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Mike Lombardi, NFL Networks talks Ochocinco, Haynesworth and Terrelle Pryor

Aug 23, 2011|

Mike Lombardi tells D&C why he thinks Ochocino and Albert Haynesworth will be successful in New England.

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Welcome back Dennis and Callahan joining us on the AT&T hotline find out what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. From the NFL network Mike Lombardi good morning Mike how aria. -- good morning I'm great thank you -- -- not NFC executives said to a member of the Boston Globe sports writing staff after they watch the patriots dismantle Tampa Bay third tonight Bill Belichick is done screwing around they're gonna dictate. But not gonna just responder going to react and and dictate how games are going based on this defense is widely held view across the NFL Mike. Well I I think ultimately what he's decided it was that you know he's he's the 34 defense and that teach before -- the nickel defense and more in the short period of time wasn't gonna work out so. In essence the Packers play a lot of nickel -- question your won the Super Bowl so which Oceanic out of New England has a lot more -- France in the based downs and get him a chance to be more aggressive and utilized or skill sets in terms of Albert Haynesworth Shaun Ellis and all the other players that they that for the team. What looks so good the other day in my that we asked the question. Why not do this sooner or what did and they they have bent bent but not broken for years in the 34 they've struggled to get to the passer. They've struggled on. On defense on third down why didn't they go this way than in previous seasons. Well I think you have to look back in the when they -- when they've on this Super Bowl -- front seven wonder is the fourth three of reform was dominant and it was very tough to block in a lot of people that required double teams on but I think last year. You know as you go through the creation there wasn't a lot of defensive tackles this year. You know Albert -- -- becomes available all my -- -- get him now all the sudden you got Vince and Albert playing inside. And that leaves your mind that they can OK if we can database and you get Marc Anderson and and at Andre Carter. And now things are starting to fall in place and the Eagles have taken a lot about. For being capped Serbian for being able to be reactive to the market and I think really what you've seen -- New England do the same thing they just don't take any -- when they do. We -- to have discussed this earlier obviously Albert Haynesworth. That the case has been settled in DC I think Adam shift resources are saying. He will not be suspended by the league do you here at the same thing and in this so Mike why why's that lighted the immediate the league immediately. Decide that He would not face any sanctions from them. Globally has been looking into it I mean this was -- -- chargers the allegations were presented to of the leak starts to take a look into in the Atlantic. When -- -- what happens in the lawyers get involved whether it's a plea bargain -- how what transpires of the police at the reaction and then. Albert had that one situation with -- who are obviously got fired for that. Saw that the league looks at his overall landscape of off the field activities and they take into account of what's actually happened and give them warnings and move forward from where but. You know I think I agree with what Adams and I don't think he's gonna get suspended he's not going to be involved in any in missing any games. And yet Terrelle Pryor gets five games for getting tattoos for a from current memorabilia is that's horrible week and a -- between the league in the NCAA that says were gonna make it more difficult. Four. Rule breakers in the NC a eight to bolt their college teams and declare for the NFL. I think it's the best thing and have draw party needs five games to get himself ready to play the NF -- Michael walked from the -- -- -- they -- the NFL -- think. He can dominate in the raiders might be the best team because so people monitoring for about ten years we won't even know what position quiet of this kind of focused in and move around so. You know I never thought that by game suspension which Rockwell really meant anything because the reality of this is equity ready to play in right next here anyway. Now by using the third pick on Terrelle Pryor and most people said it would be much lower fourth fifth or sixth does that Oakland convinced that he's going to be their quarterback of the future they just take a flyer. Well when you get drafted by the raiders and the owner of the raiders' Al Davis He -- she would He give you sponsorship you could stay in the organization for twenty years. Have never have to play I mean we've had players I worked there for eight years. But we're really not good players but they had that sponsorship and you couldn't get them off the team and so I think Terrelle Pryor went to the perfect place because he's device He -- sponsorship now whether He can play quarterback. I don't know Al Davis has loved to make every position every player to a tight end. So ever since type person to move the type that and he's gotten probable everybody -- titans like and eventually -- seven years from now -- parliament that the president. Five to six or seven years from now what will we be saying about Terrelle Pryor vs Tim Tebow who might have the more productive NFL career. Well I think you know -- problem I don't I don't -- question