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Aug 9, 2011|

John talked about how many teams were really in the hunt for Shaun Ellis, if the Jets even wanted to bring Ellis back, his thoughts on the players Bill Belichick has brought in for this season, what type of things Albert Haynesworth will do on the defensive line, if there is chaos around the league as teams prepare for the preseason, how he looks back at Randy Moss' career and if Chris Johnson will get a new deal with the Titans.

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Patriots and jaguars pick up the pre season on Thursday we talk football here -- -- Sports Radio WEEI joining us. On the AT&T hot line ESPN's John Clayton and John you had the story first yesterday. Patriots and Shaun Ellis addict than salary number. You tied into Shaun Ellis surprise lot of people how teams work in the bidding for the former jet now patriot. It's going to be used only to but it may have been a couple others think He could drive that number up there because it took it to. Pretty close the world real Aubrayo Franklin ended up signing with New Orleans which on Roger's number. And I think it's pretty -- -- -- that they figure this child going to be a valuable part of what books to be a 43 defense and you could see that. Maybe 34 days temporarily are going to be at least held back I'm sure they can switch into a 34 but. You can see now to try to get the pressure that they haven't been able to get from the linebacker position they're gonna try to get as many big. Good bodies up front to try to police won the battle the line of scrimmage. Job did you get the impression the jets didn't want him back because they couldn't afford him already to move on from the oppositional. Because the combination of both I think they would like to have them back almost as a courtesy of the when you offer a veteran like that the minimum salary I think you're telling them something particularly somebody. That's been here for so long guide that still goes back to the Bill Parcells days when He made 41 round selections and all of them seem to hit. But I think that when you offer -- 910 which they did. You're telling him something along with the fact that they were tight against the cap of and they had to. And up probably paying a little bit more for Antonio Cromartie and they didn't have a lot of room that at the wide receiver position so I think one with a cap into it I think that. They were in a position where they're ready to move on. John you look at the offseason for the patriots -- science and sexier names -- -- you could say here in New England that we used to -- Ochocinco Alice -- were to bring in Andre Carter as a success a success in the past. He says the failures the last couple years in the post season still kind of -- -- checks skin a little bit regular desperation to get back where they were. Yeah I think so I'm -- -- -- -- what they're bringing in as the guys didn't want guys that had success guys that they know they can do it and He also addressing needs to -- once they made the decision bank based on Randy Moss. Pretty much -- himself off the roster. They needed one more outside guy and so now they get in the Chad Ochocinco. And I think that for years of not being able to find that right pass rushing outside linebacker. Now they've decided okay fine how to we try to redo that lets build up that -- the line and a 43 and. You look at the guys that I'm how many pro bowls and how many great teams and played now with all those defensive linemen that they can acquire and also I think what it does. It frees up Albert Haynesworth. Maybe it's only 3540 plays the game to be that dominating type of player so I really like a lot of things -- doing and I think it's very welcome translate into the postseason. I can you take us back to pains were -- job with Tennessee what. If we get back to that 2008 titans defense would -- -- was arguably one of the five most important offensive players in football. What type of player will we see what type of things will -- be doing -- up front for the patriots. Just totally dominate in the interior of the line of scrimmage and when He wants to be -- on block -- even go back. To what He saw his first year in Washington now that wasn't a great Washington team that was pretty average. But what admitted that they had to put two and three guys on him and so what it ended up doing was taking it too defensive end Andre Carter who course will be play now with. Albert again and also the rookie at that time Bryant Iraq on put in the double digit -- season and this is from a team that. I think if I'm not mistaken may have only had. Like thirteen to seventeen sacks the year before -- they ended up getting more than Taiwanese from just the two guys are playing. Outside of Albert and Albert draws a lot of attention and He can just. Physically dominate people and also too He can get. Put on a quarterback and try to get through those blockers and so I think what you're going to see is more about one -- of what -- saw last year because. -- one of the things that He did is that when He signed with Washington He did it with the -- I'm not going into the 340 cents. All the shut and let you get a new coach Mike Shanahan He says okay we're gonna go 34 you're probably gonna play -- -- Well that's what Albert didn't want now Albert it's what I think it's going to be a defense that -- -- better. And one that He can get back to being sold out. We all preparation is key here for bill Belichick's teams walking into week one here Tom Brady seal the office maybe -- behind. Where we wanna be right now makes me think about maybe are you sensing a little bit of chaos maybe around the NFL some of the teams that maybe aren't as stable as in New England Patriots and maybe they won't be as prepared. For opening week in maybe the football might show. -- we got to do well because of Alcan and not there's been no preparation and you go through the first they practically with the team -- brought in new quarterback coming Kevin cops standing there without. Ice sheet. Right before guests of that -- the -- Trying to figure out okay what player we doing here I've never run this play before and you -- see the thinking process that happened with the Mark Jackson and Seattle you go through the whole link if you get a new quarterback. -- he's not going to be really instinct was dissenters here as the ball hitting the ground like I think you'll see that in the game to. But -- everybody's going to be the perfectionist as Tom Brady's going to be but the problem that does the league has is that he's so far ahead of everybody else just from the standpoint. That you know He knows the standard and can get back to the standard quicker than the team that are making the transition to