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Paul Flannery of WEEI.com on the NBA lockout

Jun 30, 2011|

Paul joins Mikey and Lenny to talk about the issues that led to the NBA lockout and whether there will be any resolution to it that will lead to any basketball this fall or winter or whether he expects the season to be a total loss.

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We're back -- a planet Mikey show on Thursday night Lenny megs is here Willis. And you are to a 6177790850. We'll get to John Danny fits in all the guys on hold -- real real quickly but I wanna talk to -- Flannery you're from moment because all Flannery not only is. RW -- dot com. Expert. We have them we have them all wrapped up in the expertise department on NBA action Paul plant rejoins us now offers some words on this as a this lock -- Paul how are you. I've got here at Lenny in we're just kind of curious you know it. Every part Tammy have two teams that lockouts at the same time and what's the what's the bottom line on this. As far as who's who's right who's wrong who's been fair unfair where they yet. Well I've met them all because your perspective so of course I tend to lean toward the players a little bit on this one that's just that's just sort of my perspective but. Yeah well for two years beat these guys have been talking intermittently and they really haven't made any inroads for a few years nothing. Nothing and there's a chance to -- the system that -- committed. How many people tell you the NBA's so complicated to understand with a capital that kind of -- and it's you guys know how hard it is for a bad team to recover. What they've become really back. You know and you'd need a lot of -- In the lottery or you need you know a brilliant executed plan or you need to be a warm weather city in order to compete and you need a lot of money. But it had a chance to fix this system you know with a new collective bargaining agreement and they really haven't gotten very far so I think that both sides are definitely the blame on some level. I think with the owners are asking for right now is you know frankly too much. But you know I don't doubt that that they've really started talking to each other yet. Well that's all right a source kind of weird because -- -- yet ended the talks stuff so quickly today that you might think this is a positioning of bargaining -- but let me ask you this. Are their teams out there that are just not make it or -- they're gonna go bankrupt is that the reason owners want more on -- more than a 57%. Predicament their revenue give up 57. Right yeah yeah the players under the current agreement to 57% they've actually offered to roll that back a little bit so it's not like there is sitting there saying I don't know adult. Don't -- any to have made some concessions. Deodorant and they've done nearly enough concessions but. The NBA claimed the 22 of the thirty teams are losing money and the collective figure they've burnout there -- 370 million dollars for the last year. Now I can put people -- that's been today Tommy -- had a really nice job of showing. How all professional sports franchise can sort of -- at what they're -- the -- it's very it's all legal what they do but I can sort of you know move money around social larger loss to quite beneficial to show larger losses actually being happened. Using business techniques that are current place in the business world but it you know when he when it comes of this or you know you could say that that is doctoring their. It is you know I talk to somebody. I guess that's I describe. More more and more -- the players' interest shall we say okay and you know heat -- probably that. Get elected that they know they're not buying what the owners are selling. And they believe that they -- -- nearly as much money and that they're trying to transferred. There a lot about the players and not sharing any of their beneath their profit potential itself. You know right now -- it that the one good thing here Mikey is -- is that. It has -- like it had the rhetoric having gotten too bad yet they're still gonna talk they're gonna that it didn't pick the weekend often -- to cool off a little bit. But they're still gonna talk it's only July and as of tomorrow and yet it hasn't really gotten the nitty gritty yet this is different about it a good thing what's happening but at the same time. You know I don't think that people should just assume that there's Huckabee he's married and. Well let me be devils have -- moment okay. This notes want. A tougher salary cap that -- would not be the worst thing in the world from the leak. Problem. They -- aggressively it's a very good question I mean. I think what -- talking about here though is that and that went to basic import to the owners are are actually for ten year commitment. If you went to -- salary cap you know that doesn't fluctuate over ten years the players get kickbacks. So they don't yet but I don't trust each other all that much I think. Stricter cap could be coming. But yet they -- -- technical -- cap and the players correctly it isn't based on revenue. Yet based on revenue you know -- beacon for the listeners -- all this stuff. But