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Tom Brady joins The D&C Show to talk Ocho Cinco, Albert Haynesworth and what he expects in pre-season game #2

Aug 15, 2011|

Tom Brady joins Dino and Dale to talk Ocho Cinco, Albert Haynesworth and what he expects in pre-season game #2

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It's our first major Monday joining us on the AT&T outline. But what's possible and Nixon's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. Good morning Tom your disappointment over Jerry's absence this morning will be erased by Dale's presence across the best economy. OK you look at what I doubt there are so Jerry -- coward and a are there at. Pay SA as a launching point here Tom how would you grade the success of the efficiency of this this training -- so far He shortened condensed hurry up training camp. Well. I think it's certainly been different church for everybody without that you days are. Generating happened pretty quickly and now no or nobody could really sure -- scheduled feel like you know when that she's the star attorney at the start and -- you know Tokyo airport -- and UKO. It has been around as I said it big content but I think a lot of guys that they don't work yet. You know art would we don't have -- practiced it -- looked outside and make sure that they are well it looks the picture or. You know proper treatment and the Eagles got their but the practice is good. Actually there are so I people they're partners there are many of -- can't block area. An Arab you know you can bet actually oh well and -- you're on a significant products are at that point -- I think we've really tried. Emphasized the importance of that and the guy that didn't. There's there's been a lot of energy out there at the practice so that they are a lot. -- Tommy widely accepted theory is that a veteran team -- -- veteran and successful coach and a veteran and top notch quarterback. As a huge advantage over a new coach with a new system -- a new quarterback is there any flaw whatsoever to that way of thinking. Well I I'm I think we're or else start at the same way we barely got a lot of new players got their coaches are. Were doing different things offensively defensively. So. There aren't amused at the same point that -- can't ever gonna have the advantage com. Rather regular seat not the point that out the best practices at the best preparation at. It's it's not the genes that you know -- edit desert land -- or warriors and that's I think that that that any. Achieved at we're not -- -- -- our if you -- that play it back so what that. Are throwing interceptions bobbled the ball or stop and you know the red area there -- -- not third down those accused are always so. I don't file that I just think that. That's -- that it made out. We always have the vision that Bill Belichick telling you you're not playing in a game is is like Terry Francona telling Dustin Pedroia he's got to sit down for a game. Where UN on the decision to not play Thursday and were you okay what. I know I'm encouraged -- Turkey's coach He goes what you want to do -- I I used to -- -- by a lot more now like you'd get congress battery life that pain that aunt and I do my director for air. -- matter what situation that He told us earlier in the week I -- -- your light so that we're ready to play. And any -- -- -- other night for the game we are planned out which I think shocked probably all of us. Let your outlook or Arctic -- he'll go to go put ourselves and it is so. We make sure that we had a good week practiced that we're ready you're very game during the game back. Ever but He was into the game we are trying to -- -- more on our appealed and the correction after the game so. Our it's still an important part of preparation being out here caught through their written by the game. All the finger so cute in the operationally this article airplay but circuit and hit it -- We saw a lot of shots on the sidelines of viewing Chad Ochocinco together. Were you able to use that game situation as as more tutelage time for Ochocinco. Hey this is what we're doing on this this is what we're doing on that. Yeah certainly an. Audit web sites like that they are now for so long. Another eight days -- they know. Exactly what I again I don't think it I think we're -- -- -- certain place for a long time in He catch him. The way to -- played the game is being quite a bit different than a way to replace. And I think a lot of the other side and understand. What -- think and so we can or gamma and they seek a -- a lot of anger out but out there in the game that don't happen and it just by the nature of you can't practice what Barack you can -- your back that has simulated the yen. That day you have to block -- you have to play together -- practiced together throw that all make mistakes He can make correction. And -- We hit its -- gonna crash course in that. Because we we we never -- -- I think a lot editors and try to get to artwork he's really comfortable out there in -- -- we can both play were a lot of confidence or. Thomas sounds like you're talking more -- even more than just learning the playbook which you know during a conversation with the -- over the years you can explain to us it's very very complicated for the patriot wide receivers. Did you walk us through a specific of a trying to get on the same page with a new receiver like Ochocinco a game situation where He needs to think what you're thinking and you need to understand what he's thinking in the heat of the moment. Chair outburst. The other charge her example where He has a -- call them are three options for about a -- the economic recovery that. So He would look at it could be back. It figure out which is at street to eat Iran based architect Gary Erekat. And add you know. A second report this map I look over there I -- -- where can we change the route again. And you know it that you could get could be parents and then I got in your got to be looked at me and you'd like -- like or you to look at the -- allies say yeah oh yeah and that's the case but it if they're gonna in the street to try not me so. You know I can I can big -- are not make -- better -- a row at that we have also. That's accurate part of you know playing the traditional Malia are that are trying to take advantage or whatever weakness -- indeed that. How would you say how would you say he's picking it up. I mean you don't edit edit edit that you know you you can hope they're. It's it's like an entirely new language -- it would eight what you're doing it since Saturday at very different the way we do here oh. It's victor of the lack of -- crash course we've been out -- -- quite as torture and a half weeks and I mean you've got a base should get rid of all the information He learn over -- You know bought -- and here Edward that you went do we self. It's certainly not easy but he's he's a hard worker. He wants to do -- very competitive. Could really want to be out there are -- you know He wants the ball He watched the practice you want to be out there and it secure right that you really want that viewer rely on it it's been great for the other web. -- You know expert -- that all future corporate very competitive out there. -- -- -- a lot of fun to stray -- to court to take that back because I don't willingness to all the guys -- barefoot or. I suppose that you couldn't be too much happier that Matt Light signed and Logan Mankins signed and it's sold or won't be counted upon to protector blind side. By himself in a rookie season anything you're not happy about. I -- about it looked out that big a market indices in Europe place a couple guys sure. Actually the best prospect -- -- -- to have the work Asia unit Marcel. That vote and come back logo on a large current view a map are shorter deal but I Eric here's this year and accurately. In -- great players they're so good at what they do a the other. There are are there critical players. Eight all and there crater in the locker under that great I'd I'd been lucky not. After exactly a -- But I protect. This year. I love those guys that Obama -- -- -- that Jack -- at the back to rule it out there right why. But it -- -- replied that play together. And more port operator that restrict -- -- -- the life and art are -- -- that life in. You know I thought there were great here at. Oh we need to be great this year I hope we get -- there they'll play their best. Taylor Price opened the eyes of many patriots fans with his performance on Thursday has that been an ongoing theme of training camp how he's looked in. And what we sought Thursday is that what you've been seeing on the practice field. Yeah Taylor Taylor certainly -- at the end of the opportunity to go. He got an in the deep -- late late fractured I got -- -- that -- that it played. -- gets the ball and and it. As it straight here they're really build on our reporter and I think that he's he's continue to work at it. He made -- great catches that I her knack for catchy. Yeah I -- every young player. You know overall strategy. Issue because -- -- behind beacon that there were trying to beat out -- a great look great. The more good place you have. -- doubt that plays out like that players do that so that's -- -- -- stick around because. I think coaches tolerate. You know her younger players mistakes or older -- so. -- -- -- players are tracked it always just make big plays and I think the younger players. That they can make plays but they also have done and the -- they think they need to do better as well. Eric Taylor or contact he's either another guy that's critical to work. But you know you've got -- you've got to continue -- -- go out orbit as well and I think all. Our agency. On the topic of mistakes last year you threw four interceptions in almost 500 pass attempts your interception rate was zero point 8%. Is it realistic to expect you could do that again. I our culture so I don't think I thought they are try to brought to you in the other collectors who at all. They're not a lot and it poured over the years I think are trying to get a better job particularly at all because. Her overt more than any after the game early cut back where -- where there -- all the time because it. You know let's just say it. You know come up with a lot of -- -- but. If you can't carelessly hit the ball away at the defense has forced the turnover. And make it plays bite you it carelessly -- you but all. Dot com trying to make do great on science He recovered not owning the place where shouldn't be brought all our -- all livelier. That's a -- apart. Not -- experience so here that I had it under there -- strictly the cooperative that I. I'm not -- logic I. -- they're they're they're maybe better option on the play. And I are here at the game we didn't expect a -- take -- or we technically better record for turnovers. According to actually never get it all up I think doubt that the -- quiet. -- we're making a separate primary and respect -- -- or all over it. -- we we got to continue that trajectory here earlier where there. Are you always protect the football in the preceding game and weight belt. We've got to we've got to go about it because that's that's going to be extremely important over the course that whether we -- Dellucci game. Thomas was gonna ask you how long. Was it before you start throwing up in your mouth after the jets' loss and -- enough that the interview -- beast haven't stopped doing it yet and not pick off the scab off a little won't. Looking at 22 significant playoff loss of the giants in the Super Bowl and the jets' playoff loss and I reminded by -- since our discussion on the offensive line protecting you. You did not get the protection from your friends of light in those two losses -- -- been able analyze and figure out and dissect why exactly that happened those two particular times. Well -- I would say that bet. The projection always goes on line where the route running and that they're read the quarterback not. Strictly opt out of partners hardware look you know we extract the Super Bowl. There -- incredible power supply and He only played it in the weeks sixteen game they were they were questioned out of that's what they did note that straight they're. There are color that dominated structure anytime you can do not like the -- done over the years. Without bringing it mapped that then what I Jason Taylor -- able to -- market and I. Extremely important that they get it or. Are sent to make particular lot about that you would normally again. Not that says that they. A relative strength we are hearing that yet they say they are. All right here right don't Alberto. That's that you know that -- eight -- -- a lot. I think we've ever -- here as well. 88. Daycare -- Russia out there pitching that pressure the quarterback that sucked out all the people air -- without -- and they all try to finally to confuse the quarterback. Whether that's -- abstract but as well that I covered that oftentimes -- -- -- At least we gave up a lot of credit when