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Theo Epstein, Red Sox GM

Jul 21, 2011|

Theo joins Dino and Dale to discuss the upcoming trade deadline, the possibility of resigning Jacoby Ellsbury, and everything else Red Sox.

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It's like support. A joining us on the AT&T outlined -- the -- possible the nation's fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible. General manager of the Boston Red Sox the US chief Leo good morning good job and I know you're heartbroken Jerry's not hear details alongside. You know that -- -- let superhero cooperate here and there -- Our -- to hit the -- don't -- your -- gets involved the discussion we've had all this morning it's pretty easy one for for most of must compliment opinion albeit -- see what viewers is. Which -- member of your roster thus far with I think. 96 games played some like that. Has surprised you the most -- meter nominated Beckett. Dale said David Ortiz. I said Redick in the don't have a good when you -- little combo the catching combination has surprised him as well annual -- to those waters forests the help. Yeah act in the united -- just want you know I think. Not. Not to be overlooked at all adapters etiquette that to it you know the contributions that guys like Matt Albers. Really. -- baker are purple and the strength of the -- the suitcase and you can add wait till they undergo another -- -- stepped the popular. Our rotation as well. All the injuries that we passed so go to what one thing that we had a -- they had talked about your normally talk about it. It bullpen collapses snuck a look at this completed patent -- Cup games available for the mortar -- but usually those terms near Los you know Africa there. Or more really is really demoralizing and apparently out of talk about. There's just so someone out there to start -- -- -- game -- We tell children about insulated. And an analyst at us as such huge. You'll notice is somewhat warned that not a problem going to probably look at every and secure policy. Your staff has thrown ten shut outs basically a shot out every six wins. Your your staff has limited the opposing team to two hits on six different occasions. And yet isn't pitching what everybody's looking for a trading deadline anyway. Yeah well you are in there are enough obviously it would be true. The reason they're reaching lecture pitching -- -- -- it it it will require that -- slaughtered right here. For position player help yes the right -- Position -- -- and then also. It pitching it is just so tenuous. And didn't hear enough inspectors and one key injury. So there are pictures and and -- a couple of spots so. It is fine art here in the law you can look at it and -- it it makes him with. And injures their best pitcher. There's such light feel like it never happened -- a lot. His sister content of the human body that there aren't. They bought -- five days and well they're currently it's -- and stay healthy so he's been as healthy and strong throughout the year but -- you always feel more. Feel that answer takes me seamlessly to my next question will the next week week and a half whatever 101214. Days of medical reports on Buchholz. Dictate in at least some former fashion the direction you might go toward the trading deadline. You know help is monitoring the -- in the current -- in -- project you're saying or is important work testing. You know in. Another -- He'll sit and there's nobody we can go up acquired. -- split -- -- -- -- you have me. You know what -- go -- out there. On the club in all of baseball I could name more data acquired that is seen. Diluted via -- buckle -- we're gonna -- So. Didn't you know slower process very very -- and especially quiet -- that is getting better and that period Indians on it now and everyone feel like. Just a matter of time it you're patiently. So that we can look muscle deal. Let him go used slippery. Any sense and so you know let. Let's let's say. And we don't expect this at all let's say the news we're different. You know it's gonna be a little bit longer sure bad effect. Well how we look on the today but now that requires that. A poster replacing. Comes some doubt that -- and I think we have a lot of looked internally are all around I do believe there. You know quiet and that -- gonna come back -- and -- but the car was in fact that there's not -- could make the trademark. Do you think differently about acquisitions at the trading deadline. If your five up verses five down. Yeah I think you know a year. How much competition you her. Security field making. Certainly certainly -- factor I don't I'm not certain security can deal. At this point -- Absolutely running away with it at -- tigers. That your sources that -- in the sport you're not what they're in -- the it real gathered there. Because He can certificate we need to go. All the way and -- still you know we're seeing is that of that because we spent a lot of money is winner -- 2011. Outlet and obviously the current year's. Primary important laundering and ulcers but the way we thought this organization not. Is by attempting to at least some time for the better all the others that always. You know liar on the currencies and try to maximize their chances at that one time on. The long term outlook -- well if you looked at trade deadlines have. And that that made. We didn't trade like you know Jacoby outbreak for example. We're used to come up at the jetliner. Being philosophy. You know there were earlier at a lot of lot of money invested in concert -- piece by. -- It costs so we have so that we're not look -- so we're going to be. Impact players and they in turn your direct -- -- well we made that. Maybe didn't help your club but we're really on the use so long -- last year an example we didn't. We can either move out -- -- -- anything and -- Fundamentally impact their their little mountain treated for -- all marching on that there was the chance that He is stabilized the -- -- positions not 2010. But starting without letting go forward. I think the trick that aren't