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Why do todays professional athletes feel they're above the law?

Aug 23, 2011|

Mikey and Ryder get on the topic of how many NFL players have been arrested since the start of 2011. It's a staggering amount and they try to determine what started the trend.

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I'm glad you like Kelly a -- Yeah its -- eight -- it's AM Tuesday night in Red Sox are still in Texas. That's not good -- as -- good the kid beat those Rangers in Texas are going to be really I would not. -- and -- and I have a prediction for tonight -- and I know parents upset about a -- Gonzales goes deep tonight Mikey. Why well first time since July 30 Nagy doesn't trying to gets Colby Lewis the reason I say that Lewis. League leader and given up home runs. Okay well that said that's it right here exactly and for this for the CD maybe will have did you'd be much jubilation throughout the land. In Red Sox Nation tomorrow. They straighten out this this this -- That the Red Sox to program -- is somewhat of their own making that the injuries are huge part of this Atlanta the rest I've put on the field last night I mean. It looked anemic to me just coming out of the dugout. Get ready to play you know anybody out there has the answers to these questions I would ask you please call me. -- -- On earth if you're gonna have to play Darnell McDonald why on earth would you put that second. I just don't get that. They almost dead is you know four for four and -- backed the pitcher. Right right god and that violent and there's anything in its impressive on a baseball diamond it's that one had that tapper back to the mound. You know that quick one hopper right back data that shows you got enough and out of that bargain no piece of that it's gonna solid straight back and do believes in second because of injuries and second of all because He was coming up that big gay. In that Kansas City but I think C. J. Wilson is a little bit tougher that -- Duffy either Kansas City. I don't know man it's just it's. This is the time when you're supposed to go we you know race and to the finish line. Supposed to count when I understand the injuries are huge part of this Graham and not -- assignments and there's no excuse whatsoever what the Rangers are pretty good team and and Red Sox even about this -- last. Eleven of their last thirteen at Texas and overall against the Rangers ten of their last -- they can't -- squad against that team it's predicted turnaround tonight I don't know why I say that I don't have any specific feelings -- tacky it's it's not. Elected it's giving me that. Of that confidence. Lackeys what six and one with a three point 83. It was last in his last eight starts in his last although Colby Lewis has been doing the same thing like his dream boat. -- an old clip from a -- days of dream voters with John like. -- it's just not a you know. It's the buckles thing we know we know benevolent and what is poppy supposed to come back I don't know there was hints of it may -- today but maybe tomorrow and all -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- something but -- but He can't. He can't -- to swing the bat. As a DH and we maybe and asked about much here. You know you do need your -- and footwork here in the played the run now the first space Ellsbury is coming back from his back injury to back the weather. The pitch that hit -- -- him for three full days He was able to play in. On market even suggest for a second. Sounds like you are and Ellsbury is not tough enough not gonna do yet because that's been done in you know wasn't very well received. But I will say this Don Baylor was hit by 232 Major League pitchers don't believe that's the number it made an hour orbit. Never missed an -- never came out of a light. Well He wanted to get it with a pitch well but today reminded what does that mean biceps and doesn't it doesn't hurt in oh -- does. But the guy who played with Montreal -- the simple honest I want -- -- -- made an -- He definitely wanted to get -- -- -- we get a brags about it. But but -- ethical leaner than Don Baylor. Well it's okay you know lean and all that overstep trying to remember -- -- -- by pitching in the head that's one thing. You know you break a bone you know read your elbow gets court just I don't think you'd be out that -- myself it didn't look like to me like when you hit the back. And again it has plummeted by 95 mount Arafat not not many times -- I'll sit right here for the rental I was on that cannon ball that He in the -- that one -- won't always military to work the next day at. Using only the warm. But. It's like and now -- -- -- -- still look at the lineup with me okay scored a -- batting second. You know I'm not throw the most -- way to -- a conversation about that every mediocre player. Gonzales. Has -- been hitting. What has been hitting just not for power as have been driving in runs has been hit home runs he's not the same. Gonzales that He was for the first after the