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The 'Jerry Meals blows the call' contest

Jul 27, 2011|

Last night in Atlanta home plate umpire Jerry Meals made an extremely controversial call in the 19th inning, calling Julio Lugo safe after he was apparently tagged by Pirates catcher Michael McKenry. Mut and Lou play a contest with two callers to see if they can tell us if the highlight of the game-ending play was from the Pirates or Braves broadcast.

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Jerry meals blows. The call contest is what your plan right now here I'm not Maloney Sports Radio WEE Allah take callers eight and nine. At 6177790850. Callers eight and nine at 6177790850. Will be competing. Against a fellow listener for your chance to repair Red Sox tickets upcoming Red Sox game courtesy a giant glass missed the play last night. I Jerry meals home plate umpire is part of the pirates and braves. Blew a call it almost like tag ninety -- Looked at the catcher got the gloves on -- a little know. He called on saved the baseball world went crazy bad that summed up nicely tell what happened last night brazen pirates. Nineteenth inning nineteenth they played until two way and the same time the Red Sox and royals to play tonight before. Those fans got settled until two way ample that was fun. There are four holes. Of that play. This obviously pirates. And braves -- have announcing -- part of this. But there's also -- TV and radio and what you're gonna try to figure out from the hone and the tenor of these calls. Was it radio or TV was a pirates or braves correct that's how we're gonna set this thing on the radio or TV is -- -- get the parents pirates or braves make in the call pirates announcer all braves announcer you've got to figure it out based on day. Very short. Clip. And these are four calls from last night's game and you got to try to figure out was that the pirates announcer less. Was that the Braves announcers. Aren't and you're gonna play for a chance to win our guys -- Red Sox tickets we don't wait -- Burger is to explain in the game. -- here I think a 102 clip and big bill both of war of 11 but it -- which team it's from there we're gonna run for those Boca. Yeah they're already. Well we're not ready until we had a two contestants lined up I can't get the two contestants involved to that there. Okay so that's how we're gonna play it again in the play for Red Sox tickets courtesy -- glass. Excellent tonight I saw the play. At initial Wetzel is a horrible call I saw replay got to -- I can't know George -- take a lot crap today. I'm not a percent jury gave really all use that that's an easy I'll call me was He like He saw the side you know you being really was at those needs Yelp call. Julio Lugo crossed home plate for God's sakes. -- and they're even react like I'm safety Justin Daly figured He was out to associate called anyone nuts Julio Lugo gave it away. Who knew Julio -- so played ego Major League Baseball. That's a tough call for the pirates they -- game back in the division now David fight and fight and lighten. As the real underdog. In that division and they take a tough loss last night. We got our guys lined up after Berger got apparently there name phone number. Signed FaceBook account everything else we have Todd -- a car. Body there. Yes I am I had no registry of motor vehicle right now all go to guy who got -- -- times don't worry about half but I got it right right. And we have Sean NA carnation on there was of those I didn't do our producer Michael -- explained the game three guys. And and I heard you know what I without -- -- outrun a pretty good shape I have to go your plan for Red Sox tickets and -- -- -- go first on this while we're gonna play the clip for you guys Todd you're gonna get to -- first. And then -- it's gonna go wolf we'll switch it up throughout do you guys ready. Yet I am I here is. Cut number one of Jerry meals blowing the call. I Todd pirates or braves call I didn't even hear it -- I know you're not John. -- -- -- Probably don't brave man that's I got braves on the first one here shot Horry got a gal who are. I don't viruses they'll let you down for pirates are at this time Sean you're gonna first series again go first on the second time. Jerry meals with a call last night effects in the -- grounded the that is a third baseman Alvarez who started the play -- to act now. Okay. John what are you got. Piracy. It's not pirates or braves are gonna start with the pirate that I want to okay. Pirates in pirates all right we are tune down -- go Todd in the car. You go first series the third call on the Jerry meals planes. -- -- -- -- -- -- I thought that wow dog but He got now on I'm gonna go it play out pirates are now one group well OK okay John. Problem. A little break. Go not cut number four this inside Jerry meals. And -- ever announcing teams on this game how to they see it shall go first there's the odds. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then we'll go. So our guts Johnston press. -- -- and spread braves okay dot. That should be the bridge but I got or Enron I'm gonna say the pirates -- -- and so. -- you've heard before calls -- the room again here was -- cotton number one. One more time for you. Okay. That was -- sports the pirates announcer Sean Paul Sean you got that 11 -- and -- nothing Sean here was up. Number two -- delivery. It's a third baseman Alvarez who started the play -- to. Saying. Right both -- Enron's W. CNN. That the guys pulled -- -- -- to the break that's clearly the break you guys said. Pirates until the southern accent and -- I still -- up and John let's go to the three. That was the Braves and John got that one. Yeah although did so well that's important element though. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- Then we'll go. Donovan makes it billion billion -- right. Yeah I scored one run Ellis Pittsburgh but it's gonna watch John. But here's here's the phone okay -- -- on the Red Sox tickets congratulations. Baghdad graduates are. I here's your bonus question what's this do this is the time this is not the super fun episode tiebreaker they -- He wanted to question just try to be right one more time -- I want to do it anyway. Public career hits guys did -- have in his Major League career close has not -- all I didn't play much my guys I didn't play much Tom Palmer -- today. 250. -- -- -- -- Now we noticed that 250 what was I don't know I was taught that if you want. Talk with 251 yes you are correct sir -- -- -- outlook platoon guy before your closer to. Guys what's prices right now up one dollar -- big head video Bob -- fact not many deaths drive survivor of that league with only having been sick for more than me. That's the markers anybody could double parkers beauties. It's a good thing Todd Todd thanks to play today we appreciate it brought but He -- -- we'll put you on hold zero did you -- stick its congratulations. -- -- Go. -- Texas and Connecticut says He got a -- I'm damn I'm good now. Southern accents kinda gave some of those away what does it crumble on Alvarez estimate generating -- and carry them it's like okay obviously. Pretty close of the defense of daily idle Pittsburgh and -- I you saw all four angles about an mlb.com did you think it was that definitive I know He said from behind we're Jerry meals is looking. You know I was a clear cut -- -- there's a replay you cannot tell. If the accurately gets him or not Jerry meals taken a beaten today I'm not sure it's a fair you should take a -- come off the ball beat him by a country mile He tag of three feet in front of the -- play -- tag death Julio Lugo jumps up. Make it doesn't even -- Dub doesn't start celebrating like they missed that. This if there's -- and you know. He missed the tag now -- just lies in the home no she's out stands up no way and also you Parse a safe and logos now celebrating -- don't know she goes out. And the right call and you feel the -- and you. Not so I'm I'm gonna say -- No safe big cushion to use it would expect them to say. He says it's so law which confidence albeit by a mile kind of crap stack of -- craps like tag tell about this tag them on the chest and make it obvious dummy. That's a bad Tagamet spot why do what it's like tag there. Macon daily how much easier what do they just go boom there you go instead trying to do the old show off like at the swipe tag in my back pocket that's a bad job by the -- and easy easy easy call for no part. Debbie let me see the replay and I'm not sure He made the tag the from his angle are easy on the case Ang goal that's her as she's got a better eyesight that we use an umpire guys -- good at what they do. -- Burgos -- it was a tough call but it's it's an easy one. It'd be called the most no argument whatsoever guys helped de Nadal broke beat him easy tag them of two feet in front of the -- base home plate. He's out easy call that's an easy call. He blew that thing nineteen -- and ending soon. You play nineteen African innings he's cutting into game blown on a bad call and all that everyone a ball park saw. And it would have been an idea of what the other way horrible but once she saw that replay. Didn't you at least have a question whether or not He made the tag on Lugo. From the fourth replay but I'm saying where's He standing. It's the way He concede that it's it's easy want. Easy one tech would have bloodied and says -- from the five -- in your right -- right there. Clint Hurdle after the game Pittsburg pirates manager what does He have to say. He said He never tagged him. I saw tiger was three feet in front of plays and that's sort of look like they're well American -- look inside three feet from playing for a million valid way. This is just when He gets in the game in game tonight deserve way better. I agree within the -- them -- that's an easy call meant. And take a look at from fourth -- boasted that He really He barely touched him before He is standing from. If he's standing from the side you could actually see if the glove hits -- but where's He standing from this no way He can make that call. No way. I think you're just tired played that's a good excuse to in the morning Reynolds -- late. -- in town chief low end he's trying to get home.

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