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Jun 23, 2011|

Chad talked about how this is not a great draft class and not a great year to rebuild, if he thinks there is a chance Josh Smith could get traded to Boston, his thoughts on Jimmy Butler (who he has going to the Celtics in his mock draft), his feelings on what type of an NBA career Jimmer Fredette will have, who he thinks will go number one overall and what might keep teams away from drafting UConn's Kemba Walker.

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Not -- -- Sports Radio WEEI Celtics have a couple of chips tonight in the NBA draft. But bigger question is how this team transforms itself and we. Talked to an ESPN insider Chad for joining us on the AT&T hot line AT&T. The official wireless provider of the Boston Bruins. And -- week. Talking about this -- and talking about the Celtics and -- a bigger picture in the draft and the Celtics had a bit of a crossroads here we heard the Josh Smith trade things that doubles like. But which way -- to -- get -- stick but the veterans are gonna trade while those guys and and try to rebuild this offseason. But I think anything can do what every candidate. It. He thinks he can -- those veterans think you're young players that would really jump start the rebuilding cropped up. They don't do it if BP can't get value -- better and I think he's trying to figure out how to. Better pieces. Back to the article and article or. Yeah I think I think what it looked -- going to be opportunistic in whatever comes his way. Will be the direction that goes with that they've been active. But if it cop. This year not agree here are -- not a great created. Outcrop with that cap space to work would normally where it's not great. So you know moving up in the draft in not getting. Plant site players that it that the cut your start thinking about -- at the machinery building after -- -- there. And the one true we keep hearing about Chad is the Josh Smith deal and Atlanta -- much. -- legs of that thing have do you think there's a realistic chance he ends up in Boston. You know I think I don't think so I think. There's an opportunity there and I think it they'll about the look at it I think what we're likely it's a little and now I've got what you want beat. And I think there's magically be willing to give up more. Getting. I sort of put money on I would rather than an in Orlando not -- -- -- -- It is the possibility. Go to -- look at the last two or three years you know since the Big Three com here at the sell sixteen -- -- -- -- get this draft what kind of role is gonna have this it's been a deep team it's been chipping -- caliber type of team. You know now -- -- -- -- he's got to look at him you know in my gonna make one more run or it could like get another project -- developed two with three years -- a broken up building for the future. Is that determined does -- go after like you know a college senior a ball polished kind of guy or that young kid that I can develop. Well if the young kids that you can develop in there five you'd take it like the question is. It there on Iowa at five in the belt strap. The answer is probably now the one guy I would allow up there's just Althea and because. He would or what guarded by the optics company and the college well he between injury. And and and and of that -- to play well -- some people who believe but if it. Still one of the best high school player in the country he'll come back a little bit like Avery Bradley. Eight with the exact situation accurately regret that I don't think they're gonna go that direction I think they're gonna probably know -- College better. Duke can bring out the that the team that -- -- with. -- overall like they -- position are you Daniel -- on -- -- personal he can guard multiple this year. Apple all of that he can score fine playing a role. I -- off the bench it. Get that are kept behind you NBA guys. Including what what about you at the pregame BA career he is the glue guy. It does everything well but make some major mistake but not a superstar by any stretch the imagination he's the sort of guy who can -- -- plays for the Celtics right now if you -- background. Story about being called looked at thirteen -- -- really wander from room to room and finally been adopted. But that was his senior year I mean it's right out of the line. You grow the role that adversity and everybody that I spoke with exit it is that the -- it. Judge you also mentioned a couple of minutes ago via Twitter you at a story about -- that's not well or maybe not Boston college's Reggie Jackson. The Celtics might be open to trading that pick they got a 2.4 million dollar trade exception they could use. A's they're going to be a player that would would make them wanna deal that and I guess the second question our team's gonna want a child bend. To the draft we keep your how bad this draft is this year is there a team that would wanna get into 25 what trading young player for that. I think there's I think there's something. Who are rebuilding. -- -- Want to