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Jerry Rice rips Randy Moss and also calls him lazy

Aug 9, 2011|

The best receiver to ever play the game of football had some choice words about former Patriots wide receiver Randy Moss. Mut and Lou listen to the comments and share their reaction.

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It's one text or my god -- -- defending Randy Moss. Lost texting -- -- -- matches there defending Randy Moss -- we hear Jerry Rice. Jerry Rice number one on our list right around the world last week not one. -- moss might be number one Jerry Rice talked about that today. Up on ESPN radio couple of things He had to say. About Randy Moss and it is lack a work work ethic when He played the national football. If you it was hard to read it swallow because. You know -- not as talented and I had to work harder. And could see a guy looked at my talent and and not know given 100% you know we vote almost like a little slap in the face. But you know Randy was Randy you don't you they would do some great things in the NFL and I'm not sure he's completely done right now because. You know who -- the way down the road a -- that might be in contention. You know might wanna or a veteran like in the coming in. You know to -- -- Randy was Randy didn't work hard enough out Jerry Rice said anything there that. Most people -- -- not set about Randy Moss right utters the -- got a -- Troy Brown saint dame probably most talented wide Shiva and game and race maybe even admits that. But there were questions about it you know maybe you know listen to talent brought him to what I was saying that still think he's the second best wider issue of all time to debate that all day long. But the other town was there and all she did a lot with it. If you look at what He did when He finally had a quarterback with the Jerry Rice had Montana and Ron Amadon -- Korea went from one hall of -- to the next. -- Daunte Culpepper. Okay torn up that -- -- He Cunningham and Culpepper were sick there was just okay that was -- on the turf from Minnesota. There's better highlights there than there are moss and -- want to say eleven years in Oakland. It mean you've thrown in the ball. Intended of this and the guy that might bits or more down there -- days that He went from quarterback to quarterback to quarterback to quarterback where his -- had Montana and young I'm sure that helps your career. I think he's third on the list right now -- a hundred no more you know cut down. And He broke one of my record you know just because I think He had twenty. Maybe 23 touchdowns in they want these. Bill. But it will overall you know I think we'll Randy -- He -- come up with him -- himself. He could've been one of the greatest because you know if He had a worked a little bit harder you know I don't think He wanted to you know did give it 100% bill because you never knew what you gonna get we're ready. You know sometimes you get unbelievable. Guy built amazing guy sometimes you would get guys did you know that David Cook a couple playful. Okay now we get into an area are not sure Jarrett ran as the number one overall but He says they're quote again the beginning of that is. He could go on the grace to be just worked a little bit harder. Given Randy Moss and taking plays off and we -- admit that. Is and He still. One of the greatest ever now what what does He mean greatest people ever greatest. Players ever to -- could have been the greatest ever better than him. City could have been one of the greatest like he's not putting him in that category I'm sorry Jerry Rice may be you well worked 1080 made every cut you made every rep you met every practice. Randy Moss is in that group -- -- she. Of all time right I agree I absolutely agree and better deep threat and Ramos and NFL game change to a camp. You -- question maybe is work at the question effect yet He did. He quit -- team -- -- I don't know what the hell happened this year. Talked his way out of town with the Minnesota get you know it's released after that -- Tennessee is in and show up for the final seventy weeks. Yeah I mean is there's obviously been some issues Randy Moss you know I don't think anybody that's ever talk to -- ever question the town in the ability but people have question to work ethic. They have question is how we can -- get along with his teammates and -- puts -- That has many questions first bellicose. You might have been the most -- democracy revolt on the navy and that's what Jerry soccer but the could have been more. You know Dick could have been more forgiving a 100% each and every time to be the greatest maybe just didn't have that drive future so talented -- When He was role -- use Roland over the net you wanna put the work through to kind of deal may be help young quarterback be great interest frustrated deck and get the ball that was it. It's tough for me to say He waste his talent though may still even amidst all these criticisms of the chair rice and other half for Randy Moss. He ends up in the top something whatever your personal preferences. The top. 510. -- receivers of all -- that would put him in in my mind in the conversation greatest and maybe you said of people get here you when He was terrorist is talking where. Rice admitted they took one of his records and you said over the the sound bite that's -- pissed. May that may listen you joke about I mean this is all wilds would be out announce anything besides affected ESPN just hired them. He's not gonna be doing games for them in and do an out analysis medicis is a dip -- on the water criticizing players. I don't know I I still think -- -- and what He did is an NFL player can you say that you know we dog that He He didn't live up Paul's talent how much. Bettors should be upset about breaking his -- at 183 point two Abbas at sixteen games to address the twelfth. Eight point two touchdowns and twelve games. So yeah me that's like -- know that that's exit disabled several months a video game -- number single season hit record or whatever -- -- -- when He played 137 games now that by a 162 when it played more games it's gonna happen. In ossetian beads that upset about it and He take his name off the -- what DA did but the now twenty to a twelve games I get that a lot more credit -- point 316 if you ask me. I'll we're gonna hear what Jerry Rice had to say coming up out the patriots receiver Ochocinco the first John. Is on the Cape -- job. And guys act like the way and that conversation Cary right exactly right. Randy Moss was a lazy. Regular season player woke character while rapper guy look at his numbers the regular seat -- And at look at his numbers in the playoffs. Look at his numbers in the cold. Look at his numbers against the Steelers ravens and physical. -- You got MBA player He didn't like football -- didn't like get hit it appeared in games that matter. Army could say that definite bonus time here in New England I mean. And that's everywhere little everywhere disappeared in Minnesota they had that great seat in disappeared in the playoffs. 07. And great regular seat and port 82 in the playoffs optic satellite of people literally caught -- final touchdown against the giants that offense only put up for. Key point that day. That was an embarrassment by the off and that it. It looked at the criticism that I have about Randy Moss that the guy was a front runner you know what things were -- really -- Randy Moss and his teams were good everything is perfect around him. He was a different player. When things even got a little bit off kilter. You saw not just take plays off but you walk quickness football team Texas -- quitter and as football -- a -- sent a strong word one music music. But He needed things to be perfect when there was adversity and Randy Moss -- career. He had some issues now I know Jerry Rice the player watched him play hall of -- But no they had two really good quarterback. What was his lawyer and Mercer -- school we can out of a real small school -- -- -- a problem at all opposed seasonally it's it is look at all four -- Washington. -- march -- still look it'll for Minnesota. You know fought pitched seven yards two touchdowns three catches 51 and after that -- 07. It's bad the pats -- -- fourteen OneCare it's 185 -- 62 and touchdown that's -- boy you're talking about. 20095. Catches forty apartheid what is first -- first 56 games in the playoffs. Good night I mean He did have seven touchdowns ought to get 221 yards of two bombs. Nine catch -- 188 yards two touchdowns five -- 127 yards. I mean it's treated early in his career and 9990000. Since then kind of off the map in really performed for the for the patriots in the post season ticket to -- James in a car was going on James and. -- Oh look look look at our share right and I'm about Randy Moss any kind of opinion that tell you Michael Gordon would have an opinion about. You know what where they like and Carter and might that mean. They've earned the right you criticize people. No matter who it is because the simple -- Is that they're the best but what they do -- hear Wright say something about shouldn't even be viewed negatively should be well I'm Aaron not injured right. As the comment about me about the -- -- but it. Are bringing more could eat eat Heatley and why are you all -- I'm I don't think -- should be any argument at the top two are with Jerry right amber those guys were phenomenal. L work everybody here is amazing. That -- they can count Tim brown and a Jim Brown from that it is -- career with the greater I think he's easily read it well I'd I'd. But I mean I think when it comes to -- like you already bought I think he's been. That next discussion where you know anywhere Mike Reid I would and TERRELL OWENS Cris Carter eat large and I think he's in that group Alan I don't think that be considered a light now. You have to listen that the problem is when Jerry when Jerry Rice the zones as you work hard enough and -- what athlete York with -- tells you didn't work hard enough. And the of that that's an issue and I tell you I don't know about the whole -- your local raider fan or not changed with Tim brown and arguably the second best wide receiver and history of football. Absolutely I mean if He wobbled under appreciated guy He looked like that silent about the need to look at. Amber but it really -- -- top wide receivers -- FL history but I mean the guy doesn't radar. A week it's a little -- great -- -- -- almost receivers that I've ever seen in my lifetime and I think did. He's only -- all they -- played basically around the same time the chair right -- we're looking hey you know. Somebody that could be considered one of the great you know be great talent in the fact He did all that without. A legitimate quarterback most of his career I think that. I would -- they got -- Tim Brown is is a good wide receiver in NFL -- -- get a very good career long career. Sixteen years. Good for a very good wide receiver when I put him in the top five I know I can't do that a couple -- season that put him in. Rarefied air thousand receptions almost 151000 -- He fell seven yards short of 151000. He's