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Minor Details Ep. 15: 2011 First Half Review - Single-A Greenville

Jul 17, 2011|

Several of the more interesting Red Sox prospect performances of the first half of 2011 came in Single-A Greenville of the South Atlantic League, where the Sox' top pitching prospect (Anthony Ranaudo) joined a group of power hitters (Bryce Brentz, Miles Head, Brandon Jacobs) who put up tremendous first-half numbers. Greenville manager Billy McMillon and hitting coach Luis Lopez joined Minor Details to discuss these and other prospects.

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Welcome back to another edition of minor details. In this episode we continue our level by level look at the state of the Red Sox farm system at mid season. In this episode will look at the Greenville drive in the single A South Atlantic League. This is an extremely interesting club for a couple of reasons perhaps the most interesting one in the Red Sox system this here. Burst its the point of entry for players -- to fall season professional ball. Typically the Red Sox shrug -- performances in the short season Gulf Coast League that's rookie level. Or the New York Penn league teams like the Lowell spinners in short season A ball. Since the goal at those levels is typically just to let players get their feet -- for instance last year when price -- struggled dramatically. In all the Red Sox said they didn't really care because they just kind of throw first season stats out the window. It's in Greenville that the team expects to see players start developing an approach. And it's in Greenville that the team starts making inferences based on performance about whether that approach is working. Secondly Greeneville has featured the lion's share of standout performances in the Red Sox minor league system this year. After the trade for Adrian Gonzalez Red Sox GM Theo Epstein suggested that the strength of the Red Sox minor leagues. Was in the lower levels in Greeneville has certainly been indicative of that thus far. Anthony Granada made his very impressive pro debut with a drive before promotion to -- price Brent who meant whoever mentioned earlier. Who was a first rounder last year and miles had it was a 26 round pick in 2009 both posted monster seasons in Greenville before promotions to Salem. Outfielder Brandon Jacobs is also made huge strides while putting up big numbers. And there are others who are very interesting at that level for instance Sean Coyle who was a highly regarded. Third round pick in the 2000 and in the 2010. Draft. As well as as well Zander Bogart's who's one of the Red Sox top prospects out of Latin America and years. In this episode of minor details I talk with Greenville drive manager Billy MacMillan. And hitting coach who we Lopez about the very interesting first few months of the season in Greenville. Here's -- make. Millen so Billy this is now how many years that you've been in Greeneville. It. And how would you describe the kind of the kinds of talents that you're doing with this level because. It seems to me that in terms of in terms of in terms of baseball experience and and how much time guys have spent in the professional ranks you have an interesting array of guys. We're cycling through Green belt would mean is that is that a good way of putting it. Yet for the most part that's that's pretty Eckerd. The range is. Very very little experience. Too. You know guys being in the organization in the Benson for 23 years. But but it generally. The players come through here are young. And -- not only young age rise with his experience. And so. A big factor that we have to consider it is. Experience. In gaining experience in and done we get that through repetitions. And a lot of company product goes through trial there so we may have the continually. Try and waves. -- guys what we expect -- to -- To develop and grow and and hopefully one day help the Major League club to win -- in some ball games in October. So. You know it could be. You know. Over and over going in development routine in the cage. Or development a routine. Proving ground balls are you know opens sessions. By trying to get them comparable could -- in. Repeat of what -- what we're telling them to do on the field. And sometimes it clicks right away. Particularly. It's successful. Win and the guys. Played a little bit longer or had two more experience in college. But I think. In this thing that we tell the guys are different from what they've learned in in the air amateur days and so. It's kind of neat because we really get the -- -- -- a good foundation for the guys. I was could ask is that kind of the what you view as the goal of this level you know in. Once they've you know once they've of course enjoyed some success on the field but also. You know is it basically the idea that at that level of -- way in the Sally league that they should beat by the time they get to Salem they should kind of know. What it is to be a professional. Yet at I think it's a good way to the characterize what we do here we were trying to teach the guys. You know at at their minimum how to be a professional how to go about. Development as a player. And you know. That the fans in the stands here in Greenville date they want victories every night they want us to put. A winning product out there every night. And in. Although we we understand net. We're quick to point out these days development. So. It might be -- situation where pitcher is and it's tough jam. And we've got to got it been hot in the bullpen and well. How's our best pitcher ever gonna learn to deal with with the stressful situation we have 5000. People understand this. If we remove him from those situations. Trying to secure victory. You know. It's only that he it worse when it's 37000. And it's yankees Red Sox he is being game of the week. So. They got to learn how to do that year and and sometimes that might result. All totally -- loss in the game but. Hopefully those those players learned a valuable. Lesson how to play. And and extreme circumstances how to play in tight ball games. And develop that way. So so it it Eckstein because we don't put a lot of emphasis on the winning part of it. But if you do things the right way he developed -- you'd have an opportunity you're in -- -- chance to win a lot of those ball and so. It's kind of interesting dynamic when you approach it that way in and then the players know that. -- development it is Fairmont and and that's what we're trying to get across. We we've talked already a little bit about the diversity of players who come to go through Greenville and I have to admit I was I think there were some people who are kind of surprised this year. When a couple of thought a couple of of guys who competed at a very high level and college. And he ended up in the Greenville rotation and Anthony Renato and