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A surprise move: James Sanders cut by the Patriots

Aug 29, 2011|

Mut and Merloni react to the shocking news that the New England Patriots have released safety James Sanders. The guys discuss what implications the roster move has for the Pats secondary.

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-- and Louis Sports Radio WEEI we're starting to get reports of the patriots. First ten cuts they got to go from nine need to eighty. And locally Ian Rapoport rap sheet guy has been our show before. I has been tweeting this the last couple of minutes here. Said He was toll among the cuts today. James Sanders. Has been informed He has been released James Sanders is -- she writes is the biggest surprise for the patriots so far is a long time starter. Who helped solidify the secondary. Any -- for reporting that James Sanders has been cut. Other guys Tyree Barnes. -- Connie. At open at least Corinthian Rappaport and Darnell Jenkins but there's one name that matters -- that's group that's a guy who started. And play the first three series of right James Sanders. Getting cut today by the patriot that is a shocker. -- of -- surprise then clearly it's funny to resemble we -- goma is gonna be another shock is going to be another surprise I -- you remember when I didn't think I beat James Sanders ninety's come back to the field. On Wednesday -- veteran guy. I did I just didn't think that you go down you know there's obviously now. Some depth issues so you wonder if this team isn't keeping an eye on what's corner on the league and -- some ideas that may be some teams. But if you guys are gonna be released that they might be interested in. Because right now you look at it what Sergio Brown Patrick John and Brandon Meriweather James ahead Tebow just probably made this team as a special teams player for NAFTA yeah. As of today it looked as -- the first of two major cut down days and this -- the major one. This -- from ninety to 89. And chapter in rap -- both have ads at the agent has been a form by the patriots to James Sanders. Will be cut tomorrow by the patriots. -- he's been there a long time. He had one game to prove himself apparently. Was part of that rotation early in LA Iran and it's not gonna make this team now -- when these guys -- brought back may be but we thought there -- questions about the depth at safety before. Mean now you're looking at meriwether Chung a heady -- Sergio Brown. As your four safeties in a rotation that we thought shaking go when -- quick questions about does open a northern maybe Darren Sharper is going to be O clock and through that door. Does this set up -- although hill guys played quarterback and guy who was played. Safety. -- -- Spacey Doug Sanders what two point eight. Base salary that is if you got if you guys haven't yet seen point eight total salary you know you say some eighty bring him back may be coming out some teams that have a opportunity go get the sky at this point you know maybe you know two point eight. They might look at and say you know once again -- back of the patriots -- value you know it appears that two point eight when I venture -- our starter you know we don't know where He falls and at depth chart. One -- his other alternatives maybe to bring them back at a cheaper price you know which I wouldn't be surprised at major lefties being we look at form to. So there they are feeling is that they can risky -- two point eight bringing him back or losing that's on the field but James and then -- cut intelligent that. I'd doesn't tell me a lot about the safety spot I don't know much confidence they have made it more comp is Burnham error than we thought maybe it means a Darren Sharper Arnold -- There's been a couple of the guys cut today that might raise an eyebrow Chester Taylor who has been a third down receiving back for the -- he's out there as is one. Vernon Gholston. Cut today this came after London and the jets and Rex Ryan made a big deal about get this guy and Vernon Gholston came out -- -- approve Rex wrong additional Rex got a mistake He made. Vernon Gholston also out but I available. We go to got a text. Vernon Gholston being great fit for the patriots -- really what makes him a great -- what this scene from articles that outside a Big Ten that makes him a good. Did for the patriots this is surprised on -- understandably there's still some things to get done here because there's a lot of bodies left the but -- is a position that that you thought that there with their net. That it is crazy stuff that goes on down to -- to pay as you look at you like well it and at certain positions and -- just. They just cut -- -- build obviously not concerned too much about it. A ticket -- bring this guy back -- looking elsewhere and they're looking at the team's -- -- and -- -- -- this government -- -- keep an eye on him. Yup plays out but is it that we -- know a week ago were judging this football team has to be a lot of changes from now until opening day. -- You've thought that James Sanders was safe just started backing him on Saturday night I that they had enough. Confidence in -- and and we had somebody talked about the showcasing. Of the starters on Saturday. That was part of I don't know but He started to play with meriwether and now he's on the team Chordiant Rappaport. He's one of the first will be -- -- shortcuts here's the thing people I told -- -- showcasing well that's a case to showcase and everybody knew everybody plays. In all me that that that'll bottom by the host showcasing. Hague I mean -- -- out there for everyone to watch. You know soul. Just surprised you know because as a guy the kind of knew what they had in -- He was helping -- to give back at the practice field helping -- -- thought that was the one question mark was health. You know obviously