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M&M with Luke and Megan Lacaire

Aug 30, 2011|

Luke and Megan are the parents of Addison Lacaire who is just 14 months old. Four months ago Addison was diagnosed with a brain tumor and her parents tell Mut and Lou what it has been like for someone so young to be treated. Addison is halfway done with her treatment and just recently the Jimmy Fund Clinic threw her a birthday celebration for her first birthday. Addison loves Elmo and also enjoys listening to music.

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As a return back here Fenway Park WEEI nest in Jimmy Fund of radio telethon quality. Stories in one of those things are finding out today is that cancer does not discriminate when it comes to age. And we're sitting here -- fluke and meg and -- cares these parents and Addison look at who is fourteen months old. Was diagnosed at ten months after an emergency room. CT scan with a brain tumor patents at the age of ten months yes. I cannot imagine. At ten months the feeling as parents taking your daughter for an emergency CT scan and finding. A brain tumor and what led to bringing her to the emergency room was there are some sort of symptom that cropped up in her. At ten months old. She wasn't reaching any of her developmental milestones. On the six months old she wasn't sitting and around eight to nine months she's got -- -- she stopped eating -- -- and started sleeping a lot more than usual. Trenton and we are very concerned as where Luke and I and done about it to the pediatrician. Ian we measure your head circumference and unfortunately had grown dramatically in the past two months. Hence why we get the CT and then that day diagnosed with Angelo last known good. Their I have a son that's gonna be two in October -- you know those first few months it's just. First up from my sense let Mormon excited you know there are ready initially like oh my god -- -- I can sleep -- well. And it just seemed like every little thing right as a as a new parent you're sitting there in your. What is its markets what does this great is what does this is analogy to food you you just don't know then. You know. The -- so much about everything. And I think that what you of that and and He said they had circumference in -- just the emotions going through it and which are starting this is the new life. Right we would've never expected in a thousand years the weary brain tumor cancer instant the last thing that was from our mind and we I had research online looking for things that it could be and I came up with a number of different diagnosis is but and that -- may ninth is when we we heard the news and it was like stopped it was devastating how was she doing now she's there with you know and she was actually -- to that Jimmy -- right now and and -- she's doing really well we're halfway through tremendous. Guillen the next face to come is going to be a little bit more invasive with some really high doses of chemotherapy and then stem cell rescue. I'm so that'll boost your immune system up enough to keep hurt recovering well and and and proceeding like a normal child should. But she is she's doing amazing she's strong and she smiles to everything she does even in her words. Smooth isn't it is that made things even know where she's you know it's cracked a smile as she does it look. Look happy -- -- -- and that was that's -- it was kind of devastating high to Begin with this was doing so well. -- don't sense that going downhill right now that's and we figured something was wrong with to figure out what was it was you know pretty devastated. Diagnose -- cancer we couldn't see any symptoms of the cancer she was fine and then we started treatment. And it and that's when things got tough but at that at that. -- talk about the treatment she's going to now she's halfway through this been for months -- treatments now how do they treat someone that young. With a brain tumor one of these four months then like how do they treat. Well it started off with a lot of testing blood more -- procedures lumbar punctures bone marrow biopsies. Head scans MRI's. But -- is on a very high aggressive dose of chemotherapy there are five drugs aren't that she has tolerated she's part of the clinical studies well. He and done this next facial beyond too high dose chemotherapy agents with the Lincoln said the stem cell rescue. Which she'll be considered transplant patient and will be in house for almost a month at a time for three -- at that age how does a child at ten to fourteen months respond to chemotherapy she she's very resilient she can't she has -- bumps in the road she gets sick but she I'm telling you she candles and a lot better than any adult would. And in many. Can give her more chemo and they can give her more drugs -- a more aggressive -- and to give drugs and we RHI because she's strongly constantly jetting off ourselves. So she can recover easier by and better from the chemotherapy that we could -- really shine through the treatment in the cheese while. Doing great yeah we've we've heard so much about the staff authoritative farmer -- what they mean to this recovery you know in the mental state. You know we fall now for four months right where in the understanding through -- -- birthday party. They did -- -- -- -- hey -- you have to Jimmy I knew how important was fur Addison's first birthday I was planning a birthday and more in February in patient at the time. Where in clinic and of course the staff Jimmy Fund through her her first birthday party became a with a Radio Flyer wagon for her. Birthday key in blues -- to learn everything He has staff came out from everywhere to -- to Addison and it was it was a birthday I'll never forget I. I think one of the great things about being involved in exit before you've been for four months now is -- for example like -- and I think our first guest here was diagnosed the brain -- three months. And if you saw him earlier in you missed in the eight years old you know please all the sports it's gonna say played alternate the game just. Living