Brandon workman because you know the past a lot of a lot of times you'll see guys who have had -- kinds of college degrees. Ending up straight in -- Salem but you know Mike -- made appointed it was important for these guys to learn exactly what we've been talking about the professional routine. And get used to pitching every five days on before you know before they were asked him to have. Push up against you know against higher against the more advanced competition that you start seeing once you move up the latter. That being the case what have you seen what did you see during Anthony were not those brief time in in -- obviously. Yet a great great run to start the year I think that -- Eric during go pointed out that it was you know that it was kind of view you can hold up against guys like Clay Buchholz in. You know and some of the other really good young pitchers who've gone through Greeneville Casey Kelly and died and he was right there with them. What did you see from Anthony -- both in terms of developing that professional process and in terms of what he was able to do on the mound. I think going to Ellis -- And plane that type of competition. Really helped him to develop -- mature. On the field so he was a consummate professional. He did his work. He listened to the criticism that we gave him and he worked to improve on net. And down. You know that dungy can't. Really. Get the full measure of of how a guy's done because we we do. Reliable out pitch count early and and we limit pitches -- thing but but his numbers. Were really really good. And and that you know how how good they come across -- numbers. Themselves but. You know they were they were in it is where you wanted him. To stay out there and gains because he thought he had a really good chance when he lines out there but again for the sake of development in game having guys -- you know. We had to to make some and choices in decisions about diplomatic ball games. So having said that. I loved it ever that they would he got on the mound really nobody's gonna compete -- start to. He was gonna keep us in ball games and any time you can get that from starting pitcher you two really good about -- chances. And down. You know he he took it upon themselves to work hard in. Took pride in in. You know some of the things that you meant that give a lot of umps thought about but you know he's probably one of the most conditioned. Pitchers our staff. And in that showed an -- that enabled him this tip pitches well that he did. And just all around good guy got a couple opportunities just talked to them about stuff away from the field -- and -- utilities and maturity in and that. You know his draft status since signing bonus and things like that have not gone to his head that either be really is that down the earth guy -- liked to have fun and hang out but knows when -- turn it serious but non and real pleasure to work with. In terms of his pitch mix what stood out. I I thought that he had no issues still on any of his pitches at any count. And down. You know being able to prove. You know breaking balls change of fastballs for strikes greatly helps. And down as he moves up. You know he won't be predictable and and that will be a good thing that helped them you know. If he gets into it to count you know. He could throw breaking ball and detergent he'd throw all of his pitches and and that -- when you start. Separating yourself from the competition some times and and he had a feel for that kind of stuff and needed a really good job. We're both Fiat fastball and curve ball swing and miss offerings. Alia and any through hard so you know supposed got to be geared up for the fastball. And just the way. Out front of breaking balls and so. You know everything that he offer is was -- You know it and very deceptive in and deliver the net that delivery but in. And what you would expect to pitches duties. He just kept that off balance. As for us as for workman who you know was a second round guy and I just pitched against Anthony im not in that NCAA championship game in the college World Series championship game. Now when he was in Texas I'm obviously another guy -- was a very very good performer of the college level. I think it it seems like Anthony's you know Anthony's transition was was a little bit more seamless than Brandon and my understanding is that is that. Brandon who had a really good -- in college. That's a pitch that you guys don't have minor leaguers throw is is that was third transition for him to make based on the fact that. You know that he was kind of working with different weapons than he didn't college. All I think I think the thing about brand -- it is he had a couple of it Justine outing that day. -- and whose numbers are -- Very deceptive he hit a couple outings where. Offensively we scored a lot of runs so he would sit on the bench for a long time and when he went back out he just wasn't sharp. And as he was -- as we hoped. And so things like that I think affected him more so than changing. The selection of pitches that are there were variety of pitches that he had. So he is he is grown a little in that area and but the much better job. Of Spain involved in Spain in the games and stuff. So I think that is that I think it kinda. You can look on Wednesday affected him more than it -- it to the other. Pitchers but -- He he has a lot of confidence. And you can see that out there field B he's a competitor out there and I think that's probably his biggest. -- is that the down. He competes every single day in and he wants the ball and and and that's what you want guys to that bring to the mound. -- down that Spears that that competitive Tuesday he has really an NC. He he has very good walks numbers for a guy who's in his first year pro ball sometimes you see you know takes a little while fair. First you know for control to settle him on the way that he has what. But what is he like to attack the strike zone with. In that I think guns one thing that organizationally. Is. -- talked about is the status in the fastball so. He's been able threw his fastball to both sides of the plate. And and need an elevator at times when way in this situation dictates it so. That has been really key for him to be able to. You know through fastball and getting paid so that he can start introducing. The figured it they had. And so I think that that is the big thing is that you know. He hated fastball and then able to introduce and expand and do so the pitches expand strike zone has been. Victory. Ends another guy who who's kind of received less less I guess I'm attention. Perhaps because his you know his origins -- organization were a little more obscure. Many Rivera. Has has now gone you know a couple of years really with with pretty. Interest in performance is how would you characterize him I mean he's a guy who. I believe he was he was a Sally league