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Steve Davis, brother of Debra Davis

Jun 27, 2011|

Steven Davis, the brother of the murdered Debra Davis, joins the show to discuss Whitey Bulger and what he thinks of the man who killed his sister.

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Deal lives of the Davis family changed forever in September of 1981. That's the time that's the date when Deborah Davis was murdered by Whitey Bulger for wanting to get out of her relationship with Stephen -- She knew too much she knew about the connection with John -- in the FBI and why his mind and -- -- mind she was disposable and needn't be taking care. -- joining us on the AT&T hotline the official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins is Stephen Davis the brother of operatives to morning Stephen how are you. Aren't -- -- now that you've had three or four or five days to digest what has happened out in Santa Monica and the evil monster is back here in Boston and I've seen some earlier interviews with you were. You were emotional and and kind of having a hard time putting it into words but now that you have for five days to go to it to digest all of this. Your thoughts about the guy who did this to your sister finally facing justice. You say what. And boarded justice. I mean ringling knowing you have a lot like this. Everybody can closure and everything would be eaten it up for the last thirty years. -- and when it began as a people look. Caron on like -- -- heroic son. A legend the legend of what you know mind and -- have been trying to I guess in the same identical on on the bottom now -- you know. It's a big shot. He put good people away. He killed. The most amount of good people. You know the people would never even do anything now. Mean did they cut about how he made history. Being -- history itself the committee that don't know Robin Hood. You know. Put that idea and you'll have to wait -- jacket the -- when the streets were safe and then not and then. -- we Rhode Island building that building with decent. David would you not agree though that the image of white he has some sort of Robin -- in some sort of good samaritan for the people South Boston isn't it funny widely held belief anymore are you still hearing people in South Boston saying. Well he's not that bad of a guy or he's he's a mobster buddies are mobster -- Frankly haven't heard a lot of sympathy for -- since the story as it stands in the last two weeks. Yeah I mean no that you can find them make darn happy to get people. -- him so bad. Always a good guy he took care of people he didn't take care of anybody. Who took care of himself he was the cheapest. And they wanna say that would put on the radio but he loses. He was worse and worse he -- Good. People saying they do when he walked the streets of subplot that rumble you never beat you never seen him out -- You know if we really -- and we added there's going to be hanging out -- street and that he had a project like like we can. And their name and if you whether to have it as a model for the little guy that he was not around and subplots and Iran. Eighteen to 24 years old. -- Sit through -- life anyway and I mean anybody. Sick again that they can be seen. What what do you mean this I don't this is even relevant what do you mean Steve when you say that. In June -- and patriarch who were decent guys that. -- -- -- -- They knew where it got me they didn't cheer anybody -- Are you sure. I think they might have yes. You can kill anybody can beat those guys that you read about -- would gambling now long shot. I mean Ellen that's something it is going to be on a mystery. The rest of our lives. On on -- can you tell us about your experience -- you knew what kind of monster he was before. He before your sister -- dating Flemmi. Oh what was tell us about that than the night you had to kind of a scary encounter with waiting. And then it -- it I didn't feel good dad and I. -- he -- been put in a position. We're would have never happened the second time. Where you want this coming -- they wanted to speak to me. And it did get a little -- and let -- You know what I mean I would never put myself in that position. You lose their lives are not on the -- fact that you know you trust -- him there are nagging -- and then. He wasn't worth the issue was -- You know. -- Ultimately killed. But I tell you can muscle in the indictment could -- -- the street. What did you do to deserve that. What do you mean did you all the money was put it -- An -- money. I don't know I think maybe that. Made -- me and my Brothers were a threat to them I don't know. -- -- I think we can enjoy wide -- up. I'm -- the day your system went missing you knew what happened. You don't mean she was dating Flemmi she went missing and we think that she ran away. Well that that's. But the whole scenario in my mother had taken and then. There was a lot there was a lot of stories it was. Yesterday I