united close. Pedroia he's pretty steady at a -- back clean up is always there will cleanup. That's -- fact that you have to include others just it's a testament to what you Garko. Just Redick to ready three dropped. Off forty points just looked like Carl Crawford lately. I'll go to -- -- -- -- I would go to for what's He won for his lastly twentysomething against lefties. Oprah who -- Redick well you know again what's Crawford for the season. I think on audit -- Crawford like two home runs ahead expect more out of Crawford -- managers like to a -- had a -- for the whole season it's -- played every day. Evidently you may even have to say Redick has dropped -- here of course -- dropped it's obviously batting average Sharia -- what's. The other guys dropped out of character says among -- -- a city about -- person. It's not about him as a person He could be the most delightfully. Wonderful human being in the history as -- page to a diplomat. Is He yet you know I know -- an agreement temperament be diplomatic in this. -- -- Sox left handed okay -- said it. Right handed he's fine. Left hand that He sticks. I'm gonna say save for the record what she left panic you look at -- it up by every year what is difference lefties. 375. Over against lefties against lefties 37533. For 83 runs that's great that's very burgers -- Friday's other side 34150. Which is exact 200. Adding it Mendoza line. Left handed and he's not a great to infield. I think this is I think Jed Lowrie has traded the subsidies well you know made the sooner the better as far as where he's playing them -- -- all -- -- and -- he's got all those constantly disease fragility issues and he's got the though affect -- and not hit right handed pitching. Which you'll see more I don't know slogans shaky I don't -- don't Youkilis it's poppy it's Ellsbury back. Admit this this is not encouraging yet despite having said that do you just now. I feel the Red Sox will win this game tonight Texas because I have any internal. Optimist optimistic streak. A fountain of optimist would be stunned if they took his game. And death and that's where we -- of the recites Korea football -- you know that means writhing his story today talking about affected the I was looking at the list with -- Tobago and Michael. -- and I was trying to figure out if it if it was just now this generation of football players last 1015 years. Or is it always been the way in the NFL because I certainly do not remember in my youth. -- eighteen years in my twenties -- that and remember guys. And pundits of football players getting arrested. Now they are not as much as now it is -- so far this year. It's August right mid August. 37. NFL arrests. So far this year. Does that seem like a real high number -- there or edit pages as much -- of the day and I think maybe what does that have to do. Shouldn't you get arrested in more infrequently the more money you have. Well people are in the other get these hot season entourages and they're hanging out at places is -- period so there -- -- late at night so again will bid so there's a difference now between at. -- Clinton say that it. He thinks it's because they were reported. -- as part of it to how much a part of 37 total arrests for NFL players this year. I mean what I -- now. We're talking about you know I'm gonna have to send of course there was in cellphones back then Mikey mean of people calling up right away it would their issues -- these people we have a that is as a real high in my presence. At 37. Different incidents. Everything from drugs and guns probably sixteen on the Bangalore -- -- raiders combined alone and we reckless endangerment with a motor vehicle driving while intoxicated. Domestic assault battery. Guys pulling guns on people what now. Making wild west which. Yet it's and what does change I get it culture relief for these football players. There where they come out of college after urinate. Or they don't lever ever change. Don't they when they realize they have the opportunity to make a whole lot of money doing this sport that they don't it doesn't matter they just still do the same stop as they take they're gonna get second third fourth chances of -- that much talent. Brutal blow it's brutal and maybe somebody out there has some commentary it's not surprising why is it like that now. Guys who make these guys make -- warmer than they've ever made before. And erupted doing all this weird stuff -- get caught in challenging cops. Being drunken corporate in front of it was what it was like -- -- who exactly was. He pulled SS UV rate of in front of an arena where this sporting career in the sidewalk. And refused to move. The cops came at a -- These guys wouldn't just Roethlisberger and such as -- worth the Pacman Jones. It's it's a -- guys well has been a ton I mean just throughout sports in general -- -- most of it -- tell these guys -- -- together and how many do you lies were there before the there was like eight before the baseball season. There rodeo couples are you guys like. Eight shin-soo