all star this year correct. And you know. Terrific performance 3.4 ERA in -- you know more than a strikeout an inning with good walks numbers. What what kind of what what kind of pitcher is he what's his makes life. He. He had a little deceptive delivery. And so I think. That and that fact that he let the game and I think his ball actually moves. Has been in one -- reasons why he's been having this success that he had this year. And NATO strikes he he's always around the strike zone. And down. You know he's he's been able to -- I think benefit more so from. That year experience that he hadn't been here last year too so I think. Being back here it helps them develop some confidence. In and to -- more comparable out there. And down. I think having those -- species that down. Kind of separate him that that he's. More mature because it is experience. And and been able to throw strikes. Consistently. As you point out this is his second straight year in Greeneville is never difficult to kind of you know prefer players to accept that you know that it's in their best interest to repeat a level or two they kind of thing. You know I should be moving up the latter you know level level every year. It. And when they find out initially that. Is looking like they're gonna have to repeat adding all the players and actually have a little bit of frustration. And you know. 100% happy. I think it's kind of an actual offer the players. Hope and expect that they would -- move up the level. I think what happened is it is we see how guys react to that it. You know if if they so cook if they. If it takes -- awhile except it. Been in the connection problems. But but Manny with the guys that he had no issues from. From the first time he realized her relatives coming Greenville. The -- an opportunity. And and -- -- -- They're good outings most most of his starts this year. You know and so that day I get the credit to him to be mature enough team to understand that you know he can get out of here by performing. And he's here and make the most of it -- exactly done. The other guys that had to repeat haven't had that same kind of exit if you will be. You know they need to build long very cute and over effect their back. And so. For me that it's early in the day that he. Mature and he's not gonna try to be mildly pitcher in my hourly farmed records in time. Accept his role and make the most out of it. One reliever has been kind of fascinating from afar and again you know I haven't seen him I've I've only been. Been able to arts have followed Greeneville mostly through there's a stat sheet -- When you see a guy who has almost fifteen punch outs per nine innings in like one Rodriguez does. Then you you take a little bit of notice what what does he do that allowed them to get such a high volume of five of strikeouts. It goes -- hard. And we talked you. Upper nineties. Bet that kind of interesting because. You know he comes in in those gains. Sixth seventh eighth inning type innings. And down. He threw really hard so you know as he's going through a lot of the first time. You know that fast throws by like. And it seems like some guys. Maybe about -- so he roses in the off speed pitches in. And that's really hardy it would mute so geared up for. You know made -- high ninety's in the in need through no need need eighties slider. You know these two guys way out front in. And -- -- so you know -- throws hard it is is that a definite. Loose for him. And he he's still young Q so he's learning about the other pitches that he has in. And down. Going to be able to. Be a little bit better won the cute the little more confident in -- -- and here it is but it effect it proves. You know. Sometimes upwards of 95. Definitely helped him to. With two strikeouts. He's he's a pretty tall. My brain GK it is that right. Yeah the down our roster -- in the 65. Though. You know and and -- he has no confidence about them back. In the kid's face lag now man he's just he's as confident about it you know but nothing phases them in. You know. Probably add that to cut 290. -- With the release point it seems like it's right on top of a hitter to boot. -- The it is worth asking based on the outrageously good performances as I see them and I hope that I'm not exaggerating but of you know miles head. -- sprints and Brandon Jacobs there with you this year. Has anything that any one of them has done stood out more than him more than anything else that you've seen from those three. This is not first look at it and -- those guys and so. I had no expectations. I didn't lead draft status as time villain status affecting my opinion about it but all three of them have just. Then then a pure pleasures -- Brent. He's song really hard at times with only got behind they would get back on the control. And had incredible power to all fields and so that was really. Really cool to see him get a whole wind into rotted for your -- speak to. It is kind of unassuming. I think you get lol in tune in thinking that. That down. Is gonna have a lot in his is that because. Is stature. But he can get bet to zone the best. And and he's not afraid which which is really. Cool thing because he's -- you don't. And he wants to do that be at their pressure situations in. And he he's not trying to hit home on Chinese quality at bats in it would drive balls out of the ballpark. So that that's really cool. And in Jacobs. Tickets and conditioning because. He kind of blows you into thinking that. He's not down. He's not fair but then they'll do something that -- hole lead changes. Change you're mind is. Last night for an succeeds he gets single and it Lara the twelfth inning. Steal second steal third and then scores on. Ground ball or second base. He just had a away at turn him vomit switch in you know it it kind of looked like it you know -- long enough but in this game. He -- it took it upon himself to do that. You know. And he's getting credible pop he he threw some balls as far as I've seen. -- could drive a ball this year so. As as he continues did the though that we insisting that the if he -- His success so far this year. Changed who he is or he continues better and with the with the ultimate goal being beating two big league. You know his top priority. If he does that thinking that that's it that's a pretty high ceiling. If if the you know let those stretches it to and then you know who knows what would you be able to accomplish so. But all three of those guys. Were were -- pleasant to work with it and kinda glad I had the chance to impact how they approach to game and how they go about their business. It's it's such an interest in group of three guys tonight to my mind and again this is this is from afar it's I've seen them swing -- spring training but that's about it. -- Brandon and in my house in -- for that matter in Lowell a little bit but again not that much but you know