was going to my mother taught -- that. You know. There were doing the fighting. And Barack -- that. Mexico old. So -- you know they had pulled him name from the anti ice sheet. Yeah when whenever Sidon and when you have a missing person may have a citing. -- you put your name from a missing person that was done by the FBI. Which nobody had ever columnists citing an. Not a kid it was the corruption. The FBI then. We're Douglass Stephen Davis the the brother of of Deborah Davis and Stephen I assume you knew who Flemmi was did you approve of Debra dating him or did you try to get her out of that situation and reason with -- What countries that bathe them it will move if we were young right wrong so yeah. I mean and then. You know this site today you know you see. Somebody would have -- that. Shot cadre that loud that I that I you know impressed by that we need yen. That's why they went after the young. You know and I'm I thought it was a good guy. You've -- Libby was a good guy. Old when I was young I cannot just. You know that he did good -- it you know. Then you know like. No treated people. Well behind these shielded people you know I mean. Steve and I'm wondering if you have an opinion com. About Billy Bulger his appearance in court to support his brother. And his previous statements -- that he will do nothing to help law enforcement find his brother when he was on the -- How to make you feel when Billy showed up in court to support his brother smiled said hello to him. Well look -- brought it to brotherly love you can't take you can never let it stop that at the brother's love that'll never stopped but he didn't he didn't do anything. Help law enforcement but he didn't have that. Everybody needed every one that. And let everyone -- it's safe where it was a would that would be aware of it and might have been. You know I didn't show it yet and that was two blocks over -- booming California right. Well he did you say he didn't have to help them per perhaps if he knew or had some information or could could have chosen to help them. In my not a taken sixteen and -- defined discuss. But we don't know PM to midnight yet that in there tomorrow. Thanks. It. My my my -- the patent. He did -- he's had more corrupt than all of you know because you have the political. Power behind him. It back and he probably killed that's. The only metric that the whole world full break. Arrangement -- can get him back here. Did you thank you see this day Stephen you'd think you'd see the day that point you'd be in court facing. The chargers. Yeah and I I -- I myself. Included a 110%. But look I knew it would be -- -- I knew would be me and of of his time here you know I mean. I know we're gonna be. And -- -- they're doing valued data cannot I don't believe that in Canada about I moved even -- they can't openly received again. The old. Like -- What's sick. You know and I I I went to bed last night saying he would. He's good buddy I don't water all of his life. He's called into the water right now in the otherwise. You can roll over look at that toward the ports to be from his -- Our kids to get waived if that's. You know I mean he's -- now. But the water than you ever bring his whole life. -- final question for me. Do you hope he gets extradited to Florida or Oklahoma and faces the death penalty and ultimately gets put down like an animal. Won't -- that cannot -- another attack and others. Scenario that FBI overseas every. Everything is staying. Power everything. And it seem good when he gets sentenced here. He never gonna see that desperate. Because that's how are you gonna have to do here. Grim happen gold -- that it took to Serb whatever they're gonna happen tomorrow it could be done. -- in that which god knows that this is a 120. You know I mean but I think he's gonna get a natural life here. Which he's 81 years old. So we you know it -- his everybody's gonna hit. All of against gay -- in the death penalty -- never gonna change that. He never never gonna see that and and I'm not an educated man and an into the lock and have been put -- and and you know what I have worked would know that. That day you know agreements that. On court and I know. How long outlawed the loss that -- that he cannot. Serb -- do a death penalty because he won't he won't live that -- You know I mean it can. When they can put them here he might go to Oklahoma. Or Florida. You can't think that they give him ten like. Ten death penalty. Is not gonna serve like you gonna come back to come -- -- to finish his sentence with a bed. Well you can always hoped -- Stephen you can always tell Stephen Davis. Thank you can -- and let them let them let them look bad down. This will be much more water now. Stephen Davis second time this morning we appreciate. Our conversation. Stephen Davis with Dennis and Callahan on the AT&T hotline official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins.

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