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Josh Beckett Post Outing/Brawl Presser

Jul 9, 2011|

Josh Beckett Post Outing/Brawl Presser

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It's it's a little tender it's not too bad though I think -- I think originally filed. I've done this before playing basketball when I was younger. What to call -- joining. -- whenever things go a bit too far it scared me morning. Yeah. That was fun for Latin. You know I think yours is more cautionary deal you know I think. And doc told me things will be fine couple days. Yeah I think in -- leave the TARP on there you know when it's raining and it's orphanages but there's just that soaks up all that moisture you know and you get the topsoil on there and then as the game goes on you start digging that out that wishers pretty pretty stuck and there. You guys. But now I don't think so and I think I -- -- you know just. For better was the with a straight now and then you know and throw I think everything I guess I've done this before it's. It it it scares me when it first happened him because of him it was literally feels like bone on bone you go too far in. You know straight outs kind of a little bit of an issue but. He thinks I'll be fine couple days. I've jotted down myself if everything works out ways that it would you know I think she'll throw. In my normal side and a couple days and everything like that. Just some -- It's great you know. He's he had a remembers still pitch in -- still got to remember that you've got guys playing behind you and he's can follow of one thing. One of the jokes is. All the news twelve runs and airtight defense and everything also will take care everything else up. Those kind of the case and I. -- -- felt like he probably should've thrown out before. Any action they happen. You know the rule is if you know something like that happens and you leave the mound. You -- hear -- automatically ejected. I was and that win you know. Now the other guys probably looking at fines. There. While I think his I think there's two different circumstances here in on the you're talking about. I was trying to get a guy that was one pitch you know you can you go to the well three times and -- looking pretty bad. And I don't know why they were trying to do but it was pretty obvious to me that. It wasn't just I'm trying to -- you hand. God now I hope not because we're we're good in team and the industry. In our (%expletive) guys because we score a lot of runs you know. So so games played. I'm in in May be something totally different and they saw something in life care. You know whatever but I remain consistent. Because we scored eight runs in the first and their -- are (%expletive) guys -- along here. The end and they handle that differently with relievers starters position players. Allen. Joseph Torre and those guys deal with all that -- don't parred eleven nice report on. -- Plus here. While some fortunately airline is so there's going to be a lot of other guys that can find in you know there -- some other guys again thrown out -- game that. Who defined and it kitchen and got there -- it. Everything women taking care of -- even -- David and him out. On the on the third time pitchers Adam you know not that happens and we're looking at. -- this is this where we're at. Well I'm she says something today and David's not the kind of damages. You know something something had at center mall. -- place I don't know in the could've been. It was. Adams could. Not trying to reflect now and we will break here and I got it. Pretty pretty good break. You know with with hopefully you know couple innings on on Tuesday. You know and when you run back out you know give Lester back. Going I think you know the fifth or sixth game wherever he's supposed to pension hopefully Bucs on letter was a little bit more time off -- -- by Rolen and start start doing what we're supposed to do. My next scheduled start I don't know I think a lot of it depends on how many innings -- throw an all star game and a lot.

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