like in terms of in terms of just thinking about what it is to be a prospect. You know price is a little bit older than the other two. You know miles is you know is -- from -- from what I've understood from what I understand is you know. Crazy advanced for as a hitter and in terms of understanding. His approach for his age well you know Brandon you know by most accounts because of you know because he spent so much time as a football player and high school. You know didn't quite have the same year around baseball. You know baseball experiences of the other guys and as a result this may be a little bit more raw but. You know with these you know with his great athletic you know athletic tools and an understanding coming into his own in terms of understanding approach how how do you. You know how do you draw conclusions about you know about a -- prospect status and what he's going to be and in. You know in five years which is really when you're looking to impact the Major League club when you're getting these guys at this stage. What they do it's it's it's down. That's an interesting dynamic. If you are drafted hierarchy be it a big bonus. Is that right by default your prospect. I think it I think it is easier to think of -- by the prospect after we've seen have the relate in battle. And you know. Started -- in draft status Dayton. Did help you hit a fastball but he hoped -- bluntly defense. So I think. I think caution should be. Given to how quickly read we they would prospects. But at least we have a sample size. Of their body of work now I think it's it's -- little more appropriate the start. You know but he knows those -- if you will. And I don't know what that -- that number reason is that one full season is that 500 at bats. I don't know. But having said that what went -- Spina all of those guys. It would be interesting to see how how the -- ball. And how they continue to grow and develop. If if they do that then I think all three of those guys have a chance to -- in -- impact immediately ballclub. And and my experience to those that are -- guys. At this level and how they. How they weren't and how the develops. And and so how they impact in Major League ball clubs or so guys that put up numbers and able bullets start out in double triple A they just -- it. Make that last rule adjustment. So. That would be my mind. My caution as it is you know. No actually going to be elected get this project they can -- ceremonies guys that prospect that split. After we see him -- we concede there it would make adjustments. You know in this in the body worker -- hated -- Jacobs I believe that they are learning. It area now but I think they have opportunities to continue to get better. And and become. Become Major League players everyone knows your name and the next thing you know. Is it even possible to say which one of those three guys had either is having or has had the best season for you this year. In Greeneville you know taking aside what they print what they might be going forward and as you point out. You know there's there's reason to believe that there's a lot of potential. In all three of them -- You know Justin in observing the body of work -- that took place in Green goes impossible to say that one separated himself from the other two. I think the this this thing might be. Right. He get going early. And put numbers early got out of here early RR I would say if you had to pick Oakland he might be the one because. You know at at the time of his promotion this -- he lose -- and about seven -- offers -- categories. And you know even two or three weeks after he left you'd you'd look at this. League leaders in his name was still there. So I think that probably news was really impressive. And and even now he's been gone -- -- and at -- or so. He might still be in the top ten you know a lot of stuff that that oh. How much of a hot start he got out two and in how old how his numbers were prepared to -- But Jacobs is the only here out of three and two he's got a chance to put up some. Some good numbers for the season and so that that should be interesting. To look -- well. Yeah and then of course had was you know at the time of his promotion this week was I was leading the league enough. In most of the categories that Bryce had no longer qualify for -- -- fascinating group of I'm going to ask you one last one about diet what about when last guy. Just because he's he's he's fascinating because we've heard some things about him. But it very few people and in the US have had that much of a chance to -- Zander Bogart's. You haven't had you've had now a couple of weeks with him. -- what stands out about doubt about him as a as a talent. That is kind of intriguing because. Really brawl and he's eighteen years old so I mean. You can definitely see that and let it -- athleticism there. And I think as he continues to grow and develop and get more repetition. I think he's going to be a -- that. Use -- he is name allotted hear a lot of talk about him. Offensively. At times he looks. Almost as good as anyone we've we've had. And then other times you can see. The use. Play out because that is being anxious or chasing pitches or just want to do so much at the plate. So I mean. I want team I wanted. Is -- cautious in and in west say only because I don't wanna build them up too early mean. I'm sure you have experience so. Having 1819 year old twenty year old. The -- and it's coming and then they don't make it down though. He's in each team because athletic and in -- get the ball than at the interest in our main issues approach. But you know. And these eighteen. That we can't go. Start can't start down. Pencil them in to the Red Sox lineup is yet -- you know. David -- it out at least another month or two before that happens. But yet I think come. -- he's got some really good instincts which is it is really neat for someone at his age. And yeah I think I think. From Latvia beat them upside there definite upside and down. They help the and it continues to grow yeah definitely definite possibility of Upton. Maybe in impacted -- to a club one day. Billy make -- manager of the Greenville drive this has been tremendous tremendous stuff I really appreciate the insight and I think you did you know as you pointed out it's such an interesting level. I'm it would -- kind of consider what guys are doing in there in their first full professional season so. I'm the fact that you took the time to offer any insight into into a number of prospects and -- It's terribly patient with me which is typically necessary because I other people too many questions was. Much appreciated so thank you so much for joining the returning this podcast -- -- That was Billy MacMillan Greenville drive manager now to break down the hitters further -- drive hitting coach Louis Lopez. We're joined by who are joined by Greenville drive hitting