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Jacoby Ellsbury Postgame Interview

Aug 3, 2011|

Game Winner Jacoby Ellsbury spoke with Joe Castiglione & Dave O'Brien after his walk-off, live from the dugout on the Red Sox Radio Network.

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Our best yet I GA Red Sox player of the game -- is Jacoby Ellsbury. And Ellsbury is all set with Joseph and days. Okay thanks John that the house. Graduation in general the we have these lot of rain delays will be. Seemingly have extra inning games -- the -- -- you made that not happen thank you. -- sand and now I don't know -- -- -- take advantage of the opportunities we get on with this core businesses. -- what are you looking for you in that situation with Saltalamacchia to second base you know to Ghana south is looking at some market hit harder than middle and you know -- I thought He broke and I hit first base and He of course that there was a run on -- consulting with a great slide. Yeah I saw you turn around that to look happy at first base who would you think did you think He had all the way I'll just open the throws and a little bit off line. You know us I hit the ball pretty good in that the -- film -- admitted strong throw -- -- great slide. Let's acerbic win that we can have a game on your bat like that and put it away and send everybody home that is gonna be wonderful feeling. How man especially with the delay and you know again kind of Lleyton He does want take advantage of minutes consistently in the game like that you know have to -- to -- -- Kelly -- about -- home runs. -- -- years RBI total of 64 for -- with -- purely leadoff most of the way after that. And the a total bases 226. That they're remarkable. Got to try to take advantage the situation when there's -- is -- what I'm Upton you know forcing this year have been able to Johnson runs. What you really think and -- is what Pedroia thinks all the time you should be hitting third or fourth. Tonight content that effect in the jokingly that but if yeah I mean no it's been fun it's been on all year we're winning games and you know this is. Finally tonight and cars very strong pitch seeing him back it was very good -- did the did the rain delay probably affected him He had to leave but then how about that. Morales that's a big boost to get a lefty throwing that hard -- our guys are great yeah. You know you -- take advantage of great starter -- and He came in and you know through the new opportunities great for -- and I thought that he's known as breaking ball for strikes and you know -- a nice one for us. At the last the most important question -- are you okay after the celebration because sometimes these cities to get pretty rockets there. Yeah I know I got well I think is buck and I we we both well let and hopefully he's all right but I feel good that's the -- got a lot of drilling don't that I can I hear you bill. All right thanks very much just graduation crowd appreciates you go we.

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