quarterback and it would be wrong last year mean you know you watch him throw the football it doesn't come off as -- pretty. He's never been involved in the post up at him he's an athlete don't get me all I attempt and He -- -- player that needs to be with the right system and right now. He's kind of floundering in the NFL without sponsorship you know he'd lost the sponsorship would -- What when Josh McDaniels left and they fired just scandals and in the NFL if you don't have sponsorship you can just can't be -- by the -- it certainly -- Matt Cassel. Doesn't have an NFL career if He doesn't step in there with the sponsorship with the coaching and all that he's not in Kansas City is starting quarterbacks there's a lot of guys get lost in the cracks. We've seen them before Rich Gannon went from Minnesota to Washington to Kansas City that He got sponsorship we can't deal with that He has started with the MVP of the league 2002. So it takes a little bit of time for these guys to develop -- that He believed to be with the right situation with the fourteenth. We know that Carson -- sitting out the Mike Brown -- gonna make an example of -- at least for now and not to -- let him sit there and go with Andy dome. Why it was Mike Brown so amenable to sending Chad Ochocinco to heaven has is Ochocinco calls it -- Let's let's Carson Palmer just sit and -- on the sidelines. I think Carson Palmer took action for -- you know Carson Palmer Saddam I'm retiring in the and that put Mike Brown back back against the wall. And I think the reality was after last season that Marvin Lewis was able to convince. The owner Mike Brown that if He needed to get some changes to -- -- equipment needed to. To kind of focus on improvement for and I think ultimately would they be drafted AJ Green that gave them the opportunity to prepare a draft a receiver. There's no sense and haven't chatter around with the receiver -- now we're gonna develop this guy Jerome Simpson came on the start to play well. So I think really the reality of it is all about timing and what Mike Brown it necessarily just coming I mean look I -- -- -- record -- when I was at the raiders He wouldn't trade. You know and then eventually He traded him to the -- -- so everything is related related to time. Do you think Ochocinco is a good fit here Mike. Yeah I think He will be in secret route runner. I think he's got to make sure he's in concert and entitling with the quarterback as the quarterback ultimately is only to throw the ball is -- in the right place at the right time based on the coverage. Which is ideally what you want and so I think he's going to be the right route runner and he's going to be able to win against the coverages because look what we're still gonna get doubled in the slot. He's still gonna be a factor in those tight ends are still going to be a factor so it's going to be imperative for for channel -- -- -- in man coverage of on the right -- Now we've seen Sanchez take adjusted to AFC championship games and the ball which team do you think the better football team gold forward at this point might. -- -- Well I I think right now you know the jets obviously. As you look at the jets you know Plaxico Burress has a great game the other night but against. You know Fred Bennett was the -- of the BB sort that ultimately. You've got to give it a little bit more time and I think what you're seeing with mark Sanchez's. Mediocre seasons but great play all right. And I think that's the lasting effect we've always had you know and so I think if you. Played like He doesn't play -- -- that these two evenly matched teams that's gonna come down to the depth that the teams and it's gonna come down to. What what. Reaction -- measure is played I mean ultimately every team makes -- move after every game. That also the next move and I think that's the -- -- -- goes involved so that people be evenly matched right now. I think it's gonna come out of the depth of both teams. Who's a bigger factor Ochocinco all Plaxico Burress. Well for the jets that had to be put -- -- sick -- -- for Plaxico Burress because no child going to be developed within the office means. There's going to be some games which -- to significant catch. Or maybe just have one catch. You. I think ultimately he's been you know -- when you're in that organization you have to understand it's about the team and so. If the coverage rolls away from the coverage -- -- The quarterback before the ball to the open receiver that's the most common receiver there and I think He can -- he's got to learn how to handle that because let's face it. They've won three Super Bowl and in in doing without -- like a little more without symptoms or they -- move on and you understand that pretty quickly. The general accepted theory around here are trying to analyze Albert Haynesworth is while this is his lost last shot if He doesn't conformity doesn't with the patriot way if Bill Belichick -- him out of the patriots organization. He's done reputation wise in the National Football League his last stop accurate or not Mike. In -- outlook that everybody is. TO had more chances than anybody you can never say anybody's done -- -- Albert. I think Albert gets -- the political bat crap I mean what happened in Washington wasn't always -- fall I mean. Looking Boston 34 defensive nose tackle that but where you play the player. He didn't sign a hundred million dollar cut but it wasn't that small they gave 100 million dollars they gave the tool. And then Mike came in Shanahan and He try to make my nose tackle which is not what -- can