WEEI>On Demand>>Tom Brady talks about the loss to the Lions, Ochocinco's development and what he expects from the team in the next pre season game.

Tom Brady talks about the loss to the Lions, Ochocinco's development and what he expects from the team in the next pre season game.

Aug 29, 2011|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady joins Dennis and Callahan to discuss the blowout loss to the Lions and how he expects the Pats to rebound.

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-- -- -- the quarterback is brought -- you by Dunkin' -- America runs on -- our interview with Tom -- brought you also by northeast electrical distributors brightening your day with electrical solutions capabilities that can assist you in saving energy and reducing costs as always Tom joins us on the AT&T -- -- Find out what's possible the nation's fastest broadband mobile network. AT&T rethink possible good morning Tom Lauria director -- I know all. You say nothing ever good comes out of a loss and nothing went well on a Saturday night become a lost like that on in some former fashion. At the same kind of effect that I think the Cleveland lost the surprising Cleveland lost it last year. That would be to get everybody's on divided attention and everybody's maximum effort or do you think that's happening anyway. Well I mean who knows that this point and I always you know you lose -- any time you take the field and and in competition. Not sure there's there's a lot to be learned a lot to be up. Understood. Our entire team of the things that we need to do -- -- consistent basis so we can win games so. You know we're where we're getting back to work today we had yesterday off and you know I think everyone's excited to corner and see what the issues were and and see deposit that we can take from the game so we can move on and hopefully -- later this week. You look to other reaction to the Tampa Bay victory was a unanimous and joyful all over New England I mean the defense look great the offense looked great the special teams of pretty good they are very few downsides. Explain to us what some of them were from your standpoint. But -- human nature does that kind of human nature to look at respond to one small sample and say this football team is great. Leak into the locker room a little bit when you play that well. Well I think we we we really traders try to make a concerted effort not to be in that's that's. Probably one of the great characteristic of wearing fur -- and Bill Belichick coached team. Is that we don't really listen that would anyone else says we we pretty much stick to let our coaches tell us. Yeah and and he's Hewitt and his overly enthusiastic about the can't the games out there were plenty of things could've done better. As will be plenty of things because of them better this weekend. I think it's all part of our. Maturation as a teen. It's all part of the learning process part of the training camp process is. How do we respond to that -- when they don't go so well how to we try to we play on the road how that we rebound from a top slot for a week. You know we've we've got -- pretty fast start last week how we respond when you don't conduct of those are all things that need to be conditions in the achievement. And I think that we've. -- we're going out there were working hard practicing guide you wish you they would show perfect every time you take the field and part of a high level competition that it doesn't have and we got that. In order to to be at our best. In a couple weeks and we -- we've got. Played significantly better than we played last week but also understand. And that if we don't get off to a fast start this thing that we need to do so we can respond and ultimately play well enough to win the game which is which is the goal. Tom how do you explain the protection. Problems at times seem like a guy like -- can just overwhelm. Little ritual murder or anybody for that matter. It and that's just the physical let's just be an overmatched but is it technique thing is that it. A scheme thing how does a team like Detroit puts so much pressure on you. Well a lot of it's a lot of its. You know technique you know it's and it's not all protection I mean look I mean if you're -- the -- you get these type this your quarterback you -- perception -- you're receiving -- processes like. That's part of playing in the position and part of being very good at that is overcoming those. So -- times in the game where you get beaters and we make a bad place. No that's that's that's part of it but I you know and I know it -- You know when when the quarterback gets -- you know a lot of time people blame the offense or -- sometimes it's a quarterback in the summertime it's. You know them haven't really tight coverage on receivers so a lot of it is just. You have fifteen. -- collectively. Make sure we're on the same page so that you don't get technical two interceptions. You don't. Have plays that are that are negative offensive with penalties -- Or -- shortage in the run game so no those are all things where we're working on those are things that we need to do a better job on a consistent basis and hopefully there will be a lot better here you know and a couple we. Do did you look at the film already. Note you know we get back pretty late yesterday morning and it would -- king. No come on and then they're known and been watching -- and and a -- think about it since television came over that that we always do that we think about. You know I think about all the things that I screwed up and that I need to do better so that's what makes it on the practice -- and start to turn -- make