and a hundred touchdown. And -- -- -- number two overall acts like a tough time do -- enemy's coast bias but yeah I. Now this extra points out is very good in tech mobile needs like that mobile -- -- the raiders to upload Jackson got him troubles got to play. Would you rank -- number -- I wouldn't. Sure I would be -- on arguably me goodnight argue all day long what that gadget Jerry Rice that say about Chad Ochocinco the newest picture -- He could have been one of the great. We'll -- you -- with Ochocinco. You know maybe. It been like that fired under. You know him again to get involved 100% you know because you know value. And workable but Tom Brady you know look great receiving corps. Overall did a good scene so. Maybe this is a Friday evening the good get back. You know go on again and -- appearances give everything 100% so in front no you know in the back of his head you want to win the probable. Better question for him. Work hard. Randy Moss didn't work hard Ochocinco president of a 100% does that work hard the guys that Jerry rice's -- work hard line those guys. You know the question both guys though. Meant to say that's the first thing He says the visit point out that how bad things were -- not I'm not getting a spot to defend -- -- I just find it iiroc and it. Obviously I can play that these guys talks about don't they at all they don't gonna get on a 100%. It was ultra what is right no. Under -- Ochocinco like busy as you guys that that's worked his tail off from day one over the last twelve years you know what it is that a question He admitted last Wednesday at that. Season ticket all the practice those RC practicing for years. Somebody go I getting -- questioning it it is happen to -- you guys -- -- he'd do another -- -- -- I know that's got it worked. He does that give you guys that have been bet that part of their game has been questioned. Mr. with a Ochoa the last couple years is -- more is more ill invested in the brand. Was you -- is He the guy every burst came up when He has yet that I won't be the -- only to pass the ball time talking to Jerry Rice of one learned from the best don't watch film nonstop. Easy that same guy iShares are hoping is this year but He hasn't been the last couple years down Cincinnati we'll talk to Danny and nick. Get all your phone calls next month alone. Talk about the Jerry -- comments. Out Randy Moss taking your phone calls the 6177790850. Toll free 888525. 085 you'll talks in baseball next hour John crop we got talked -- about the gym to only thing. The brought up earlier the fact that Jim -- is gonna get 600 home runs and it's completely. Under the radar we get a crop again and his bully pulpit there on ESPN it's our bank in the trump. Offer Jim -- will talk to a -- it about 130 Danny is in Fall River is next up on the program -- eight. Okay -- gold guys puts up Danny. The dollar public unless -- right hand. I've grown up a 49 act and patriot and I love all night and the that the work ethic of Jerry Wright is there's. Crazy it's like -- this is that work out a little thing that nobody could it -- they'll talk about how. He did He get the crazy is is work out that's why you would that the that you want and He ran Ralph better than anybody. And bit block any Littleton -- when we come back. When it comes up but it route the. Right there be different from what Steve mister rice worked his tail off. -- document. I think that the that it got to talk all the -- I think He might live in the Bay Area because. You got that round and right and you know he's got them wanna do that. Boy yeah that the problems that the promise that I had any was -- on arguably. You know the second best watch -- -- up their top six up seven top patent a ton of offensive categories -- -- wide receivers go but I'm pretty sure you can argument. Mean you know we -- this discussion -- -- people call him tucked in a bunch of people about it that's been talked about since -- most retired and read those first American Brown's name mentioned. Could be up there and He won the top ten but to say and arguably. The second best wide receiver of all time I think that's taken a step to four. We -- right over there. It's emissions over there with more light is on the Mike's not work in the political in my figure this thing out over there would would line. Easily out on an island over here broad global -- -- talking about Randy Moss and Tim Brown. I think it dead one of the caught the callers got their wish some people -- electric and plug it. Pluck him out its fixed it. Isaac Bruce numbers when -- -- what Tim Brown Isaac Bruce has pretty similar numbers is -- on argue with the second best receiver hope I'm. You get -- 151000 yards -- ninety's touchdowns. -- pretty similar numbers He played for a couple of teams during his career. Can't say on arguably and Tim -- he's very good but it's a great debate after Jerry writes the fun debate but number two guy. Nixon a car I nick. I yet I don't. I yes I declined to comment on irony -- I'm pretty young nineteen and and I had to say that -- -- deteriorate however dynamic outlook and so I'm a little bucket put the slide down. And Michael. -- which ones there. And I go I can go urban that they are at going to be experimentally but -- in order to. I've been going to look at one of the best of all targets only the best I've ever -- question -- they cannot stop but He but a pre economical England. And that the best years them in order eater. But I can't say it never got -- in the what I truly believe that. There's not a bit doubtful it's clearly is right