locked into the improve your organizational outlook -- Most importantly in the currency and not on their awkward for the long haul it -- make the right move or maybe it is the right not move. -- -- The cliche is that play that managers don't decide the lineup players do. Has Josh -- made the decision pretty easy about who should be playing right field right now. The -- -- you can't. Let's not Redick is doing. And you can't in the -- There require. And then they're in charge -- has always. A world -- -- Rica and on the ball some doctors. -- -- -- about this -- player. Is in our system and so it's really let older and outfielder always put playmaker out now feel it pretty fanatic base runner. He is simply a question that option or cut and and prudently. And -- and repeating the only thing mechanics are going up the player. Working the count and it has written. In a position. Let it all out flat and let the natural successor. The outlook where their Brothers and sisters that. I thought that dot about it hundred deterrent out of the year. I really look like electron around for a and that and that it is different now. You can't. Mark sent earners. What -- -- you -- are so strong last year -- market. Gardner sure He is wearing it strikes -- more often and citrix. Yeah it on there and he's been. Really you know a year I don't hear good news for land are batting average -- that you really -- and -- who walked out more than ours so. I think that -- and really excited He -- and now this huge insult. There you go that lineup since. Period in and nick. The order but certainly -- somebody else that went in -- That are positioned to continue to do that. So I think the appropriate follow up to that Theo is that with with red X. Up Tiffany that you talked about the the light finally went on and the production that He is demonstrating albeit a small sample and J. D. Drew struggles. Is it not time for this organization the manager the general manager of the entire team to cast your lot -- Josh Redick in right field for the rest of the season. Well I don't think yet. You know catalog along players completely -- the other that are. You're the -- it. The best team on the pillow at night outlets where there. You don't want players performing so well so Odyssey. And you know may be demonstrating that -- satellite on forum and in other players struggled all year or something. Really -- editor but. You have to give. You know we've always been an organization that is the best players the chance to impact the game part of an active and I felt you know I know it. While it does a lot destruction on the unused -- is about. It is 400%. Currently in Europe and the final out going to be the courts. And the supporters are aren't about to -- -- get the chance Eric Bruntlett again -- let them. You you took a chance with -- Andrew Miller and for the most part with a 41 record at this point I'd I'd say that the chance was well taken. At times like when He walks the basis -- on the second inning of yesterday's game it gets a little frustrating. How frustrating is that from an organizational point of -- thinking if He can never locked his delivery and we really have something here. Load it it's a lot that's frustrating because we -- here. Completely at a work in progress and we really want to be work in progress that benefits the benefits right now and -- and helped the swing game and -- senator the -- that is centuries we've gone around one most important one the bought into restarted fourth but. -- -- -- -- -- long term thing and illustrious progress. And we absolutely see progress even though you know eat. It hasn't been living here. Within certain they're -- -- making a lot of progress yesterday. Yesterday get example. Arms while you look at the -- -- since. Oh gosh that might have been a real step backward are you -- an example our progress where. You -- obviously. We want in the first inning and started trying the ball. -- when He does that. And that's when -- and really. Really -- little bit erratic. -- all walks on the road and here -- covered. Sort of let the ball well there and you see what he's when He let it street -- Start the durable. And isn't that conflicting and it stuck it -- Wait a combination of this mechanic. Or a computer. The life on the -- all the way He treated downward angle on the on the way. And and in the movement that is a knack for getting half the battle. All -- that -- when He really don't let it go hours on the phone. I get -- said after mr. yesterday it restricts law yet. Know that one better in Q4 adding so. And either. He saw Eric here is -- just -- here on the square out here and all the X up up progress that Virginia I think that. As you develop a -- work -- delivery -- about Red Sox second big bubble. They're gonna see more guys blocked and -- and those explosives all around Mosul and have to under assault ago it is his second -- the. -- speaking of young players given the price you paid with young players to get Adrian Gonzales into a Red Sox uniform. Does that make go Redick in case Alicia and Iglesias and middle brooks and -- brought. More of valuable to you to keep around that perhaps to trade understandably is negotiable but because you paid you got rid of you pay its high price are those guys more likely to hang around a little longer. You know what was it it is. Didn't get frustrated here and in. You know. Or an important development system back up their partner is that we're we're here that. Is -- the strategies. In all seasons including the street see at least try to not let impact in the draft. From the decision that England players go read and acquiring players know we're gonna try to build a track exit a lot of increasing it -- yelled -- so that your cell. Arnold bio rap and think we ought to be -- the -- all. We don't the truth headliners -- those where. In the Adrian Gilbert if you check. -- months. -- -- that we know well in the industry starts and allow. We'll really start to pop up on top prospect -- well I think it is -- trick that we aren't the right you know. And currently