coach Murray Lopez and Louis you spend remind me it was an eleven years in the major leagues. It was almost ten -- yet and all almost eleven years yeah. What was the out what was the most important part of that experience and kind of preparing you to be a hitting coach I guess. Well to what it was. Personable when I got that job -- When I stop playing now I wanted to get does that out of my system as a player back keep here and they you know once you stop blame. You wanna take some time off -- that -- right away into coaching because. You must do feel like he can still play the game and a it's over for united it's all about the kids now. And I did add that to couple years off and oh -- produced -- and Oliver is second. Who did you learn the most from in your Major League career as a hitter. Well upload couple -- famers. And the and one guy that comes -- -- you know. Tony going in that. Problems with him since I was seventeen years roll around and I'll learn a lot from a other -- and one article ballpark you know numbers during training Rose. Basically walking into the -- -- 6 o'clock in the morning than he was waiting for me let's go so. So but -- -- -- It seems like a really interesting level to be anywhere to be a hitting coach that because you know why you guys have a very broad range of experiences I mean you experienced that Lowell took a degree as well when you're up here for a couple seasons but. You know you have guys who -- -- you have an eighteen year old Alexander Bogart's coming from Latin America and you have. You know 1819 and twenty year old from high school and it's -- two year olds who are kind of in their first full professional season. I'm from college how why do you find the range. Is of guys in where they are in terms of their their maturity in their eight in there are just having an approach. Well that the first and -- we yes organization. We follow a day ago. Hated philosophy. And in an at this stage of these level -- -- and so you know it's it's all about them. Just make sure they follow that routine. That that they understand not not to -- to understand our hitting philosophy. And basically just be the very tool -- Actually a tool for biscuits and keep reminding him every day you know used -- mean this is one -- that you guys gonna. Benefit from. Also loved his. Just make sure that you dare put them. On a daily basis and I put a smile those kids you know -- sometimes they're so young that. There's still you know you can -- that homesick on the but basically that they'll they'll hit a philosophy it's very important. And also bill ability you'd have to be there for him on a daily basis. We must point 47. As I eluded to you've had some really interest in performances in Greenville this year and and in I ever stalking -- miles had a couple days ago when he mentioned to me. Then -- that he had actually been in a BP group with with a couple guys have political or other who have also been very interest in performance this year in Greenville. In Brandon Jacobs and die in priced -- who else was -- that hey -- that's a pretty good group right there. We'll Brian Slocum and I'm on track activity but my groups so all of -- -- It together so they can go take they're probable to be there. But prize was -- That the grouping that would outfielders. Miles. Take up some of those guys they're had a bright future and -- in there and do it in about those two kids that you mention is that. They become ran toward him in there that are hungry. There are very very. Polite. They had good manners and in not only that they're there rendered it looked they're ready to go to work once once they stop in the the step in and and in the club house decorated go to work them in -- not. Is not open date they're gonna take up -- personal days off for them on on on on Warrick you know they're there workaholic in. It's Spain -- -- just -- -- that you know that that I keep telling the guys in and not only this group this year you know and you're passing you know. You get to the stadium this is your job in in and that's how you prepared those guys to. Not to have good seasons but just to be settled. But -- routines so they can help them hope about on -- and there the development. Well it seems like they've found pretty -- teams they've not only I mean under you in in Greenville and ends. You know and now a couple of them in miles head -- and -- sprints of continued on to Salem but. I'd say -- one of the things that just jumped off the table is how consistent their seasons have been you know the fact that I think game after game I mean. -- had that record setting streak of games getting on base head especially after may have seemed like he was you know he was. -- collecting an extra base hit just about every day in Jacobs from what I understand just hasn't had slumps this series been a guy who hasn't had any significance -- between. Righty and lefty or or between home and road so he's been very interesting to watch but I wonder if you can tell me. You know what kind of where those guys were entering this year in terms of the maturity of their of their respective approaches. Was that the case that you know that one of -- it kind of based on his background is more advanced than the other and -- so which one are. Where they are kind of working from a similar position. Well actually it was it was pretty much the same the first time -- so also Brendan and a and miles in in extended spring or -- public use spring training. For two years. The -- -- one level below. And actually I got a got a cracked -- although including Bryce brands on in his trucks and now. In one team that you know and so was the same approach. That I -- -- next instructional. Take spirited owe it to spring training and -- continued inability in the do -- and so. What can bet that that I almost all there were young. You'll you know to know that the chemistry if you -- young player. And you know he is if it's your first full season you can struggle and opinions it's we're not expected you know we respect and -- to struggle. Well we also expect them to good over the hump you know and honestly would bolstering guys their due to being. Phenomenal and their being they're not given away at bats in. It comes -- you know what I talked to you earlier about are hitting philosophy they're taken that the numbers as. Yeah miles whose interest in you said that this year he really feels like he he made significant strides in terms of having having an approach I mean. That's kind of one of the things I was getting out when you talk about the prior experience and some of these players you. You just aren't sure you know whether or not you know whether or not and approaches something that's built into what a guy is learning when he's a seventeen year old -- high school. And you know and you kinda forget that that's something that has to be taught sometimes