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John Lackey shows up Terry Francona

Jul 18, 2011|

On Saturday's FOX broadcast, Tim McCarver called out John Lackey for showing up Terry Francona on the mound. Amazingly enough both Mut and Lou agreed with McCarver and they discuss Lackey's body language and if it could be an issue with his teammates.

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Well listen as the scene when John Lackey was removed from the game. Well that you know we understand competition. And competitive fire. Competitive desire. But when you look back it Terry Francona of the way I look at that he showed up Francona. And I don't. You can do that I don't care how mad you are and then after the last standard comes zinni gets the out. And now John is all smiles to me that's shown up the manager I don't think you can. You do that. I'm actually okay Minnesota supposedly is -- good arm -- like today's standard. I -- make sure recording this in the air because I've never out of these four words at the same time. I agree with Tim McCarver. And I agree with him up carver now. -- -- -- Hell was that on Saturday kidney. The I didn't like and I know Francona account after the games today that stuff doesn't bother me I don't look at them on call -- pitcher amazed as before and it happens at that doesn't bother me. I think that was media spin is if it's if it really is true -- he's the first manager I've ever come across in my entire life. That that doesn't bother me that's one of the -- of managers mean I've heard conversations numerous times. Listen next time I come get you on that mound you take the ball in place in my hand and you walk off. End of story if you got a problem with Maine we'll talk about it in the dugout or in the clubhouse one of the few things. I don't wanna hear about the decision is Olmert made. And listen to act is a competitive guy we know that unique it's like that because the -- at that nobody could get it also gives them. You know the plays that should be made a microscope and -- the first inning all these other things we've seen numerous times. But that there on the mound is something you just don't know. Frankel is not upset about it and at this team doesn't get bothered when plays are made based on his hands up Adam. That I don't know what's going on over there's -- first team America might highlight that wouldn't be bothered by that stuff. Especially me especially the manager what you saw said. And we continue to hear the behind the scenes Terry Francona is a different guy didn't use with the media that he's not gonna rip. His players he's not going to go after them via the media -- it's always been that way but behind the scenes. Couple guys decide to bring the -- about his office and explain things as a Lichen and it's a different guy. In that locker room things stand out -- job Lackey. What evidence that we had the Francona has has talked to like about any of this because we've seen him show up. His guys he got -- on the mound against Saturday when he thought upfield behind him should have made a play. And then he gets pissed when. The balls taken away very demonstrative. Actions and emotions towards his manager. Do we think these pull this -- side behind the scenes everything we hear is they does stuff like this and that he's much different but Lackey keeps doing. This is not been a one and done type of thing this has been able a year and a half now John Lackey held ball back with Angel faced east pit stop which social pulled off the mound. In that playoff game. He continues to do so either John Lackey just doesn't doesn't care. Maybe we're wrong about this mayor Francona dot maybe it doesn't care little because he continued to do with it. What are -- -- here like I said I've never. That is is one of the -- he's a manager and every -- ever played for as. You know it gets upset about some like that when it go to -- pitcher now if you wanna sit dancing you know that. It's all highly handling -- don't raise the arms. Local Krejci to -- -- -- -- get this guy you know you're -- -- thanks art walk off demonic all at dugout clubhouse after the game it's a if you gotta gotta give -- an opportunity to. The ought to get that next guy and that's the situations even different if it was four to 42. -- first and second. You know -- exit listen give me opportunities to my game right now the game is its well when he went -- losing this is still my game. -- opportunity to get this third out. Mean we about school a couple of runs you know selflessly you know I get a win that's the way it is still -- -- -- -- just think like that you won't get this -- an opportunity we battled all game long -- given the opportunity get a win. He's out there winning six to four. Could -- he's always been protected you know the way it's I don't want out of what you get this loss you know I appreciate -- battled back at those first couple and -- they gave some beginnings here. Want to take care you hear a little bit ready get the winner at the left you come into the job and we'll go home. So it it just didn't make sense on many levels if you ask me and I think that's but hidden in an all this. I don't the first inning was -- got a terrible second inning but you know the last two starts he's looked pretty good. You know he's he's only one -- -- -- twelve in the third innings he's walked two guys. Struggle fourteen. So the swing and miss stuff is packed. You know and that's you that's you wanna see the overall stuff. -- start off that we wanted but the last two games pitched real well that's shall we should