especially I think you'll you'll probably get tighter cap -- more stricter capital more defined cap in the future. But I'd still think that the hard in fat salary cap is gonna fly with the players as -- to -- well. Well that yeah on that that'll always come down through you know individual now what where's the average. The NBA salary you know stop your -- If I don't talk about they had Betty you know -- the mid level exception that would become familiar with this is generally the average salary that's. I forget roulette last shares or six million dollars million good give particular that. Apollo I think like the twelfth guy on the bench like the 25 guy on the bench in baseball. I mean it's the average. Three of four million I mean it's sharp -- up all the time takes me like tools three years to make that -- my daughter's pain under the collateralized topic that really really hurts to hear these numbers and that I. -- -- -- -- -- -- You know the local businesses. You know have been in the war is after a Celtics game and I've been in. Or is in the summertime when they just wait for hockey invest well it's not up. Or big concert. And as that residual effects you know we don't talk about that enough probably there's a lot of businesses who depend. On the NBA -- the and it NFL for sure and adjusted be going so they get going in and make some money in economic and millions like our life. Absolutely let me I mean look I mean there's a lot of writer's sort of if you look at perhaps attempted to do it you know. What -- a little work but you probably -- journal columnist and you don't have to depend at one what at a yeah I want -- what you want but you don't make a victory because of the gaudy lifestyles. Of a lot of the NBA stars you noted that of their people or maybe more resentful. Our -- stars in that league because they know they got the posse and the multiple cars and gigantic houses and all the blame. And everything going on because they do that because of lifestyle that they live once they become an NBA star and maybe there's people out there that are more resentful of target stands now chair. Of of the players that they would be of the teams especially if it's documented that there are teams it's a series teams are in trouble have to move lose money -- I've made yet but that's their problem I mean -- -- haven't been around the league that that that's that's that's overblown. It's due to a great degree and if I'm elected that -- is more than more than but the vast majority of players are are responsible. With -- money and if they live a lavish lifestyle they've -- that you're the -- -- exactly aren't exactly you know limited one bedroom apartments and you know not an economic. Take a guy like Ray Allen who -- -- nineteen million in nineteen he's making that last year nominees appear before -- and yet here before Harris you -- and it is only American attendees that lets you know you look at him you say okay -- let -- save money is as this guy over here but Ray Allen is is it is more the as as human beings go more credible and it -- relating to normal people. I mean you I gather that that you know all -- that perception -- look at this money can be made in this sleek. Somebody's gonna make the money right it's gonna be ordered it's gonna be the players it's not going to be the writers -- part of the ticket -- -- answer the band. But the shell out hard earned money to watch the games are orderly passer all that stuff you know. I completely sympathize with that this ticket you know jury to learn seemed to watch yeah but at the same time -- money to be made. And you know but the players have just as much or write to it -- anybody else does. I do though think the you're right you mentioned the fans and what they pay to watch the games what whether it's on TV -- -- or on the Internet or any way that they pay to pay the NBA. That they should be a consideration. In in all of this said. But they won't be Mikey mouse and doing that but supply and demand does work into this Paula mean you know a few if you kill off your audience to kill the golden -- -- over -- -- them. Then that's gonna be partially to blame for lack of revenue on both sides of this argument sure. Luckily the NBA is a much different situation in the NFL I think we can all -- the F -- Presumably if they don't mess this up is is basically both for I mean people are gonna watch on -- -- spend money investing in the NFL. It's just the way it is most popular sport country by far and every time they have what do these things. You know people get mad and they had visits but eventually people do come back of the NBA. The NBA is not the NFL the NBA didn't even visually based all the NBA. Can't afford to just sort of you know casually -- fans over the but -- you know over the side. I guess you guys well know the fans are not the first second or third fourth or fifth considerations that go great. Right Alia led right into my my next point you just you're just hit on it and terms of the NFL I mean the let's say there's no NFL season and no NBA season revenues Manhattan but you know there would -- hypothetically. I'll I mean who gets to worse backlash when they come back the NBA