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Danny Woodhead, Patriots RB

Aug 29, 2011|

Danny talked about the hit he took at the end of the Bucs game on special teams, if he had any issue being out there to begin with, how the Patriots running backs have a lot of responsibility, if picking up blitzes is one of the challenges he has to work on and how they need to look at the film of the Lions game and make improvements.

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Patriots Monday rolls on -- and Louis Sports Radio WEEI we talked to Deion Branch joining us on the ATT hotline find out with possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network ATT. Rethink possible. Patriots. Everything anyone had joining us here not Danny tomorrow tonight at midnight I should say is a big. Night for video gamers because at midnight they are gonna release Madden football. 2012. You're in the running to be on the cult or get knocked out by Aaron Rodgers should have you on the cover tonight not eight Ellis. But I don't I don't know about that. Is it little little interesting bit I was I was so when you go. -- pick and maybe even beyond it. There's all roads lead to give a good showing I mean this -- but when I get the point that it what you way to watch on the cover -- what's gonna happen create it was this year. Believe in the -- that. You're -- you're going to undertake. And sliders and as soon as this is guys. Aren't got I don't know idea. I did you vote yourself that you have friends and family and the thing was going on during the offseason Danny tell you about it on there and vote where try to get on the cover. I need allied you know I didn't I didn't. I'm sure -- same with pride in my younger brought their site my brother. I don't think you're I don't think they're that worried about it. Now He missed it last week took a pretty good pop there in in game two. Obvious throughout their last night along that take you kind of clear you head a little bit. You know that was then -- not. He then. A little bit worried -- a solitary you know him. Or are obviously out there are so -- -- in the development of any concern. It caused quite a stir around limited local radio recent TV about the fact it. There in that game pre season you were even out there with six minister goal is there special teams. Not a big concern to you being out there that's evident. Now it's I mean it's football game has yet you gotta play every minute. They hear it on. -- increasingly go lightly it was sixty minutes no matter what it is. And are out there and nadir. I mean it's a -- such -- what we're trying to collect. You look at it try to jump up maybe a little bit woozy -- like a boxer Danny after -- how did you feel it and we eyesight went back down afterwards your teammates haven't you sit down with that just. Was more precautionary or rigid to get your bell -- there -- a little bit. They -- got a lot of great teammates and you know I think that's Friday. Or letters their credit concerns is that they obligated to. A lot of great teammates to care about -- -- that. Either reason that the army is. Audio put a lot of stock in here in game three of pre season -- on the starters are out there you go home plate team Detroit look like. -- trouble matching that intensity out of matches a lot of things to go over today in -- film is the offense looked like He was spotter. Are they they came out in and that means com. That's really all hope that you can say is it is they beat us and we we gotta get back to work in and try to get better every day. -- -- player early on that first quarter as a first and 28 at that it was a holding call and in your lineup out wide and you turned around and in the ball came short and I saw you with Tom talk after that play and it. It's it's -- the question about the communication and the lack of up prep time you guys have had this year. Are you finding these pre season games are becoming more important to work on Mac communication because it's been such a a weird offseason this year. Some network and there are worried about it and in the lock on not a lot of times. And that's does not and there were looking for uses it or not we're not look at those and we just have to use it every -- which -- you'd better as a team as offensive unit He -- social scene. A week go go to work every day in and try to get better. Earlier in the week reporter as Bill Belichick about that rookie running backs coming into the league now -- easier transition He pretty much shut that down instantly able. Are running backs Jim -- basically is a lot of responsibility. Is that something that you saw when He came over here and continue to -- You know they expect a lot from us coaches -- And Iranian security services. This is our job where we're professional football players and we just we have to go out every day you better. And in -- in eastern is that actually can be. -- -- out their lot maybe third down back where third and long whatever might be importance of picking up blitzes that part of the game for you. You know again not exactly the biggest running back out there's a part of the game for you that that might be challenging. -- they're there's there's a lot of things that I knew you had. And you know I can't really pinpoint everything and -- try to get better prepared. All part of my game. You know that's something that does come along with and something that. Yes continuing work on every day whether it be that receiving running the ball. Just. It's just wanted to -- together yet trying to get better all parts in. -- anyone had joining us when you go back and you take a look at this film do you think Danny will be more about mistakes that you made as a team or whether things Detroit did. So they came out they played in an AV chip things that they did that confuse the offense there on Saturday night. And then they say they beat us. The other night plain and simple and we got. Make corrections on whatever we did wrong and I'm I'm sure this is the data that word here. They're very cost. Week at you when we we thought you want Belichick just went silent on section -- answer that question I argued that the. No we we just got we gotta go in and in the NC in the states and in every everything that -- to be cleaned up and we that we have to. If you're better at it and make corrections and in try to move on and get better. We're talking to Deion through borrowing huge running your place maybe regardless of what you saw wondered if you back there in the back field and seen a plane thinking what. This played my you know market with the way the defense is set up yet you still want it to -- it just because -- there's certain place you need to run in work on. Was that the case -- we got stole everything out of. You know will work if we go out there per game. You know -- try to -- secure saying is that our ability and on what we do we get. You know they think obviously didn't didn't work out the other night we didn't we didn't make enough plays and on this so recently we -- kicking it better at. Look look at look at the things we didn't try to clean those appreciate it thank you.

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