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John Gonzalez, Philadelphia Inquirer

Jun 28, 2011|

John talked about his column in which he called Boston sports fans obnoxious, the similarities between Boston and Philadelphia, how Philly fans are jealous of the Boston sports teams' success, how he would describe Philadelphia fans, if he expected there would be this much reaction to his column and his thoughts on interleague play.

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With all the winning going on around here it's pretty evident from all the trash talking that everyone in America. Hates us in Boston why would we led a dirty team like a dirty city get dirty disgusting sports city like Boston throw this in our face there's no way we qualities. -- -- this actually make that everybody in North America including Canada hates us. I was gonna happen with ten players on my -- -- -- identity without the tax -- demand that they that things they do that the community. And people like tough marks on -- just go around him but only plumbing I. -- walk away just because -- you know better than everybody else if I'm I have people that you guys evaluate your team on paper up. And I judge the performance all close look better and you'll post. -- setup guys better -- now on number one the number one. I'm married to go from Summerville out there and ugly people series -- model -- -- your life. What I'm talking about -- old black holes -- local people and they make me sick. Going to you from street at a Boston making no arrests though America's sixteen year it's much too early. Hey we'll give you build. That's what happens when you win a championship. It would go like give -- like the Yankees. With the cowboys. Hit the lakers. It's nice it's nice to be made that -- sometimes. Perhaps a -- Artists that you love. -- Gonzales from the Philadelphia Inquirer wrote an article yes they got it was stirred up around -- Boston fans have become obnoxious. Just tell us what you really feel the ball Boston -- Well but gentleman that you -- I think it's nice to be needs for you guys I mean you got her on top I wish we were it like that. Now you sets of things here thing but I you know that's that they get that sort of thing Whittier resident John a lot of people read this and I think Philadelphia fans are -- but not necessarily because you on a great guy exactly. You said people Boston. Become obnoxious arrogant condescending and recorded a story to of the young man who who's taken his boy now to every single parade. And that pretty much made you sickening and you know what to -- let's other -- honestly the average your article. I agree with you is a Boston -- obstinacy to compliment. Yeah we are -- gloat -- we won championships. Yeah they'll does that mean. Accurate title but I think -- the -- of the story is that well sort of chill and you guys the only ones who don't like it. There was somebody who growth in Philadelphia. The Boston and I wish we -- like that I mean. My whole life in my body's weight for a championship there was that was by the year drought and so we're all forced sports teams didn't do anything. And the Phillies -- we broke that in fact have this generation it's there. The -- -- taken. You know you're gonna want every year and that's pretty late you know we had -- like. But see you talk about -- 25 years that Philadelphia broke up. That the that the Phillies broke up or are we went through fifteen years here from 1986 to 2001 without winning it. Right you may domains that I I think what it. Isn't any any any city that had this much success. You'd have fans that are gonna -- what we paid our doom news. I knew we had fifteen. Years enough that. I absolutely got to take you do it for ethnic black. That you just mentioned it yet they're sort of similarity -- -- -- between Boston and Philly in terms how passionate the entire history. -- looting and -- -- out how to do it sort of expecting your acting your -- you actually broke her we have watching the ship that between five years. And the basic. You've got Procter and that's -- fifteen years and yet it stops that it's like I don't know what look at scrap. While we try to help the Eagles ran into the patriots all they had to do it at quarterback wasn't thrown up a bottle you might end up -- there. Those are the basis basic or about. The judge the basis basically is Alec we thought it Ellis. -- absolutely I think but that's you know that that's not and usually it's sort of not it's not really and usually the later. You guys react to talk this morning -- I think in a little we talked about -- -- on eBay. Affiliate won as many championships as Foster even as many championships are probably twice as obnoxious. Thank thank you put yeah that's the question I -- to ask you it's sick how how do you. Classify. Philly fans. What does. -- obnoxious and we're jealous. -- I think yet I mean super super obvious that what you guys chat. And you know how to -- in both places I see a lot of similarities between the city not just you know in terms of the same basis. Action in the history of the panel on our our collective featured at New York which is the -- that -- more championships than we what we got. Well and my question for you is are you surprised did you expect the kind of reaction are we just was that today we heard dozen guys in Philadelphia radio. Talking about the things a hundred things they hate the most about Boston now -- got everybody jumping on this. John Gonzales bandwagon that the Boston sports fans are obnoxious he surprised by. How big -- deal -- has become -- the last day. That's abruptly -- bandwagon I would then recommend everybody get on it and I'm I'm sort of not surprised no I think that's fine you know the part sport is for your team right but what CNET sport is currently get somebody. Right now you guys -- top so people it's ridiculous that's you guidance on such of the great series. Internet threats -- confidence and -- two of the best teams in baseball. If there are some people are saying well you know. Illustrate downplay this series between the bill that I would say otherwise I think it's great on not just between two is that between acute and they. People got to Philadelphia bitching about the silly play like like we I don't Boston it's obvious effects as differently got a guy like David Ortiz out of the slide up -- people Philadelphia Jerry liked this. You know I I'm sort of -- different on and on the early -- but it's why it's Anthony you know who cares what the mayors of ten. You know nobody wants to say you know the athletics -- here -- they're like you much for me but when you get to play the Yankees and -- the Red Sox. You play the lead in the American League it's -- day that started. The -- this weekend by. Illness built on the road -- League City that got a better for its political lineup so not great record your life originated here. -- -- John Gonzales Philadelphia Inquirer. Yesterday ethic ruffled some feathers appeared Boston columnists -- maybe some spoiled arrogant obnoxious but. Like I said before mean that's what happens with winning -- -- that we we tuned in. To us extend a VIP radio filling the cup with a hundred things that would be if you do if favorite because if you're running those guys. So let's not link we got it's called link we set and we really don't eat that much apparent Boston. That they all get out there. They all lead -- -- wage job I love me some league week. Now that's so long ago you know how it is inside theater of the mind there. It's usually got the oil this that over these next couple days of TV show that. Our -- listen hey we really appreciate you taking the time enjoy it down there. You probably continue to get fed up your Twitter accounts and any emails -- Boston fans who. Pretty much nature of some of the words you said but -- -- deal with that. And thank you yet John thank you -- think as liberal boss and migrating. And it may mating is if you keep dating we keep winning. I'd -- Gonzales Philadelphia Inquirer. Lessig can't yet you know it almost seems like -- You almost expected expected -- some money from -- Montreal was really deep into the prosecutors -- wrote it. Coffee meant that you just try to poke the bear little -- here. I -- I hadn't really -- the well a lot of hot spot that's fun that's fun. This rip a fan base I began in the thing you've got. I don't know does heat he never sort of puts it out there and says I hate I hate us. He's saying he's taken a third person you all hate Boston and you feel like you before you know Philly fans hate the boss doesn't really. -- himself out there. He's got to do that whole el Limon -- of the get with the kingdom Canada stated back in pitting one you know just. Observing it also -- himself in the middle of the conversation he threw an out there -- -- life. But let's yeah I. -- is that -- Six dented their list of -- hundred. Things they hate about Boston a bloodless it needs to call. Danny Tom Brady was three detainees the number one of all the things -- -- -- -- -- The respected days of the sixers. Not quite sure which you can also log what do our FaceBook page FaceBook dot com Loney to put up. Philly how's that they go -- would put a body or make the list who hates bought New York I don't know better applicant six. -- and understand how about buy goods and talk to someone else is at the time at Philadelphia week come back John crock ESPN. Joins us at the break.

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