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Mets kid announcer calls a Jose Reyes home run on TV

Aug 3, 2011|

Jacob Resnick is just 11-years-old but he's already had the chance to call a major league home run on television, thanks in part to being the winner of the Kidcaster Contest awarded by SNY. Mut and Lou listen to Jacob's home run call which was actually really good and also compare it to some funny highlights from Joe Castiglione.

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Howard Jerry meals blows the call game was such a hit last week we're gonna go back to play game for Red Sox tickets again year. Our Red Sox Wednesday Sports Radio WEE eyebrow 130 your -- or a -- it's. -- sound about right. A chance to one Red Sox tickets to upcoming Red Sox game courtesy giant class we'll do that. About 130 here -- -- Sports Radio WEEI. -- if you knew who Jacob Resnick laws. Before we went to the top of the hour there any due to look up look them up during the break Jack about baseball reference to any follow up on. Though mr. Resnick no. No -- Louis is -- what Doug is based in the first time now that's figured out. The New York Mets. Apparently have a contest on their TV station SNY. Called kid casting. -- can meet the Mets won a contest sometimes you win ticket sometimes you win a little score. Other times when a chance to actually called the game on TV and shake up Resnick. Ten years old. One a chance to call a game yesterday got a chance to hop in the boot can be a kid Caster. And He knocked it out pork. Into cement good. -- -- the -- pitching hand and -- -- What a clean them. Okay yeah. -- Look let me play. -- the in an instant this -- To left field. Pretty good -- -- dumb -- John Sterling over the skip this kid -- the market. We hear the beginning regular calls the home run just the beginning part is. And in good. -- New Yorkers pitching hand and -- It's not so much better than John Sterling. Does sound like man's doesn't feel. Like a. That's good moment. Now we've we've been compared to -- I've got to compare now where we can drag and however this side next call take place as the spring training game. Guy you may have heard of color games four surged. He might be via flash guy DNC's your meter might -- on the move rates that now two outs. And it hits a line drive letter mailed to. Each draw a lot. It's not your income Cleveland tonight. David does when they operate. What should they can meter W it to make it is the way to play Resnick and meter how -- that Resnick you can compare the right -- -- eleven years old mystery you Jerry call and Ron darling all the guys SN YQ and a nice job with the Mets. This kid comes in their -- lies kid Caster contest. -- I haven't I love that. -- you know the pitch. There's a high drive to its hip and back by the -- darling honor. Any right thinking it's the out. Bartlett is a chart and Longoria at third operative left -- and center right fielder was gross. Its -- And it is. Right -- to her. I'd never heard our -- -- charts and Longoria at third property left scenes in center right fielder was grossed. Little messy judgment that it could. Tell tell. Independently -- second -- Right -- growth it is miniscule. Man. And it's your it's good stuff that's good humor and -- yards on. Can't tell you -- out the clock eleven years old it was outstanding and then break nightly and hear the whole thing but then afterwards they show the replay. And he'd like breaking down the replay it was -- ball watch here Reyes. At eleven years old. Like the program packets tremendous OK. It was tremendous -- that. That it does the kid have a swing -- a pop up and of the of that blitzer or that -- is Joseph had a go at it today gave. It's the only finish him off. All of that joke Bob's idol thing in the right fielder gross that is. That's that's it and you look at an island -- a good time -- extra said He just tuned in was that my voice Null. I got a man voice maybe it's ticket president elect a 52 -- -- an -- Way back Y drive it's not bits as the first I heard that. All the move rates. Outs. -- -- -- -- Really does -- have made this week. That's beautiful. We get a -- -- those we just I greets us about the loop Resnick. Is The Hague -- stake -- market's big meter. And do that every single day. Will play the cable Erica island good league you heard it will go back to our problems. Good. Well -- yet another episode Sox talked last night he's this guy it but it fourteen delays. Or rich your chance -- Red Sox tickets with a game we. If fun game -- promise we'll do that and about 130 let's give back to your calls at 617779. 0850. Toll free 8885250850. -- In Rhode Island next up -- little hey Bob. They get the middle of the show you know Beckett sounds like it's like suitable local issues like really -- in which is like a little girl and kinda high pitched voice and the I was like yeah yeah and -- the Waldman. But anyway. -- -- when you get all fired up blue and -- around him being Italian. I've always been nervous -- and blood flopped you know you can't have a rational convocation of -- any kind of you know and because the more available. It doesn't seem Red Sox and yankees fans that at -- world beat up on top players that we will -- adore Robert yankees and He can't do that. Is that thing let me Bob I actually probably give I give the team an awful lot of credit -- -- -- -- -- win the division but by populist games and most people think. In -- by a couple games I still stick by that. I just I'm is I'm just given my opinion that I -- Garcia is any good. Ethic of Cologne can stay healthy I think he's a legit number -- -- the sole reason that that's that's got years of Yankee fans like me Britain's team at all. If you look at it in if you see it the end of the year it doesn't matter what. I'd rather see it's it's gonna be -- -- that the Yankees anyway. So -- comes into into the championship series where you go look at for the first street pretty delicate Beckett -- Beckett Lester and you know depending on the hope of Islam. Of oracle or Iran. Audio let's get