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Should we be concerned about Albert Haynesworth's character issues?

Jul 28, 2011|

Albert Haynesworth has had a history of character issues and has been known to be a selfish player so Lou and Mut chat about if they think the defensive tackle can adhere to the Patriots way.

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-- might go Shanahan last night and were in the process of require a process of -- worth. But there's that's not complete yet so there really isn't too much I can't really comment on that at this point until it's. It's completed if it does get completed so now we'll see how that goes. Upset of the -- is Bill Belichick even mentioning Albert means were named that opening press conference today. And He did there working on the deal that more are expected to get done and Albert means were to be hearing fifth round pick in 2013. To go to the Redskins is there another move looming for the patriots Greg Bedard who was on the beat for the Boston Globe tweets the patriots are working on a deal. To retain left tackle Matt Light could be completed. Later today. They miss out on city -- guy we talked about a lot yesterday Lou He signs in Seattle let -- worked in light black hole you weren't good offensive line defensive line. -- you start to revamp they -- to kick off a walk through today to let little practice tomorrow and offseason officially underway at 4 o'clock today and get even busier cut down day you can start to cut players for a lot of eastern time -- is going to be great. It's that He writes really likely -- Tarvaris Jackson Minnesota. The best buddies there's not a guy like that well would you go to the a black hole like yeah they get three backup quarterbacks -- Carroll guy that can -- what was He pumped and -- that lets him. Pete Carroll motivate players I don't understand you know why these great wide receivers go places where nobody can get in the game ball. You know it doesn't make any sense to me the great news listen we we've talked about before right talent you need Albert Haynesworth is eight. It caught everybody by surprise you know anybody -- on the -- early today that it is no talks but -- -- -- At all. Coming in New England. To be accessible manulife. You know because now if you bring back Matt Light and Logan Mankins is in camp. I'll listen now. A pretty strong you know I think -- offensive -- now it's become a straight -- I like the -- you bring all these guys back -- -- got some depth and -- interpret -- that the work into. Now that work -- it -- we negotiate you know contract with with casually to get that -- download it may be adding some depth there they're adding some depth at defensive line. I think he's worth it -- turnaround will help it pass rush. You still beneath the bodies -- outside linebacker maybe one little wide receiver but we were all complaining -- yesterday -- what does this team done. What do they do that up you'll make it can't keep up -- anymore doesn't excite you will -- dangerous a big name I think Matt -- support addition to negate that. You've spent lot time yesterday talking about this patriots defense and how you add -- turn the ball over but you wanted a defense that was more. To force -- stop teams are stopping defense Michael orgy about the that we set -- that -- somewhere this patriots team last year to your point 32. Out of 32 teams National Football League. In thirty. And third down defense. Already was doubly locked up -- down. Our hands what's gonna improve if these motivated the wait wasn't Tennessee. Eight it going to be 32 in third down defense and Albert -- work here are probably Wilfork and Warren and Mike right. Attacking quarterbacks and free up those linebackers to make plays a lot of great communities looked up as in any look at the team Burton won what do you do -- rhetoric. He's written will walk in the -- that feel good -- In just a picnic I think you'll help elect said He took that complete 180 in everything is now believes it. But it because he's in Washington by far the most -- to play you've ever seen. Okay in his demands at the sign that kind of contract and it's gonna come looking we're team first. You know the get a look at stats that we stepped up the window. I'd be instinct Nimitz you know that meshes well He may not be here right away I wanna point out we talked about the sexual assault misdemeanor that He is facing. That trial was delayed until August 2 which is gonna go up next Tuesday. He's supposed to be in a DC courtroom. After being guided by grand jury in April in connection with -- alleged February 12 assault on a cocktail waitress at the W hotels -- old V. Roof terrace and lounge sounds like a swanky place. Apparently. He took credit card -- it down the chest area of one of these women there and groped her on the chest and ideal that's a maybe he's not the year seasons by the way. She's response I think you had a response that. This that it departure does does -- -- -- -- like black girls. I know what this apology -- upset at a white girlfriend I could tell you the last moment is a black girl she was trying to get with me. The maniac that's of the lawyer says -- here here's your defender is of no here's your defense here's what you say -- the media. At the guy and it'll it'll get the road rage incidents right road road rage. I mean ultimate road rage incidents dating back to this time I believe in Tennessee He had some of these you know and He is a guy like he's he's sort of -- for as a person there you look at that. Look at that by you know when you look at the Wikipedia page and some of the things this guy's done probably not inviting him to -- -- speak to your your cub scout troop. But he's the guy from a football standpoint for fifth round pick. It's a great gamble for the patriots. Especially if one of cute things -- restructures -- deal or beat. You find out in training camp this guy's not do when it -- com there you'll nothing you get a first round pick. That's it out of first not second a fifth round pick in 2013. If they don't the fifth round pick for -- the tight effort that was Alex Smith He didn't work out -- just come -- public dollars were the same. But they have no problems saying you know what we'll take a gamble for fifth round pick in the upside on this I. Is worth the fifth romp in an expert -- -- needs to rebuild the -- extracts from asks with the pats have made this move Meyer was alive and lets them implement when there are not buying that at all and you know obviously it was a Christian Peter Amaechi had -- in saying that -- after the cut the same weekend I find it really hard to believe you know. Robert -- characters. Is one that you know locate my wife just passed away no right you'll find they'll hire any idiot that you would approve it on find them hard to believe a who have done this deal regardless what goes back to how much -- was Bill Belichick able to do Tom -- -- they really good question today. And how much research to do when you acquire guy Belichick -- -- -- everybody. So you look at the track record Mikey and Mike Shanahan. Obviously talked about this those guys several which they made the deal. Jim Schwartz who has a Bill Belichick disciple he's out there in Detroit trying to rebuild that organization He was in Tennessee with Albert means work. Went out or pains that I his best I have to believe and as soon. Belichick made that call or texted or emailed -- communicate to those guys and got a quick snapshot of Albert Haynesworth. And has some sort of idea what this guy is going to be what mental state he'll be delegates here. I have to believe that topic Belichick does these things haphazardly not just gonna bring a guy and I got to leave the homework was done I gotta believe there's a track record of guys like this this Nolan was. Woods far superior than an exit the risk and created some serious value for this guy. You know I mean there is a ton of talent there now grenades were He has an absolute. Beast. You talk about drawing attention offensive lineman with offensive line -- the principal and revenues you have to keep but I had it not just him him and its -- for. -- you can see a lot of pressure up the middle of the best way to disrupt the Pastor Wright pressure right up the middle that's with a going to be one of the straits and his team and it will be interesting to see what other moves they do because this is a huge move and a surprise move from this team. I'm not sure many teams NFL could've made a move like this but Belichick got a track record. If what other so much different club house I mean that's a big difference to me. Indeed there are any great balls in the Bruce -- here in Seymour in here there's just Vince Wilfork. Does it. -- -- It is Britain meriwether and I please say -- -- for Britain to -- was like six I've worn away from a -- I include I warn you he's been here long enough or time or it's gotta say. In that locker room pepper Johnson has a say in that locker room Tom Brady others on the football has a say that the -- is -- to field goal with him -- Make -- going to on the field playing with him just a -- that concerns me this is a young team youngest defense in the league last year wasn't it. Well one year later this is a team that can handle big person governing for the kind of put you know put in this place and -- team first. BC ABC no risk but a mile. That there is obviously this -- the draft pick part of it yeah of course give -- -- for PR aggregate of five million dollar hit. If it doesn't work out if this guy makes the team and it's a pain in the ass that we five week for week three. It there's up I think there's some risk this -- naturally animal.

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