shoe and Miguel grammys seriously though I'm not saying it's only football EA and when you look at that we look at the football players in the proportion of guys have been arrested as football and -- Thalia it's history but what's the problem. Society these days Mike but what's wrong with these individuals never -- society which were these people as individuals they can't keep their nose clean for. Five or ten year football career without getting arrested. At times that violence extends off the field. It's a sick and a -- a little kid you don't want which arena pro football player. You cannot really you know swimming in dangerous quarter. Because the trend is not going down these guys don't. More and more guys -- give her -- don't stand I don't. Understood I don't know I don't understand this well it's it's fairly simple because I just I don't wanna use -- get loaded there there hanging out with a ton of their friends. They sold -- -- rice appears to be still an excuse but total stupidity in this -- guys go to all their classes -- college remains -- -- so what's an excuse for it's not an excuse I'm just telling you lies some of these things I don't know what's not to understand what -- did test it out what I don't understand to be honest and why they don't just say look OK things are good right now. I don't need to do anything stupid mess this up. I don't need to do. You know jeopardize my earning power think like that. I guess that's that's the explanation on what you know why don't they understand when they get that. Because it's only money tons of money they don't think it's ever gonna sold out so instead of being more prone. To commit a crime because you don't have money they're they're more prone to commit a crime because they still have money. Think that they are above the law a lot of times it's why they're -- hundred miles per hour they feel like while in Namibia give this guy a couple of tickets for the first game and I'll be fine I like to -- -- thing you know obviously no restraining order cripples some but when you're driving -- 10370. -- -- -- get a little bit of what He deserved. Well he's -- laundry list of issues and previous -- so whatever you got NFL players pains anything it doesn't matter baseball you could you call us via an hour and in the pregame show starts right here don't area sports networks X once themselves have a nine -- fifty -- free -- eight. 5250850. You idiot Mikey what makes you think these carjackers in helmets. Mara -- choir -- They're ignorant uneducated thugs not all of them -- what went on more than I did but no it's like. No one thinks they're choir boys and don't -- several bad -- as well as restated due lot of these -- -- -- say they're all I don't want to bring together. I tell you what when I was shocked when I looked up that number today. When I said really because I asked Michael Holley Eisenhower people in the NFL beauty bitterest this year He -- well I think it's a twelve. -- 737. That's a big number Bryant isn't Johnston -- your first on the program Brian good evening how -- you. -- That's not what I call I was one of the audio comes on the what you decide the -- isn't that mentality nowadays. Doesn't the rapid almost double bogeys today against have been stepped up. And they want of that like and the only way to do that you cannot play back to punctuation in all that. And they get what -- is elegant. Come because we wanna act like a like -- -- it can't. So that's not like. -- -- -- Getty is re talking about a pop in the eighties who dug up Plaxico Burress for example OK -- ago. Since it will -- here's a guy who's making anybody making big money and He He He goes out to a strip -- -- He shot himself was this republic. It's just a regular Claudia Michael I'm so it was a club was -- and I guess that lessens the crime well. He's got an earlier gun shoots himself and -- -- -- -- that god let me ask you that we. Now I was like I I just watched HBO real sports in the complex -- Why does He -- -- -- a lawyer why does -- need to act on. Because I think that you've got threatened. In -- it is it's an accessory. Which is it's almost like jewelry that's just so stupid like -- There and like you got any got what He deserves credit to be brought bigot what that start of the public again. -- one of the strictest they wanna make an example out of them in New York I think dead most plays open its border of Texas He probably wouldn't even seen jail time. I don't know that -- lots of -- that remark on it you know what you guys and get ready for yankees sent. Article they only called when they're up by agreement to. That downplay including -- call eight day stay away this Stanley McChrystal is urgent to step away and then when they're up. By David duke in the call like Joey it will take that in the -- And frank all theories that. I was there we can do Bryant. -- -- Out -- next by next mission. Would you do look there were Yankee fan -- that would be good for -- because all -- its -- arguments economy. I've I have and so my best