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Dan Klecko talks about the Brady vs Manning debate

Jul 5, 2011|

Tom E. Curran and Rob Bradford talk to Dan Klecko, who played on teams with both Tom Brady and Peyton Manning gives his thoughts on the NFL Networks rankings and goes on to say that Brady is the best to ever play the game.

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What is up Bradford current and for Michael -- in the vacationing at the man who would away on the big show. 6177790858885250850. We talked a little bit about the NFL network's top hundred players of 2011. And at the top no surprise Tom Brady. And Peyton Manning went one into this -- you guys rob who -- Wimbledon no we haven't. No no I've spoken to both but I ignored -- never have actually been on the gridiron. We get a guy who has -- clinical friend Dan Klecko. Colony and anyway nobody. -- are you buddy I'm tremendously had a rob Bradford W yet. -- well nobody and thanks for joining us and no problems -- July 4 delicate. I'm doing great they're gonna be too little bit not a bit I only I don't know it on that thanks Pete did you guys at their desk editors and shortens mask that's -- -- -- -- organized dual touch on issues over here to show that slope -- you regional situation. And I actually do or -- this situation I know I know mennonite school remotely. They relay that hold other interview but to quote a -- Lincoln school. Well into the pool bank to show up. At a more on this program put it on the show exact same kid did you begin. These guys and have you -- stuffs you in the situation. Now -- now that he's about he's about 52180. Receiver drill here. That's beautiful that is I think that that discredits Italian Americans and note the appeal at the in the name them up positive. You're Italian heritage are you. I and the -- thank you really care less I don't care. Well. It doesn't offend me being entered the European and I think it's funny it's an -- so important that I have additional troops on the lot to. So that leads me to this question -- which is about who is a better quarterback. Peyton Manning Tom Brady of the situation. It beautiful -- You know enough that this situation never played football -- can't give it the he's. In a big number twelve which followed the best player ever to -- Football anywhere actually well they together where are you and probably use about. We you fascinated by watching that battle countdown to a top hundred. I actually yeah a lot -- them -- -- pretty cool actually. What the guys respect him and one aspect that -- their respective whether. At the numbers that made the pop. You know this yet to take your gears a little bit to be on the top like -- public until -- was shocked that he was in the fifteen then in my of them. Even prop and gardeners that was one of the republic that. It was interesting because a lot of guys I mean I think that a guy like Wes Welker ended up exactly where he should be number fifty. In the countdown but I thought a guy like Vince Wilfork. Alluding not a is you mentioned -- these these are rare guys who who impact entire games whereas a guy like Welker. Probably the right spot because while it's it's a spot. That is valuable. Lot of guys who can play the slot even the -- and very high level. Yeah I agree that you're -- eloquent and what he what I thought once again and he can even be higher than not for me personally because. Is it true root for repentance eats it and neither plane and or nose and he didn't. The centerpiece of that -- and he's the guy that keeps people up but mail keeps -- and often Mayweather or heat up the box into the spent so he can be. He doesn't give up credit that you have a common Albert the players not only mean you you look at this moment. He's the whole reason you know there were aware that world sequences here. So day you you mentioned earlier that you're. The Brady is the be all -- all what gives him the edge over Manning. You know I think this thing sets some apart and not that I don't I think -- It is you know under a month and I think you number three or primarily due. It -- a big group computer. -- he was this summer and and so now quarterback with China on the -- you. What the country was number one pick overall. Probably never been given that he's always had earned his way through itself in the sixth round pick barely made in the fourth quarterback. Really has been struggling that would struggling in the beginning to make him get in the NFL. He knows what is the flight and he never elect go to cities that will echo that drive. Every -- he's not until you approach it this is like. Doesn't appear force and quarterback I think -- -- hate to bet that mentality and do. Even cracked these that there MVP quarterback -- -- MVP to leave them -- He's still carry that that demeanor. What was the biggest difference -- jumped out to you between Manning and Brady when you went to the colts in 2006. You know I think they go a bit more vocal -- -- you how is it your goal lead by example. If you're gonna record. You know that the -- you don't actually set to run -- -- so let me just tell looking like. Yeah I'll I'll handy tool you know what you gonna do it -- we can't do you keep up with Maine that's coming out there's. In my mind he's always looking to get better you're looking to get back Eric. Is that he's not a whole book about it -- -- statement and Arnold a bit but it -- painted a different pair. Com to do it very quiet. And very humble -- the epithet and -- Where and when you first started being around Brady. Was there an instance where it was kind of a slap in the face that made you realize hey this guy is. One of the best that I will ever play whether