maybe distill some concerns -- health that could be that two point eight you know salary that the base salaries about currently anticipates it will that's another area where. We're still need -- cuts in payroll. You know. And when -- got this -- -- bring -- a cheaper price would find it cheaper alternative I guess they're they feel like Sergio brown and at the a fraction of the cost of the same player and I'll risk losing him. With the idea that it wants comeback for short money will bring him back but at two point eight. He's not a valued the same way it James heady boat veteran minimum is or Sergio Brown whatever his contract it's just surprising is guys started last year. And it's a big place this patriots football team and I it's a at the end of the day it's surprising that were surprised that we're sitting here saying where's the patriots always do something delicious full right now right for cuts. The four cuts Tyree Barnes. Erica -- the running back Darnell Jenkins the wide receiver. And James Sanders and have the creative till tomorrow to announce it six more comic. Six more. That they get from eighty tomorrow 53 on Saturday. Get your reaction your 6177790850. Toll free 888. 52508. Fixed fifty talks a Red Sox won in the break as well band is in Connecticut hi Dan. Don't worry guys. I'll -- first patients that -- I'll receive. I I just -- what you guys thought about two Russian orbit for a on I I think I think you probably -- I think you probably wanna with some for the rest of the regular -- well and getting 200. I mean that some time to try to get to cycle -- last until long. And the bullpen -- a form of distraction ended up getting the win. Yeah Melissa I mean I agree I mean what do they what do they risking you know you -- can't afford to leave me in there. What would they rescue -- there risking it division apparently but I mean you could make the argument that. Nearly in his other starts other than Friday night gave his team a chance to win so. God I don't know what they're risking to be honest with you believe in Mindanao is obviously an opportunity went to delegate battle with. You can make the argument the at the luxury of putting him in there and taking a guy into Miller. Who would be in most rotations and try to find a specialty that might help them in October He gives them that opportunity. Yes I mean do you think you -- -- -- -- as a lefty specialist would you rather had him over Wakefield in the rotation. Listen I'm I'm put Miller wrote in India open right now I'm gonna bring a man this weekend. And I'm gonna bring him in a tough spot facing -- -- in the seventh inning with the bases loaded 22 outs we can't walk the guy he's gonna get a mild. And -- try to do that over the course -- the next month and find out this guy can do if you of any conference beacon duke is right now. It's what Morales. Lord that -- so taken my chances. Yeah I I completely agree that and the same with Wakefield is you can you can try to find another another -- place I mean if you want to use you -- Beckett Lester Lackey and the dark as your top four in a playoff series. And then Wakefield in their dorsal bullpen during that series or maybe you'd leave them off the roster like they did not -- Dad lets you spot from a roster to be honestly. I don't you know. -- He brings a lot of value to this team guys got a 130 innings Acadia in a guy He said is actually no room for Tim Wakefield so. He adds He gives his team an awful lot when it comes time for the playoffs you've -- you for starters and if you have a fifth starter nipple and to meet its Alfredo -- If he's your fifth starter and then -- publicly buckles is -- talked over. I think more about this James Sanders thing in. It would even give one more game. It's cut and now I don't like it another game Thursday that the cut down till 53. Are on Saturday. They got one came this year out of James Sanders and saw nothing -- enough from practices -- -- your former starter you're not cut and anymore. Am not surprised a bit odd because you've we figured that going from ninety to eighty you could this distant players. Ethic without a lot of thought DOD can probably cut right. Right I mean ninety to eighty until -- and guys you figure you picked -- energy -- the impact cut would come. This early you know the 1980 cut you'd pick to guide James Sanders would. Be part of that now -- is part of the next ones to restore but there's obviously something to do with timing of it by doing it now. Maybe it does allow them to bring him back I feel I don't know. But you're right it doesn't really make sense to do it now not wait till Thursday and roll back out there for another game unless you just don't you try to do. Maybe you just know that disguise not to make the team this year and because he's been a veteran because He came in any He was a good soldier for Bill Belichick -- -- cut it loose now. In my an opportunity to not be one of the group that's come on Saturday that'll be tough group try to catch on at least now be cut. It gives him a slightly better chance to catch all of the different team in -- -- played a fourth exhibition game regular committee get a few practices and -- If -- cut Saturday that the competition. To get a job any positions can be very tough you're cut and this early is that a sign that. You just know you'll want him back and you wanna give him a chance give his agent chance to give him a job somewhere else. I don't know but. -- is taking over the timing of guess we shouldn't be surprised why we still sit here act surprised Belichick does. We question He died just. At that spot specifically James Sanders cut and acorn Ian -- or wallet Tyree Barnes Eric Connie. And Arnold Jenkins couples got to practice squad guys James Sanders the big name amongst that group.

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