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ESPN football analyst Merril Hoge rips Tim Tebow

Aug 4, 2011|

Lou and Mut listen to some comments from ESPN's Merril Hoge in which he tears into Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow. Hoge also went to Twitter to rip Tebow saying saying it is "embarrassing to think the Broncos could win with Tebow."

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You but I have a National Football League today to see if and when it. We get a new ratify it agreed upon CB -- that would start the league year. Out force teams who got of the salary cap and there are teams are way over it as of this morning. And it would allow these veteran players to get back to practice -- -- about practice time that if the patriots and I'm the practice in the morning. Hatred like a lot of teams have pushed their practice back to the afternoon 430 to seven in this case. Hoping they can get the CPA done before then to allow these veterans to practice for the first time and the patriots announced yesterday that practice time could change. But as of 11 o'clock this morning there is no official. Decision reports -- stand up until 3 AM last night but -- the year started get this thing started today Matt Light BenJarvus Green -- these guys in practice today. Starting a league that year you already missed enough to -- You know I -- only -- where we're okay we're -- what that your data at one full week of practices right last year where where they at this point. I can give you the numbers and I might Greece. Still find his patriots up blocked from last year online -- not only did He miss OTAs mini camp in you come in opening of camp. The first week so far you know seven days. If you've had six practices and a day off and of those six practices. You've had a walked two in the mornings and contacts in the afternoon right contractor -- have. Six contact drills -- is five days -- I walked over our fire also at 666. Practices six Walker's we've had a full week right. Make -- do math here you have to go back to last Thursday seven -- and one day off of a full day off in the middle -- Last year the first four full basic camp. He would days in -- morning and afternoon eight. -- practices. It wasn't until the fit their practice slash or they split up -- -- walk through in the morning and then a full practice in the afternoon and needed to -- the first four days to camp. It took five days -- wash you have the many -- shabby OT eight to five days then yet one walk through basically. In nine contact yes full -- -- was last year undersea you know as far as you -- preparation. Got it up to be having that right now I don't the players wouldn't -- been a trying to Ted trying to. Jim entire off season wore on here and at first week Indiana put a day off in there because it's part of the new agreement you know first week. No no you can't have double sessions as far as contact go to prep that there's this leads to near the quality of football you gonna see ethnic early on. In the injuries we suggest is Arif. What four guys -- -- Achilles across or -- injuries yet. You gotta go over really well yesterday should read a -- yes they love him -- into the injuries as far as depth goes. W major concern this year in the in the preparation itself just -- going to be there. Ross Tucker does some work on on serious NFL radio does some work four espn.com. Is predicting that this sept temporal with the worst September of football ever. And He is jump on every single love -- platform He can jump olive it's been radio or TV year. Newspaper point out how bad the football's going to be. And here's look at the practice schedule are you possibly install. I guess -- -- like the patriots feel better about it but if we talked about new teams. And offensive coordinators and being behind 'cause there -- -- personnel in trying to get new guys in in new systems. A new system new head coach new quarterback new quarterback coach. We you have half the amount of practice if you -- last year you -- mini camps and no news. Postings are -- against out of the gate that'll be great thing to watch first month of the season. How those teams that millions of ordinary Huckabee either. The bad teams can be awful. This could beat teams that are that are stable that prepared as repairs or possibly can be. It is going to be other teams -- just absolute chaos absolute -- a new offense down their Carolina. Jimmy -- of the worst quarterbacks in football last year at Camden easiest step in again -- it's officer Steve Smith and as things so confusing I can't figure it out. To get a Carolina team that is awful bring in a new offense having a young quarterback. First for a first pick overall quarterback or a quarterback though just awful last year. The -- Carolina Pitt is looking this year is that Maloney sports investment advising the audience to go under on the win total well a lot Panthers who went on you notice what you -- now I don't know lots of people wonder. That team's going to be awful. -- that they're not the only one by the way it will say Carolina can they like a rookie quarterback closet at the a budget teams across the National Football League AF quarterback problems. MP might not be very good -- teams but it appeared. Never Broncos. Denver Broncos have been established quarterback on their roster which one Kyle Orton. Okay just I -- all exactly -- I'd jump -- -- established quarterback and I think Greg it's April bought he's an established set of L veteran quarterback triples to up okay. In the league. Lately. I've got much jolly bad plays in the -- Alan -- an established quarterback Steve in the stutter. I think He might be and I -- -- F