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Tom Brady talks Ochocinco, Belichick admitting mistakes and Kayaking on the Charles River

Aug 22, 2011|

Patriots QB, Tom Brady, joins D&C to talk about his pre season performance, living in Boston and his run ins with the Paparazzi

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-- -- one -- -- Monday interview with Tom Brady is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors brightening your day with electrical solutions capabilities that can assist you. In saving energy and reducing cost on joins us on the AT&T outline. What's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible reporting Tom. Yeah Jerry's back I'm sure your happy about that. Make sure -- -- -- I know it's sad depressing. Will be certain stuck in traffic behind school buses any day now. Pay talk afterwards discussing this after the win over Tampa -- you said there was a number of things that -- corrected. Would bill be upset this quarterback stood up in front of the media and said we were awesome and we did this well and we did that well we did whatever wanted to do against the Tampa Bay Buccaneers would bill. Frown upon that. Probably yeah. What a -- so yeah. I think there's there's a lot at stake -- -- game -- that we have been following it. It terribly -- element. In the Israeli -- -- corporate over what we are -- better self. I think in any game like that is so on the yacht they're the first to actually get it but. So very different portrait sitting back. -- -- What's the worst thing you did as a football player in that game that may -- we didn't even notice or know about. I I think that they can make. Are at it right at the top and -- they're gonna get you -- but. -- -- the decision loop at any doubt. -- -- -- quarterback the -- very affectionate. Aired out ignored by the medals by the speaker. Are you that -- yet. Watch it -- yeah yeah. Why the quarterback that's what. Applied to a particular place where I was supposed to look. What -- outpost were all at when actually it -- -- you get away with it. I felt throughout. -- watch for market by Daughtry can't allied direct after the game to watch the film that. The decision making about that -- I really wanna focus on the fact that it's out there. What you read other great seasons obviously once -- -- she went. Eighteen know. And that -- eighteen and one but does it feel better worse or somewhere between than other good seasons right now Tom. It that -- -- themselves are they reacting at all about there are some facts yet that we. I know it seems that like. It's great it's are occurring the year with a lot -- where what are some loss outwit the effort with the practice is what you're pretty good practice schedule. On this the first preceding day. They were caught trying to figure out where I think there with it and with -- competition. So we get the -- -- whether it was sack and no -- -- we get a pretty good indication of how we're well we're well. Where we need to get so it's another so you Ers are they were good offensively. And I think it it's perfect also figure out. You know we're gonna be kinda the way in the out of order it. -- to spend any time comparing yourself to the competition at this point I know you you will in a few weeks but you. Looking at the dolphins are you looking at the jets CC and how do we stack up -- and how we gonna do in the division how we gonna compete. In the regular season. Well I mean we know we are competition very well. There are preaching is targeted at particular. Are you won't hear it yet wherever -- There ever so it self out of first goal at the beginning at every year order position that are bad. Well you know -- at the scene or face -- -- in that -- You know I think that that problem itself. I think everything -- it I'm here in the short term poker. Other studies section you're all you're -- insecure place -- that you almost -- -- -- site so forget that particular order but first every year. Set on fire at our place our play. You know at the same power -- -- our son back into. -- Probably don't let it all practice is over -- to -- that which and we need to make those -- facts as. But -- -- order overnight there's a lot of things that leads a group also ready and I. Tommy tolls on a number of occasions that no matter how lopsided the wind is in the patriots favor bill always find some coach -- moments when the film was broken down the next day. Pointing out mistakes the players have made you know -- the quarterback of the defense does bill -- mistakes He has made in front of the team does He ever say. I could have done this better. It does and I think that's like -- the credibility what it can't. It'll say god I'm not that they got bad and I'm more saying that at any if you guys well. It's the same electrical area. At the culture fabric coach nick but either. So hurt that came they operation in their decision making. Some sort of coaching staff or that they're trying to work out saying the players