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FOX Sports MLB analyst, Ken Rosenthal, talks Mike Flanagan, Jacoby Ellsbury and Sox/Yankees

Aug 25, 2011|

Our friend from FOX Sports, Ken Rosenthal, joins D&C to discuss the death of Mike Flanagan and the MLB playoff push.

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A minute or two away from hooking up with baseball analyst Ken Rosenthal from MLB on -- to Baltimore guy. Was the Orioles beat. Reporter for many years for the Baltimore -- will talk to him in just -- second -- on the online now joining us on the AT&T -- find out what's possible. The nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible our good friend baseball analyst Ken Rosenthal good morning Ken how aria. Good morning I guess I know the answer how you are your your your probably pretty sad is this a lot SR a lot of people in Major League Baseball can be adjusted your reaction to not only Mike Flanagan passing. But the report out of Baltimore the says He took his own life because He felt somehow responsible and blamed for the demise of the Baltimore Orioles. Well. First off I would say if indeed the life I trust and imagine that it would be -- It never quite that simple and I don't have room that you know report. That would certainly. Is. It doesn't. Ireland and not want to promote look -- their -- -- -- alleged war going on people live right. Professionally. I didn't go there now as for the news itself. In what is that and -- news that it put aside it's really mr. -- lagging in the waters. In years perhaps -- strain. If you will of course now you're not any servers are written by. How can I that He worked for I don't know what was going on and all you know it it. The great memories of people out of Peoria there glory days strong. -- even early sixties through the early eighties. Well He looked -- part of that there's -- latter. Fish and He was a personality notebook -- in Baltimore. And -- treat it -- night. I had it on my wall a collage of photos while being -- war stadium. Which. If I look back in my career that I often -- I would put that as one of the top ten day in my career because in motion. In that stadium on that day introduced actually didn't -- -- surprise all the all the players. If they trotted out their positions are open positions. One by one and Internet Mike Flanagan and recorded the -- -- player or real picture ever that stadium it was something wanted to puke because -- felt so strongly about. And Baltimore pitching for New York. That what I remember and I think I'll remember in -- aren't -- on -- -- the remote had a dry wit. Change. Or and you look at ever had any contact with the Euro I don't. Categorize perplexed and and there's a certain it. Derosa -- this is the report from Jerry sandusky WB AL in Baltimore we turn to for the first time just about an hour ago take a listen and and and and we'll go from there. Pleas of not officially named the cause of death the sources confirm Flanagan took his own life despondent over what He considered a false perception from a community He loved. Of his role in the Orioles prolonged failure. From 2002 with the 2000 innately funny shared or held the top baseball executive position in the organization. -- in that time Flanagan according to those closest to him struggle will not being able do the job the way He wanted to do it. Relative confirmed the Flanagan has wrestled for some time now with the perception of fans and colleagues alike of his role in the team's failure. And I took what you said to heart you're saying that the public perception of Flanagan was just the opposite not blame but beloved. Well. In recent years I've written in English or whatever code in an effort. And I am sure. Obviously tongue and not happy with the way they're seeing what. I over it it it entered into -- you know an. A lot of people out. Just burned what little -- issue about mental now. I have a hard time believing that one. Probably -- personal career is what these. I actually more than that in my opinion I don't know. And again. I don't know much more to their. I never heard much many people and blaming Flanagan for the demise of the Orioles. Marie carrier and the guy -- it -- it right so. The owner actually. Saying no ones and -- old -- called it weird situation. Whatever. Point is that as you guys and it felt so far and how has that the issue but. Everyone involved or -- there. Involved or Baltimore. Understands -- -- at all. Why is that wise and spends money is Angeles eight tanker and mettler what is what do people. Earlier. My earlier I mean the late nineties when they had Gillick and the count and there are actually ran both the law. And in recent years I would not say it isn't it -- or -- -- they have not done things. About eight is one way to put it there at this international market indeed nothing international. -- may -- -- -- in the draft have all worked out. And for whatever we. Are rather -- they wanted to put their finger on it. They've not been able to get it all they have I -- they operate not number one of the hot spot. And yet. It all figured out there and I -- -- installed on or mirroring. It not a situation excuse weren't. The championship came out of that division to the past years. Speak to him another hopeless. Franchise. We're all trying to figure out now who takes over the cubs who takes on that challenge and of course Theo Epstein whose name is on the list. Would you