there we're. Significant depth and volume. And so you know from a prospect that what I think. There we should be able to match up and they can deal. Hello we try to ratchet that it's over the -- that -- so it factors that go into a Celtic where. Limited because. Order. Since you've just admitted that you have a little baseball biased now and again I I can escort to make the statement I think that nobody probably root harder. For John -- even you do Theo you -- lose sleep over performance past and performance future with this guy. On it's the same our players who wanna get the most it is so they -- you know about my future for the bucks less and look at what has me in recent pattern and disaster organization that India obviously. This year we haven't gotten the most -- lucky so -- really gotten most. Several all the players as well their players that we have got the most so we take it as a organizational talent. Is who are performing up to the standards for whatever reason it may be. Q just to -- at the challenge and the packet from. Physical -- or at a mental standpoint fundamental and important and try to do everything we can. -- the coaches listener under. That's helped put a fire in the best solution you can hear these so. Though it look at it as a challenge and as an opportunity to get better. -- -- and -- that much that it's -- about this. Talk about these things. Aren't simply. You know the best remedy and then players and a finding reliable Oakley. Hopefully at least the majority. Of the last glad she starts out there and it's also a lot -- and see and then. And or maybe that this. Urban America says that the citizenry surpluses keep them going in August or. Leo have you or would you consider the possibility of trying to lock up Jacoby Ellsbury to a longer term deal. On yeah I think you know what they are young players. As that we see is that court members of the organization. That's something -- considered -- You know we certainly see your -- your this -- Earth -- talk about those conversations are always behind closed doors that's. It's not secret that. You know we sat down and tried in the path. Want to do that lock up your options and not -- without the -- -- -- and and turned it wants more appropriate time and so. -- somebody that we've long believed it and respond seniors corps member. -- member of the organization of the vote but it around -- certain. Certain organizational standards. I have to -- net -- and we worked hard and brittle and meet those standards that the destroyers and it says losses the world so. We look Cuba is not the one that it'll count Jacoby. Sticker on the where they were really like ours is very should be. Again at least you know the -- But Theo you know that I'm usually good for one stupid question -- -- so maybe this is this is that you can tell whether it is or not if Ellsbury continues this kind of organic power production over the next year or so and He is around here. You see a more valuable a little further doubt on the lineup later in his career that He is at the top. -- -- -- stupid question. Yeah the go to get -- out of I think. They're elected -- governor running order -- us market is something. Really trade you know which -- best -- -- the bottom where. A barrier investors are the really. They didn't make that much difference in the senate. You know I think the key critical -- The leadoff hitters ability to get on base. That's something that. Is continue to improve and He has the power significant. Developers -- that you'll ultimately protect your. And the cargo on the -- not to the level is always. Or accountability that's an -- batting practice. Back in the auto as it is not into the game I'm not we color you vote counted only literally -- bases while. Had -- instinct strikes on. To question you know the outlook 2000. A little. That you need to get a comfort her. The strike zone what that that your strategy to you in how to work yet and our partners already get on -- and mature hitting ability come through and is doable. It is going to see why He continues here on base she's she's very very has don't think he's ever gonna. It'd be not true power hitter in the sense of value Easter -- -- that he's he's under where is the director -- about four. Do you feel you've got a bit of a log jam on the forty man roster and then I'll give you an example if you wanted to bring up Ryan Lavar and weigh in September and he's eating AAA alive. You'd have to make a move to get him on the forty man is there a bit of a logjam there. A little bit again you know -- it -- in the and you know -- partisan games where. Sure look at hurt us that to afford it could operate in and that aren't so I think they've. It's not a huge problem. -- and you loose you know there's always there's always diverted to articulate that candidate. Now though -- the very end Xerox's. Feeling miraculously -- waivers we do have a bit of organizational. Like them -- -- coming at what are you are prospects that are outlook or. On election the forty man roster probably more than me a spot for but. It looked they -- -- well -- And and it was as a competitor throughout the year local. If you the advocate to count the player and a ball. Exposed. And that it is yet if it is a little like yeah. Two or three for the members you're gonna like physical side draft. The reality is that very few players that -- an organization and players back. Most likely in spring training early. A -- problem that scenario where and so. The -- you're happy up to a busy time thanks for regular time to talk with that He backed into the bunker will see when it's all over. Are all right the tentative -- Dennis and Callahan dale and Dellums. AT&T outlined by the what's possible -- fastest mobile broadband network AT&T rethink possible as we -- but -- that would remind you -- the -- watching us on -- and and listing on WEEI as well did you know you can also see us at night every weeknight. Immediately following us and -- watched the best of the NC only on NASA will be right.

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