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Ellis Hobbs III with the Big Show

Jul 7, 2011|

Former Patriot Ellis Hobbs joined Michael Holley and Tom E. Curran to talk about his career and injuries since leaving New England, whether or not he's officially retired, and his football camp in Rhode Island coming up towards the end of July.

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Two days' rest in game seven and Gibson on three days' rest the lumber or just couldn't get it done but ordered courageous performance by him as well. Against the one of the great pitchers of of the year. If if it if you have memories and thoughts about Dick Williams we love to hear from you 617 sums organizer fifty toll free 888525350. I in the meantime we're gonna talk a little football little lock -- little bit everything with a guy you guys know very well. He was drafted in 2005. The third rounder I believe from Iowa State. Played some big games for the patriots. Ellis Hobbs the third is split the -- what's going on Ellis. Man not a must I must -- -- -- -- well yeah I Ellis I gotta say I'm here with with Tommy current I said. Ellis Hobbs is is gonna join us later today and the first thing Tom Curran asked me was what Tommy. Ellis some are you officially retired my friend that was the first thing here it yet. It you know -- man and so Monica I mean your market start fabricate things it. You know are a lot -- water -- couple of course but I definitely. Maybe it now I'm actually not just elect -- not -- but China it enjoyed seeing that though they were not -- to -- Is that the let me know let it suck and can't play it but doctors think America you tell me you know you have no more armored danger in the nick got caught out they're getting hurt. I'm totally back in the game and -- their but it actually you know what I've read you got us the data on a new spirit. I'll I'll follow that throughout but not financially secure all the -- that they need -- -- -- the only compact but well can't. Now its its interest you to Sarah financially secure -- not a first round pick you didn't have that big money contract you all these stories. -- football a professional athletes. Who don't saved their money or they are having financial problems. Who who got to you to somebody tell you this is what to do with your money or is that just your personality. We even if you want a football player. No hard disk -- -- I literally remember I -- -- third round pick but note that I think about pictures so. Articulate our money I think I never saw the departure. Our hundred dollar and literally my escalated and it's been up and I just remember getting my first check. And ushered in the call crying and -- literally delete post or -- I don't know what my oh my college my college roommate. But how are we gonna take what you do know -- -- And know who are you know look at some. They're 8 PM the spill. And I -- remember senator card and Tomas Bilbao will never go back to the same person I was before that because actually saw some family member without seeing them among the guys in the NFL -- 06 mark almost a -- is kind of you know being. Irresponsible. And I just always so -- -- -- with the amount of money did we run into this professor athlete that in -- and it. There's no reason why we should edit excuse. But not having the dollar at the end of the date would get a little bit a bit but it started kind of maximize their to -- -- -- -- basically. -- and a maximum potential. And now this went from there was. LSI and I know that people really. In Georgia went thought a lot of you appear -- and always. You don't peaches and cream and roses appear was a difficult place to play and it would difficult shoes to fill but when you're injured last November. I think people were really. The other really sympathetic to the whole situation was a neck injury disk injury correct. Yeah you how good XPL must say you want out there not about simple man. When you say that if you get a positive. Review from a doctor and says that you can go ahead Beckham play. Will that be good enough right there or do you want several blocked is to sign off. On your ability to come back. Oh yeah I'll I'll walk more than one being so that's what areas in. You know oh wanna come from -- -- ultra comfortable are you want to research on -- between doctors and a great bet. -- at the end of the day. I really don't think excess in my case a doctor fourteen gonna bring me off. You know that type of risk involved -- picked -- not there's so I mean really it it really are not gonna do the human being on the third. I mean god and and he protects me. And now edu and everything takes everything away from so I didn't go Monday that I'll always play my career -- all of that live life. And misunderstanding -- most -- and let -- go out there and face grew up there would not very content or fear of being hurt. But just playing him -- a much. I think is this walkout has gone on in the and the work stoppage is gone on and -- ball but much more cognizant the last couple years. About the difficulties which you player's face after football. It's one of those things that I think that. As fans and players and owners and anyone involved in enjoys the game. Is constantly thinking about how much how worth it is is it for a player to risk they don't want term. -- Well yeah -- saying well we we talk to know they have restrain it. -- -- -- so the beauty of being can't where they don't have to be involved on the business side they'll have to be involved. On the Kindle are not torture. That you put your body -- -- -- let's say that I do that or it might be paid yet -- ballot I would get out there and my iPod like that. Well when you're doing that time and time again. And you know are you getting -- extra -- money it might seem to ask you to actually go to a car collect. On a day to day basis all week in week out patient you know eight. It kind of put the money and respect you ignore what it is really worth it PR guy dying early days. The more depressed. The Martha -- -- you know. You know got the -- -- initially. You know things like they're in Nobel literature that they'd look 45 can't really walk things like Derek belch you know. It is really worth it in up big -- a lot of its time deal -- -- their life isn't -- -- aspect that -- can't. Don't nobody -- either reality and they -- that you think they want the glamour of the glitzy at the replay this think like that. You know Ellis for us up from where we sit as Franzen and media members who've been following the locked out this way the first week. There were some outrage. Some people blame the fans America's -- of people blame the owners some people blame the players. I'm gonna kind of went to love a boredom indifference OK just the wake me when this thing is settled I wonder. How how I view as an NFL player. How have you followed the -- do you have a daily routine you check emails do you talk with a year player rep puzzle how was a free. You know what I am not the other coming because the majority of us like we've really because we understand there's a bit. And we understand that these thing -- are -- immediate. I'm deeply really helps you know it like it's the job done -- ever done that. I think from a personal perspective -- each one over at Spago spot various say -- a personal. I think you are my body which I felt so that