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John Lackey is a complete disaster on the mound

Jul 5, 2011|

Tom Caron and Kirk Minihane talk about another disastrous start for John Lackey and all the problems this season - physically, mentally and performance-wise - with the Red Sox pitcher.

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Oh my my design. Ago. By the way welcome -- radio everybody is arousing stars -- -- -- a hell of a four hours those very chaotic start. I'm Daryn Kirk made an us with the chair first loss on late ought to be or to your lecture I went to the back up care right away bang my head while switching which there. Almost knuckled almost couldn't even flying solo. And and that I was looking at the wrong by amused that this like your this is the last commercial break anyway. Mike was on C but now it's on an hour talking to care -- -- -- with you. Off for action packed hours as you can tell right out of the -- And and had just under the Bob Ryan and Eric freed at the end of the morning GO what a great job they did. -- John Lackey think John Lackey has become the dice game -- has become other radio -- -- George John Lackey. And you sit back. And -- that adds up or we'll let her J. D. Drew in the mix as well now he has been consistent -- it's every week at the J. D. Drew a lot of women it's funny how now it's almost resignation and ginger tea because he's not you not under the contract after just waiting for the -- to count down the days. But but John Lackey is going to be here for awhile ladies and gentlemen. Under contract through 2014. Yesterday. You know what happened he gave up as many runs as he recorded outs that's never good thing seven -- seven runs. -- Google -- are -- nine -- seven he is now sitting here with seven or seven -- the highest. On many of the one. And forty pages of Major League Baseball who have -- fifty or more innings. Tasteless and mean there's no way of putting -- is always preface these things with -- we seem to do with the understanding that a he did not walk in the Europe -- office with a gun that the was had been demanding 82 million dollars OMB either physical -- personal factors that we know about. If John lackeys telling us that those are factors that's Bynum is no way are sure coach John Lackey has been the worst pitcher in baseball -- -- an absolute worst picture baseball seven point 47 -- One point six through one -- We need to come through and he. I'm sure for a Sox fan at this time that any faith at all that John Lackey and give you anything for the lifetime of his contract I can understand why they would feel really do. Why in a couple of things that remind him first well is the Philadelphia a lot of bad. I think we have to revisit that right I also think. You need to look at what. What Peter Gammons said last week I mean and and Peter Gammons was was roundly. Criticized question. For jumping. -- to the extreme perhaps of saying will he need Tommy John surgery which by the way is what he said. The game has never zawahiri does compete again -- never said he needs Tommy Johnson he said the team is very concerned about is all I was they're doing the show with Lou. When what Peter called and for his weekly is weekly set to appear again and so lastly about July. Well all the problem lackeys tell closest -- and got me Tommy John surgery or before August I mean that's something they have to decide. So those are things that. -- that he did. The that they can't actually they can't afford to trade you've -- or anybody like that as long as they they're not sure about palpable over all the starters already lost Matsuzaka. And what he's their physical -- warrior. Way. And frankly. In that clip. Actually cut off what he said just before that. Which was. The Red Sox can't just go out in trade. One of their young arms like do broad or whomever we talking about outfield depth the questions about a outfield that race and that's when he went into. The team is very concerned about lackeys elbow. One if he needed Tommy John surgery that something the team will have to decide and that's what it was that would have talked good about this he talked about it on our show yesterday and as a that that's. The words that's of the team has to decide or about trading. I don't know are not about -- he'd ever said the team has decided he's getting Donna Johnson. Yet you know I think we're Peter Peter made a mistake and the only thing is saying. In August at the east sort of keep that time in the face -- that gave the media -- I was down -- that they something to sort of point now that's Francona. US steel when asked lackeys that just saying. You know if you're going need Tommy John surgery potentially -- -- that happens said he sort of -- he reality. That's what I said it says it is your -- Philadelphia I was up here obviously. How did you become aware of what -- This is always intriguing to clean -- and through the guaranteed 1% never wrong world Twitter where everything -- 140 characters right. By the by with our by the end of the show that morning. There or web site saying Gammons. Colon. Lackey needs Tommy got you law does -- -- like to -- W quality and and that clause that bad. I'm not sure about the and I of the sentence right term clauses but apart. -- that's what the team that's inside was linked to him needing -- on this one again if you listen to. The words before that the path of the team has -- too late to. Trading away -- At any rate right as we sit here today. Of course that night. On like Eagles Philadelphia which is great and and after