at the professional level but. It but he was side he was saying that -- that he really. And it became comfortable with the idea of staying in the middle of the field and you'll just kind of react in turn on pitches. And you don't need so like you know and the end if you just you know if you allow yourself to react -- Have the pitches inside he can jump on impulse for home runs may be and you'll you'll just kind of naturally reacted those balls that you should driveway rather than trying to force him to the opposite field. Is that. -- is that generally a decent synopsis of what you want your hitters to do at that level. Definitely am and that's one -- if you able to do that at this level. Outed as much out this guy's going to -- -- that that's a very hard thing to do for a young player its two. Tried to control their effort level and if you -- for -- level. Then the middle different approach to it comes in place you know picture. First he's gonna do is pull off the ball in so what state do today and they don't feel comfortable with -- the limited this. -- repeat in game every day it's one more time gotta tell them one more time. Once you tell them what we're timing you you feel like they're doing it and you don't have to tell them -- more time to be ready to move in so part two of them has. I've done that and hopefully ought to make so be on the way. But our policy basis basically yep that's basically my philosophy. -- follow one pin and I keep in course and to do you know them rebuild through approach because you know. They're always gonna look for fastball and they're gonna -- and some criminals I want my -- to go. Up to play. Paean. Aggressive. Selectively aggressive to the pizzas right there -- -- I'm gonna put this -- it is not there. Will -- walks but I it's it is basically. A whole organization. Type of -- in. So far not past four years coming out out. I did biting into it and now following it and it's it's -- amended the guys again and it together and in all start want to get -- stating once you do you're you're. You're open -- routine. That's -- evidence start -- meant a lot when -- 7 o'clock games start you know it's all about. Just go out there is a fun you know and and and basically just -- -- there. Since those three guys were together in batting practice and -- together in the middle of your lineup I'm curious you know who would you say of those three. Has the most raw power because certainly. Both Jacobs and brands at the time that they were drafted that was what you heard you heard raw power guys who have kind of light tower power. Bout with head you heard that it was a more perhaps like disciplined approach less about less of a pure. Raw power approach but still with the ability to generate. You know maybe I've may be above average power I'm curious as to what you saw down there from in terms of those three guys in terms of in terms of that raw power that they have now. -- that you would see in batting practice. Well thing happening right Bryant is it's not about power. Had to get him. The raw power -- think is it's miles and I mean when it's -- drive the ball. He drives it I mean it's it's kind of hope. Into -- about anyone he stays on the control. And he led double trouble when he would be -- -- in his you know the back on the ball the ball go. Brandon he's. He's maturing you know he's he's he's he's getting their -- is still always development needs to -- his twenties and 1920 years old and he's he's -- its first full season he's learning. How to approach you know. It's very very heart thing to do when Manuel played half -- year yeah and and and and you go into full season if this league is very very tough on me. We talked about these guys be -- that 95 degrees at 7 o'clock at night in in in some places. But come about him do you know have some -- Pollard to but I believe you know Bryce have more Pollard and multiple. And and miles can get there outs and the amount of very very good -- I think it's gonna have a very very bright future. Nothing is gonna hit for power and -- -- to -- to museums do well. You don't see him -- and about -- very often. Yeah he's been he's had such an interest in season on on many respects in part because it's also. It it hasn't kind of garnered notice in -- in national prospect publications Mets sort of thing. I'm which is perhaps a bit surprising but you know this -- the guy who is leading the Sally league in average you know PS. I I think an extra base hits and he was right there in the top five or so in terms of -- in terms of homers for twenty year old. How mature is his approach how you know how sophisticated and advanced hitter has he given his age. -- -- -- -- There were allowed -- You know it's. It shows them in this skated it runs scored you forgot about Ross course -- -- -- this guy it's you know what when when he steps into the play. Something is gonna come on and it is not a it will -- a bad. Com and it and that I told you before the Davidson's star want to get to the stadium they go to their own routine there. Daily routine in in you'd take it to beat the and from BP you'd translated to a to a game that's that's how. -- did this and how works in. Back -- to a -- -- and miles -- -- this skated to it's it's gonna have a bright future not only offensively and defensively has. Been phenomenal all year and now. Do work work ethic and up happening is no refund. Yeah I mean it's it's it's interesting when a guy when a guy out performs you know someone like a Bryce harper at that level you know you don't want to have you don't get too caught up in that sort of thing but. Nonetheless it's certainly Bears notice you know this this guys kind of asserting himself. A little bit as -- as a talented young player and you know now it'll be interesting to see higher responds in a higher level and a more advanced pitching in in Salem. It definitely it would be fun to watch him in like at William and that -- -- -- that you mention. The team offense actually. -- Duke player the Bryce harper and I do what's in place for four days when he was it was -- now. With Jacobs. You I think you kind of alluded to the idea that he's still you know perhaps learning his approach a little bit more than the other two guys that and perhaps he has a bit less experienced. In terms of fighting in terms of you know what he's done in the batter's box in life. Given that its first of all is that accurate in secondly if it is. How impressive visit to see this guy hitting 330 with no PS since getting in -- creeping up towards a thousand. If he's still kind of at this early stage of his learning curve. Well his excellent farming is only toward me and he was a sports bar or whatever and had school. But not tell you what it's what he has also far. It's you know he Aaron and I mean this kid went spring training. It is -- is spring training and he was working on -- he