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Devin McCourty joins us to share his thoughts about the preseason win over the Bucs.

Aug 19, 2011|

Devin McCourty joins Dino and Kirk Minihane to talk about the victory over the Bucs and his thoughts on how the defense is beginning to round into form.

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-- Friday rolls on joining us on the AT&T hotline find out what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible cornerback for the good of patriots -- according -- how much sleep could be gotten. I got to get a couple of hours. Probably hit through this. This so called console the recovery is. To disable the plane. -- -- -- All right tell what do you think about the defense of performance last night the -- we have patriots in pre season game number two -- a great you divvy yourself. As a team. -- I thought that you -- Watch. One the resist the it was a it. In a couple in their houses. -- often burned on the movement to Montreal law. A lot of beacon and currently -- -- to go to. You know on Google offices and we can keep them on the field. And Begin thinking this is so well executed -- Wanted Google. To do for. -- we know -- been sort of the alignment change up front from the three -- of the fourth three is are also -- philosophical. Change about how bill wants you to play defense not you individually but the eleven guys. How we philosophically want to play defense specifically. Is it less of a bend and break and more and less of a react and respond and more of an attack defense this year. Oh yeah I'll say it says yeah. Some guys some. Better understanding of what we -- doing -- -- Actually this where we want to do an aggressive Jesus. Starter at least. There. Actually. Many different ways. Orders thing about the a browser. There is you never know what -- and then. Right now species of -- a lot of different things. They're practiced it incidences of well. And and decent Butler Butler good to burn them alone and. -- Ochocinco said after the game last night -- failures the one part of machine -- -- Needs some work I'm sure you've -- -- -- practice here so for orchard Richard take on him so far and you know the adjustment he's going through. Well one great thing. -- I'm very the practice in the gears of fruit. He had -- these pieces thereafter. The paperwork -- releases. Is we're going forward is certainly just select the lower level there. All law practice -- Or canceled so. Honest they'll help they'll let. It's like Tivo and others. Second. You can just see how hard he's trying to get in trouble there. That in the -- is ultimately goes. This is not reliable so effortlessly well ultimately. Years. Work -- come on the scene just workers receive possibly -- It. You know period in the U that it. -- Why I'm not sure if you know the answer this question -- recording century defensive back and not a wide receiver but is it safe to say the patriots passing attack is a pretty complicated one and not easy to learn for new guy in the system. Oh I don't know. There's -- -- Outlook and vigilant and alert listeners for the typical. Who have. -- we have this this discussion with some a couple of minutes ago about the -- -- defensive passer rating and how important it is for the past defense overall to hold down the passer rating of the opposing quarterback and our discussion was what's more important to that success. The defensive rush up front or the DBs on the back line what you thought about that. All -- it is well. Wolf you'd care. You world few. I would -- -- as a -- It hit the record. They just that it animal welfare reform that'll also -- -- single. Was a little quick little receivers. They have He is very simple do little effect that was. And in the field. You know great secondary in cornerback terrible period of little ball. You've seen or been involved consult -- result. I think both sides on the compliment each other. -- Chrysler unit here do we do pretty well as far as. Those -- Although apparently the and the secondary use. It and it announces that -- signals that they're gonna get a hold on upgrade right now we have a great group would it was in the Gaza. Try to approval of these -- well. One of those guys -- -- Havoc last night was Jeremy drug mailing in a 43 scheme you know with him playing in the outside their cut this season if if you guys stick with that would you expect from mail. I -- are currently. -- What. He's been -- -- gonna hear definitely definitely seeing there. Just because I don't. I'm excited you know viruses it was -- the -- well -- so apparently so. Well I'll -- in the current -- appease Hitler and -- in Milan these we'll. An earlier blog. About the cases. Hey -- well what you learned about the National Football League in the last year what -- you know this morning that you didn't know a year ago after playing your second pre season game. Oh I just take all -- it was normal. I know a lot of us as a quarterback position so economically bottom all on content what they expect -- went down -- distances. Different situations in the game. I think general those those those -- considered the situation look forward. I think there were mostly true on monitors. Government with a certain here -- More pleasant season. Currently has achieved get a lot of differences in order to emergencies wheel -- actually. Others -- apparently little. Action on the field and it will -- on different situations. Some sort of law practice now that if something is also we're school. And that there aren't there and improve the system. Did you put into perspective how difficult it is for this year is rookie used to try to get up to speed in a new system given the compressed training camp been the no OTAs and all that sort of stuff yet but He sympathy for these guys trying to hit the ground running at ninety miles an hour. Problem that is -- on remember. Listeners just come. -- and to. Just had a rookie there. We -- -- big labels and a brigade entrances on Easter. That the line is never an escalation has thrown out. There and that some of the. And here she is. That Poland. Well wolf that in order -- wolf mentioned meters from an entry and exit. All of that -- -- it does go in the trend in which. Has ownership of world. And because -- terrible summer you don't play football so to. Where -- this strategy that -- if you travel final hole. Well our political organization pretty independent of the very -- as a trial for the football. They -- to -- is you know I was told about certain economic and they gave us platform now truly can't going to be. He started softly we'll start from the same point oh. We hear -- And it poses losers losers -- and through with its earlier now -- -- that He. Are doing a great job that just. Let this happen over the Gaza Australian extra they're trying to make sure that you can work. -- -- -- local on the forces can. You know you played some special teams obviously I was order your thoughts were on the -- hall here on that Danny would in the fourth of course think it was a clean and legal hit. All I couldn't -- it could use could -- little. A lot of where you just services so our audiences laying. On the operational and -- the problems user will. Well somebody's country and low level. How has -- a question for me -- how has -- and a built trying to do for player safety affected. Your ability to squelch their -- And freelance enemy freelance in the system and play the game naturally as opposed to thinking. In my launching in my getting hit him in the head as He defenseless all those kinds of things -- -- process all that in the heat of the battle. Oh I think you're just -- forty. In a series. When they came. -- Deficit this year. You you know you put. -- any theory as to how can essentially -- Again there is present. The -- -- -- players without. And later -- model ultimately learn from the world. -- these forward the click. You click here some -- them would -- personal. I think. You know. Just to regain their practices. And history one of BC's world and it -- this -- the -- and it. -- -- -- I think that this probably makes more prepared. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- People underground. High speed Internet relax and try to think about how that preparation during the Monica. Currently -- -- strong. He's a patriot cornerback Devin according -- thanks for the time available talked it down the road. That according to Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline find out what's possible -- nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible buzzer -- next. And the caption contests will be right back.

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