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Jerod Mayo on the lockout and how that affects preparing for the season

Jul 5, 2011|

Tom Curran and Rob Bradford talk to New England Patriots LB Jerod Mayo about the NFL lockout and how he goes about preparing for what should be the upcoming start of training camp, but with the lockout it falls to the players to take care of preparation and conditioning.

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Very well executed anchor report yes me occupies an NC a little confused a cement. Do you -- Curtis Granderson. Compare him Oscar gamble on steroids aren't. Makes perfect yet he doesn't have nearly the hair the hair Oscar gamble that he could barely stick his helmet on over all I remember well it was huge -- big here. -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- -- If you take your a lot of people that you particularly popular vaults dot delighted and say give me the Oscar gamble other thing is though which means that I don't look at some. But do what doctor Leonard does is take your own hair so its whatever hair you have your donor area now you have a lot of the donors. It. Army current has a big donor areas who have to. But he's got what I had seen. The big day he's got a little the beginning of warning that don't connect them Kiet thanked the -- -- yeah yeah that looks good on you it certainly does you know it's good to me. And NFL football when it kicks in again we get on currently route -- we might -- by and the glass the big show without Hollywood totally way. And you know what we come in when I do this stuff would bring in and bring bring in. The all pro linebacker from the New England Patriots Jerod Mayo on the July 5 was up -- I don't. Good thanks have taken a couple minutes out of you July 4 week now I'm sure you're not enjoying his vacation as long as it's gone on you in a period right now where you are. Maybe ramping up for. Training camp or how do you proceed now with you all the signals of of optimism but still the uncertainty. While I'm -- -- like a normal years beyond what you're. Besides being able to accomplish and still trying to get the same. -- be doing the center that would be -- if we work if we care for -- -- so. I'm still looking at Foxboro it's. Who work it out and hopefully you know -- you can camp on time so that's -- potent so wired differently. -- -- How many guys are still in that group that's working out with you -- and Brian McDonnell. Look -- -- week if we saw a lot of -- home for the week you know little -- for long one off and I. -- that good good amount about twelve to thirteen. There -- your obviously you he says you're focusing on and right now and getting ready for the season. Are you at the point though are you get a little nervous or do you just think everything's gonna work out and in -- basically assuming that right now. A -- to -- some merit and it worked out. That -- you've got -- he didn't then. Hopefully something December before the deadline comes so I'm just sitting back waiting -- complex in those look like you've got wait for a phone -- -- Are you guys who to -- is kind of an active watcher or. More of still Tom and when it's over in the let me know or you kind of live and and -- with the. You know for a minute -- outlived the battle with the you know and then you're like oh look like an emotional vocal pretty much so. In this day -- now just went for the big -- and you know if somebody here from my teammates in the work about it right there itself. Under not relate are watching right now comments on the during a multi emotional roller coaster ride that you don't -- along -- -- A very you say that -- working out the other guys and doing everything he can't get ready for the season. But this just say that it goes right up until when training camp happens and everyone's also drop to the training camp. How different do you think it'll be do you think that that you are gonna get more guys hurt do you think that the preparation isn't hasn't been able to be the same. Not post it for the patriots and actually -- -- the concept of what the rest my teammates. I think doesn't really work hard -- -- cabinet -- at the end of the day you'll know that actually pick out there aren't having competent political talks were. So I think it'll get when the deal -- -- gone yet to take a look if you can't shake out there aren't in -- -- -- The title to rub mail all pro linebacker of the patriots couple weeks back Tedy Bruschi. At some really flattering comments about you when he said that. He felt that she would be the best linebacker in the NFL. Before 21 what was your reaction to that. I mean is that the very humbling you know. Good friend saying -- he's he's one of the great pop marketplace is not a New England they love my hair and I appreciate the comment that complement. That the continue to work -- -- additional week. Along those lines BB humble you. Bill Belichick also has some really nice things to say about you. They are counting down the list of top hundred players is that but norm or an aberration institute where you kind of shocked us to have your code say such nice things about it. That's not the -- and all the thing is by the local military knows. Note it is it's kind of hard to compliment like that were not the same multiple -- Walter standards they are not get better and where are becoming very popular. Philip -- has often spoken a ball the jump that a player can make from your 12. Year to. That being. Just a critical period in the development. How hard is it do you think for players right now warrant. In camp were had the opportunity to be a mini camps and OTAs and everything else with the coaches. Your yacht club record set back a little bit. Not a lot a lot. I want a lot amenable to being older guys you know now be able cost Patricia. And the record -- by Symbian with the salukis have been with them you know my prayer reflect back to learn how. Know how to -- under professional. You know and on and off the theoretical -- you know show me how to break out there on the outdoor things like that done all -- and Watson as the previous year you know you're looking electrically this year. Note that don't expect that you -- a lot of opposite I'm not a lot about his teammates and oh welcome lot of ethnic economists -- -- -- -- it it it's going to be you know crash course when moved out it is so kind of behind a little bit. It's the same thing for every team too and I've. Thought to myself that if you line up all the teams which ones will be best positioned. To be independent. We're do you think your team fits in in terms of being self starters and self motivated and able to install its own program. In a -- like this. Up there were up a book called for the cup beyond what the local military. Really instilled that their work ethic when you. Know when you're a rookie prominent you know yet the last picture way to secure way is that lectern and almost look at. I have to admit participant I cannot think but most -- -- and not as it. Unfortunately not have -- -- -- an account and not pick up that the follow the lead up until got a good article is not going as well. There are based on what you saw last year and then maybe even based on some the some the get togethers that you had in the off -- this year. There -- anyone who you think is committed take kind of that next jump that you were just talking about. You know we have a lot of a lot of good young players and -- a lot of players don't look at art. -- -- I've got to sit in a lot but a group -- go to management and spikes. Even what you know that group that group of young -- record they -- -- -- -- got the -- of course is and how their group where -- god became man and they learned that the man that had to work harder percent. Win the draft came and went without. The edge rusher than everyone felt was necessary. To add to the team what does this say about Jermaine Cunningham. Well you know look this say about the guy that you know a group of Gaza has -- there's a lot -- says olive. Like one -- -- and -- it by example that gets what the media I think we should do it paper that because that shows the truck that and you know. Thank -- the happier -- the code scanner -- hey -- -- built in part the flaw additional source. He has in the system in his players so I opted as a compliment. And that Qaeda. And and that kind of buy into -- does that help you guys in terms of I if he's gonna show that kind of faith and -- he's gonna say the things that he did on the NFL network's top 100 that he said about me. It puts a little bit more. I don't know with urgency is the right word against him saying. Yeah I'd do it but they mentioned. It is -- -- not want it felt not once felt a code such that and that and that -- compliment that he gave you at 1 o'clock -- -- No we've got to put expectations on it I think they can also. He won't let you know what -- these. I've body. -- we will hopefully see you before very long. At work. -- -- you got. A Wikipedia all people all I'm sure you'll. Every fifteen minutes and are derived through a -- -- New England Patriots jacket and again. Jacket nice to refer to it's it's interesting to hear that he -- is -- to -- -- Mayo becomes. It's hard to have that kind of success and plan mean when you go ahead new draft again and roll right. That if you looked at some of the pre draft stuff he was not build in Egypt in hyped the same way a lot of other players have been.

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