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Danny Ainge tells D&C that they will get younger and get under the cap

Jun 24, 2011|

Danny Ainge tells D&C that they will get younger and get under the cap. The Celtics President also tells the guys if they will make some moves this offseason.

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Our Dennis and Callahan -- very presidential today Gerri we go from the president to bar stool sports to the president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics. Danny gains today after the draft -- -- Danny how aria. According aren't ordinary morning. Your obviously -- happy with your guy how long did you targeted this particular guide to one Johnson. We started followed one mostly last year when you. Thread -- can should be. About the draft and -- he -- counsel to go back to school and we like in some last year but that followed very closely this year plus minus is Danielle top your quick scouting report. Well I think you'll know minus really assists is very then. That is what Hartsfield shoot the ball. Blocked shots down. In bellies and -- but little way to. You know we. I gotta give the credit for not setting the bar to arrive before the draft he said. You know being good guy we can use in practice can you always need bodies and maybe maybe someday he'll be a look -- contribute but you didn't make before the draft. Make it sound like you're gonna land at 25 or 27 a contributor significant contributor. Is that still true or are we spinning that differently now that we got a name in the face and a guy who by the way played a full four years in college. Can he contribute right away and. What are -- -- that he can't contribute I -- that. I would put too many expectations. Guys went up and traffic. I think that sometimes we get all excited and get carried away. But mr. historically it. Ultimately I -- nearly fifteen championship caliber teams that are able to contribute. -- -- young guys roster this year and you'll wander to what. Like contribute in -- that they outfielders will -- -- -- there's all through injuries. Opportunities -- ways. Spot -- hard and I think its its size. A little bit of standards and since there isn't all it's. All that and players. In you know it's a long I think -- a million posters got this this -- and. Is the fact that he's a four year player and in college. Predispose this is upside I mean generally think -- somebody is upside as much younger than he has is -- lead on this guy. Absolutely. Yeah I think that's. A policy to I think this guys that are twenty years old still get a lot better. Over the next five or six years so which is that you kicker to work ethic. I think it will. The -- in the days leading up to the draft we were trying to psychoanalyze. You from a distance and and posing. The two philosophies that we've heard you espouse over recent years. One more recent in the other one was red waited too long to break up the Big Three and while you didn't say at that implied it the implication was I might not make that mistake. And the other -- was after the Celtics lost to the beat. This Big Three the current Big Three has championship potential those two things seem to be counter intuitive to one another. Which one do you believe in which one are you going well worth the needle pointing. Well the first thing I'll say is you'll see. The original Big Three with fact when I played. It was clear that time was over because of injuries and -- they were definitely other weight scale. I think our team is not matter fact armed security workable health -- guys on our roster this year. And all that played better than anyone on the scene. I think there's still there's a big difference in the in the two years. But haven't that we you know with -- portable. Win. They won't be able to continue its local plane. And I I believe that he thought there were some things to be done. To. Make guests here that -- another transcendent player that's younger. Or possible sense and it -- -- We -- you looking to do that pressure. Can you do it now Danny do you have any sense of what the rules are going to be at this time next week. Well idol and that is that. That's part of potency that's where does not bring any -- then they think that there's just uncertainties. What happened next week. So you'd think this Big Three still has championship potential as long as US and you with a wrap let a -- or expression we hear somebody you can play above the rim. Yeah I do think they think I don't think they can -- themselves. Like maybe they were a few years ago but I do this there. Starting players that you know that can lead teams. Which it it's absolutely. Would you you were done at 35 right Larry was done Kevin was done DJ was done. Ray Allen's 36. And a couple weeks AG's 35. What makes you think that this the and that things are different now why do you think you're not on borrowed time with this group. So I think epic