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Wyc Grousbeck and Bob Epstein, Celtics Ownership Group

Jun 23, 2011|

Big O and Buck talk to Wyc and Bob, of the Celtics Ownership Group about Doc Rivers signing his extension, what they learned last season and they have some surprising revelations about who Danny Ainge would have drafted if everything went as planned in the 2007 NBA Draft.

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The veteran teams. Are still the team's win NBA champions I couldn't hear anymore I think you need to have experience. And know how to handle search certain situations. The reason the Miami Heat did not win the thing this year is because LeBron is still immature. He's not experienced enough. In understanding how you face certain. Roadblocks. Along that route to what -- -- a loser but. Here's what the Celtics in my opinion it will find out what viewers think about this in a couple of we're here with we could share with -- -- we would be nice that they were with Steve's you know running for something right now what. -- -- and the Ares is scheduled to appear to be in Sydney. Is that they were put it in -- 5 o'clock the fire power but here's what you do need I think. You need some other bodies during the course of the ways he'll wear those guys down during the course of the regular season that's what you need to get. I said it was important. Analysts say that while the owners he got to get through the regular seasons. Can I build your bill your your team went -- that when you was it on those voicing what it would have been nice to have that game seven. The final appears maybe it does it's nice to every season. Witnessed the games here it's usually if you're into the season it was nice to be in the game seven. And you -- sell tickets for the Reagan with excellent. Totally this. -- -- -- -- -- in here as as well. Who brought England's intro by no way you look at it that was quick I was gonna give you guys this unbelievable intro you would not believe what I -- -- I would -- some commercials for ladies and gentlemen. Right now joining us live over here in the Larry Bird boardroom. In the Celtics office. The ownership. Of one of the four franchises in this town that have brought us a championship. In the last seven years ladies and gentlemen. The price of the Boston Celtics were prospect that's the this year and Steve Pagliuca is on the way. Enough in. Nice to see you guys to him and thanks for atmosphere. Our credit and a microphone but nice to see what's kept this down because he's it it's just like he's in a rock band after. All I'm the only guy in the end it doesn't have a Mike. I think. That's the only thing. That's actually significant matters in this season when they're -- that I get it. That it's an advantage but. When you're talking about the difference between regular season and postseason basketball Bob -- news agency. A dramatic difference and that if you wear your. Older players down during the course of of the regular season. That and they in the playoffs if you don't have enough laughed and that's where you really different go yeah that. That's that's great coach. -- has the ability as a start we view it. The perception in this town is. The Celtics are all I just watched an old team in Dallas beat this young team that just happened to be you guys so what does age have anything to do. I think our I think you know what they say the ring at ten years it's like him and I'm I'm. Now but or aware around the rings but we want another one. We had a good shot this year we got beat fair and square but we had a good -- if if Rondo doesn't go down and -- the -- his arm in that. Death poll that we he was in it's a few other things happen but they beat us fair and square. You know this team might have a chance ala Dallas along those lines to contend -- next year we can get him some help that's probably planning. So if that's the case. And you look at it that way you look at what Dallas did last year and you guys are business if -- looking at the business equation is that visit him. Formulas right here in Dallas they beat the younger more athletic you know star driven team. Do you not keep the course of where you -- right now since you've got. You know. -- future hall of fame stars with your team right now you know keep the same direction Ellis the question is if you. Wholesale we don't -- personal we don't wanna talk about roster moves. You know in depth. On it before they even thought of mindless concluded that the thought of bill. But second of all I just have what you're gonna give -- on these -- sorry and we never had using that to historical it's been eight years that we haven't done that. But -- us who have. Consider if you did decide to change things wholesale. Would there be enough movement would you be able to get a contending team back in the near term. And that's part that goes and -- we think this team is a good team it needs to get better we're gonna try to do that. Hold that -- -- I -- Pick right up on where you left off quick break. We're back with the ownership group -- the Boston Celtics live over here at their offices July from -- Celtics offices right next to the Boston Garden it is the -- draft coming up. Tonight at dale but he's filling in where Grousbeck Bob -- the ownership. The Boston Celtics you're just