now but the that was when it got a bond looked an NBA draft but He -- ago that. Now well -- -- -- who said this discussion before address wouldn't go to the left and right now. The patriot straight -- to get Chad Jackson in Green Bay and that placed a Greg Jennings. I mean you guys don't want to and we we we aren't. It's true I mean it you know it's true but him it would help that's for sure especially -- Jackson as you make the team. Couple years later. You got it. I don't it's gonna go with the downfall as we lost Aikman Emmitt Smith and Michael Irvin. And Jane over jacket but at and Daryl moose Johnston in -- regard Charles Haley He played for your -- standard laws leagues all the fame players. That was our doubtful he's pastor Randy Moss go back to the draft I mean what. There are issues at West Virginia there were off the field things that scared some teams -- -- it and as it turns out more often than not these really help the players to get forced down the draft for and -- still be in. Really good players in a once they get their heads screwed on -- some probably yours in Minnesota. Off the radar there in Oakland came back with the patriots and had one of the best single season all time. Whip Tom Brady and kind of moron -- welcome and then we saw what happened -- gets an -- I've altercation. With either players -- coaches down their Miami he's not here at all outside to go back to Minnesota. You've Gatorade for Jersey now Randy Moss is coming home that that's on one clap video it's so good on YouTube a couple weeks that -- That led to leaks thought it was over Brad Childress inherit the yellow and H other. You go one of the older behind Joseph backs and He -- new coach. Pitino isn't hesitating say you'd need all the radio station he's somebody else you -- an extremely stable. Locker room organization. Coaching staff quarterback. The -- Randy Moss. In any time He didn't have her that scenario every time we didn't have that He went up the deep -- it quit on his team media added here talked his way out. But Nat when you look at his career it had to be perfect situation to get the most -- mosques He was the ultimate front runner. Acute talked about before absolutely and you when you were talking about quarterback Minnesota and aerials. Fraught Reuters there was great I can't locate your fight you're you fell out a trap for what can you give -- -- freak athlete. A quarterback like Cunningham just throw the ball deep in gold -- course worked out well. And He starts get diversity as his question and rightfully so we took plays off He was on the Sabah left sideline early and some of those games I'll go crazy like Joseph bought did. I about Paul -- the fake pull on your pants down their Lambeau Field. Jake gets the criticism didn't take kindly to that any reacted very negatively. Ghost Oakland -- -- He's in no off the map completely. Pars are member and it it took eight rock running patriots scenario. The get him back on track to be an all right that's that's the biggest knock on Jerry writes let's talk when Ambien I didn't work hard. The fact that when it came down to -- He needed a perfect scenario perfect setting around him. To be that the player He always knew He could be and that's the knock. Scott's in Raleigh hey Scott. Hey good morning guys they don't we. Hey a couple of guys region near the judge acting. Break getting strapped I'd like to bring up I've missed that. It's much more recent times they've never heard anybody bring up much to my. I'm surprised I'm down here at Raleigh we gotta keep your place in North Carolina. Opted Hakim nicks and his name is Brandon take. Yeah it was really a second third receiver never accomplished out here -- these phenomenal kick returner. The crazy thing was to me is the pick right after that was healthy player if -- never -- at ACLU across Europe the UP. The very next pick. Let Mike Wallace Mike Wallace came with. No ACL issues that have much more -- number one receiver the same team with Michael war BenJarvus Green tremendous debt that the players the -- and has missed. I like -- talk about it have a great day we'll talk is that. -- I mean the record set I mean it Wheaton gold recent drafts and look at the guys that they've missed the it comes up left and right and we talk about every single team across the country can you say the same thing. The ball players that have missed Mike would rather have Mike Wallace the brits say yes yeah I would rather Jennings and Janet Jackson. Yes yeah I would mean Laurence Maroney on the backs were taken after him some of the guys struggling -- -- -- -- and Barbara. But you can say that every single year. Will say that the real three years from now occupant of the draft in dates older one player explicit direct behind. Like it was the dreaded this down this guys right behind me you can do that every year yet they missed Mike Wallace rated -- -- Wallace. Like all spring player I was the speed got to Mississippi no one thought He was going to be a player he's he's been. And He Roethlisberger been terrific they took a flyer on a Gallic brand taping it was going to be your redshirt and He might be a player that we get down that final cut for the patriots He does make the roster because. Of that the kick offs have been. Really really push back and these guys might not be as important. Woolsey I will go through every draft and find out where the patriots this could do that for four hours 6177790850. Toll free 888. 5250850. John crop next hour month alone it's portray.

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