I got to where Columbia yeah I'm gonna we're glad you're not cut. I'm gonna cut them I what I am I and a lot. How less or more. Nervous and were prepared are you five years later because you didn't know anything to -- And say yeah I have no idea. What we were getting into in 2006. And you know it. I think as you get older I mean my life has changed a lot I got married in the last five years about house in the last five years so it's almost like I feel like I have more to lose sure. So I took a couple days off at the beginning this week to kind of get affairs in order. And you know I'm -- chilling statement -- -- yeah but it's it's it's what I have to do and it's what every other person that gets deployed has to -- -- I had to make sure that. All the paperwork was in order and I knew you know my husband had to know. World mortgage paperwork was in what the passwords the bank accounts were are and make sure my will was all -- gay and just to make sure all that stuff has done so that I don't have to worry yet if something happens that I wasn't prepared pretty sobering yeah yeah and if it wasn't fun. Would you know be there on the eleventh yes. Yes I'm wondering what. How if at all it will be marked by the US military on the tenth anniversary I can tell you my experience on the fifth anniversary. You know they they. The soldiers that are deployed -- very well aware of what's going on here they they obviously know it's Christmas they know it's their birthday they know it's there. Daughters' first day of school there's so much more connected in the yet to be -- Internet -- the other listened to use they listen to lots. -- a -- calls nobody used to be out definitely not so they're very aware of what's going on but at the same time. Is the soldiers have described it to me as something like Groundhog Day where it's just they wake up this day every -- the same. And they have to focus on their missions so. I would assume they'll be some kind of a ceremony may be in the chow hall at breakfast from moment of silence it I believe it's 843 is when the first plane and but they can't go to work and I have to do their jobs the same way they do -- your head every day absolutely. We talked with you about the six year or five years ago when you came back in 2006 about what you brought home with you and I mean mental images and in concepts I think it bears repeating what did you learn over there. I outfit -- number one and not everything. Is being said you're not hearing. 100%. Of the truth of what's going on there's a lot of good things that are happening in the Middle East. That you just never hear about. I was really amazed tonight I really shouldn't have then adds. How humble. The guys war and and women. You know all of our soldiers are. Not looking for -- they're not looking for the out of voice don't they deserve them but the and they don't get them enough but that's not what they're doing it for. The is they just wanna be remembered and I think they just want people to kind of realized. The sacrifices that they're making they're not asking for the big parade -- But they just kind of want people to understand. You know -- when I talk to people that have no on connection with the military explain like test would you ever give somebody your debit card. And the pin number and say anytime in the next eight years you can take out as much money as you whine don't worry about it. No rational person would do that. Would you ever say you know -- -- -- my house over EU and anytime you wanna you can just come and take it. Our soldiers regardless of what administration analyst under whatever your political beliefs are. They enlist and literally sign a blank check and to all of us. And we have the ability to cash it whenever we want. And they say okay. And that's. That kind of thing that most people I mean it's 1% of the population is in the military to the other 99%. Of us. Get to sleep comfortably because of that 1%. And the way to the guys were just so. Matter of fact about something so huge. And we're just like yeah that's what we do right. You -- defines commitment does add muscle in -- -- joke on him -- up when it comes to bacon and eggs the chicken is involved biggest committed -- at a pretty much it yeah. Has anybody giving you a 101101. Primer as to. What the differences. Should expect between Iraq and Afghanistan might be. The biggest difference is that when I was in Iraq we controlled the government and so we kind of decided what was going on over there. In Afghanistan we don't I had to apply for an Afghan visa which is something I didn't have to do when I went to Iraq sell. You know not only in my following the rules of on the US military as part of the embed program but I also have to follow the cultural rules and everything that are part -- the government of Afghanistan. I don't mean to be Graham but I'm going to be honest. Did you see death are you ready to see it again. I didn't see it myself. But I I -- spent a lot of time in small groups with soldiers. Really trying to get an understanding of what life was like for them. And by no means do I think that I shared exactly in their experience I would never want anyone to think I'm putting myself on the same level as as. Them because they are. So far above and beyond the the human being that I could ever beat. But they you know eight the experiences I had. Changed me forever and I have nightmares for weeks after -- came home. Want to -- -- -- and meet a bunch of strangers and then. Two and a half minutes later have one of them die on you to protect you during a mortar attack. You say thank you for that. When they do it with each other they've trained for months and months and have earned that. Camaraderie and respect but to have someone so committed to protecting me having just met me two minutes. Prior. It was something I just wasn't prepared for and how to -- say thank you for that which is the whole reason I'm going back over there. Is you know on an anniversary like like the tenth anniversary of 9/11 and there's so much going on here at home with politics and government in ages everything and nobody ever. Listens to the voice of the soldier. And and just says you know thank you that's no strings attached that that's why am going. Could there be should there be a book in your future and -- not a clear right now I know I mean whether it be a book or compilation of stories or vignettes of things you've seen in honor that anybody would be interested enough to read it. You know I I I do think that the popular perception is the idea. The division of patriot. Is the head jawbone crew cut -- American sometimes True Blue American patriots have -- -- -- performance and tape. Up before we let you go what's the travel itinerary what's the schedule I can't tell yet He cannot allow I can't tell you all gonna take to get there I think it's. Believe. It's 56 hours to get there with the time change and a layover. And it takes even longer to get back because the layover is a longer sweating it's like 37 hours to come back or something's each. Piaf and and I'm gonna be spending all that time I wanna makes her. That that I am. Saying thank you to the WEEI promotions director -- say. Volunteered to go with me to -- my show because. I needed someone to go with me and believe it or not the list of people volunteering to go to Afghanistan was sure it was pretty short of -- and had it not -- for -- committing to go with me I would not have been able to -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You're out of me while 36 hours on the -- mentally tough enough for us I I I'm jealous I'm serious I'm very jealous I think what you -- is a great thing and I wish I wish I was I think it's spectacular and Cubans and by the way you seek Qaddafi and Afghan let somebody know -- -- -- decided that I doubt but but I I just wanna make sure that you know it with the with all the praise in the think he's of people are giving me -- it's. It that's not -- -- going and going for them and to say thank you to them and to carry. All of our thoughts and prayers on this very somber anniversary of the guys that really deserve it on just the messenger at this point. It's -- thank use I appreciate but you now I'll pass them along to the people that really deserve -- -- safe flight godspeed and you know look forward to getting back safely on our soil at some point yeah follow my FaceBook my tweets check out WA AF dot com I'll be blogging videos pictures everything possible talk -- -- -- thanks guys we'll be right back.

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