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Aug 30, 2011|

Charlie talks about how important the Jimmy Fund is to all the Boston sports teams and what the work they do there means to everyone. He also talks about what it’s been like since the Bruins won the Stanley Cup and how they need to stay motivated to repeat.

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I hope threads of Fenway Park when northwest Michael Holley need. WB INS and Jimmy Fund radio telethon. This is our chance here were raised down a few few people out there every week we didn't -- it you do it over 25. Million dollars and which a lot of people who have called and give us a hundred bucks here under -- there -- fifty bucks here ten bucks here. And I must tell you that's. Well before they were Stanley Cup champions but the Boston Bruins -- the Jacobs family have always been extremely generous. And coming over here and helping out the Jimmy Fund Charlie Jacobs is -- -- right now the alternate governor. First look great see again Charlie and congratulations thank you for having me it's it's always a treat to be here I've been a part of -- have -- Gosh this is your tenth year I've been here did you hear want they want and actually in the first year what we ended up doing is we brought together. All of the for owners of the of the teams you may remember that. It including Germany and they were all part of it and we did a whole show on the four. Owners of the -- fascinating stuff. It's good stuff there really was this a great time is such two wonderful event to be apart of and and thank you asses for for having me. So I'm surprised you're here alone I thought she might have to come right. No rumor to rest today. Notice over where I think Omar Sharif still hasn't yet. That's our job he's got he's not given enough using -- -- eating cereal. Stop -- cereal out of the coast which is very risky Charlie I guess -- I did the idea that it's raised his profile well a couple much is carrying that that that piece of -- as in he's where he's seen where's the -- today's a new for the Newfoundland today can't. Now today is that there is tentative and done bouncing around it up in northern Canada. I don't marsh Kennedy yesterday Michael Ryder had a today I'm not sure where it's headed tomorrow but I I know later this week I've got it for a couple days and I'm looking forward shared it with our our. Friends are embossed what are you doing the right -- you have a for a couple days we're gonna take -- -- hit some I'm of the summit. And hit some hot spots of mine and the save -- they go ahead John Elway you know I've -- they hit this. Low profile they know what they're jealous of hospitals. I I don't as a take it to Dana Farber attacks and no secret. That the editor of the something about it Michael had this conversation while back after everybody was reading and around the players are parading it around. In that. It really adds to the championship I'm surprised at the other sports. -- -- you know have been more popular over the years in your sport has in this country why they haven't. Caught on to the fact -- that this trophy. Lets you celebrate also -- in tissue like shelf life out of marketing your product does it not I agree well. You know what's interesting about the Stanley Cup and that is so different than see the commissioner's trophy in baseball or the Marty to a -- footballer. And Larry O'Brien trophy for that matter is if you don't get a copy of it to put in your trophy case and and it sort of sit there perpetuity so to speak it's your stadium are. Maria it goes back to all fame and you get it for a hundred days. You and your associates get to share a day with it hopefully if you're lucky get a day with that and then. It's got to go back to Toronto so I -- I think that at the allure and the attractiveness almost that this year you've got it you did it for the summer so to speak. And then it goes back to hall of fame on display for the people of Toronto or and the visitors of Toronto to two to see. Charlie did you see the story Michael Ryder is really messing around with karma. He put it didn't I heard about it and -- Stanley Cup trophy and former Bruin right Michael writers who had nothing to do with you guys we're. I'm I always are doing and I heard there is of Abraham -- I have how good sense not to do something dollars I don't know I was gonna -- it -- do you think that's the first that this would put that in but He did it Algiers on Amazon com are different tons of dancing guys who simply said of them finally I don't know other younger -- -- police that -- -- travels around with it right there a couple of jets that on its own legacy of dog is more than. More than two actually. You see the fact that that that fellow homeowners may hire more than two people -- actually a great -- or write about it. All over the world they do world jobs did the -- been of course in Europe it is for France Germany for Dennis Seidenberg went to Slovakia the Czech Republic. But yet this is this is could not be of one or even two man show as much as a cup travels it it