or cannot say. That's why -- Parker really gauge appreciating good. Are you sell out so it didn't. Yeah I mean -- right on each individual players are not only. You know all of course though because you sell about your preparation got a lot of factors. I'm in that respect and it against the patriot that's so we have a lot of our market Jacksonville that after that it. Game plan that could corner I thought of course that we could stand the Erica I don't see that at the very competitive out there that sort stray cat bit. You know we -- we get this darker or -- it before and that citizens can play it here summit but yourself. -- Really overly prepare like you want speaker at a regular seat that's you know -- that they are -- very competitive mode. And I think -- this year has been very competitive. Factors that -- really ought to be out there play that certainly that's -- -- -- there's. Normally -- -- different things as well as her office if you get her out He has been. A real I think it and it's sparking an issue of the center of the audio. L player that -- there. Tom. Bill pointing out technical coaching mistakes that He had may have made x.s and those aside. Would He ever stepped in front of the team and who wouldn't do from the media and say it was a mistake to have Danny would -- out there on punt coverage in this in the with seven minutes to go inept football game. Are gonna I don't I don't I think she got after that I don't I don't think that that's you know he's never worried about it. Injuries. Players are pre game seven -- that you're cohorts plate at the baton and He took -- first trigger then. Eric you know we got kicked in the first quarter and the first -- -- in the fourth quarter. No right here so what about the air. To refute out there in the fourth quarter the first cricket game. Tell her say oh. Rick and Carlos you know he's just like -- nor any beautiful affair but these self. And no one really second guess the coach at this point they know what. Your daughter spectrum that are you know. Circuit -- says that he's he's trying to guess very distracted at the airport. You know -- -- sort of injuries hurt nobody or anybody that you boot and really can't let that out port the standings. You know that's that's that's a softball the -- army accused try to. But the overall picture up what you try it it was the first offer. -- -- -- You're talking about making quicker decisions and more efficient decisions and that's what you wanted to work on this week. Clearly Josh Freeman was making much more instantaneous decisions that you work the ball -- -- who is running for his life from the defense. Yeah they're alert they're alert they're a lot of pressure on the quarterback and when you put pressure on the quarterback -- Match that number one welcome thank god -- possibility that the torture jail we thought they say well we got after the quarterback. So it really fun to -- -- sat by the diet. Out pressure. Norm really that are up or no -- we get them stopped on the mic here are. That we force that that George got that in the wider aspect situation and then goes that's a really. You know all of quarterbacks so -- you got some broader quarterback's perspective the -- I don't watch them. Attack the quarterback or seven of course that they can't fortunate that that's the oldest. That you don't wanna take out and pick Greg our side that really the government is that's good or any any acceptable or. Tom after Thursday's blowout and an anonymous NFC executive told the globe quote Belichick is true screwing around. We saw tonight if that's what they continued to go with in the season is a complete departure from what we saw last season. They're not reacting -- dictating nine no that's probably more. Relevant to the defense but does that make sense to you is Belichick proved screwing around. It is one remote assistance in whatever -- and satellite owners. And players -- first bought my fault here. He isn't vary which seek an -- a daily basis. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- He says. It's great we want there -- Itself when it. These are all saying that we did well this is what we need to. -- -- -- -- -- loose. They'll say or something they'll well we Alex and you'll well enough to win. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Couple days dugout where are from air the next day. No short quit yet saying exactly that figure out -- -- they aren't bad that's terrible elegant. -- -- Or no effort had his coaching -- coaching that you -- -- get our expectations for our. Let you watch a -- there and play our capabilities -- and being solved you couldn't settle for what they are back. I think sometimes it's challenging for veteran player forgot fire got social -- try at all or. Or out every -- let's record or not performing and that -- -- There -- issues. You know that we have continued to. Sure that our elite eight market basis. That are that obvious about go to a job coach back. I think we need you so we can get better -- -- the obligatory Ochocinco. Question how's He coming along come. I think every day that are out there together -- -- less work ethic and you worked in white -- the last. It it better every network or that there are very much appreciate it. Schedule this year over practice -- its lack of OJ. You know every team that's it for every American player -- -- sports shot and it sure that it that it. At a and I thought that the process it's also receivers the -- -- But you know he's. You know they're afraid of arsenic and He wants. A conversation that I output and -- You want the -- so -- that He thought the piece you want understandably want awkward sort of every single -- or out there. It's better so no I think we're beyond -- just north -- -- -- sit down I. -- became a communicate without being out there on the -- but it was great experience for it doesn't think they'll need to go obviously there are saying. -- bad thing. They're mediocre thing from all our self. There -- or work every day I -- He's got learning curve so that by the time the regular season starts were a world where we're where we. Tom I don't know if you know the answer to this question but can we assume the jets' passing attack isn't nearly as complex as the patriots passing attack and the reason I say that. Plaxico and out -- an ankle injury for most of the the practiced Simon has missed it and -- perform very very well last night. On the stage is is is there offense less complex than yours. I don't know they're up and saw another that coordinator at. I'm not sure but I think that's fair. And every passing attack is if there's no doubt about that I think our our I was very unique to note that patriot. Quote obviously to your door -- -- -- -- north which option according. Side I think that picture. I'll bet that is very different at all that -- -- out there if I thought they call them lately so what they do so. Are there artists that. Tom when your kid and you went to the niners games at candlestick did you ever fear for your life when they played the raiders -- -- you all that but Saturday they had like. Shootings at 24 year old man was wearing and F the niners T shirt. Was shot several times in the stomach. He's I think he's hanging on these him. Hospitalized obviously but they say it's pretty scary out there these days was it like that when you're a season ticket holder. Now an area where -- got. Out of forty -- it was like -- don't let -- look at it. It was in candlestick. Yeah I I never obviously. You know whatever like that. They're I don't think that's ever happened out there so it's discourage -- at her for football game. Or afterward they direct the record it -- -- Altria fortunate. And not all of them. Was it is -- the raiders nine does that mix that toxic mix that leads in this kind of thing you think. Amateur hour a lot -- skiing event beyond the other side of the ball -- If they bury it -- are very different place. Let me -- That they themselves. They're they're -- areas. They're they're they're in Iraq or it Michael go back to back you all go. Right now I'm this and this. It's I think it. This -- that I hated VA. But I think -- The level you're. How hated the first very sure it -- -- ever beat you're -- either shooting or eating. That's that's pretty great. Do you ever wish you had a gun on you when your boat ride your bike magic kids in the photographers -- -- has not taken a picture. I have to say we said this -- before you handle that paparazzi better than I mean it doesn't seem to -- you have never gone all Sean Penn on the map you. -- at -- at. First -- our other moments Denver area frustrated. Hey you let it go -- -- could you do to -- her validate. And the ball. They're gonna beat air what you liked about it or would you know were they at this. The very delicate and give them more I think it try to be I. Don't think -- LPR I'll I guess and ask you what they want that there was a camera or video camera. It's just a little public debt and that some -- keep all. Now -- caught -- so I thought there. Well over -- -- our ideas and it's not that. It are you are I try to get the -- they're not they're just enjoy our day -- -- order. And how and you still not where and a helmet I guess I give it credit for that you won't buckle under the pressure and which in Helmand on. But look what some other that cell phone camera footage from the niners game. And the niners raiders brawl is always brawls I mean there's a couple of different. Everyone's whipping out their phone used to be you know that sit there and that may be -- cheer yell -- call a -- probably just the phone say extortion I'm gonna put this on YouTube. -- -- Merrill. There are -- and that's the video cameras and -- so that like every single person ought. Now. Eleanor fight like advocate -- you know our our our camera itself. Faisal a lot of that. -- That didn't that your product I didn't say that you ought. I can't mention all the people pull the phones when you run by your bike computer