solos 36 but I think that there's you -- see Steve Nash had 38 -- C Jason Kidd thirty -- epic is a little bit different. In the Europe -- But again I think that Reggie Miller essentially 39 and -- the fact. But I think that. You -- each individuals -- and these three guys are. Our -- different there's just no question I was. I've been surprised quite honestly how -- -- -- somewhat the practice awarded to hear themselves. Well they've been fairly injury history teaches at some. -- -- -- over the last couple years if you can be better now that. We years. So I I think that health -- those guys really picture themselves -- Larry you know as -- old it would have been surgeries and acts surgery. And several news witness the you can bet you that sense. With cabinet Larry. Wearily at age 3031. And for the rest that. Draw off. So he's talking. One more you Robert who they Vijay didn't have very much drop off from third drop off -- you know thirty or 35 cities. So in your mind honestly one more year you can do with this group and one more year. You can contend for a championship. Yeah I think it's fair to say I think -- might be a stretch I think one. Is something we could do. Yet the big Celtics story leading up to the draft was the Josh Smith may be to Boston for KG and somebody or Ray Allen. I did that have any veracity whatsoever in your -- this is the part of the interview were trying to get to the tamper with -- just a one come on play -- -- the new roles Danny -- gonna yes OK okay yeah yeah I said it's okay. You know so. We have not had any conversations of the and I think there's -- reason because in most teams are waiting to see what the rules are going to be. That's it that's -- organ. -- -- like Josh Smith right like them. Good player. -- -- -- and I know you can't answer -- theoretically is that the type of player you'd like to add around this Big Three the kind of physical presence is very athletic again expression plays above the rim. Is that which are kinda look at for Dan. I think it was one of the -- player like that and he's a good player. So I think as to what to do any deals. You know but it just -- fit for both teams that it's the planet. And it just went into. Agreement that we that we start to slow process where starting next week. That helps a great Danny if you. -- got you we believe you got -- to stay for five more is brilliant move best move the offseason so far. C up for a rebuilding year or two -- is -- kind of agreement and that five years that this you gonna have to redo this team. And maybe maybe not dropped on the fifteen or twenty wins but the drop down considerably. And and start over. You know document talked about. Last couple years and -- went through. I think has has -- this year was the yearbook for. It is sort of sense that he was doing worn down and he wanted to be here are. Go to the finger at street this year it was better you know we didn't play as well playoff adult secure persist much to grind. Our -- This year increasing pressure we were able to work rather deal. As we talked about that that possibility. You know I I think it's dark here to help him say that his words but. Seems to me BC is just. More forward. The continuity. In a beer with one French art. Ambien and the Jerry Sloan of the box. Optics as opposed to maybe coached by Larry Brown who you know went around to it's looking over the place I think they're being without. Appealed to him a great deal he notes that there. There's going to be a he's in or two. Or three -- that may be a championship. -- Realistic goal. And he built -- to coach meaning to coach art every coach wants the winners. But there's pregnancies and sometimes with lower expectations. Here. I think she's up for anything that we have to go through to try to get back to the top. Danny do you have a master plan in place in your mind for these next five years with specific methods its going to get to they're the reason I asked that is there's much talk about. I believe. After 2012 top three players under contract. Pierce Avery Bradley and Rondo and the -- positioned herself nicely to make a big huge max contract. Splash at that point is that plant or any other plans sort of set maybe not set in stone. But but Berman your mind for the next five. What do you I think fit you know challenged this summer is going to be. To try to win a championship. And to not jeopardize that cap space. We have for the following year that's gonna be -- sales force. And if there is some opportunity that might jeopardize that is to do a good deal that might jeopardize our opportunity to. Start fresh -- But for the better term I think that that's going to be the biggest -- to get me to maintain our our patient in the and stick with the plan that process. Is is that how what happens a lot of teams then they they see that now on the road that they can get under the cap. And then they get tempted they see you veteran with a big contract this and maybe