I William yes -- right because. Now if that they wanted to can't put into -- and attribute some pretty serious. Well that's -- incredulous saying how you know it's it's the king of kings and America supports now -- in -- a baseball guy and I I you know conceded years ago that you know via. American pastime is -- Sunday afternoon at 1 o'clock. But I mean is this a lot at stake here. So you think the NFL may be slowed come back to the NFL it won't have a set it. It let me put it let me put that -- the different should you lock out is that nobody any NFL says they're losing money. There are making money and it's just a question of how they're gonna you know yeah I did a little bit different whereas we've talked about they say they're losing money and then that big Q has some serious issues to work through here. That are gonna be very important for the future the lead and not to -- this topic by the way. -- -- -- At the salary cap thing is I've now in mind boggling but it it offends me that you have to think of running these numbers and you really got. So kind of data -- data but that's -- -- good point is that but I understand it because I've spent. An awful lot of my life trying to figure out you know it isn't it it's a complex system and I. C -- -- band you've given up shaving in order to accommodate that that's right -- that's. And yet it's a complex cumbersome system with all kinds of exceptions that frankly doesn't make a lot of sense the people the first -- -- go through it and they hit the fact that -- you know let me mention our cap before they can come up with a simpler system that -- all the -- to be competitive. And to be able degree rebuild in the matter a year to as opposed to 45 and -- -- be a win win but you know -- as. I'm not sure the players think that that's what the owners that game really is. While they've been banging out at the garden a few years and obviously in even before the Big Three got together and in the year seriously contenders for championship. For some reason they -- still get 181000 plus it. If if they -- here I am back to that hypothetical if they shouldn't miss a season. In Boston at the garden. So the big -- I hope they year old went on haven't played assays and I don't. I'm only gonna save those crowds rushing back I think what -- that team was two years hence. What have to be pretty damn good you don't you know bring those crowds back group right way to Mitzi that's if they're any good stands to hurt them more yeah. Sure yeah I'd say you know Larry I totally agree I -- I think. You know that the epic earned back the trust any more complicated for the entire season yeah. And but that wasn't the classic -- backlash -- you know yeah there was backlash hockey. That there was no thought an otherwise but they will you know people always support winner and that's. Did that they'll be true forever. It's the lost revenue when they're gone and -- frustration of the fans and their guardian of so I give a target of Assisi can't. It's -- figure this out when everybody stands to make money Mike got his that would dealings all bobbled. It's more than that with some of these guys in the yeah. The principle of the thing you know so. Probably just sense I shot a contracts. For for players is that one of the things the only -- that thrown out there. Look I mean obviously that's services you know beyond bad about I mean is that that makes sense. Yeah I think it does actually and I think that that's the side issue. That's all right well connected as they say and -- think about it might benefit the players -- a minute you know if he could not locked into a place for five years one of the frustration for players that is that. Yet because the cap -- there sometimes iPod or really terrible situation they can't get out unable to move -- then you right to talk to you know you know to I think shorter contract would benefit the team. I think I think they were they were probably benefit the players as well look you know the funny thing about this -- is that in 1998 and there's a lock out. The immediate reaction to the new collective bargaining agreement was. David Stern credit the players the -- it well guess what twelve years later. They're now saying the order to put up their -- -- the system is broken. Well you know eventually ordered the gonna spend money and they're gonna try to -- and however the system gets worked out. It's gonna be a benefit to the players. And it's it's just a question of how can they come to an agreement where. You know voters don't actually get crippled by a long term contract players have freedom of movement a little bit. But you know nobody nobody forced the -- decide Eddy Curry. For five years and you know -- gazillion -- Batted -- -- always happen and and that I think that's the players' frustration. Yeah that and the will to win it as the planned to win and will always involved that and so you know it's kind of a catch 22 in that regard and always will be. Hey listen Paul good target WEEI dot com Paul -- he's our basketball guru and when it was good talk and he. But they got -- -- taken off plenary here on the planet Mikey show.

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