improvements. I was gonna ask if you knew how close He came to. He didn't hit real hard by sue at one point He went flying and that Q you were you going down you were getting sacked and He He He don't wasn't all MacKey was coming right -- elect a missile and He missed but did did did you. Get a chance did you did you sense some annoying and CM but did you sense some. I heard them probably. He's the he's the big -- -- either -- very good player we played them last year. No one of the strength of that team obviously is their -- were so that's really what they rely on when -- when you read what they do rush the passer well. They they play well. And then when they don't Russia pats -- you know they they don't play well so that's that's part of they're strengthened and we understand the strength of the teams that we -- so that we can. No not played a vote strength -- play more into what they don't do well so that we can be success on a consistent basis. Talk to the extent you can tell us how much is their eighteen specific game plan. In pre season games -- regular season games which obviously I know it exists is -- some sense may be some portion of the preparation the says we're gonna what -- our stuff. And just run our stuff because we wanna work on situational things and not planned specifically for the Detroit Lions. Yeah I mean that's that's. The that the majority of pre season football is that way. Yes -- and the majority is you know most retirement practice we were practiced against each other to the patriot offense for the Patriots defense so. That's that's perjury Q -- there's there's no excuse for not going out there and play well on the game because. No matter what play is called or you can still do what's best for the play. It may not be successful play but it may be the best things throw the ball away. Or take it back as a quarterback order. Throw the ball only where your offensive player can catch. And that's that regardless that the play you're. Whether it's going to be a touchdown and a touchdown -- the -- that you can make a good place so that's more what. You figure evaluate and that's how we invite we're felt more so than you know that's the point -- scoreboard. -- your former teammate Tedy Bruschi is that a nice job transitioning from that side over to our side and He writes the following luggage to your thoughts on this. He's of the patriots need to learn to win when Tom doesn't play well. If this team always wins when Brady throws for more than 300 yards and three touchdowns and no interceptions. Are setting themselves up for another playoff disappointment. I'd love to see the patriots win with Tom throwing for few more than a 150 yards and someone else at the interview podium at the and that's what they need to do to reach the next level. The patriots need to get away from relying on one player performing so will to win you almost get the sense that the players are expecting Tom to carry them weekend and week out. Well I mean and I love Teddy. You know I -- Canadian geese these great friend them and and was one of the great -- -- had so. You know I I I don't. If you look at quarterback plays bad it's hard for any team to win. You know it's if it's a quarterback plays mediocre of course you can win games and their -- records record for three interceptions and and and you win that game. You know quarterback principally -- and uncertain and try to go out there and expect. So to perform at a very high level in every single payment and when I don't it's extremely frustrating for me in and out. And and you know that's like -- the first day and I have to although I do think about the game whether to preaching and we're not because. But you when you played at a level that your you think you're capable you rack your brain. Play after play of why that I do that what I might do award went to do better and and in so that there's an awareness credibility well played better so. You know we all we all I'm sure it's that bad. It's it's not regular season -- an account the standing committee. You. It identified a -- I think we need to do better and and the game is certainly important appreciating but. You know we're glad they -- didn't count toward -- for the regular season they have been. I think we're gonna go up there and and it have a good week this week in and -- certainly play a lot better this weekend. What it did what I did count would it have been different. Well UBU you'd be identified a whole different set of problems you know -- -- you know you're you don't make excuses for -- In a losing dvds that we've never that matter here look when you lose you you get outplayed. There we get about nine -- -- a day and I think in some ways we all -- -- create expectations through -- opening that. At one point about what if anything it wanted that could -- -- him. Ultimately we've got to do a better job overcome and I played its. So that we can make that better place and -- Was there a miscommunication. With Ochocinco on the interception Tom now. No other and a terrible play by -- but that was this -- -- -- brought. Yet out of those bad play their data. I thought they were they were. They were gonna -- tonight and I and I checked it and I Q I try to fool them and they pulled me feel they they got him now. Do Ochocinco and beyond both have no receptions in the pre season for the same reason or different reasons. I'm not sure you know I'm not sure they. No that's that's the quarterback's fault for market note -- on and that's. No I I got to do a better job getting those guys before -- because there are. Very consistent playmaker Preston. And -- I got a really. Make sure that