I receive play. I don't look through the wind and I mean how much -- there and -- became. You know who won those who. If you'll come back to back him he really became. Mentored in the MVP vote. It was cool why are you never change. It ought to help you really going to be the first one in the building he was always pivotal -- -- believe there are very -- and that's what it -- -- that. And he -- that -- when he was a rookie even when they they want that person who -- cabinet slot and he never once the -- is seen bell. And I think that's that's what makes this the best. Now that his wife has changed obviously there's super model one on. All the way he's going down water slides will be shaved armpits in his hands in the air the team it's in Brazil. Does idiot that surprise you. -- At least two. Anyway let's not much on anybody that an agreement on up into door an. Integrated -- in the world -- while I was known when -- little -- walked -- You know -- OPEC -- man who you know when I saw him come up number one. Back to run away. It's only because it's true with you about that -- No it's true that you. Is that if the door he blew up in that situation toolbar here. In. What do you gain there -- -- ordinary you know what you the greatest guy ever. Not only degree quite a great friend and a great human being you earlier. At a record -- -- You know we were talking about this earlier that the people who wanted to discredit. Tom Brady and where he ranks on this list they point to when he got hurt Matt Cassel stepped in and the patriots did so well. What are you come down on that -- too. Where do you say hey you know it was that as a product of good coaching that that we shouldn't use that season as as an example of Tom Brady might not be as good as everyone else thinks or what what what's your take on that season. He -- -- -- -- bunch of beer from Parkersburg. It Mecca -- pretty good quarterback -- almost he's been learned from someone that. It's about. They're operating I think that was product. Will come really guiding -- through that he's done. Also at that that the -- quarterback in the don't. I you know the people who try to the president certain you know they really -- that catered and -- the -- because. You know he look packet that Super -- 01 underwent aggressive global. Not they're not there say that -- foreground and and David and David are great players but there were Reggie Wayne who are Marvin Harrison and -- didn't have market Pollard -- Clark. As the -- or wrong he's so won't will suborning it and then it should at an undefeated season. Right yet and and I think that the one thing we talked about this before the one opportunities and Peyton Manning had it was all set up for him. In the Super Bowl against the saints he had a game winning drive sternum in the face and didn't end the way he would have designed on the right team. For touchdown on the way. Here -- outbreak in job market that I can't activate it you know either pieces one of the all time greats duke for an BP's. I've -- these super boring dumb enough even lie about it on the opposite end that I got it. He's big touchdown and that is the championship I did it but you get articulate Egypt -- -- but it. I think he's due out more from me than I ever did for him are. Are the opposite the big big game player that. Another special quality -- the the bright light ever get. It's funny if you were around here you would hear that most of this world because of all the success that team has had is the fact that. There's a level of concern the treaties not the same big game -- that the patriots and not the same on. Team that has balls of steel in pressure situations that they were earlier in the decade. I say that so eventually cause of these things even out you that's gonna have the water slide pitchers. Water LePera with the they have the goat pictures -- What's your take on what they've had difficulties. In heels securely -- jets -- in the playoffs. You know that would integrate -- impose it -- trying to great -- That should be content. -- -- either one of the great great -- and the go to whatever it up there with bill and really it is designing -- On the -- that your reporter who -- -- You're that they weren't supposed to -- fourteenth -- -- -- first boot you know be the first he's electric because the rebuilt but. I think -- that this team. He took it off and if Likud book would be he -- approximately. But you look you -- a lot of leadership CNET block for a month that's an exit belief that without the guys to step up now without the and that when you are. You know -- -- Aaron and Willie. And antennae you know big change in the locker room and it's gonna pick on the rebuilt those other guys that -- you -- accept -- -- He got open that you know he's he's -- for permanent leader mountain the tactic under development get their truck for these young guys that are -- The week before we don't we really appreciate you coming on. Units also situation story one anecdote anything. On a artery don't have any sort let the guard -- Our Robert work of the Cuban if you could see him and rightfully was about you know forty -- -- you know didn't have an attitude that Mac -- upon. You know he knew that play should -- now -- -- you really find the boot HGH. The senate and the big. Make -- six million dollars a year biblical full. Maybe edit right in reaction to possible. I'd go to the gym and but he decency and -- -- big Klecko stay in touch okay thanks body. We are extend care. Idea Klecko what you players believable. Pete Manning and Tom Brady we're gonna break right now -- back with a phone call 61777. -- nearly fifty it's the big show.

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