was working. And and are are hitting coordinator victor he actually told me 1 morning as who gonna work this gets firm. From some of the park seven pointing on a daily basis and we carry on that you know the whole spring training and he has. Been phenomenal he's been following everything that we -- and to do. And and is if I'm not saying that we are a groove created you know but if we percent this dumped into them. That it's gonna help them in the long run. Why not take advantage of wood and he's wanted to but he's one of the guys that have taken advantage of that and honestly I think it's going to be. Lot of people be -- now he's not and he's not -- -- 300. I don't really care treated to it under alert to under whatever job song -- he gave me you know. Did quality AB's on a daily basis. That's what the organization want them we are in the -- organization that we don't. We actually don't care about results we care about quality AB's so that's that's one thing that. People. Our organization like to see you know how were his policies they've beaten to -- a was his approached and and Resop aren't gonna you know of course there that it wanted to on the but I mean if we hope we based on quality -- Is it even possible to say which of those three guys I mean as I said all their statistics are outrageous which three of those guys is having the best season. The most impressive year today or at least you know before they moved up to Salem while you were working with them. Well prize was. Wasn't very good two strike hitter. You know a lot of Bulls. Not a not a hard hit balls two strikes. Our mile mile was. More of advantage count diet. Where he was if 312010. Is -- who's gonna do some damage and and Jacobs he has been. A very consistent you know you'll -- walking around. -- had been -- big hit you know two runs on them two runners on and the dad make him a mistake. Is gonna custom because -- gonna put you know it don't different but they all in the same page of you know getting quality AB's so. You have by you have a couple of other interest in guys were a little bit younger even than those three which is saying something because -- -- 22 enacting Jacobson had as you point out are both twenty years old but. I'm Sean Coyle is a guy who you know who a year ago at this time. Who has just finishing up as high school career. He's extreme he's pretty young for the level at age nineteen. I'm he has all he has a lot of extra base hits 25 and 49 games average is probably lower than what I he would ideally like but it. But you know that that 25 extra base hits in forty in his first you know fifty games or whatever. Or five foot eight guy are you surprised by you know by his ability to drive the ball. Non not at all mean. Look at Dustin Pedroia. But not not not at all and and he's a good example -- -- telling you earlier. About. To organizational we don't care about Russell's we joke we care about it'd be its in in these young kid has done. Nothing but impress us some quality AB's and at one point he knew he went 04. I think it was -- for sixteen. With sixteen quality AB's that you've continued you know it it's that they have been any known. That makes you wanna know what biscuit in the ball are you know. And that's what we care about you know he's he's had has a lot of talent. He runs well. Plays good defense. He's only nineteen. Like you -- 58 but he is built this skated to have some raw power and he's he can drive the ball as far as anybody else on the team. What's the furthest you've seen him hit the ball. Long -- but that. I'm not gonna say well there because delegate control but he got along well what is the. So you know he's sides as I said you know he's a young guy you have now won that even younger who's kind of turning some heads I think. You've only had Zander Bogart's for a couple of weeks but you know already he's side he's a guy who's been producing some extra base hits as an eighteen year old. First impressions what jumps out about about this -- While. He's only eighteen and he knows. What he's doing wrong. You know he he he had a tennis it is. If you had to -- being. Our young to let go wouldn't be there won't know bill what I'm doing. He'll come up to use -- -- -- -- point Arafat did this you know at that age to acknowledge that. And not only that they're very and actually be. Make the adjustment. That's impressive for me I mean. Played ten years in the big leagues and some doubt about it and also. Get -- -- -- at the plate and this -- has an idea he. He won't give away a bad. And at that age that's. Now racism and never -- that -- like about this kid also when he swung he swinging in you know it's a total difference well. Coming up that that one when he's taken BP and when he hits the ball. It's totally different from pretty much everybody else. What allows that is that is that you know is that quick wrists is that you know how how do you generate that kind of bat speed that produces that sound and you know and I'm gonna ask you this because you know the last the last Red Sox prospect to I heard that set about. I'm not wasn't a couple of years ago when I was talking to people about about Ryan Westmoreland and how he was sitting in Lowell when he was working the view. I'm in so I'm curious you know what when you when you have that guy who's able to generate that kind of sound what goes into it. Well they've just been early and been -- off -- that -- to provide the speed. And just put a good swing. And it's loud. Loud when he went when he makes contact and you're not watching BP and you hear -- camps swing and you know all about senator. That's not about how to describe it. -- -- Bright future and its good it's going to be funds and in this campaign is that he's only taking a little. Column defensively is getting better. He's actually won the first one on the stadium he should be knocking him right now. He's. And just -- just to declare for when people are out when people actually listen to this it's. It's a little bit before 1 o'clock at where that we're talking in your game tonight is what it seven. So he's showing up at the ballpark six hours early in order to work on you don't know what take extra BP or out or take grounder is or what. Know what he comes in early to do his Eagles over. What he did last night. -- duel of the routine that he has with trainers he's still he's still developing you know he's still growing so. Who built his own don't broke whatever -- that he does. -- sit down. When he's ready to go -- we start rolling to the -- around 2 o'clock in the twenties there. He's ready -- -- day ago you know sometimes someone to please taken Koppel's like no he's ready he said I don't know what's in impeach as the -- that. One about a -- cycles off. You know things like that government you'd like Maine could be skated BC he -- that you know. The doesn't couple player and a