the game says. You know what is all this talk about Tommy concert -- possibly for everybody in here in new car if you thought against the wall. Then two sticks and straighten me that a so straight made up what that he needs Tommy John surgery in August. Like you set right I yet putting a hypothetical timetable on this may have been where the discussion really got -- off the track. While my point is. We all follow up on that start in Philadelphia say now she's clearly he's proving something hairy -- show -- he's healthy he's fine against meantime. -- is reminding us that I'm sorry that team is concerned about itself which is what he said. That we watch him go out there yesterday. We ought to go out there yesterday. Get lit up. And then of course -- -- -- -- hey -- there is an issue with the -- after the game -- Francona says his velocity spot. Talked baseball Scott talked baseball people. Command location is the first thing -- -- When there's an album but just of the thing that is usually effective right -- you don't usually given elbow injury of some bothering you it's not necessarily velocity it's your ability to spot the fastball and and command the pitch. So after the game now. We are sitting here talking about seven runs in seven innings and you're starting to say you know what maybe there is an issue with the album. After the game. John Lackey is ask. -- about whether or not he's hampered by -- In connection between years the world record at this point from someone. Nothing. Knows it's there and doing nothing -- couldn't keep him from pitching. I'd have given credit for a couple of things he is being accountable here is saying nothing's gonna keep him from pitching yells at -- post game present. That that that injury health had nothing to do with what happened yesterday by. He's saying we're all shepherd and Peter Gammons on her yesterday had talked to Mike's ocean -- those that want most frustrating things about managing John Lackey is he is a warrior. He will not talk about injury he will not talk about personal issues going on off the field and we know there are -- Knowing all of them as well he has focused on pitching wants the ball every fifth day and it's sometimes very difficult to find out what's going on with John Lackey. Which could be the case here which could bring us full circle maybe we should all be very concerned about that -- right. Well listen I mean the release comes on the fact is that we're gonna know when we know John lackeys knock the -- he's not going -- the Red Sox are not going to tell us when John -- -- -- Terry Francona he's gonna need Tommy John. He's not any Tommy Johns -- we're just gonna find out about the Minnesota release out exactly when that. The concern now is what do you do with John Lackey and the reality is is a guy get -- the seven and a half the RA the worst -- pitcher in Major League Baseball this season. And what he -- have to leave their rotation at this point you don't know anything about Clay Buchholz he's going down to see you back doctor. Yet to leave their rotation it's in it's a fear for a team who was in -- in the pennant race it's like you can hi John Lackey. The next three months if he's healthy like he says he's looking goalie he said and Terry Francona said yesterday. They're a set amount every five days. It's a scary situation for the -- Oh no question about it and and we're gonna talk. About what's going on with the Yankees -- there are so many parallels you can draw between the pitching staffs now the injuries what they're dealing with. And I say. And I have always said when you are discussing John Lackey. And is he making top of the rotation money I absolutely would this be. Number one. Starter money for most Major League teams absolutely. But it's not the Red -- is not the Yankees it is an identical contract AJ Burnett. And when you talk about John Lackey to beat the best comparable on the market is AJ Burnett AJ Burnett is pitching better than John Lackey. Went up by its. All but -- on. Bush -- this year why it's not Oprah brought about contract a person is why you've gotten. Now for all of 500 cardinal first but -- offer -- -- Auburn that's what a World Series are won the norm as game for the Yankees now -- answers mirrored that now one of the Phillies -- that you don't like it allows. But over the Red Sox now is that ceremony called parallels there is the Red Sox fans care about now those who don't you like the way Jim Burnett -- to -- to John Lackey. Yes right now actually a -- of these are gonna have to -- on a guitar prior to this year is who cares this art so. Now why don't like -- let's back right thank you 2000. -- AJ Burnett five and a quarter ER five flag -- environmentalists aren't -- like double agent last if you if last year my premise is that last year AJ Burnett was right where John Lackey is this -- -- what the Yankees. With Egypt and that it walk away. It did not take another -- they certainly did not thank you John like he's not going anywhere now and all you can hope. Is that he doesn't age so what does it occurred at CRA last year by the report -- -- John Lackey -- this year is five and a quarter well no but not all high and it's it's July talk about. Last year but AJ Burnett that one half -- it was that all the reduce -- so you know you gotta you gotta you gotta go the whole season you kick back have a seasonal fall season. You -- through your argument. AJ Burnett's ERA it was five point 26 for the entire current five games under five yes look at it and we're looking and a half seasons split. For John Lackey