together just picked up and then you get on the outside and you have sabathia and you have Burnett. And the when He had a happier and probably Cologne right right. Now it's our right now it's -- sabathia Cologne and Garcia for them you know. And go get a news. No there's no way. But the Red Sox lose that series and then what's gonna have this -- where all you have if it in all just train because it's there if we beat them. The new war at the plate and when the Yankees blew you don't hear anybody call -- Over certain they have they have put democracy they can't call the their fingers are broken they can't call and any of the shows it's funny how that work. It is but you know what if those two teams faced off in the ALCS. Well that He could throw everything away in the throw away the -- -- health issues and everything away. And there's -- -- doesn't Cologne to block their check on this team I mean those out pretty good. Garcia could go smoke and mirrors and it is no way of predicting it. I'm just looking at it when I see these two teams that there they have very much alike. I thought with -- that cleared the and it went to a three and now not as much of an advantage I still think they're better team you know strap me up and Whitney now apparently. Along all right -- the -- -- summit settle at all. He's the eastern Connecticut because they can pick up the Connecticut mom like you wanna know that you get those Connecticut accents. Government so anyway it -- all the for states to get back to Connecticut I was the perfect -- little mix that is genetic knowing that perfect regular literary Jewish don't keep open door there I'll appreciate it Bob it's okay that we can. We couldn't get this back and forth go -- block and turn this into an hour of Red Sox Yankee fans calling England back for -- two very good teams. You do that they play in the post season that -- the F let's get their but it tell them look. All teams are very good big weekend how can I can't wait to get over how can you as a Yankee fan look yourself in the mirror to. And look at Garcia and Cologne. Have complete trust in those two guys Garcia who's just don't jump to get by. Colored and pitched last year Texas that is not a banana -- NH DH shots. Out that's true but where was this guy. An out that that's gonna make a direct our -- -- of four months gob bless him. It's gonna make it to a -- the Red Sox had their -- still don't like it but our -- is Robert starter. And a good. He's still got two very good teams that -- and you'd double rivalries. A steal one from Lou. Meet in the playoffs helps the rivalry these two teams get together in the post season watch out. That's that they need an email -- both of -- both teams are equipped to make it. But I mean -- we can argue all you want is typical period picture perform -- you look at past World Series winners either one and number two. That carries into the postseason ones and -- They have to be a top of their game their throw -- at the throw well. The number three statistically wise and to bested -- San -- yankees indicate much from. Just that it becomes may be somewhat of a little slugfest. I think the Red Sox get a handle that. But nordic get their Beckett and Lester have to perform at a very very high level. It's not easy to win a World Series -- at -- a high level to win the American League -- capable of it. There are also a few other teams that are capable of -- two Tonys on Springfield won a five point five FMI Tony. It looked -- guy down. I'm only your friend you know He -- it's only right now a home below to get in my gym -- yeah at all. Other than that and when I'm watching you don't but I pitch I'm glad to see like apple could have been want to let people out there. Richard about the other guys how ultra colonial went out potential source here. And you just just what good outing of the total value. In all and every match up -- that but what else. And how my body and apparent -- -- -- and it's a reality right now right now we only get a -- I appeared. You'd only get a little -- and call it Republican -- starting rotation. Well Tony I give it a secure little heart in your own team perfectly honestly I don't think it's a sweep I think it's a hard fought series. It won't be brought. Question your local foreign. -- at all. We got Tony we gotta get their -- I I I I -- try to go to your -- be realistic about team let's let's get that forced to -- and play -- August. Got six well was going to be helping who's -- -- be pitch and it's tough to sit here and start and -- winning best of seven series and it. Not only do in Ireland but the wet blanket. -- a -- stage -- second. Next thing you know you don't get -- you wanna go to the entire patriots schedule when it lost one do that you that's great radio that's on all of Europe all scheduled fight a common when they're gonna get. In August that we should talk about the pats and jets. Mission right now that engineered and four out right now today I want talk about pats and jets the area and -- the -- but again what's the rosters first week. But the roster August 2 you wanna break out of a best of seven that. Quickly followed comparing -- -- August 3 Whipple T shirts are keeps that's when we are trying to compared to teams winning right now and -- -- -- -- teams. -- in the post season because bolting going to be as a break it down the -- yes. Two months at a time. The dock around time machine yard eagle back and again that's sports almanac we know it's gonna happen if it is now it's a -- on -- that we could talk about it. Talk about -- talk about a game gonna play -- talk about peaceful calls 13 abruptly they wanna talk about. Angels and Rangers that they get a Red Sox yankees now and I'm gonna play gonna write back to these calls in ninety seconds gonna play game 130 Red Sox tickets. And we come back is that talk about week sixteen of the NFL schedule that's relevant -- I Bartlett is a chart. And Longoria at third profit left -- in center right fielder is gross. It's just --

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