talking about before we broke -- about. You know how long it would take if you guys blow it up and trying to get into -- contending position. Based on all the success I want to get into some of the success. Of the various teams here in Boston based on the fact that your three other teams in this now. World championship contending teams it was a business afford to do this right now could you afford to be the poor sister of the team right now it's building. For 345 years down the road in this market. I think the beautiful thing about being here is there were also excited about sports. Our numbers have never been better we renewed 90% of our season tickets the Bruins you know champions. Unbelievable that they're champions were thrilled and we sell premium tickets clubs and -- with -- point it's fantastic for -- even business wise over that now will we start. With the Bruins don't we start with a patriot threats that were happy for them but you viewed as a contending team right now. -- future hall of things as well I'm just he would write it all you get all this adds up positive we go I mean I think Boston teams are going to be building enough of this decade. For decades to come I think it's going to be success breeds success I just relieved and happy. To be part of Boston. Sports page -- Internet and take it. Of going wildly with my partners I'm happy to be part of Boston's sports but don't -- in net spirit. Question I was nine -- -- -- -- Three years ago does it seem like yesterday it was a long time. We felt like a long time ago couple weeks ago at -- I'm I'm certainly feeling badly that we weren't there -- you know this season was immortalized in the can't control injuries. That I I think you can assume that between frankly our ownership group and the basketball. Tinian dock that they'll never be a time when. There isn't the goal isn't the championship. In whatever steps are made will be made productively in that direction intelligently -- -- book what you before joining 90% were just thrown up for renewal numbers. But those are based on the fact that you've got KJ you've got Paul Pierce you've got written he got run of people looking at you. As a contender could jewel for it to -- trying to define. Patients and I don't think that I would not think we would look at the building a team over ten years. I think it is always see eye to it being very strong. Strong team. You guys which you mentioned we lost them parents where they use that -- couple three times but at the same time. If a little this happens and well that happens it's not like. You wish you weren't the better team because the better teams the team with the championship. But the do you find yourself even now saying god it just a few things went a different way we might have won this thing or is that on. Productive I think back to -- and I think of some game sevens we played and we got through one. Well I -- and that we lost to game seven in. In ten. And then this year we lost to Miami you know. It's close when you win it's close when you lose. I'm fine with how it. Should account I just wish I think we did I think and he believes -- believes in real belief that we were close this year I guess -- -- know it's not you are that's that we could had -- -- this year but -- that's that's what I'm getting is that we didn't you know it I just want to remind myself that's placing -- were remind myself. That we didn't win. And we oughta just be even more you know energized about building next champion weekend. And -- she can't control -- injuries mean you'd you'd. It's certainly good conditioning programs that plays work real hard to get in good shape good condition and be more injury. Less prone to injury but ultimately this field injuries are. And there's their unpredictable. Injuries there's somewhat random and so you know you can't he just have to live with -- injuries but it does affect the outcome obviously is certainly is go down. That's a real it's a it's a real problem -- it no more so basketball book is using fewer players. So one guy down has a tremendous impact. On the on the -- we alluded to the point of how Boston has become a championship -- never happened before in the history. Professional sports fourteen awesome I had seven vinyl record about -- big reverend there's like a vinyl records that put -- I think after the seven years to actually with -- records and I have that thing and I wish I still had him that I'd. -- who I'm real. A me you guys know the rest of the nation absolutely hates us right that great it. -- So we went listen -- in the ninety's we were also miserable round -- bill. We were loser -- we government we -- Pratt we -- Cleveland on the Atlantic. And now what are we were you know everybody's envious and annoyed and it's so much as the great pitino speech the fellowship of the miserable. I. And -- -- artistic field. I don't know that in in 99 when the Red Sox plus the Yankees -- he has it was a period of nine ninth 2002. Years in two months. Until Vinatieri kicks a field goal with no name. At Foxboro this constant misery that now appears that from two years into months without a single playoff game. By all fourteenth that's how bad it was ten years. All -- teams went at combined to use in two months but it's in the playoff and we were able. Write a book about it. Potentially more championships