lets me. We -- we derive an embossed on your bike is at -- -- on a cellphone out that. Now it's about the moral -- -- -- that said He does the thought about it. -- -- -- There are a little orbit are part just thought I'd go kayaking yes but they don't want to and I -- so. -- -- to be out there what it is early handball and metal ball. It's all the necessary place is so much fun to -- here that I'm here at. That's another -- I -- -- Eagles football you bet there's not a better ball properly so it's. -- so it's on the people act. -- you telling me they wouldn't let you kids on the Charles River. In a kayak. I know if they I think they're. Gotta be a certain -- so. We're trying to plot -- say they -- we didn't get that I've opened up. You know you don't -- Oh -- and it pretty massive -- that. It ought to be out there on the chart although not as if not you clean a server thought there are safe -- They. Tom -- -- private placement is no paparazzi and you can take to caves kayaking if you want that arranged. Wallet to hold tight on the air but it would -- can we you can make this arrangement that was Stacey very -- nobody would even know were there. And you can take kids out all right quarterback question of the week brought to you by auto trader now compare brand spanking new -- special offers side by side and auto trader dot com. You've heard this stumble we have PGA champion -- Bradley on last week easiest to sports fantasies He wants to fulfill number one. Brought the first pitch at Fenway Park which we have arranged to Larry Lucchino the other player round of golf with Tom Brady is that doable. I tell you where people are really important like also and I'll eat it. In anger or. He said the highlight of his life was your text. I wanna -- -- -- Nicholas explicit Kagan Bradley said you know moments after winning a major. Well definitely the strangest thing that's alchemy was. I got me attack. From Tom Brady congratulating me am I within that -- for the PGA championship and you know trying to be. That sound like a little kid but -- my absolute hero from the government as long that I can remember and it was about the coolest thing that's ever happened. -- in my whole life actually. So it goes -- -- -- player round of golf with you Tom I'd I'd probably play golf during the during the football season correct. Now our that all that's certain activities and I think -- my pleasure believe me I need a lot of I think that cell. So you can eat and so -- at Lafayette that our that the that the it -- -- -- the that I. Portrait. You know what a great victory for Erica and I -- young player. And they're already picked out golfer I love watching golf are so many great young golfers -- What tiger to get back in the back. He's. -- He does make so much more. You know bought her. Her at Gerber offer Norton but -- No we keep the level that -- -- -- apple when He gets back they're that young players such. It's like but also it now. All right Tom good luck against the the lions keep your eyes peeled for that -- guy. -- these dangerous organized. That by. They've played the Bengals a few weeks ago. And the First Lady came out that the -- back -- of the quarterback are on a five step drop kick and hit enter your early. Logan at look I already have their work cut out this week cubic -- player. Our double talk the next -- major Monday. The -- -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined -- -- -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. Our interview with Tom Brady is brought to you by northeast electrical distributors. Brighten your -- electrical solutions capabilities that can assist you in saving energy. And reduced to imagine some little. Snot nose. Kayak place. Workers sent note Tom brief you can't take your children have to deal it its rules. And rules don't rules already inches of boost -- -- put up -- life jacket on the kid yet. -- worked out well that would gut wrenched. Once it starts back it was far too little kids with them probably all one big key act. I mean I'm amazed Tom Brady gets denied yeah. A rental -- hack. Quick yes I do safety and He won't even get way out yours that -- should. I mean options. Please Hamburg. Probably the budget that particular pictures. Like in People Magazine for that matter and the bush have been unbelievable kayaking with gives us is so wrong. It's great -- NASCAR penalized Jack king sol. PG baby electric skip -- -- like -- but they must have them a -- -- allows boaters that'll help and there so by him by them meanest places you can buy them here. -- -- -- And just it's illegal. Thanks. Some denied Brady and and -- though right. Tolerable you don't have the right side of life jacket the small Kid Rock that you normally that's Italy right. -- -- the coast -- -- -- kids out there like boats that have that galactic council right that's right like that make you regularly vote reds beat kayaks does doesn't have got one Tom -- for crying out.

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