fifth at Miami Merrill lodged in tears on aggregate tech. He got Kyle Orton there. And He got Tim Tebow behind him and the world expect Kyle -- get traded the Miami fans are chanting yesterday. To Tony -- -- We want Orton. Yeah and I say this -- a season ticket holders -- diehards. Yeah Miami Dolphins fans. And that Inspiron -- He was all fired up. I cannot go back to or in Tim Tebow. -- -- -- -- And Tim Tebow is gonna end up being in the quarterback. In Denver -- Hodge former steeler now works at ESPN. Avid fan of Tim Tebow. When you look at people. Same problem and he's worse when he's on the move this -- stolen so yeah it's. Basically He won't be able collapsed MEUs -- the Balkans the most critical moments in games what do they call. They call -- -- their quarterback no passes. And that they tell you what they think like that properly. Because we're better up front and decision making process would be number two. And that may take ten years and if He ever gets there it's gonna be like Iraq where he's just sit for four years. Just to gather how to play in the National Football League mentally. Because he's -- Yarwood said Eagles game the one I went to. Can the last game of the year had some experience. -- predetermined a lot of things. He went on via Twitter didn't stop there. It's embarrassing. Hodge wrote I think the Broncos can win with Tebow -- exclamation points. That -- -- changed you can't change who you are. College credentials -- not -- answered the NFL -- -- species speeches do not work you must possess a skill set to play. Tebow struggles with the. Accuracy. Completely unfair when it comes to their hearts and about here. It's ridiculous if you ask me understand guys sorry three games and his entire career. You know the picks the San Diego game at the end of the year Vegas team in Diego chargers know that that's a big game Tebow sixteen for 36. I did have a good game Moses is really the second is second stark is the first when He played. If they get in there eight for sixteen passed into that much to the kind of protected of had a good game the following week. But -- pick one game is that restarts in NFL. Any silly and picks Boston went to a -- yeah it's his third game in the NF well. I'm just sailor coming -- at the end of the year they got a rookie quarterback starting basically and I say second because he's involved in the game now. What key situations that rely and the guy. Mean I think it's common but this is gonna ask you but the the game in the hands of a guy that's August 2 starts in the NFL betting -- Michael Irvin who appears on these NFL and eggs on the NFL network now we're just bear to speak. Watch the tape. Hodge is on the NFL it's networked NFL ledge matchup show only dozens watched tape you just tape tape tape -- tape you'd think he's got a little bit more background. I just mentioned those games that pot is outlawed the Paton said I can't throw the Koch is dead on about this look at the throwing motion. Look at everything that this kid is gone -- of the things we get about Tim Tebow. -- -- -- you might be good quarterback the National Football League. Accuracy has been awful. Everywhere he's been in that first year everything we saw from Tim Tebow already played three gauge much. Ever we saw. Other pieces that Tim Tebow He went back to go back to college today lot of -- passes very easy to make wide open Florida athletes just better than the other guys in the field across the on the field from them. I just easier to make extra row premature. It to rip on a guy that that you'll start the last two -- three games of the season. Anticipate -- -- NFL and I'm not saying maybe try. It maybe is right -- maybe if He can't change is throwing motion. But I just to give a guy an opportunity -- did He shows He can play in this league. I'm just needed to -- say that after just watching him. To a three games and you wash -- legacy -- -- awful you sixteenth of 36 I give you that charge pretty good team played for summit that at that point. I just think it's premature. When you look at being imminent pure sense of how you must play in this sleek. One thing you got be accurate. He is. Awful as far as accuracy go to work kind of -- -- early elections could probably worse not better and run -- football and thought that He is from the pocket. Can you get better they're a little bit if everything is perfect -- pop -- -- either good -- all your fundamentals for the place the coverage is what you want it. You can be successful -- that doesn't happen at the national football He rarely does that happen. So you'll -- accuracy just that alone is so disturbing that even Cleveland wide receiver during the course of games get frustrated by it. Reach John Merrill Hodge reached on -- Michael Vick and you hold you wanna compare Michael Vick in Tim Tebow. Like compare those -- -- right now yes. Forty wanna compare on the second -- those guys in the week. Because even at that point Lou Michael Vick was an elite runner in -- not only -- -- Michael Vick let's go back watch that -- here in Atlanta but as far as Michael Vick had an opportunity as far as quarterback notes. Sit in a pocket make it past is I can't change -- look last year by the way told football. He change Michael Vick like a more accurate passer allowance don't they -- Yeah I'm admitting yes -- proving my point. Michael Vick was not an accurate passer early in his career He took one look it was an opening tip off and ran. Right. What it looked like last year -- pocket. You -- off the first guy you look at option to look at option three was inaccurate passer. The guy can't change. -- in the NFL most electric player in the league last year changed. -- exactly -- hogs