say. Cashman slow name is at the top of the list and. But -- our economy. Cash and you know industry. I think perky and look at accepting cash today. Would be a pop idol I would call every single one of them He would want to come. Yeah video I think you're let those contract. They know what everyone else. In baseball intrigued -- -- job you can not. Look at the situation. Entry is much like the -- situation -- order one kind of potentially great thing so. I think you have an interest I didn't you can't ask that question. I have a heart and seeing what the record I would grant that mission when He had that your last. Talk with Ken Rosenthal baseball analyst from MLB on fox and -- those walls anybody can win August turns in the September the talk always speculation always turns to MVP. Balloting in the in the American League in this in this town cut your rank him at this point with a month and some change ago. -- other appropriate corrective because obviously love a lot of you can I will let it. When they're not in eastern. Anderson talked about now saying He had a great year and also even. In which you can make it sort starting pitchers NDP. Pedro is great year legal opinion on an economic you know what whatever that a year. When He was pitching deep into games. Dating couple. And of course reputable and effectively. -- -- -- I've bought a case for him identity. But -- Kate is stronger when there are not other viable candidate. There aren't any other iBook and Victoria conflict earlier. And where does have a great to hear what they teach has had a great year though I -- this camera guys who don't play contenders. They're saying don't acting type of pressure so. The -- I don't know gained you know they -- kind of asserted that He will be that guy could carry them. A bit early. While we're at it first happened in the struggle and much but -- -- -- lean toward the little guys. -- is never bet all you know -- -- app. -- or what do you see get moved at the August 31 deadline -- anybody coming to Boston. Well look at -- right handed hitting outfielder. And it's tough because they're solid blocks right now. And I just don't know that even -- Someone who really makes a difference in what they view. Now I liked it and cool. If you got through it would be attractive to the left and the editor but. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- also -- -- -- but I you'll relatively conference that He is playing whether it's an. So. It's possible get someone but. -- -- Have you heard and get a sense of where Papelbon will be next year is their chance He stays here and bonds stays in his role. That's a really good question and the reason I say that He. There are technical work here water. Act the Red Sox in my opinion the only. It still would need your picture. -- or really your. Clothes and you have. The very powerful combination. -- -- the countered that of course is dead there are often -- IPO. Does not want a closer twelve and thirteen year old you're just not something. Progress for our ultimately culpable doing -- and these guys who opened outlook it. Let's look at it than most so. I'm not sure where the -- and some other orbit and out on it desired state. Perhaps somewhere that -- -- Hey Abbott that you're here arbitration. And indicate obviously that. He is looking forward it at all glacier. For that -- pay. For it and it remains. A Ken Rosenthal -- a question for me the last couple weeks we've become fixated around here on Carl Crawford struggles although He is showing some. Signs of life right now outside of Boston any theories on why the transition to Boston hasn't been good. Well but I will say that what you wrote about it. And the guy who was content from police scrutinize mean. From a media and transparent. In baseball or at least one of them. He's probably -- 21 of the most scrutinized. And easier in baseball and it was -- culture shock recording culture shock from the very beginning. And ultimately the summer until now it isn't about -- and there's. And in the UK -- why didn't struggle. I'd -- that there were people look at today. No upward in the home well who always sought. We've been much. I Angel -- are simply because it was easier transition. It necessarily. Op on corporate local and not -- ultimately. -- more night like last. Because she's too good player but I'm not shocked that it at that -- As Turkey and Irene impact -- a weekend travel plans getting. I don't know. A little to New York now and we've got -- -- the net gain or do it but. You know what's gonna happen importantly so are. Are you wearing -- -- time right now for jobless. And -- If it and we color color -- It people don't know I don't -- I pitcher. Who wanted to do every week -- -- one where charity and actually. This week I -- the most special one at all it wanted to represent an -- in the more nights. And I've got an interview the president of the 9/11 memorial auto web site now effectively with electric shortly it. And pretty -- going -- out there so that opening. Couple weeks and -- let them and I've seen it rendering. And mineral belt online. Now and it's a pretty special. You -- -- baseball analyst from MLB are fought Ken Rosenthal can thanks for carve out some time Brussels more pocket on the road. Ken Rosenthal with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T -- -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible.

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