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Kevin Rose, Red Sox Booth Guest

Aug 31, 2011|

Joe, Dale, and Jon talked to Kevin, a Dana-Farber patient from Ipswich and a former pro baseball player.

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Red Sox baseball WEEI. Thanks John. Well it's not Red Sox yankees and. I look forward to this every year and I'm very proud proud of the Red Sox who certainly yeah. Deeply involved. It's a privilege. Every year to. -- cute guy then make your contribution on behalf of Major League Baseball. And and thank you by the way forward if you've done so. Would tell you there are effective this year would give 50000 dollars. Commissioner Bud Selig -- earlier today George W -- -- and Jimmy -- radio telethon. Donating 50000 dollars on behalf of Major League Baseball on the -- Now approaching two point one million dollars were just at just below that number 2087414. Moving upwards as we move through the evening as we take you to first pitch Red Sox and yankees on tap Josh Beckett who accused the pitching matchup tonight. It's the Herb Chambers -- pregame show be sure to stay tuned after the game. But ESP a lot of nuts and post game show SP ally. Affordable dependable life insurance made simple. Radio telethon continues we're going to remind you constantly and for good reason how you can donate you can call toll free 8777381234. You can do it online Jimmy Fund dot org or WEEI dot com slash Jimmy Fund. In if you'd like to text and automatic ten dollar donation you can do that by texting the word. -- cancer. To the number 20222. Right now would like to welcome in Kevin Rose a patient from Ipswich Massachusetts and Kevin we're gonna start. With a tough questions first because it says here that in 1979. You went to spring training with a New York Yankees where exactly do your allegiances lie. No question would cost them. But at the time they were willing to invite me and pay me so. You go with the money is absolutely. Carry Israeli West Roxbury guys from kappa memorial right absolutely. Where He played basketball -- football life. And your best friend was -- basketball partner Ronnie Perry junior and exactly we were very very good friends growing up from the league went through high school. We -- go to different colleges but we still maintain a friendship at this point Kevin is in the middle of treatment right now for molecular lymphoma. Originally. Diagnosed when you found a lump in your neck in January of 2010 where you stand in terms of treatment right now. Right now I'm on a maintenance program might go every two months for an infusion. Of a team like drug called Wear -- -- and basically its that takes about 34 I was to have injected. And at this point it's maintenance. As I said and them. In December will that would be the end of six. Rounds of that and then you can take before body scans and cat scan and Seagram but -- there. For people who ask where does the money go and it goes to so many different areas -- one of the most important things it goes into his research. -- toxin would not even have been an option for people well ten years ago certainly maybe not even five years ago. Yeah it's interesting they come discovered that drugs were or were created at thirteen years ago at Dana Farber. And dumb. I guess it does not have the far side effects. The traditional chemo has like -- here in sickness. So for somebody like me and you go to back -- go back to work the same day after an infusion and absolutely have no side effects and I feel great so let's jump more here than either of us Japan -- and can run and of course your former football player Bill Belichick would you teammate Wesley College that's right I was a freshman at the time He was a senior. We didn't know what the time that He had greatness. You know in terms of what is coaching skills were but. Certainly a leader on the team He was one of the few seniors at the time and and a well liked individual. So Kevin you were diagnosed in January of 2010 so it's been about a year and a half or so take us back to when you found out how did you find Dana Farber. Well growing up in Boston. I'm unfamiliar with Dana Farber my dad was treated different cancer in the mid ninety's. And was Saddam treated very well. Always known that it's one of the cutting edge top places for cancer in the world. And at the time I was being initially treated tops and Mike. Sister in law suggested that they also go over to Dana Farber is a second opinion and so I did. And being in the waiting room with a hundred other people I realize this is the place to be because they -- cancer in many forms and and you know it it in quite equality a daily basis so. I felt very comfortable they -- and have received great great treatment and can't say enough about the doctors in the staff and volunteers that wonderful people there. Because you're well aware of the Red Sox connection with a Jimmy Fund that throng here no question yes. I think at some point joked before Kevin leaves we do have to probably frisky son Danny who when last I -- I had here. Your Red Sox World Series ring on his finger and I cannot be actually gave it back or not I had to wrestle it away about. I do think He took a picture and it's already on his FaceBook so. Is He playing sports there He is season and AAU baseball program right now. And doing well and and it's fun watching. Well Kevin thanks so much for stopping by we really appreciate it good luck good health. I think you win and I think WEI for this -- into a phone with on and only do for the team from. Kevin Rose our guest Kevin from Ipswich battling or surviving. Molecular lymphoma Kevin thanks so much -- we like to remind you of course there are so many good stories so many difficult story so -- -- and inspiring stories that you heard over the course. Of the last couple of days keep those in mind when we tell you you can call us toll free to make a donation 8777381234. You can go online visit Jimmy Fund dot org you can also visit the radio station website WEEI dot com slash Jimmy Fund in if you'd like to texting your donation you can do that. Just text K cancer 220. 222. And that'll do an automatic donation of ten dollars each time you text in -- cancer 220222.

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