be talking about okay him pitching. Not not him you know talking for according to navigate on him on his arms opinion on him talk to an immediate which should be talked about him on the field. Because the track record you know not always one or knows what to do that well it's one thing if it's a guy. Who may be had a good year and and he's frustrated about -- it taken out of a game he said he's pitched real well Walt you wanna. Say real well as opposed other John Lackey starts that's fine but to me. Five and two thirds and ten hits. On Saturday that's not pitching real well it's pitching real well for John Lackey. But if you're comparing it to other guys around baseball and and what he was perceived as coming into Boston -- we've now seen -- -- is a Red Sox uniform I wouldn't call real well. And ten hits over five and two thirds -- you pulled out of the game you have no right. Based on the way you pitch of that game and the -- pitched all year the show -- your manager on the mound. You have no right to question when he takes out based on your six somebody -- rate up from seven or seven as. You pitched in lose worked real well these last two starts. You know he just it's frustrating. Because -- it doesn't seem to. I want to say -- -- and a baseball for a long time but if it's bothering his teammates -- bothering Francona. -- awards not get across and they haven't said anything to keep the heat on an artist -- years. You keep period isn't -- his. He's very popular guy neck and in a clubhouse today in years. He's a good guy and ally like lack a lot and I've played at the middle five and Anaheim alike the Malawi whose standing on a little bit you know I have to games and whatnot it's. The it would just talking about the stuff on the field in in in in in the press conferences you know on -- feel -- And it's just it's getting tired after awhile you know show of the players -- -- in a Francona. And they can say all they want that this doesn't bother me and we still supporting the court to gonna support and he showed he's a teammate of theirs and they like him a lot. But Sosa from the -- is gonna start controlling -- pick -- up six hits in the first two innings off five it's the first two innings and kind of settled down but it was a 107 pitches. Just trying to take care of the guy you don't wanna get the loss you know you appreciate the fact that he battled and gave you last four innings of the way he'd pitched. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- And I understand Lackey side of it in a sport full. But even that's -- This is the guy Terry Francona that is gonna. About as far as a manager can go to not criticize you was a picture publicly. Having -- almost for a year and a half now disaster. OK the back -- a last year people point the -- -- him being better but based on will be expected from John Lackey. Over the year and a half plus. He has been a disaster in my mind and Terry Francona -- nothing but outwardly positive. About what's gone on what he was a picture that stuff one behind the scenes yet and noble issue this year they -- on the DL they let you get back weather its mentally physically. And Francona keeps going to you. Break what does not Ozzie Guillen he's not ripping it to the public he's not the one of the media and kill India. He's given every chance while their pitch and you do backed him on Saturday. And that was disrespectful. That's what bothered me about a million. As if Ozzie Guillen was a manager. It's -- -- -- happened -- he tells me that press conference afterwards wouldn't be somewhere. Big in this guy's got an area just under seven and I'm try to protect him and he said it up years haven't protected moment and it shows me up like data modeling Ozzie probably wouldn't let him had a little bit but. Or does the right thing you know any and backing him is the right thing he has to do that as a manager. I mean that's what goes on a closed doors is different story we don't need to know that we shouldn't. I'm assuming that there are some talks because at the lease on Saturday it's a compliment to relax a little bit at a may actually take he -- -- -- Lack sick every year and a half I don't crazy though there are plenty of managers -- -- and ripping John Lackey. Could -- pointed out to immediately Aggies up -- -- -- set a bunch of different things that -- directly ripping him. But put a negative light on John Lackey. Could've done none of them. Francona has been as respectful as any guy baseball could have been having been anchored. With a guy like lacking in the salary like like you not born anywhere you gotta put out there you gotta burn innings and yellow -- pitched the. And text -- I don't know much about it. Much slack and give him because of the off field stuff so that's playing into it and they know personally what guys deal with and everything so they're gonna give him some slack it's that sometimes it's like no we we we do give you some slack here just don't. Abuse -- noticed a global abort. You know -- let's start talking about you on the field. There -- -- -- -- -- -- -- the lasting wanna be talking about let's start up from you was a pitcher in what even doing as opposed to. All the other things that we left the discussing which we shouldn't be unfortunate partisan position to talk about. 61777. -- zero wait fifty toll free 8885250. Wait fifty rise -- cellphone pound WE yards a free phone -- the AT&T text line. At 85850. Guys a lineup talk about last night's game you'll want to talk about John Lackey get to your phone calls next.

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