they want. Well I think we go -- of that Eric and understand what it takes the BLP. And daughter -- condition. That that's sort of try to accomplish this year. Tommy said earlier conversation to try to do some new things that was some schemes down there will we notice any philosophical change offensively large or small. But I assume that the tide and are still going to be featured I assume that the short and intermediate passing game is still going to be featured. Are there going to be without giving away state secrets any new wrinkles that will notice by in week 12 or three. Well like -- that we. As an out and we're very much in dark and that I get so that -- aren't we we try to figure out. There we can't sit and I'll try to really attack though and at -- week by week basis that. I know others guys like Robert how -- So you could really heart worker you're brilliant rubella or flat feet and that. On restraint here as early picked up on that so. I ain't gonna be obvious but if they are -- that He always what you. I have very good player very good -- You know -- -- Ottawa area you are able to edit any. You know it. -- virtually any better or for breast self. We we incorporated different orders an offense like Ripley and Shane -- we are all back this year. You're -- chat and you burn itself. We can establish a -- number it yet that he's going to be -- updates about player that we have because that's still that's that's what. What may be good for. There are verbal IRC guerrilla here. Ignored Chad may be very different because check in December and unique -- player so you try to play except mr. except our players. You know you get somewhat Erica -- everybody is gonna run this route because that does not you know that's -- -- not. The best -- -- -- -- offensive support that's something a lot you know we're gonna -- we do it and make their outlook while we have got sent source China itself. Figure out. Where we can take advantage of what we get the first week that the envelop -- it. What's involved in establishing a friendship with guys like Albert -- worth -- Shaun Ellis who have made your life miserable that's opposing player. A power but that's a great question and I. Our our you know have really created a -- You know a new start for so. On that quiet launch yet some athletic yet we're actually. In the same draft class thought they can't have so many times over the years that he's a very intimidating player play get. And I got a nicer if that patriot here's the issue activate that. You. You seem like you view that Hillary they -- that it is very much oppression at all. I'm excited about that Albert you know I have a lot of conversation. -- -- player as well it and he's really look at the have a great seat belt. He's I'm excited to get out there whatever that is what it is -- you you know coach and end. It was really great regret my error -- He felt it and every critic of it He was He will it came with everybody out there and airline. You know work of art you know we can make it -- Well I can only imagine a Bill Parcells were commenting on the a fairly impressive. Quarterback the abuse by Ryan mallet and Cam Newton he'd probably say don't put him in the hall of fame just yet. Oh with -- one game under both of their belts obviously some pretty good performances what do they not know that they don't know yet about this league. Well I think important election -- Taliban are all -- is out you know it just goes. No one good week doesn't necessarily lead to another free every week you start fresh and it's it's a long journey for everybody it and you got to continue to put the work and you got to continue to correct your stakes. And crew on there who won here reconsider. Approval on air strikes so that you -- it very well rounded player so. In any NFL if you make corrections so we do we. And they just they keep coming at you because another normalcy yet no farewell disability as a way to beat they just they continue to just. You know you'd better part of their skin that the try to confuse. An offense so. You gotta try to correct the mistakes that you make your move forward and all I only get good -- -- but they'll put the work that you have to -- -- practice he'll commit to get better. So I looked tired and and so I don't clear right ballot and look both. You know very very good quarterbacks. You know it was part for me that's you know -- -- apparently the you know -- It's it's great to sit back don't watch that scene -- -- that we talked about either. The way that they practiced on the practice field and caught airplay and the lead change it you know -- response from a lot. So well now let's grass for the system and his performance not only -- game in practice has impressed you Tom. I think -- yeah I mean He. Our -- -- my first. My first training camp I mean I can hardly hear so all I'll just sit back and watch and so. -- -- -- You know look ordinary and play and play as much as they -- appreciate it gave it can be achieved. Public stretched out that's what -- -- out about this in the end though. About both those guys that are that are great -- disassociate itself. -- -- good talk and give that last question David Tom Brady was brought to buy auto trader dot com patriot Monday on a roll as you said it's it's -- quickly will be doing it for real very soon. -- operating with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined by the what's possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. Sticks out of that interview with me and he's talked about this before about the complexity of the passing game. And use his discussion of Ochocinco. Needing to know not only playbook but given a certain defense that it can be one of two were three options based on the defense and how they lineup problem. That defense changes and Tom sees it changing picking -- completely different play that was difficult as that is -- to a signal. Promised to keep all of that straight for Ochocinco and beyond -- -- and Andy's in the rest of those guys I don't think there are a lot of dumb successful quarterbacks in the national. Football know if your dumb quarterback you don't stay out of quarterback -- national football league for long and I know we make jokes about the in collective. Guys like Brett Favre another you gotta be pretty smart got to play that position. Our quicktime ought not second rate fault lines are open we'll talk with you on this patriot Monday dale in for Callahan it's Dino de L.

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