it's not that important again the -- we probably wouldn't get any big free agents anyway let's just. Let's just play for today. -- that capital Lott and. It isn't good about that should do it but yeah I think that does happen in this happening you. It couldn't happen to you. It happened and knock you promise. Well I don't I adjectives that that we just actually sit up and depend -- who that player is but. Our objective is to not have that. Did baby her his Josh Smith answered -- yet his judgment and that debate be heard his real or perceived value Danny with his playoff performance and his recent comments. You know I don't know I think they're a big -- Value on the market sixteen who like him there's a big lead. Or player -- caliber here and although since your value you know. I you know obviously didn't help that like by playing better. I don't think it's comments -- He said he was -- mentally prepared for the playoffs which I found surprising forgot what believed was in his fourth year last year. But was also a physical thing to what had he not -- my eyes deceive me but had he not put on weight by the end of the season he fired his personal trainer. Well inspired team trainer and who was working with him on a regular basis to keep him in shape. They be put in the work. -- -- does fluctuate. But he works hard to keep himself in shape. In that it's all the work here. With the team and with our personal trainers. RRP traders. Strength and conditioning people -- he does all the work. And they did not play as well he's capable of I don't know why I I did you know maybe he added an outlook that was different. But he says in mentally prepared may be that I don't know exactly what that means. He was certainly prepared by the coaches to go up there and play with if he had a different agenda. Or was playing. Beginning in the wrong way. At the wrong priorities and maybe that's the federal. Well we know -- that let you down you know after the -- you come on Shaq and he was hurt but big baby. Let you down to is not fair to say then. Well you know I think let you -- this is top of me she didn't play like he's capable. Absolutely. He's better player he -- Q you played better for -- and that it was 33 previous playoff series but that does happen. We played longer an option. You can have a bad Strachan -- bad burn in -- did that did -- in play as well he's capable of we needed him. We know the CBI has one week left how does that work with restricted free agents will Jeff Green get other offers or you just expecting to have him go and next here on a one year deal. We don't know the answer -- that. -- I'm guessing will and other offers. And when they come like in the next week or after. No although I think it -- -- New rules in -- I'd want Johnson is do you consider before horrified Danny. For OK so would it be shocking to you if you went to training capital of the regular season next year with -- only Jermaine O'Neal leisure only bonafide center on the Boston Celtics. Court where it okay. Your beating the bushes for big. Yeah and who in this draft Tuesday we heard called yesterday. The Danny -- think five years from now six years from now will be a cornerstone franchise player in the NBA would you like the most. All. I think Derrick Williams. It has the best chances of being there. And then actually. Figure she'll outlive either slipped awaiting sentence order. Has a chance to see you may be a superstar but a cornerstone player like a mark. So all of you know as the starting center. Immediately alert our fiber sensors in the -- I think that he has a second -- -- -- you're second round pick make the team. Yeah I think so we really lucky you want. He's he's been good all around player all these kids. From Purdue where your guys. Great careers. And it's old players open to the court players that are here they do a little bit of everything. In there well -- players. And ready to go. Area off topic a little bit here nephew Eric. Retire never saw play their down in the regular season retired from the NFL yesterday how's he do when you still. What you know form. Yeah very -- that. And you know sheets. -- -- challenges. And banks still you know fighting the battle through it turned his life around. Here in. You're looking for work can -- turn formulated in Arab was owned. And that your overcome -- -- these actions that he's been in being a. -- if Reggie Jackson was it 45. Which you've taken of. Oh yeah well I'm not -- Americans tell you that. -- I think that. We he was definitely a guy we were considering yes. But I let them not to say whether we what are with the. Would have Jim referred -- when there -- twenty. And that. Yes and saying we we'd like we need to a lot of IE which I watched or played probably more than any other college player -- was a tough. To sort of predict the future but then he's exciting in the very dynamic player I think -- what will be excellent coach for him. I'm very creative