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Patrick Chung, Patriots Safety

Aug 26, 2011|

Patrick talked about flying home from Detroit in a hurricane, how great it was to have Micky Ward come in to talk to the team, how having James Sanders back in practice is like having a coach on the field, if he knows how much he's going to play against the Lions, if he feels like he's ready for the regular season or if there are still things to work on, how the Patriots offense has helped the defense and his impressions of the Pats rookies.

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Now it's time to bring in Patrick Chung who joins us on the eighteenth tee -- -- find out what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible. -- just docket no Gerard talker of talk now about. Flying home through this mess on Saturday and they give thought to that at all. -- just let my mind that. They reported on their veto I -- the flight would you please is that is that true really didn't. -- -- There's just aren't you can't from the lower. Are we were talking to -- little disruption may be practiced -- tonight a change of pace you know. Watson of Watson will be the fighter Micky ward coming -- talking to guys that just a perfect time of year right now going into week three. Lot of one on -- nice a change of pace Bill Belichick gave you guys. Are mean and it's hard for that -- talk to the great the great underdog in those we've -- nobody's done it. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- You know I was the whole Ochocinco thing misty put the find stuff you know it's interesting I was thing about some perspective from -- the defensive guy -- in the backfield. Are -- applying eighties thinking about back have a stuffing going for it is the the possibly a fine or suspension has ever run the year -- here you're gonna really make a players are just too fast. No it can't marry you eighties and He says it -- that -- anywhere but those things. That's. Going to be from you know from a group of Google and and our players and in fact the rules. You guys are veteran combat the practice yesterday and James Sanders I haven't had much opportunity to play with -- so far camp bureau there with the last year. What is a -- like that -- this experience bring that back for the maybe -- of these years ago at the -- -- like have a -- what do you noting noting noses basically you know what it was you know. What checked in making Eagles although you know in in this real good to have a guy out there know that. Can help well are all the -- to some and I'll see if something doesn't feel something -- what are watching your social. CEC east CD that he's he's been -- single purpose. The -- and not as smart out there. -- you guys are always telling us the stuff you could just. -- it is spilling out now on -- -- the know exactly how -- we be playing tomorrow night and the starters is well ball offensively it deepens our pages are always telling -- that's not so bad -- -- -- about it. Got one more -- -- that the fact that a trial but they're so her. He gave you -- last week my son asking about a guy like Calvin Johnson. You gave me that they -- thing I'll put to speak of him though in the Ochocinco in the past you know he's joked rice has list of -- He goes up against it. You look at the scheduled to start thinking ahead maybe some knees wide receivers that your about the face this year. Are you can never look at -- never look at air means we have one goodwill coda to the source China contained -- -- this game and then note next week will. -- -- -- -- -- -- this does not mean it like it got out there it's great for all of its second one we can. I Estrada the same question here about ten minutes ago I guess from your perspective personally years ahead in the third pre season game. Do you feel like you're ready to go here for the regular season week one or -- -- -- things need to work on and what are those things specifically. Although -- -- -- -- great way to play regardless you know -- received regular in the policies but it always seemed to work every every aspect. Of every one game should be worked on the everything and get better every thinking get better things get better and I think in the perfectly struck perfection that it as an appropriate etiquette you know so -- work on everything. -- sits at a prep school in a week three look at a guy like Matthew Stafford as you would may be in week one week two is this ball is close. -- -- it comes as far as we're getting ready for all we want. I mean if they were about a week I mean that -- -- quarterback and you're -- are in the He would be -- if you if you look good you know so -- -- perform. On the economic throws and then we'll would have got from their got a game turns out there in -- Lawrence for us. As the game goes in their little local there. Is a point though and they and then I guess in training camp where you kind of and I guess that's why. Bill throws a -- him like a movie or some guys -- point we get to even in the shortened pre season they're training camp priests say listen I need a break and you know mental break here's just too much. Compared corporate partner. And it definitely also will be Graco -- if you know a huge -- an awful followed it back seat you know. The seventh arguably perhaps for a football on funds for you know and -- -- responded -- Because everything is good there. How much you guys he'll appoint in return to pre season is it just wait until after week -- all horrible for you start looking at Miami or is this company kind of do. An -- pre season. I mean now we're aware focus certainly we finally and work something that was an Oregon. Period no regard to requirement wizards here to show we're ready for. What are the regular season -- -- I'm -- very simple very take it game by game day by day in and get better -- that day to objective. Well you know so far this week from -- -- -- on the field here with what sort of jumped that. If there. It's and we know he's a -- it it could very delicate it will try. Yeah we're trying to -- a week. We talked -- deal bridge on Monday and and I domestic Alec demo according how much communication He has you know in practice to stop until about maybe you made a mistake you made a mistake there. Do you see that too from guys like Deion Branch from guys that coach of -- Wes Welker communicating back and forth. You about some things that they -- your play. Oh definitely I mean we we act or card -- that we are good. You know from Atlanta airport they know we also it is they can help also will await -- to what we're doing wrong. If we're -- make -- they arcane to the maximum they'll make it better so it's all the good in the case that something there. In order receivers who -- is like actually in the to work hard you know. Not even now I didn't beat that you know you don't need all look back or any of them know when someone makes a mistake you're health and also economic and take over here. You know one of the big things heading into this notion after the lockout ended the shortened. Training camp as people are concerned about the progress of rookies how far behind at fault just -- from the -- you've seen so far at every level of your impression those guys so far I'm pretty impressed or. -- they -- their wayward daughter were here a little bit shorter wait you know other eight you'll in the playbook you know it could definitely slow time it all depends on the guy out in the economy and with the level hey you know regular -- your life easier on an Arctic are thought they are just focuses. Concentrations -- no picnic that playbook that it will closely you can do -- distorting at the printing. All right Patrick Chung seat in New England Patriot Act and we appreciate the time look for tucked in next week good luck tomorrow -- a safe flight. Pretty rare. In my but. I appreciated that secretly UMass with everybody right now mess and they're already thinking about this flight -- -- let me think about -- about the -- I'm unlike the world's most nervous -- you're a plane with me I am convinced and any bump any any turbulence at the planes actually going out I would be. I'll be very crapping my I would need adult diapers on that flight but others are came I would just say you -- honesty -- -- back on track couldn't I couldn't handle -- drive back through. Rather drive through the -- if you let the plane crashes in the died of a car crashes might not guy.

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