needs said it needs really a group of hate to use terms staffers but that's really what it needs. I would say the parties what do you do for -- Stanley Cup among the top staff. Yet while -- housekeeper Ahmad keeper of the cabin sounds a little more elegant yet I guess you go to a lot of parties though if you keep religion. Okay -- hundred yards and a party. You're always under way too -- I read book if I were keeper of the company eventually read a book that. To be assembled and I have imagine there's some -- and PH yet to sign up for that job. And you're gonna start a few weeks I mean it's shorts short I'm in don't complain about no even if -- launch Summers if you remember -- the course of course so let's just lamented this -- -- summer as a lawyer and the we were right -- the corner actually pretty exciting area we have our our rookie camp comes in our kids to be in here on the twelfth. The thirteenth of September and our our our actual camp camp if you will starts on the sixteenth so. It is it's right around the corner and the fact that I'm -- and we set to get going again I really and I know. -- associates down at the garden and some players don't. Feel like they once they wanna get out there it's up to prove why -- -- opening night will be pretty special you talk about special lights up will be pretty special. I -- so this is not a man Australian banner they're putting up there now now now a little bit different this is some history gonna guess a music player and I can tell us a look at your -- -- huge on on opening night games ahead of what you guys got. And I'll listen it's still I would if I and I I swear Michael we're still in the planning stages but I I like your thinking up something huge in fact. We're really trying to to pull and put our best best foot forward to make sure this is a real special. Occasion. And to have. I would get there early if you get tickets through October 6 just get there like it's two straight to our lives and no one of the personal and -- put up the group says tend to drive. It started early so it. You're gonna make a big deal but at some point you but you gonna make this is completed 39 years -- as it is just zip them. I felt once -- on every 39 years. Host pressure do you think now that you've. Funny and able to to do another. Does it take a lot of the pressure off or do you internally look at it and say. That's great we we won one but do we wanna go another 39 years and it has it changed a whole lot look at volume operate I think she wrote this entry. All's I can say is how I feel -- I cancer saying how can America or -- or other associates to building and and what they're thinking but. After we won there's always this moment decide how moment okay we're gonna enjoy this summer and really get back -- -- fact if you look at our. And our weight room right now it says she's a 201112. Should not be about satisfaction. Should be about motivation for repeating. And I know that their mentality is really prevalent in our locker room and in this if it's in our weight room now and it's August. The guys are motivated and we have a good crew the characters on our team. We -- guys did that are real professionals and then there's -- and I mean that. Listen -- you have to be professional playing national hockey night. But there are certain players who are professionals that really know how to handle themselves when they focus on diet and lifting schedules the rest. And I feel like as a group we have a real motivated individuals in the fiber of our team -- if there is. There is a wayward person they're directed on the right path by the group by the room itself. And and that's I think I wouldn't what really spells twelve to two this season coming forward. Well okay congratulations thumb and you guys deserve it after those 39 years congratulations to everybody over there. Enjoy the moment enjoy the opening day thank you once again. Hey listen them before you can just kick me honey I gotta make a donation as some kind I would delete them but I knew you jump in her. -- wanna be OK -- -- how how rude is glad trying to kick you off your -- at these these -- are available are all right it's carrier -- guy He taught you longer when you had won the data in the company's Johnny Estrada on audio streaming movies until the go ahead I'd -- at a Boston Bruins that would be honored and an hour. -- honored to commit 25000 dollar donation to today's events -- Thank you very much stronger than our appreciation to Jeremy in the entire group we'll know if I will pass that along thank thank you very much really refresh my journal thank. Boston Bruins give -- 25000. Dollars. To the Jewish fund now we need you to pick up the phone to give what every you can afford to give 877. 7381234877738. 1234. And -- have been on this all ten years they're always here. Where they with a with a check which is so great there's one thing about having your presence is another thing with coming in with actual cash. And the Jacobson the and the Bruins have done here for all ten years.

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