baseball discussions of the Yankee fans over the years and I don't you know I don't hate. I don't resent the fact that they exist they certainly Yankee fans have a right to be proud of there there storied heritage. As Yankee fans and yankees have had a glorious past. You you were nine both know John -- I've been over many times what I hate about the Yankees. And sometimes a bit worried about the Yankees fans when they hurdle when the Yankees are in second place and now all of a sudden we'll hear from many of them because the Yankees -- first place -- again. -- that'll happen on Twitter that'll happen on FaceBook and it'll happen on this radio station. When the Yankees are not in first place. Their protocols from their fans are reduced buying you know eighty's to 90%. By the way speak for the Yankees might. A-Rod out of a lineup tonight. Ways late scratch from the -- jammed. Jammed left -- Obviously He -- it left them at. Over region that I can guess -- He says it was while backing ending grounder. Sure. -- he's fragile now you know he's just beat -- 32 million dollar year opener toughness there Bob's in the car next Obama. -- I don't globe Bob -- and now you know why it thought it -- you why it because. They saw it on a nationwide campaign to. Crack down and you -- Senators singling out and if so guys nobody looked the other way more of these 70s80s and we. Everybody's gonna do it by those guys make the news that -- A lot of money. Okay now do you think there's still -- proportion -- players again let off the hook because of who they are in other words you get pulled over Dallas in any sport -- Dallas police officer and an and it's this guy can't do this is this is this'll hurt that. Others are launching an -- you -- I was the first time that Derek -- Drove drunk. To get up no and it up big burst and Eric look broke drugs I've made a but it. Many people that first leg cut PWI. And then outlook and they're not look I've dropped. I know that in that just the general demographic group of people that are between 21 in and forty that are athletes. -- their -- that Tennessee is more for them to drink more personal road. But you know what is -- about the drink drinking and driving which -- you know obviously that's that's a very important because if I'm rich enough well that's the port of get a car have similar driving and is certainly -- about regulatory -- and Monica and I -- millions of dollars a year why the hell would I drive myself. Why don't all of of course as the one to shore up their right well. -- us -- us drugs says thank you about it just don't get that you which -- serve you that don't. You know and that's. But he's not against not just that your drive and want drinking and I'd say it's the assaults you know and it's all that other stuff sauce which -- -- -- you know where it was is worse. Trucks in Framingham chuck go ahead. They buy it going guys good how are you are made I'm doing fine I think that there -- the reason that there is so much. Of this. Guys get arrested and so one and so for that did. It's the it's the -- do the will be what product in. In our culture stuff culture has stopped the and the environment aren't that cold. They think it you know that still believe that they feel. That still live mentality. Amy a culture of not knowing the history right and wrong exactly okay well that's that's the I think they know that but it is. This is that. To Tinker Bell cannot yet OK so visit either don't know what's right or wrong or you don't care either way. It's out of his immature these people who should be you know showered with money and opportunity. You know and glory stuff -- gives him and it's you know let's scrape and quarters together all of a sudden you -- twenty million guaranteed. And I can't think that you'd think they would wanna screw it up that's what I would think that they cannot handle. That's the mentality. They didn't have a -- growing up now they've got all this money. And all of a sudden. Wanna shown up yet they wanna show would often ended in mid court about it the wrong way it's a low lower class of people. Scary isn't it. Yeah there's a bit little bit frightening chuck thanks for Cong I got just the lower class to I mean look it's a lot of young people again a lot of money. I've you know to try to justify right you know I'll -- my seventh place somebody who's had no money and that's that's that's me that's me took. But I -- you and then you get to put ourselves you have money seasonal pursing -- safe woke him to make sure this doesn't get messed up on me. They don't spend half of it on legal fees. -- that if that someone just that you know somehow it is when they have tried to rid -- that. Said said -- is this. It's anti simple that it keep can't have a driver though you know what that port is idiotic you know that you're particularly us now places like normal we'll have the money -- John and a card John go ahead you're on Sports Radio WEE John. Exactly as that might call I don't I'm Mara you'll. An important say in our I don't