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John Henry & Tom Werner, Red Sox Booth Guests

Aug 31, 2011|

Joe & Dale welcomed the Sox owners to the booth on Day 2 of the Jimmy Fund Radiothon.

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Sox baseball beat fifteen WEEI. Identification on the shots WEEI Red Sox radio network. Thought well. You listen to the home -- sideways world sports radio and fifty WEEI. Boston. -- comes Sports Radio leader you know it was. Back here at Fenway Park the Red Sox have a 41 lead over the New York Yankees as we go to the top of the sixth inning. Yankees will send Mark Teixeira Robinson -- Nick Swisher at the plate. Sox extended their lead in the bottom of the fifth inning on the big two run blast by. David Ortiz in the the center field bleachers first pitch from Beckett Teixeira grounds it foul into the photographer's well beyond the Red Sox dugout. So appropriate that Ortiz hit that home run with mobile on here tonight I guess -- had some tough words of wisdom for David before the game He said. That high outside pitch to put a run on top of that -- well that wasn't high and outside and He put it over that wall in dead center field. It was a bomb. 01 pitch low and inside wanna while the Red Sox chairman Tom Warner term. What -- night this has been so far scoreboard looks good so as soon as it. This is an -- -- -- because Red Sox Nation. Has once again my showed their generosity. The year relationship between the Jimmy Fund in the Red Sox as we don't know is now 54 years old and just so appreciative of all the support the fans have given us. Teixeira takes a pitch off the what he's hit my pitch here a curve ball that. Hit it on the back foot He will head down to first base. Leadoff. Hitter is on his Teixeira gets hit on the back Clinton goes to first base that'll bring up Robinson -- with nobody out. Haven't really no longer association likely in all of professional sport. It's just such a great their relationship everybody knows the history of this that Ted Williams but. To raise. 2.3 million and we keep going from every year. Stay in the country and it's just it's a great relationship and we just so appreciative in this economy. And our fan interceptions. Also joining us another member of the ownership group John Henry -- -- that's what a great night this we just talked about all around this has been perfect night here. It's been -- perfect. It's been a tough week for so many people who thankfully. They have. All crossroads and submission. This week. It's his -- -- against -- raised ten years almost thirty million. Dollars in Houston. Beyond this. It's it's just to make me. Robinson can always played he's got an old one count Mark Teixeira is at first base nobody out here in the top of the sixth inning Sox with a 41 lead. Beckett pitch. Nearly hit him get away from very attack Teixeira goes to second base. It was almost a moment's hesitation. As though Varitek wasn't sure to know had been hit or not inside pitch just missed his back foot. That's the exact same pitch that hit Teixeira on the back foot just prior to that so Teixeira down at second base now with nobody out and canal -- -- 11 count. Are rivals have been so instrumental to by the Yankee players we ask him to do Promos -- that they didn't have to be told that Jimmy Fund is they. Are all very well aware of that and I think you really enjoy the opportunity to be part of. 11 pitch Beckett looks back to second swing and a miss by canal He falls behind 12. I said I can't say anything bad about the Yankees when I hear them saying nice things about the Jimmy Fund all day I can't say anything bad about. Tomlinson this few minutes. To George when He was alive He used to always call and give money. And not a small amount dole very significant contributions. And a one year He made it memory of Ken Coleman yes right at the -- past the -- news. Very very generous and was very well aware of with the Jimmy Fund was doing. One ball two strikes to counter Robinson -- to -- at second base nobody out. Top of the sixth inning Sox in front four to one Beckett pitched a line drive over the leaping Marco Scutaro -- -- left center field. Teixeira will score easily canal on his way to second base He will get there with a slide pop up. But -- applies the late tag to know what day an RBI double to left center field wall scoring Teixeira from second. The lead is cut now it's 42 Red Sox in front. He's the last guy you want to see up -- career at 356 hitter at Fenway going into this game. Time of somewhat superstitious. I think we're gonna go on the reds. And we laughed and we want to thank all of our our fans and tonight really is dedicated to doctors and the courageous patients at Dana Farber and one day we're gonna be pediatric cancer and so we want to thank all of our fans and we want to thank you the ownership group or what you've done that every year or. With a matching program just wonderful. Thank you thank you both very much. Don't we worry about it you can leave well that's just one run on the court great to see it just on the job he's he's he's the Warriors the top warrior that's not that at the superstitious when evidently as well -- -- as -- as this -- as Larry -- What area is changing seats right now. Nick Swisher at the plate. For ball low and inside ball one. Lowery was barreling in from third we'll find a way to hold thanks guys make a birdie -- thanks for being with us as well. John Henry Tom Warner from the Red Sox ownership group joining us here. -- it has been such a special -- current number by the way is 2552658. Dollars. As we continue here with the Jimmy -- radio telethon.

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