we are so be ready. I'm ready. But I mean to go to the ups and downs and every day and everything will be just like it would be a climate same. Mentality publicity NFL on the -- they -- the practice and and thank you can't do it. Because that you are endowed with the it would be the most -- failed you most ago. Everything go wrong with the league you're gonna be to give your -- of your red -- reached sixty. And so that becomes the same format you know yeah -- -- -- and -- -- -- -- -- not a order open up the -- did not open up again. I mean -- -- most of those by whatever. Do what you do I can only control what I control and I think you're robotic. China much -- you ready so there when this thing -- at all document that we get the official treasury. That might not want you back all affiliate thought you know I'll pick it. I'll call -- about airport. I just wanna be taught self fit into about -- Just about Dick Morris Smith was just asking me for your phone number. You want to get you updated and are you said don't contact look at Arafat's Fatah. Love -- and back I would. RJ used to you don't -- Have to -- but let let me ask you this you have learned you have any. Opportunities or any. Have there been -- moments when you've been back here since being traded to Philadelphia where -- still have family and friends here. Yeah do well mama why it's actually well damage from the Rhode Island they're. It's so our people back to visit our movie -- thought stopping thought that -- but. The unit if I -- would mirror in our our spam. I don't believe friendly contact they're. And it's funny because I'll not -- followed guy. You know I'll go to somebody -- feel about your -- you -- -- immaturity or they're you know some. And in LA he went from medical and transport he would never gonna kind of comeback official -- support -- -- put our campus of the like that -- We all -- -- that are based not be nowhere well I'm so let's look -- while can't look at all. I'm actually door -- -- July -- people -- that you know enough low or allow it. And it's going to be a west or art school and no we're basically are gonna involve our sport of football but I really want people to understand it. Sports is more about life and the China -- some force the life and try out all the concept album format trying to really. Coordinates would -- in the same upset and everything to use this or the o'clock eastern this minute -- -- -- there. So you are right so if people wanna take part near camp Fort Lewis the age range and here's an important thing during the -- how much money does -- car crash happen. Yeah you know what -- actually do some research on that. And and that area you -- it doesn't saying all parents are paying 608 an -- but -- really care. I'd done it down as much as possible. To 300 dollars and it in that 300 dollar and I'm literally take care of everything all I ask is that you guys -- -- Note the -- acutely short. And -- so we're doing the search would know shrewd. We don't entertainment as far as he's doing lunch hour. More we watching oh out PS3. Big boxes -- caller we August so. But they -- I'm having guest speakers double -- might feel when you. -- -- -- -- -- -- A going to be aired he -- the -- -- and the monitor big picture I wanna do that do well. And so are really given the bank for the book and then beyond that we're gonna keep going from 830. Ala -- the bits and awful word today. Post I have to do whatever they want without -- I shall try they who's who -- where the guest speakers. All of this gets bigger whoever in -- too far. Where -- -- picked up but the younger kids are about open air pressure. But the older kids how to -- more into the RC curator itself with thirty all say. The drug issue. Lots that I am -- spread apart leaving until you bookseller who actually correct his right and and went on to better thing now. -- lot of money to come into money and what led out of work and that's itself a public I don't apply for jobs. Get all all -- rained so we literally and Abbott gets beat you say it also up. And then not my teammates respect if I ultra about a million area July oh. I wore a little -- and I backed -- -- nobody getting ready and the armored everything. They union efforts toward that they're going to be there and that mother got our water vapor that now -- But I'm pretty sure they're gonna on this in the -- well. So this is you go to Ellis Hobbs sports dot com. To to get the information could sign up right there's a right. Correct and up close was up all of our Twitter as well NLR. Are you aware garden you can make three and everybody nobody shortage July 18 to 26 and the 22 midwest will cut school. Is there is this date camp was it in 92 deal is it's. It and daycare with some eight you jump off at 830 we start the camp at night and then we ask that everybody you picked up by our spot for 300 bucks. But -- about pretty good deal he was resilient team that's that's 1819 -- that's five days five days five days 360 bucks a -- to hang out -- guys. You're a little -- all in little -- O brother where you bring your brother are sibling. It's 10% off from that -- that the fiery plane itself where they would not make money off this saying. I'm trying to make people realize. That you know what you've been you have to get the face some amount of money put a movie. Feature a lot of if you -- a lot of this airs they'll have to worry about what the mammoth. But Ellis always always good catching up with you in. In here what you're up throughout the world what they had to -- an obvious question would talk about redemption and in turn your life around you playbook one of those guys for two years. Michael Vick in Philadelphia what was it like hang around Michael Vick in cinema and -- field. -- -- then we know we actually butchering each other bubbles form we need your. You -- started on the -- because we capable from a situation what you incarcerated. And unique and I know what to -- from a different -- wouldn't seem so. Oh we actually I don't know trying to you know it's an effort here really -- you -- they're well. And we have got to know we took this so well first level -- -- -- -- know it's. And to see him go more mediate in the beginning. Right after the corporation. I mean -- guy he's he's totally different -- the postal monopoly might a third category is conducted himself with. It's I'm ready. Category because you really understand again that he understands the other -- -- the 32 -- bigger than himself. And just the -- body so watch. Spacey is mine transform over these last two years I mean he'd heard everything he ever. -- good luck to -- always always great -- hear from you what sector with you right after camp to see. What what tales of inspiration you have been -- what you are going forward in the future. Video -- figure out what to follow me and don't. Well I just got -- beyond -- out we're stuck out. Got it okay -- take chairman. Aren't you -- former patriot Ellis Hobbs now -- -- technically a member of the Philadelphia Eagles he's waiting to see what the doctors have to say. About an injury suffered burns spinal injury. He suffered in November he was that are injured reserve for the rest of the season. Now he's weighing his options and back to more of your phone calls after -- Michael -- We show on the W. -- -- -- --

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