and -- their eyes trust me he would budget but I would just a slightly different different wicked bad -- -- but it it but. Fourteens. All seem to have. Stability. When you look at seem ownership right now you have the same coaches of the fourteenth Green. It's just -- -- when you're dealing with -- competition that exist in professional sports how much exports them but how much. Is it that one team drives the other one that in its business bill and that it business. You've got to be good if everybody around. You doing the same thing is good I don't think one team drives in the other team locally he I mean we're not connected -- anyway every every. The ownership the management is all separate and distinct. But it is fortunate to have very great coaches and have coached his last and have that stability and I believe frankly the stability. And the continuity does make a very big difference in how you how they run their. In our case basketball operations but certainly how to run a baseball hockey football operations that. -- having people who know each other used to each other who worked together for a long time who think alike makes a very big difference. What got to remember when. Your ownership first -- -- and you told us the story about how he made of when where the Celtics T shirts the luncheon he couldn't eat lunch in the opposite end of the bumper sticker on it. I don't know we just have more of the rings and a fellow at halftime that a question actually do. He you have that even placed I don't know how great bumper stickers the race you have to reinforce it you do you have that he would like that's an upgrade -- that. Did the same people are here who. On the business side as well the past so it's been. By the end of 03. Shortly by 04 we have people in place -- here now on business basketball in me the people business. On -- side or hear from before you know Jeff whispered well obviously John Sullivan in the of the true. All right elderly guys who're here the bedrock of the place just give animal raises probably but they're you know they're here for a reason. We you will you know the funny thing about this by the way is that the longest championship drought in Boston patriots right I mean that's proposed -- one recent polls mean. I just renewed my seat there on -- and I -- Not trying to dig them I think patriot are not -- adultery it's just that the most of -- that's when you realize it's ridiculous it is when that when you're seeing the patriots haven't because they don't. Obviously yesterday you know last week when championship while -- 64 Cleveland brown thank you very much -- You know that. You read my call. Now I don't think that an individual I you have a column I got very good but couldn't imagine seven championships in nine years. And in in a -- -- Cleveland has not won one. Post 1964. Gently that's what's gonna (%expletive) off the the rest of the country even more so Boston it is before. Not only four championships in seven years. But the window of opportunity is still available for all fourteenth it's not like all four teams now are you know real well it was a magical carriers. Now now it's been steady yeah and it's still it it's it's still in in rotation here witches it is pretty amazing and. He talked about a lot of -- I think a lot of it does come from the business side as you were touching them before so when the fans -- here the media revenues are here. People are supporting these teams -- we pledged to -- you know. You guys support us the tickets are going to be. You know -- not be the cheapest only by a longshot but we'll put it in and more into the team that's the way it works over here we put the ticket revenue -- the team that we add onto it. And so when it works that way than you get the sponsors you get the success to get the media rights. And and it works and I think you're seeing that in all four teams is the support of the fans and sponsors drives the team's. You know economically so they continue to spend happily. Bobby talked about stability. How did you guys keep Doc Rivers certainly a year ago that look like. -- was one year and now that he was gonna take maybe some time off to some media stuff wanted to be. Spend more time with his family I'm -- necessarily look like -- look like that to you that I think it's been a very good harmonious relationship with -- And I'm not surprised cities settle in now for the long term. While question about that means it did seem to seem like that to me didn't seem that it wasn't harmonious in it's not always that you guys that I understand that but but and I -- -- we're learning that. -- which used to build up what points I never thought that that that was the problem armed. But I did think that there was an issue at some point where. It's happy thought was to be here that I do like all what you wanna see the kids Mort you wanna go to my son's games in college I think not at this supportive and very importantly it's only really colors the news. His club was the coach and it really encouraged him not to give them a real opportunity so my question -- you then would be is. As it was surprised with the something mean it was a surprise to me. -- -- -- -- With its oil -- minutes after the last game. -- which really exactly cut out any of the rumor mills -- -- every up before that's why CNN but saying