your life and I think that is part of that recovery is seeing other kids go through we -- -- going through it seemed similar eight years all out -- living life. Actually held at the fear calling absolutely I mean this is more of a mental game -- for us as well I mean we're constantly juggling with emotion roller coaster ride it. She's doing well now she's not doing well but. Every day keep a positive energy and we watch the kids come in and here's success stories in here and later in life doing well. And it's truly inspiring and that's what we keep going with -- -- have -- Brothers -- sisters she does she has six year old brother. Colton and done He is at his first fiscal actually to -- her -- hope my god please keep heat cheeks such good care of her he's so good with her He loved being with use periods. Talk to your son. About what is going over that is I'm honest with cult and He knows all the key terms He knows where cancer and chemotherapy and brain tumor and He understands that Addison is sick. -- he's actually kind of the ones at home who makes everybody phones in and takes their -- it isn't always clean and healthy around her that -- on that for us but -- He -- understanding and he's doing very very well with it. Very well. It is -- favorites right now that age you start to get some cartoon characters in the life is gonna be almost within hours. I guess someone like her that it kind of brightens -- day when things are I would definitely say Elmo is the New England hello and daddy daddy using at the C Elmo to see that we're almost that smile and -- are you familiar -- elbow there. Nobody knows you know not that I know Elmo I know Mickey I know it all adds that he's another much they got to get DirecTV channels -- -- -- on demand is wonderful -- -- it is. These baskets we can get him just locked in the TV might give you five minutes actually do so -- ethnic cultural means every okay. It does she loved it on a night like tonight where. -- that He wouldn't call it was a Lombard lumbar puncture treatment this morning. It's going to be back tomorrow for more test you guys stay in and around the area. -- talk about that the travel involved with -- treatment. Right so we'll of the mile an hour and twenty minutes away and I'm for situations like today we had an appointment this morning and then I'm gonna be here over that we're seeing them on MacDonald home. That's done doll house and that's right on the streets and they're very accommodating Ike made one phone call and everything was off set up and will stay there and then tomorrow we'll go over. It to children's hospital for India soy and genuine nice the big date night going -- -- -- -- nice thing about the Yankees game tonight for -- and every night. Big Red Sox fans yeah absolutely -- -- nick -- you know who do march 5. She's a good friend when you do wanna be a -- -- and that's a big Red Sox fans -- gorgeous sweet little amenities are aware of the up and rest and I haven't yet. So there's another is simply another four months of treatments to go brother saying don't give or take. Four months depending on how her road goes but and that's that's the plan announced Simeon isolation till about February she's considered a transplant patient -- It's worth it in the hands than just going over there and that Jimmy Fund clinic non. Do you bond with other parents out there as part of this process absolutely I've made one very very good friend who has a little boy. With a brain tumors while and we are inseparable at this point we've actually roomed together at children's and -- see each other out of the hospital it's really great in just talking with some of the parents. It gives you that comfort in that support knowing that you're not the only one. Who is in this world dealing with us this you know our son's birthday -- do everything else it's great -- -- and they're going to be friends for life in just as I've had conversations with other mothers and fathers. You know when you're diagnosed with something like this in a small little town and you come up to Boston Dana five or Jimmy -- you realize. This is normal here in this is unfortunately just what it is and they had their children everywhere with all these tumors and cancers and it's just it's it's not good to know that this is happening around us but it's good to know that there is support and there are people we can talk to and it certainly helps. I can't wait to hear how much elmo's a ball to second birthday party. I can't wait a not -- mega -- care parents and Addison when care fourteen months. Fighting a brain -- as we -- guys thank you so much or any part of the program earlier today it's gonna enjoy the games should I mean I don't -- now. And then really sold my business really appreciated you just heard from Luke and Megan what care. I can please call 8777381234. Now in honor of their daughter Addison. And how she has been fighting so bravely -- her cancer can donated 8777381234. Can logon Jimmy Fund dot org we're Lou you were talking about an earlier. There are some monthly -- options that are. Very easy to sign up for it -- Jim east you can go online. In monthly donor options it just take it directly out of your credit card it's three different options. He's going nineteen dollars and 53 cents. Every single month which is basically the year in 1953 and Red Sox and Jimmy Fund officially partnered up. The second option is forty dollars and sixty cents an owner of Ted Williams hitting 406 with a lifelong president Jimmy Fund in the final option -- 67 dollars a month. So in honor of the 67 dream team there at -- so there's many options to go on what we talked about all day long big small we know. What it's like out there you know economics of the world's. Every every little dollar every single dollar every five dollars every ten dollars it matters and counts. Our bell insurance toe board says 290677. Dollars why get over 300000. Dollars with your very. Generous donations this is the WE -- and -- Jimmy Fund radio telethon. Live your Fenway Park.

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