as -- possible to do an NFL but Michael Vick -- the changes throwing motion to talk about nineteen Tebow who you think people rip mix and throwing motion long and all. Waved it do you remember a cut at a college Michael Vick. Okay is a good quarterback college Tim Tebow -- see Andy's. PR spin a homemade. Videotapes. This guy at work and I establish try to fix his throwing motion at the Blair witch with the -- -- project. And it worked with a quarterback -- quarterback coach working on a way to fix a way to fix it at a major mechanical flaw major and he's nowhere near the app. -- Michael that I was greed but when you come out and say actor she's the biggest part of football and that can't change you can't just. You can't it can't change Michael Vick is the perfect example. He's not the athlete yeah he's not -- runner that Michael Vick is but as far as a quarterback goes. He's what Michael Vick was early in his career and now Michael Vick who -- a -- was much more accurate last year's better what the football is a better quarterback. As I don't think Tim Tebow is going to be Michael -- I don't think that ceiling is going to be there. -- come out and rip on a guy because any donated two games and say that he's got to change historic deal that is any quarterbacks and it felt good ones that of people question their mechanics of the throwing motion. If you're a perfect mechanics corporate or emotion I just think can keep. -- we better served a different position the national football I have always group Merrill Hodge on this milk hyper on this. Doesn't possess the accuracy to be a true NFL quarterback or the arm strength he's a big physical presence what it relates back with him Chris Cooley type player. OK want a lot of up out of the backfield catch balls fine. But it you have Kyle Orton. And I think what you're seeing now Hodge the circle back to Kyle Orton in the quarterback's seem the National Football League right now. Is they thought was on the trading block let's get right on Tim Tebow is our guy are they now seeing Alan Hodges seeing that okay this guy can't -- quarter we can't trade Kyle -- We we gotta keep this guy here is now the word is not a camp a week in Kyle Orton just starting quarterback He thought it was gonna get traded. Isn't conceivable the Broncos as He is same thing that -- Merrill hot she's on tape we give more opportunity new head coach coaches to ever exempt. Quarterback what. Okay can we find that out first and -- we found out two games. Can we find that -- do we let the guy -- up there and actually play. Before always are saying He can't do we can we just give it that -- I won't give them at least a few games. It I'm just say we we pick and choose view this guy's a rookie quarterback because got high ceilings awful first year he's gonna be great. This Beckham's on this three games and is good one government -- and two and assays done. I'm just saying give the guy I think it's a strong words to commodities don't kick it -- it's awful it's -- Olmert and with regained mens rookie year. That's all saying. Johnson Hartford He joins -- say John. Yeah I think it's I mean I think. Everybody has their own her baby making compare them that is probably not -- everybody's. Her return man but I think a better comparison is not -- had been young. Qaeda -- -- big time college winners great leader of men. Lombardi. And you know probably could be playing linebacker -- that a quarterback. I I don't think need to get the guy who -- super athlete. And -- you immediately get it done in the Iran seventy yard don't think people or young could do that -- what sort of separate -- I think it you're gonna be out and -- well I hate I don't think yeah or should have been drafted number and there were everywhere in the first round. And certainly wish him well but I think he's gonna have to win hands and Curtis Strange intangible. That that that doesn't need to win. Yet John as I agree with all that in honor of the doubt now to use a first round pick -- lecture these guys that you sit there and say he's quarterback of the future He doesn't of the skill set of the panel that Michael Vick does. I'm just saying come on have to watch that for two with three games and -- he's -- is not a chance in hell. But being NFL quarterback is to -- premature and the use strong words -- just rip the guy. I think I think is -- premature at all. -- It detonated an act and I would not I think Hodge. And it you knowing. -- what guys are gonna Eden and. Which young likes how Ron Amadon -- I don't know I don't like I. And America on a good quarterback got legacy watch that -- got to watch the tape and go through this meet isn't Ron Amadon sort of sustainable over watch golf because. You -- lefty quarterbacks who were questioned early on their career ended up being pretty good. Doesn't Ron Amadon have a natural bond that Tebow didn't young have to sit and wait and He the only young's got a lot -- fell 62 -- got to watch film. The look at a quarterback play they play football. They could beat a player now. Pretty good idea I think a pretty good guy but I also the Merrill Hodgson as you dismissing Hodges opinion I want to -- other opinions. There's the unit remain on the opposite there at Merrill -- says can apply that's it it's over results release them. It's it's premature that's report. They do I think He balls can be great quarterbacking -- I don't know that anybody knows about watching films say it doesn't add up. But at the 23 games to -- beat criticized Google publicly that sports center. It's -- I can never play in the -- ethic is is lower professional right now 92 break right back your calls.

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