minds here and who would use shivers strength. A day not that it's -- best -- but it might be of interest inner workings of an NBA trade as as that happened last night with a 25 to the 27. -- -- I don't even NASA didn't care who calls who but how does that work what's the timeframe here and how long -- -- on -- think he was coming to Boston before it found that he was. That's 11 of the bad things with the drafting processes of the itself don't know but it does happen. Pretty fast so we work we were set to take. -- Johnson. At 25. And we are well we all we actually called New Jersey. It's they would trade down and they would give us their 36. In this year strap. We're at 736. For our 25 if they wouldn't do that it did offer. You know up to 2000 working stick around throughout. Which is good we -- sort of cumulative work skeptics on the road. And so it does happen that -- we agreed to do that. We were we called make it to ensure. That he would be 21 was not going to be taken but it's kind. Of you know a 100% certain. There's lot of people does that as she can trust and do business like that and sure enough -- on most sober for 27 and we've got to -- that. What numbers he can in the I don't know. It's 44 are still available. They retired for Scalabrine. -- -- Denny thanks for the time we'll talk to down the road enjoy your Summers mr. can't wait the CBO were to come out. Aren't there -- here. Denny -- is the -- president of basketball operations for the Boston Celtics like the fact that the old ball and -- how many years did you like overdrafts and yet this year olds will be Michael Smith Michael Smith is listening to Larry yeah yes a -- as an actor Robert Ryan and and you just sucked the and you couldn't help it yet. And then I'll tell a story of a serial oppressed but it is going to be the next -- our show when it was going to be this big man. And it left the garden with him and and read and they like at the elevator whatever and then when enemy. And is Linksys 8 point sideways 3 o'clock 9 o'clock in the market and -- can't -- And -- like a deer on I -- it's. -- for the ice that it cannot be all stuff I and only scored 41 in one game did but he was a bust and and he did in and we didn't pay attention to those kind of things you just. Kind of blow with a horse and they over the Celtics -- what they would do when this is rapidly our rights and Michael Smith yeah. And I know Joe Forte it was a little tip in that was when you said it losses fastball but he still has as well when he. Personally selected. AC Euro and Michael Smith. Infect the overruled all the basketball people I forget I should know with a guy -- was they're gonna take. Jimmie Rodgers told -- does Tim Hardaway and it was Michael to a candidate that are similar similar to Florida that there was a resident on Michael Smith guys and. See -- could hand syndicates shoe yen as it. But he was slice ran like he was ski boats and he ran slow it's not slow by human league standards by NB -- sent. He can't run it's gonna like animal -- you can see him get to the pros and like -- -- -- -- -- -- was the -- have done -- -- -- Michael Young. Oh dollars a young Michael no one -- slimmest Gemma from Justin said while. They took him he must be good and he wasn't there but we would hear of the it would be like Charlie Brown kick in the -- all of which is go fall. The Celtics then what to do and it doesn't do. And that he's oddly got one you were sure was good Len Bias. And that a tragically right up to that one time each cocaine and yet that once -- -- you know what -- very happy right now you know why -- happy as can be. Not to Sagan called us -- legal parting with. All he did was ask any question did identify himself this that I am eager to meet our don't get into a delight that I -- also answer the net question. -- they were gonna reject it where. She assured us these sources told her desperate and we are watching as this unfolded live 'cause I was sworn meant I was jealous -- Until the next few Jane Moore has to go to the draft forget David Stern. But when we're not huge was -- that the Oklahoma City almost stepped up you would think there's one more -- team. That's Jimmie Rodgers it's there's -- wait for is Reggie and then find even that person. That's -- tip demand but it a little tough to coach physique kind of have a mind of his own little bit of -- a little bit -- three games this year he did not show up flat out too strange yeah why -- no idea. Beasley is a little bit of an enigma but you'll that was vacant that probably. And then you run and he will be winning via the annual get dark and you get to learn from the great Kendrick Perkins. About heart and soul. Adults thought that the price of -- -- -- to one Johnson's gonna go to Kevin Garnett academies and schools by the master learn how to swear -- It's great yeah -- heading into the expansion. There is -- news at noon.

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