dependable president can it be if he is right now and the couple plays going to be in the future. There was interest in you mentioned his ability to adjust quickly I think that one thing that does it stood up for me just looking and his game logs. I think maybe it was last week that he had it back to back three gave him back to back games where punched out three times and then the next game he followed that up with three hits is. How how I guess we've already kind of alluded to this but. -- have you seen that kind of ability to make adjustments quickly as an eighteen year old who you know who hasn't seen who hasn't played ball on the states before. The only doubt seen the -- -- -- but I told him and that. Just he's he knows what -- don't run in the very next AB is gonna he's gonna go out there. They gonna corrected you know on. It was funny because of that but that they've been struck out three times. Little order. Questionable calls I don't wanna put the umpires on long wow about spot but I mean. -- not strikes. And he ticket you know anyone in the game means that I've made my peace summit that was about pages and on ought to -- in the first what you call. And I'm like -- well -- interest in and the very next day desolate you know he'd followed three hits in on base it would seem beat and so. They execute that don't put any excuses in if he's wrong he will be the first -- -- and muted. I think we're doing a pretty good job of what this kid in while it is it's fun to watch. You had you have another player who's just been going off lately in Christian Vazquez. You know your catcher twenty year old. Who who I think was just named the Sally league player of the week may -- last week or two weeks ago. -- when he hit four bombs what are you seeing in terms of him -- because obviously when you're able to get offense from mop from the catching position it's always kind of intriguing. Well pretended to -- would have been -- prison for a long time it was a -- what is coaches in the no put recommit our academy in high school down. From what I -- problem and you need to get in shape because you get a pretty good chance to play. And he always hit men these kids. It's like sending you don't give away at bats. Phenomenal catch and throw guy. He's only twenty you know on that age handle and his staff you know it's. Its distinctive mean in in in the one good thing about him that nothing nothing seems to bottlers -- you know. Yeah OK I had a -- back tonight will you better be prepared for tomorrow because some. I'm not I'm not gonna give away a batsmen. So far. He's struggled a little bit and he started. He's target -- that the first you know the first month or so. And then he struggled a bit him but he won back -- -- -- you know by now I honestly don't know what he's -- to seventy to eighty. But. RBIs 5060 RBIs something like that I mean his. This put some good ABs together in. The good thing about him and that he cares it's you know it's. It's heavily invest that you know and and that's one thing that you know. -- classic catcher. You become the leader on the field and he had Hamilton you know he has done a pretty -- supplement. Did you also have Henry Ramos at the academy or was he not in the in the academy in. W he was and he was not on the academy but I mean disputed he I don't think anybody loves the game -- him. I have to -- a difference to just other friend of mine. They come down to. They came down to the batting practice and now up to bat but he bluntly these guys it would get tired of like packed. It was as the rebels and he's been check in from center field to right. So he's like a great seat or so mean that it coal a coal in the cold to put Erik Cole. But yes he is he's very energetic kid very athletic in that's another eighteen year old kids that with a bright future. It's he has everything. And the passion that he brings every day -- -- that's but he can and that's want to that you can't change. Interest and you talk about him running all over the place because I I kind of imagine that. You know he's I believe that he played a lot of soccer and growing up in Puerto Rico and I am. Jim bit you know. That perhaps more than about more than ballplayers are used to kind of standing around a sagging he's used to roughing nonstop. I'll definitely have -- his brother played professional soccer in Costa Rica but he got his. Is one of those guys you know I -- one enemy alien that you know. You'd you'd see him now -- you don't feel what is only second it he's cracking into law in on in -- especially not that back I called that action news. That's what Indian peace that that to be that comes from you that's instincts and another eighteen year old that it's in. It's on his way. Do you have any any other nicknames suffer any of the other players that are that can compete for awesome mess with the title the Puerto Rican Colts. Well Taylor let -- I got a lot of stuff going on here but you know that they've picked. I expect committing not to mention of them and is better. That's want to do keep in house. But not definitely this guys aren't there -- bunch accused they left the game -- to play. And I can't sit him in. It dipped to real or -- stop by and just get to that team that two fingers like we're in the cage you know. But -- -- on to what you mean and and and in record so before me once you do put them I mean it does so that's. But does the best thing two haven't put them in which is stability -- just be there for them and let them play because I mean. It's this is a game in -- and -- my old doctor said. It's -- game -- on the model what to do because I mean it's. It's only last I don't know how long. Career in baseball will last -- just have fun you know Owens in two with a game. Doing this has been tremendous I really appreciate your taking the time to to talk through a number of the interest in performances. On your team to this point in 2011 it's always I think. More insightful to look a little bit beyond the numbers and try to figure out. What the numbers mean and into you know into what they don't mean and you know -- what you can learn about guys. Did -- it goes beyond just a stat sheet which is. But we typically get when thinking about the guys down in Greenville so. Thank you so much for your for your time and -- and in for joining us. Pop up during the mop my palatial. Out of me anytime and you know the what do you know clearly so. -- I'm I'm always available. Again that was drive hitting coach Louis Lopez. Thanks again to both Louis and Billy Matt Millen for joining this week's podcast will be back out of soon checking in at other levels of the system and things once again to all of you for listening to minor details. Please send feedback to me either via email. They spear at WEEI dot com. Or on Twitter at Alex -- Here's Tallahassee.

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