at seven. In -- Yes. Right idea -- where there are lingering sort of Tommy John. Both Zell already shivered at -- and no that's. If I hope let's frankly I agree I'm -- is a L I with a camera such perspective it be the best thing for John -- these crazies that sound. And then zipped up in the a lot of guys come back better after Tom did you her daughter the course plus right. I isn't as they get stuck in traffic on the mass -- stuck in traffic and again I hope nobody gets injured in the accident but what you want is an accident up ahead. As if there's an accident at the -- gonna flow freely -- out of my -- many times right to say it's about said -- you know I want I want you body I want some -- -- proof that waited for two exactly because otherwise it's just going to continue. Correct right yes if there's not a problem which unlike his elbow we got a bigger problem. And that's that John Lackey is no longer effective pitcher but let me just didn't go real -- -- -- -- a -- attempt to this point of -- contracts that you would definitely -- BJ Burnett a significant. Yes well my point is by pointedly -- he's got a year on like he's got one year more then. You know he's got three years with the Yankees vs two years with the -- and half right John -- but at the end of the second year. Everyone in New York wanted to -- the rotation right after last season ten to 155 record you are pretty much where you are here year -- now. Both guys that what we're. -- AJ -- numbers were to run like eighteen and ten. -- area around for a fact I had several reds aren't people tell me. That they wanted he's the guy they wanted to go get that off he goes to New York there are real questions can AJ Burnett handled pitching in New York. He pitched in the AL east so you thought he was. Closer to that than John Lackey would be with a -- coming from the west weaker division water pressure guys pitched in the -- but it -- brought. You -- in their pitching is the ultimate little underdog guy every time your Yankee Stadium or Fenway Park. He goes to New York first year about 500 -- era of four right in fact lackeys first year better than Burnett's first. -- torture in Boston yes well that's all yes it is ERA is very similar -- -- games. 16 -- -- -- really -- it was a winter I was there that's fine and and if you're going to weigh out statistic but at the numbers -- -- so -- close up close I go with it -- ERA and -- similar then -- it. Once there I mean that you go again on I would say that the Yankees won the World Series and it Birtley huge game for them and that's that's that's fair enough but. It's not lackeys all the law and fact correct. He was the it was one -- the least the I mean use in the bottom half. Right that's fair or -- I think we're looking at it I look at that you look at that Burnett vs black actually dead as an individual contracts timing I think. We looked at almost identical to the my all balls like I don't look at if ever recover Red Sox fan now like other well the Yankees spent this money this much -- Burnett so I can whether it's -- expect -- -- -- -- a look at Lackey as an individual and so far there's no way around he's been an unmitigated. Absolute Titanic yet failures -- as we sit here in July. Gas and might by -- all in -- is not to say. The -- contract or any of this. Takes away many that right he's been a disaster. You're too is it is asked poem right I I was one of the guys who and I don't listen I was there Fort Myers what he's -- you know the numbers are gonna 200 innings inequalities are. Yeah I thought last year was a disappointing year for John Lackey but not. -- groves disappointment it's okay what does half. It was adjustment you're actually September was pretty good -- okay you're gonna build up that he's gotten used to the east. Not used the big stage this is an Anaheim anymore. I'm and then you get to this year and listen. We all know about what's happening off the field there may be elbow issues so all of that factors. Odd that said his work on the mound as a disaster. My only point with the Burnett money and results. Are that in in the case of both those teams. They're bringing him in as a middle of the rotation. AJ Burnett was not expected to -- race. -- that was expected to probably have the best number three in baseball I said prior to last season don't like he's gonna be the best number three days. Well last year he was slightly disappointing as a number three starter. This year he is horrific as a number five number seven number -- -- via that he is gone from slightly disappointing. To disastrous. And if Peter Gammons is bright and the team is concerned with his elbow then maybe the best exit strategy for everybody here. Is state to give him some time to find out how bad elbow. Right -- -- it's fairness if he has that Tommy John let's just say boo what's continue -- it's -- at Tommy John them. When when do we see him again what is it time to fourteen months they probably not next year. Or higher end of next year are looking at a contract for three years are done now 2050 obviously kicks in for amber and I are looking at a contract that is you know. Over the worst of the was ever put together -- the highest paid pitcher franchise history B two million dollars and I are looking at just an all time you know disaster. And any and is that that that lineage of Matt Clement Brad Penny. John Lackey that we talk a lot about the J. D. Drew and Julio Lugo and those freeagent pitching signings have not -- restraint -- not worked out now.

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