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JaJuan Johnson, Celtics first round pick

Jun 28, 2011|

The Purdue grad joins DnC to talk about being drafted by the Celtics, what Doc has told him about playing in Boston, and what he will be doing in the offseason.

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To watch Johnson joins us on the AT&T hotline one of the two newest members of the Boston Celtics good morning to -- John and Jerry here in Boston how aria. I'm very it is Eric comfort factor having another point -- -- Purdue boilermakers come to the NBA with you as opposed to going there by yourself. Although -- -- she's told inspectors you know he's written about Christina it's. Somalia you know at this stage. Is almost unheard. You know it's that we number number -- Now back in the day when you guys were both younger each one more was the better player he was the big score he was the star he was setting scoring records and then you -- your senior year sort of caught him. That -- get passed from one guy to the other day he reluctantly kind of give way to you will let you kind of shot in the spotlight your senior year. I mean not that English you know both police. Each -- we knew that we editing you know that's an eighteen. You don't have a problem of passing the ball but parents are now -- -- -- -- made big shots source. I mean -- -- you know pretty much into the room so. You know -- -- he has -- -- -- partnership in the hope it continues. Where did you think you were gonna go on draft day was 27 about right or you little. A little disappointed that you might go a little sooner. All of -- are pretty lets you know we're really into it pressure so. You know when he says inflate I -- deputy great situation Armenian armed refugees. You wouldn't let -- be honest with us how much do you expect to play as a rookie on this team we -- -- a lot of established veterans. It's going to be tough to that the cracked the line appear at the rotation. Oh what are you expecting. -- -- written -- -- -- emerged -- being released this year this quarter figures most direct hit from a go to -- you know. -- -- those guys and. Katie -- place. You're -- you're an Indianapolis guy with the pacers have been your first choice -- weren't the Celtics. Meaning if they -- -- artfully. I really in my career list I'm anxiously at this point it's it's. Let literally in the future. Eight we we know that your number one non goal right now is to put -- weight and weight here to help. Have you and we got all kinds of tips have you tried the KFC double down. I returned that is so that there's. You know my -- -- it. -- what do you do and tell us how that works ye tribute to twenties right now you wanna get to what 235. Yeah and hope or expectation currently sit. And use you know that -- -- here -- Can match up with China's diplomatic ties needy. Took it in each day so not a -- Boston are my ability and so Thursday but what we need to come to that question. Have you met big baby Davis -- -- can tell you he might have some tips for the. He had a centimeter or so right now they quote you know must urge you. Maybe you know media. What do Danny -- city in terms of your orientation -- what it tell you look for watch for understand about the Boston Celtics. And you know it should teach students English tradition. They don't let -- do things right away. Miraculously we have a lot to work to do. Let you know are are moving it within you know are that -- in just become a very excellent. I know you -- 202 very different players but if we rolled the ball bottom half court and made you guys played a 21 by one. Who wins. I'd say you shortly is either use who have. It is regard. Are you -- definite you know an orange is really -- bowl. You couldn't back him down and score will over him in the post. I don't think it Beckham parenthood in it's just music again. To want Johnson thanks for the time to Boston I got one more question for you number twelve right in honor -- you mother you said is that correct to one. Did did his did anyone run this by Von wafer and we grab number twelve at the. No waiting -- bird. What I don't know. Your mother play. A few plays and I couldn't see two. -- are as you can see me. -- -- -- You ruined everything you ruined now you're gonna make it up to -- weren and number. That's what jobs -- welcome to Boston we'll talk you down the road. It new -- dollars one -- with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T outlined official wireless provider of the Boston -- we will say goodbye to -- and what do you think. Von -- found out that. You want Johnston was wearing number when I saw the Patrick today but it creek. All -- the Jersey a for the -- salary on cars on how -- renting a the level of the available on big navy east yeah yeah. And get reversed the digits when he won a Sherman retire right now we of the artwork into grief would he would point five in college yeah that's on. -- 113030. Threes available. And that we should reverse announced 55 is it is a power for. That's a good one although Eddie House had it and so while these -- B acts and think and -- chain Eric Williams twelve is not a power forward right even -- around where's. Twelve is not so long garden she -- nobody else was 505550. Via fittings 55 is -- equally five was. White chocolate too which is why -- want one of white chocolate and white chocolate -- one of the heroes Jayson Williams on. For the final hour Dennis and Callahan fault lines open we'll talk with you.

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