it announcing it at that point so the question it would be -- right that is much it was a surprise as it was -- -- Within a surprise you that he was willing to -- beat you with Europe with an assumption at some juncture while we mean -- have him back. I think it's fair to say that he had even better year this year I think it Lester Danny I've heard candy say anyway that he felt that his close friend doc. Was a little worn down coming up -- -- 2010 -- and that right coming off game seven. And and I think it's been a better year this year positive year. More positive in in eleven although we actually didn't get as far. We went to dock early in some book you really would be helpful. To have you re up and we would like you to stay in would you consider it and he came back promptly and so I've talked to my family and I would like to do it and we struck a deal. You know we went ahead and did and so it's just sort of it was our confidence in making that offer his confidence and accepting and it was very comfortable there was no difficulty to it so you know. He may be used in different places here at the Leicester what we would have respected if he wanted to do one year or. Wait a little longer but we really want to make a long term commitment to start. Keeping moving the team for. I'm I'm probably asking the -- gentleman's question she asked doctors what -- -- -- o'clock we're gonna we're -- but we've been any less worn down and they'd held on the win game seven and 2010. Well I think that's a tough loss you know losing in -- way. I don't lose anywhere but right that's a good place to lose. The answer we'll bring it up. We have a tension with a knife in him it just I never thought I would. I would see the point where people would not talk at all about football. And yet I noticed that once we have this lockout and we're in 100 today -- ID one under. That the public out there. Simply doesn't wanna talk any football now the good news is that the owners -- meeting here on the South Shore. And hopefully something's gonna be done in the next few weeks and I think once it does everybody's gonna come back and we're gonna get football conversation. What happens if we don't play basketball. That first week. Of November you guys concerned about that. I don't think we can have any conversation about labor situation that a gag orders that would tell me about the be huge -- It probably would be expensive -- -- takes a big trying to do to make bomb at a. That's a fine cup -- -- bug -- and surplus you know clubs where it about it that's going to be a serious -- Mom yeah I did caused any change a few bucks a few years ago so -- Stadium stay clear that I just think that I never thought I'd see that they were people just. I -- -- everything to do with OK if these two sides can't. Work this thing now. Then I'm gonna sit here talk football I never thought I'd hear that from the fans and they even upset I'm getting calls I can't believe it. There's this and I'm just ignore ignore I don't know preview coming attractions. I hope. It's called an off season for reason I mean you know -- or so ago 365 -- every sport although each of us would be happy with pre 65 sports you know but. There's time. Guys it was great spending some time with you and Doc Rivers is gonna committee -- that at 5 o'clock. I wish isn't the greatest locked in the draft tonight is the draft a big deal for a should be get excited about the draft is tonight. I'm I'm ramp to the -- I'm jacked him up quick didn't have achieved its way to years ago. I've got to achieve I don't I don't -- you have achievers. I love achievers though I'm -- -- which hybrids in the in the mighty pedestal you present at -- I'm gonna put out a call to Jerry -- him anything if you achievers -- -- my office. -- -- Whatever the treatment itself I'd review of -- respect. Yours as it's just that this was the the Tim Thomas jeepers it's all things. The year there was a possibility you might get the number one accord who knows maybe the number two panic. Yet neither. We're at this time it it turned out okay. I I went down with Tommy and Helen Johnson to Secaucus and my car broke down on the way to the airport. It's in your book. -- was ever -- -- You know. We got -- five and turned out. The -- he -- it was -- -- forest regency think about it at the time and you -- 45 minutes before anybody else who that you were in the back room and here's. Do you ever look back at that and say oh I can even remember how to get this car with. Whenever it again and we get that number one pick this guy doesn't. Need any update any says he knew this is the pacing in the back. Look like -- just yet at. And that oyster but the note and to respect entering do you. That -- will never I've asked them this question a million to also ask me. So it would have been during. Absolutely well now we you've tried to work out some type of deal or something -- kind of play -- around I don't know. I don't know what you would definitely taken during I don't know was my pick any and he does a draft but but Danny was going to victory -- -- -- Well I'm just -- -- drive your ratings Clinton doing that's it that's. Sports news breaks you can wear great seeing anybody here it's about. Thank you very much for stopping by like a -- respect Bob that's it.

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