think everything to do with the lower class of people I was in college athlete. And -- displaying its saying that our member about a lot of this wasn't that a provision go to school. In the same -- word mark Stanley one I was able to beat. Kept in check out in -- and that helped you and that's how I think what happened is it's the way that we retreated. I remember in high school what are really what I'm really know why it was good. What I -- the sport -- I was playing and remember that it immediately. Mark fortunes changes are social that there. I lose yeah I was able to cut corners barely able to do certain things and only got worse. I I in my agreement ended up at the university. And then the superstars who came man I'm because. Gotta run but also -- -- -- the local actors the mentality. You don't get a college scholarship if you have an extensive. Director of somebody might have stolen copies to monitor card multiple part but nobody had a -- armed robbery limiting to do what government colleges wouldn't touch -- And then once we got some kind. And yet determine college I didn't want to -- collegiate level. We generated so much money for the university that they -- it. Even worse than what -- look at what's gonna Miami this week we're going on the way you know and all the -- to -- people Obama on the money can't look at how it. You say you got that far without doing anything wrong and the reason you went that -- because partly because -- do any wrong you into the into the college and what all the sudden make somebody say. You know I gotta make sure I have some guns and I carry around with me with a gun zone and I act like you know like record crook when it comes to college would you both agree that most people go kind of wild and college and you're away from -- got some -- with guns Mikey and I'm just talking about other stuff. Are you crazy college it's yard average don't. Checks and balances looked the part you don't play a part of an appropriate share you have made and there's been calling home to your parents. -- can you allow. And college and I mean the world market pulling back from her -- rules for what they want between bankruptcy various scenes and an important played try to win they've practiced. And it included all on the field or on the court. It will we -- we don't think that's -- when. Good to have problems because. -- you're exposed to the national spotlight more than you've got a bit before. Everybody will want something from your everyone's getting you. And in you do not have people around you we're gonna ego check. We're gonna say look I know you we've grown produce and how -- project is not a superstar topic -- the boats are. Put the gun barrel but jewelry to act like your body is not what everybody is a stick it. Who she just wants something that's willing to. College aren't any -- you -- because general rate in. Well there's always all kinds of idiotic behavior that don't that don't go into the realm of you know. Gun violence. Or her domestic violence or hit no woman a or you know. Taken taken a 50000 dollar vehicle and going a 105 miles an hour and a support. Let's get an inequity in practical Opie because you'll page itself -- now you have a whole bunch of disposable income. Are you guys not disposable income you. Left college. Also I mean if you made an approach with out getting your degree you have no idea about money. You have an idle time to I didn't have I -- I mean -- you go back. It's and the way you're supposed to act gives you money so you Begin to emulate the people you did you know that our money and -- come from that note the rock. Roxbury that He brought that brought up. Would drug dealer to get. On -- so what are into the body in -- pro. You don't wind in -- back at it neighborhoods. The people living in the body strength that you compromise at an eight you're sit on the lately about. -- -- -- You get a little color but you have no okay. That that is a rule that applies to everybody that gets a pile of money because otherwise we have made him. But for some people it -- okay now it's time for me to get you know an expensive vehicle and a and -- Anna -- and you know. Nineteen girlfriends and impregnate 212 ball home and and that act like it like that and I don't get it. Well I would take you -- look at the people. Or look at the support system they have if you go back to an environment. Well all the information agent predict these you know it negative. Then that's what -- -- relying on your not gonna -- into biases you know from some of the top financial house is remarkable look into the. Especially early twenties -- to be some decent people in your life will not lead -- down the wrong about the -- couldn't put in jail lets in on Sunday at that. -- -- Like psychology class this evening to a come back to college every whatever you want. And you get we talked about six months of some seven and spirited to a baseball color of -- doesn't even more turned on and I shoot you.

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