other quarterbacks. John -- ESPN joining us take a step further we have ten John Achilles injuries reported across football in the first eleven days of training camp is this what the NFL expected did the insiders believe that this was going to be. An injury stricken pre season. Yes I did I put everybody said and that's what's happening now you're seeing -- more and more you'll probably see it happened during the games because. He you can't take an entire offseason out without having the usual training the usual wait -- -- And also to the usual guys that are going to be in the training room getting the proper -- but the treatment -- -- that did not happen the Nazis -- insult. Everybody was unsupervised that's just the byproduct of the way it was with a lockout and now they're coming back in their bodies are going through the shock of what it's like to be a football player and so. You're seeing Achilles snapped you're seeing ACL appears you're -- all the biceps injuries and so I think everybody expected it now we're just getting to see. Randy Moss is retired Jerry Rice and -- argument on arguably really the that the greatest wide receiver of all time that's a pretty strong things He goes on its optimal Randy saying He could have been one of the greatest speed work just a little harder I don't think He always gave it a 100%. How you look at Randy Moss is career in Britain where do you put him as some of the all time greats. -- that he's among I mean look for display I don't I wouldn't say it's going to be a first ballot hall of Famer because we have too many problems in the wrong. Try to get wide receivers and first second third fourth for some reason we think. And sometimes go to decades to get wide receivers and and a passing lane but that's just. The -- voting goes but you clearly have to look at him as a hall of fame talent because He makes to get the cuts down the big play ability. And -- maybe He did take some plays off during his career but He had so many big plays. And you just look at the whole body of work in the talent I mean may not be first ballot but at some point you'll make it and. John people here fascinated with Randy Moss -- Germany football fans are what what the heck happened here at the end because He retires and then. At 24 hours later -- you heard the Eagles and other teams want to get this guy one year deal and at least as of now he's not willing to un retire come back and play. Even though He did send a little go to Roger Goodell saying he's retiring -- anybody buys the fact that he's not gonna play football this year comes down the right situation. And what He was looking at what but the jets didn't make him an offer and is looking at you like Minnesota which of course He wouldn't wanna go back to an Arizona the teams that. Some of the teams that were looking for wide receivers for some of the teams he'd been on under the new wing but. So He didn't like that. Ability and so we just says okay -- I'm -- -- for now. And then wait for the right operative and I -- look at it like the old recruit situation -- and turned down four million dollars to stage Chicago -- He wanted four point eight. They went a different direction abroad and at different center and it is okay fine I'm retired well after couple days He reflects on it. And the because you know what I'll come back the right team that there's all of a sudden. Here's Baltimore calling because of that Burke's injury and they -- I'm not gonna go to Baltimore because pat Burke might brand. I want him to come back from the injury and a New Orleans called an -- it's a rookie. Our second year guy that was going to be the starting center. That was the team that really appealed to the to be the same thing for Andy and He may wait until maybe late August early September but I think -- the right situation in the right scene there you'll come back. -- take away that knowing the patriots there are boys here antiquated fill it Eagles with a dream team what teams out there crust evolved really improve themselves -- the moderator maybe. Last year didn't have that great season but this year has done some special things here and this offseason. Well you mean look at New -- and I'll know -- they've been able to do it and they started free agency with 26 guys that were unsigned. And they've been able to bring back about half -- -- but also to add about ten other players in free agency which I'm just amazed. And I think they've upgraded their team I look at. You know -- being a little bit better now that they were able to keep two thirds of the three guys that they were gonna lose in free agency on the offensive line. And that -- Ray Edwards. I look at Arizona making significant improvement not as important as any team in the NFC west. About 500. But I think when you look at Kevin Kolb and Stewart Bradley and then adding two guards pork chop Womack and Daryn -- I mean they've really helped their team. And so they probably improved by two retreats in Kimberly. The three teams of the four in the NFC west have all helped themselves unfortunately it's the NFC west they still think. John correct Chris Johnson is sort almost tell the guys in football He did not report today in Tennessee to reports are he's lost that accrued year free agency. Does He eventually get a new dealers their chance that Chris Johnson sits out this entire season there with the titans. Well negativity and nobody really does anymore so apple season because I mean look at the of the money you lose and everything else but. -- he's made a calculated gamble and remember. It's not that he's trying to be selfish mean He and the titans are by products of the problems that they have the lockout going up until training camp. Because when you're talking about a complicated deal like this -- -- one where. He's going to be paid is one of the pop offensive players in the league is not a quarterback. What does that number going to be what they've never had the opportunity discussed that number. Mainly because during 136 days they weren't allowed to. So now camp starts you're seeing all these guys snap Achilles tendon snapped a DL. And so he's not gonna come back at like 600000 dollars and say hey. Put me out there's like is that my Achilles dollars but unfortunately. The F the probably at some point comeback. And then they'll get on the big money can elect John Jackson but when He does it who knows. John appreciate Todd thanks -- John Clayton ESPN joining us here on the AT&T hotline find out with possible with the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T. Rethink possible Lou just read you some of the comments that Jerry Rice had to say today. About Randy Moss in ninety seconds you'll hear. Jerry Rice talked about animals keep.

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