dark in the football that's that's that's the point plain quarter -- to get the ball get the ball all the guys who can do things with itself. They're they're great they're great pleasure to reporters from the department. And we're gonna fire which He -- -- got off. Is is Ochocinco coming along. Dennehy it is and he's he's he's been he's been a great player for a long time also. I note that just in Connecticut and He gets frustrated by. When when things don't go well for him -- If you -- he's protecting his brain a couple -- why don't feel that's -- went after that and so. No he's not that we were were an awful well I think communication -- -- I have a lot of competent there's as a competitor. In the short term and I've been -- -- He it is really -- beer and you could look slightly. And you know he's going to be exciting player that I got I got no doubt about. As at him in the background that I think is it's easy live when we do now because He was looking -- -- place. -- I don't know enough room apart for -- -- these. If He He makes a few centuries of by the place. Hey Tom they say when you know coaches are really dedicated devoted to the joke they sleep in the office and and Ochocinco had no power. He was tweeting that He do you find a place to sleep so we went to the stadium. When you go to the stadium to sleep do you Disco like in the trainers room have you ever had to do that and did was He in that I mean you haven't gone in there but. You think he's like right now in their curled up in the corner sleeping. He maybe He is here plenty of places typical stadium we get a place to look at their. There's I think some some drinking habits. Both that and the -- -- -- in the training room when the train from table and a I don't have plenty of time especially. -- hasn't gone from the West Coast trips. The really early in the morning your Google account for three or four hours and then you'll get up and security at the stadium -- day. It seems like you can't question his his dedication He might not be kitchen -- and catch him on so quickly like a lot of guys don't January -- your offense. But he's put in the hours is He not. Yeah He sure does He can put -- -- He He works harder it -- In front here he's. You know he's the guy that bit Beverly -- -- and I think you can tell. By his attitude out there I think that. You know he's been pressure that He didn't feel like he's been itself because he's still don't think it'll about what He needs to do have been reacts. And we -- that you know will do an attitude that property here. Coming up so only half of football you're we're gonna try and probably over -- of ourselves -- -- instead of going out there. You instinctively didn't practice so that's what -- that's going to be a lot and I need to do a better job is just going out there and but let -- and skeptical and sort of sometimes you overstate things and and you play hesitant and I expect it can approach. It dumb -- that this is something you have to worry about but with cut downs coming over the next week and a half Purcell. Does the tone and tenor of the locker room this time you're get a little more -- a little more serious for guys who -- the bubble. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- It's a tough time of the year for her or for further for guys that you played. Let's have a -- in this. You know -- and that they are built on excitement toward the regular season. So. One ways -- you know it's it's it's -- he's -- -- gone another way you're an exciting day. -- and that and a meaningful. And we. You know we I can't imagine what -- would have been like Tom if you know Matt Light had gone elsewhere Mankins is gone elsewhere. Right now. Are you comfortable you Saturday night aside do you feel like the offensive line is going to be okay when the real games start. Yeah I have no I have no question. In that went up for the blind is of those guys. I've played I looked at for a long time and nobody at a conference. Committee. Rabbi and him being left and Logan. And Coke and Connolly and He has some of those guys have been. And great player for so. Back in the pocket -- -- football had so much content. Of what variable that is who. They work under the way to communicate. Their toughness. There's there's a bunch of tough guys in particular pride that they do so I think there's nobody more competent than in Iraq. It's on the final quarterback question of the week is brought to buy auto trader now compare brand spanking new cards and special offers side by side at auto trader dot com. Based on the performance on the play on Saturday night will we see a repeat of last year's game three -- game four. With the starters would play a little bit more than maybe anybody thought in game four do you have any idea what's gonna happen with the giants game. Amateur I think in my but it went to go play. And want I want to get there and search for a good play and try to get their work. You can -- so. -- looked -- and play a lot but it's always kept it go and order and what -- doesn't because. He took for a long time. -- -- -- -- -- -- Aren't -- good luck we'll talk to next Monday a patriot Monday. -- -- with the Tom Brady brought to -- -- Dunkin' Donuts coffee with -- quarterback brought to you by Dunkin' -- America runs on Duncan also by northeast electrical distributors brightening your -- with electrical solutions capabilities that can assist -- in saving energy and reducing -- that was -- Morse -- yes for the hearing -- right -- -- -- -- -- -- for Moscow in Africa and all right -- fault lines open 6177790850. The patriot Monday rolls on.

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