do. -- publishing and that the media admit they all they want mom in the media not to but when you -- of people Albert paint work and you really -- the game. It used to beat him on tape. Whether it's 2009 or 2010. Who would every year it is he's one of the most dominating players in the league he's in the top five defensive players in terms of what He wants to play. And peace movement for and He does that more often than people wanna give him credit for. And He changes the game inside. He requires double teams so to me I never really think it's going to be a question of He backed up -- Albert paint with a dominant player He was getting traded to Denver. But wasn't for the patriots come in the last minute compromise so -- it's pretty clear and I think oftentimes players get a reputation. Not really war the -- of the tape on the field. Mike we all saw the tape of them laying down when Michael Vick scrambled around we all know they suspended him because He basically stopped trying are you convinced. If you give Belichick a better effort than He gave Shanahan. I think there's no question that they get to read more into what what happened in Washington in just. You know lying down and I think ultimately there's a lot of times like actually take on all lot of players that laid down I think ultimately. You know he's got to play better don't get me wrong but Jim Washburn defense like go to Tennessee would agree with what -- W here. When you get Albert he's worked so and He understands what's going on and He respects you of the -- gonna -- -- -- The colts in trouble until Peyton Manning gets back whenever that may be. Political and probably would Peyton Manning gets back -- -- -- you know Peyton Manning suffered less on the -- knee injury He threw -- receptions three -- to get 58% completion percentage. You know He He has 79 quarterback rating he's not a good player when He doesn't have camp like -- players seemed to have the training camp. He needs to be able to. To have a time with the team and this offensive -- ethnic asylum to the Boston College to the left tackle the applicable to the time to develop an under defense. Their defense is predicated all about their offense if they get the lead on offense. Their defense is good because now all of a sudden Freeney Mathis can come off the edge -- -- -- play -- -- but if they don't get the lead in the have to play it -- in the mobile -- They can't hold up against anyone. And I know it's a little early to ask this question on August 23 but who is the upcoming blossoming team in the National Football League will make some waves might it be the patriots upcoming opponent Detroit. I think Detroit got a good team I think -- have to keep the quarterback healthy that's imperative that they do defensively their defense front. Very very strong I think they can they can really dominate the game when they get don't want. Because of their their ability to come from the outside would ban abortion because of their ability and silent -- -- and so. I think Detroit. He might have a -- gonna surprise some people that could have received a better team. The nameplate last year the profits -- -- very good I think Matt Hasselbeck will give them stability quarterback something they haven't had. I think getting Vince Young out of the locker -- gonna make it a lot easier for everybody in the locker room and I think sometimes change is always good that a change in Tennessee was neither. They kept had been there so long it needed to make the change so. I think Tennessee's routine that you have to watch out for because they're good -- both offense and defense on. He has my party from the NFL network Mike thanks for the talk the talk -- Our Michael Marty but Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined -- -- what's possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible McCain's worth it sounds like He sold one Alberta. Mean it could be sold now. Because of Belichick because of the guys He has around him here which -- -- and what -- -- checked and I did when it was all He wants to appoint. It is not a positive that it doesn't that's a negative forces He wants to play and it is -- dog. Right in and axis -- think of one -- may be moss in the Carolina game. If you have remember seems. Like star. Laid out and play like you do with hands literally like I literally just laid there are -- -- that. You -- polygamy obviously he's got great talent. And if He played hard every down Tennessee would probably in a long time ago. You know one way or the other thing that kept him. And he'd have been -- first the first pick in the draft not the seventeenth. But you can't defend. Would get in Washington mean it's that was -- apparently two years coaches misused here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you do what you're told to do any of it already bought a split I don't know early to customize -- pay 200 million literally. 41 guaranteed bonus I mean He and to make him almost 60% -- ten years. And they want to play over the senate is that over the tackle. And that is the team's fault yeah. Yet the McCain wanted to see him correctly refused to do X and Dustin Pedroia it was a shortstop all the to a college in this building is. You know if if if He doesn't perform you and the team as the tournament's second. It's a secret. That modern -- but they said played there. That's what should play his comments about Al Davis though what it was like shooter entered the system girls girls and use a a us SEC of the bracket.

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