collect dust that that perhaps they're a pet players that they have that. That they anticipate might be there and being willing to give up. I that your system. Right now at the direction or I think it's gonna be open to it again if they got. There. And that is to get it right -- it is the ship and and note that not to the point five. What the heck it's also helping shed 2.4 million dollar salary that also in this economic environment -- something in the. Audio -- awful lot -- during the instantly turn it -- for debt BYU. What looked what is your take on him looked up NBA player do you see him being. I think -- is going to be a really game player if you get an art that. He's in shoot the basketball that one in the guilty to kick off yup the cream shop the quick with the ball. Not the greatest athlete in the world but he is quickly the ball get out I got a great crop ever get separation understand shot. He's got a quick release. You've got to deal with these are they gonna happen crew that point guard skills gonna happen principe. If you want to be in India starter I think we'll look -- and -- an inner Geithner sort of player right now. The -- it sort of looked at Gordon sort of walked all the equitable plate any quarter. Then hope that maybe -- come or even a peek at the cup. In it wrapped up -- it out. Tap the top of the draft Cleveland holds picks one and four you have DeVon -- seven point oh as taking key re Irving number one. They locked into that is there a chance and I guess a romanticized I'd love to see it for the irony that may Beagle and Derrick Williams and number one put Minnesota really on the spot that they don't wanna point guard O meg kind of back to Cleveland for the second pick and and get a point guard there -- see that shaken out. Well it intriguing scenario I'd leave the -- of the got that -- in about doing it and given that it looked like the would elect an answer act at number -- number three. -- picnic at the Brandon Knight would be there and at the war that could put Eric Williams. In the pick the one that everything working area out of Cleveland that -- that -- -- to speak -- here. What the number one pick it can interact. Scenario that logic to it. Perrier is the player of the and you're trapped in the number one pick in the draft you gotta get that player of the drought and not worry about what's happening now he's got to pick your number one for. Shall we saw Campbell walker got -- UConn team it's back to back tournaments -- the big east and the NCAA sub was taken aback by your note in the mock seven point oh here. Saying that you reluctantly have him going seven Campbell walker to the kings. But from what you can gather he's in danger of sliding and sliding all our. If the kings don't take Campbell what it -- been a knock on Campbell what's gonna keep players -- teams away from a guy who looked like one of the best players in the country in the final month of the season. It Buckley V. It's mostly seen me in that. Point guard in the range projected and you know that is the deputy point guard looked it looked at Sacramento what they really need is -- point guard. She about the bulk of pirate doesn't care. And you'd bring a guy like a blocker their -- network other -- in the ball and they're both act -- the ripple. But that's not. Really what -- going out on list and they're they're talented they're. Particular twelve. It in the locker like that well and -- up on the board. And pressure them to take the I believe that. And that higher on the airport all year as he's -- on -- the I think the victim. But boy advance our market -- Jack your latest mock draft seven point I was on ESPN insider tonic covered here today appreciate the time to get back to work. Areas four ESPN. ESPN insider someone TB today joins this year. On the eighteenth -- on eighteen to -- official wireless provider. Of the Boston Bruins I just. I don't get the Campbell walked. And he says need but I saw a guy that. Is eight team leader I saw a guy score the basketball -- techies got the speed to be defender. And always undersized their -- becoming better shooter. How would he fall out of the top ten and -- -- I wanna watch Campbell walker. In the tournament watch this -- got better from a sophomore to his junior year -- it's another jump forward. -- great player fall out of the top ten. -- -- -- It doesn't always translate MBA in these guys -- said Google sordid mess. Nobody here Buckeyes in the first round -- -- -- superstars and asleep for five years from now people swing and miss all the time address you know it's it is it's a crapshoot so. Did you look at need you know do you need a point guard if -- -- -- gimbal lock of the the one guy you wanted is that the guys if it's different needs -- a great player. But it does that being a great player in game -- great -- I mean college grad doesn't always translate the India or talk to Peter King at 1 o'clock sports analyst and get back your phone calls at 617779. Nearly fifty toll free 888. 5250850. --

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